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Scott Hoying sang to me and I lost my mind
8 miesięcy temu
For my friends and family who don't have Facebook. LOL, Here is the video of Scott from Pentatonix singing to me(and laughing at me) hahaha, yes I lost my ...
Scott Hoying😍
8 miesięcy temu
Video of scott from his insta story.
Scott Hoying and Matt Sallee Surprise Attendees at PentaCon 2018
19 dni temu
Scott Hoying and Matt Sallee surprise attendees at PentaCon 2018 with special appearances by Mario Jose, Rick and Connie Hoying and Mark Manio!
Adam Lambert's 4 IG stories : at Scott Hoying's Party  2018-04-04 Part2
4 miesięcy temu
edited a little brighter than the original clips.
Scott Hoying Reaction | "It Gets Better" Todrick Hall cover
9 miesięcy temu
Scott Hoying Reaction | "It Gets Better" Todrick Hall cover Original Video: Sweet Phil Social Media: ...
Scott Hoying - Studio Vs. Live Vocals
Rok temu
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Scott Hoying at The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals ...
4 lat temu
Scott Hoying at The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals in Los Angeles, CA, on 2/10/13. Thanks for watching this video! Video Credit: Getty Images.
us2you Presents | "Ghost" FRANKIE and Scott Hoying Tribute
27 dni temu
us2you Presents | "Ghost" FRANKIE and Scott Hoying Tribute Original Video: Rob Reactor: ...
scott hoying "sneezing"
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Scott Hoying Caught Mitch Grassi Singing No Angel
3 lat temu
I'll be posting some of my favorite Vines on here. Mostly may be of Scott Hoying or Austin Mahone, singers in general. LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE for more ...
Scott Hoying - Dancing+Singing Beyonce
11 miesięcy temu
FRANKIE x Scott Hoying - Ghost
Miesiąc temu
What's up DOers, It's your girl Dee with another reaction! Sorry it's out of sync. :( Support Here: Dee reacting to FRANKIE x ...
SCOTT HOYING x TORI KELLY x Kevin Olusola "Princess Of China" REACTION !!
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Scott Hoying [Studio vs. Real Life]
Rok temu
Someone asked me to make one of these for Scott's vocals, since I had done Mitch's a while back. Here it is! * I don't own any of the media used in this video.
Happy 25th Birthday Scott Hoying
Rok temu
Happy 25th Birthday to our very own Scott Hoying. This video was very fun to put together, turned out very emotional though. Thank you to every single person ...
Happy Birthday SCOTT HOYİNG ♥
3 lat temu
Happy birthday SCOTT HOYİNG.
Scott Hoying- Respect You (All Night Long)| REACTION
Rok temu
Scott Hoying (Part 38)
Miesiąc temu
Videos and pictures of Scott! Hope you enjoyed! Follow me on Twitter: @ptxsuperfruit No copyright infringement is intended. All content belongs and is credited ...
Scott Hoying tour 2013 :)
5 lat temu
Front row at the ptx concert. Feb, 2013.
Pentatonix members Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado & Kevin Olusola on GMA
3 lat temu
Spotting American a cappella group Pentatonix members Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Kirstie Maldonado, and Kevin Olusola on Good Morning ...
Scott Hoying and Andrew on piano
3 lat temu
Scott Hoying and his friend Andrew B performing at a show in 2004.
Scott Hoying
5 lat temu
disney hip hop fusion.
Scott Hoying Best Singing Compilation
Rok temu
Scott Hoying's best Singing compilation : Part 1 A compilation of your best vocal moments from your biggest fan!
Meet Mini Scott and WIN an autographed Deluxe Album! (Giveaway Closed)
2 lat temu
When Isaac decided to dress up as Scott Hoying from Pentatonix, we never realized how much attention we'd get from it! His pictures now have a combined total ...
Scott Hoying (Pentatonix World Tour) (Part 8)
Rok temu
Videos and pictures of Scott from the 2nd US leg of the PTX World Tour! Hope you enjoyed! Follow me on Twitter: @ptxsuperfruit No copyright infringement is ...
Jackie pock and Scott Hoying singing Fallin'
9 lat temu
Our attempt at turning fallin by Alicia keys into a duet. Hope yall enjoy it. :)
8 miesięcy temu
This is an ad collaboration of PTX and Amazon Music Canada. "Amazon Music Canada has the perfect selection of hits while you unwrap the gifts. What do you ...
Evolution of Scott Hoying's Hair
6 miesięcy temu
Every time I see him a just stare at his gorgeous locks so I wanted to make a video dedicated to his hair. Thanks for Watching! FOLLOW ME: ...
Scott Hoying Giving Me The Best Moment of My Life
4 lat temu
TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME IF YOU ARE WEARING HEADPHONES!!! The Glorious Moment is at 00:59 So I went to see Pentatonix at the D.A.R. Constitution ...
Scott hoying ❤
2 lat temu
I tried to match up the pics with song part... anyway I'm back I fked up the 2 apps I use for this that's why Avi didn't have music to his... I got a job... I'm going to see ...
Happy Birthday Scott Hoying
3 lat temu
Sara and I came up with the great tag ScottMoreLikeH(appybirthday)ot for this wonderful mans birthday. And the song, well it's perfect. Haha.
Scott Hoying Gift Reaction
2 lat temu
During the #PTXWorldTour in San Diego (5/3/16) I had the private performance VIP package, where I got to give all members individualized gifts. FYI: Scott got a ...
Scott Hoying
5 lat temu
Work it harder make it better, do it faster makes us stronger, more than ever, hour after hour work is never over.
Old Dogs 1/2 Reacts to All Of Me by Scott Hoying of Pentatonix (John Legend cover)
3 lat temu
Hi again! This time I react to the insanely talented Scott Hoying of Pentatonix performing a cover of John Legend's All Of Me. So beautiful and passionate! Please ...
Mario Jose Discusses "Heart of Gold" (feat. Scott Hoying & Avi Kaplan) (3/7/17)
Rok temu
During his EP listening party on March 7, 2017, Mario Jose discussed writing and recording "Heart of Gold" (feat. Scott Hoying, Avi Kaplan, Michael Mancuso, ...
Roar by Katy Perry Acoustic Cover   Tori Kelly & Scott Hoying
4 lat temu
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Vocal Morph - Scott Hoying "Cracked" A4 (Pentatonix)
3 miesięcy temu
So basically, an evolution of Scott hitting his highest belt in Cracked but with a fancier name. Another one of these! I know I promised y'all Mitch's A4 evolution ...
Kristina's Reaction to Scott Hoying Singing Happy Birthday to Her
6 lat temu
BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVERRRRR!!!!!! we love pentatonix!!!!
Scott Hoying Papaoutai Pentatonix- Allentown 9/2
11 miesięcy temu
small clip of Scott in Papaoutai in Allentown 9/2.
4 lat temu
Vídeo: rachrvelázquez Audio: 'Wake Me Up' Scott Hoying (Avicii Cover) Nikon D90 / GoPro Hero3 White Edition Subscribe - ...
Happy Birthday Scott Hoying
3 lat temu
I love Pentatonix, and so I would like to congratulate one of the singers is a group of Scott Hoying) Happy Birthday Scott Hoying! I love You)))
Betty Who's album release party | ft. Scott Hoying, Hannah Hart, Mario Jose, Mitch Grassi & more
Rok temu
"This is what happens when you're friends with singers." 3/25/17 check out my other compilations! peep my tumblrs: and ...