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Lester Holt gets a lesson in airplane ditching
9 lat temu
Lester Holt gets a lesson in airplane ditching.
Exclusive: Sanders Remains Defiant in Interview With Lester Holt
2 lat temu
As the 2016 primary election season nears its end, Bernie Sanders is maintaining his unlikely push to flip superdelegates to his campaign.
Lester Holt Caps Big Year With ‘NBC Nightly News’ Ratings Victory
Rok temu
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” finished 2016 as the most-watched evening newscast, winning all major categories to cap a huge year for Holt. “I'm so proud ...
Lester Holt is a joke
Rok temu
The debate was obviously rigged.
Lester Holt Visit at 2014 Nexstar News Director Meetings
4 lat temu
NBC's Lester Holt visits with Nexstar News Director on July 24, 2014 in Irving, Texas. Jacque Jovic reports.
Lester Holt on Meek Mill, Prison Reform, and the Journalists' Role in Today's Society
Miesiąc temu
Lester Holt and I chat at the 2018 Essence Fest to talk his moderated discussion with Remy Ma and Meek Mill, prison reform in America, and the importance of ...
Weekend TODAY with Lester Holt and Erica Hill
5 lat temu
Zach Pagano speaks to Weekend TODAYS's new anchor team. Erica Hill joins the Weekend TODAY team from CBS's Morning Show and will also act as a ...
Lester Holt Interview with Justin Scott and Spiegel
3 lat temu
Lester Holt stops by the studio to talk with Justin Scott and Spiegel.
Lester Holt Does Anchorman
Rok temu
Lester Holt Does Anchorman.
What GM/Chrysler bankruptcy means to you - the today show with Lester Holt
9 lat temu
What GM/Chrysler bankruptcy means to you - the today show with Lester Holt, Scott cohn, CNBC and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,
Get Your S### Together, Lester Holt
6 miesięcy temu
NBC reporter Lester Holt inadvertently spreads North Korean propaganda. Support us on Patreon:
NEW YORK NEW YORK- Lester Holt of NBC news appears in this clip.
7 lat temu
Lester Holt current anchor of The NBC Nightly News appears halfway into this clip. We meet him on the plaza outside the Today show studios. He came over to ...
Lester Holt: "I have a dream that..."
5 lat temu
Commemorate King's Legacy with #DreamDay In an effort to bring the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech to life and commemorate the ...
Lester Holt Breaks Down "The Science of NHL Hockey"
6 lat temu
NBC News and NBC Sports are teaming up with the NHL and National Science Foundation to release Science of NHL Hockey -- a 10-part video series ...
After the Lester Holt shoot
2 lat temu
I was cleaning up my desk at work and found this video from a shoot I did with Lester Holt.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt - Custom Promo
Rok temu
Custom Music by Christy Carew Marshall at 5 Alarm Music for this NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt "Understanding Matters" Promo.
Lester Holt takes over at NBC
3 lat temu
Lester Holt takes over as the anchor of NBC nightly news replacing Brian Williams.
Lester Holt offers his perspective on Iowa Caucuses
2 lat temu
KCRA 3's Gulstan Dart interviews NBC Nighthly News anchor Lester Holt on his perspective on what could be expected for the Iowa Caucuses. Subscribe to ...
The Today Show features the Ershler's Story with Lester Holt: Motivational and Leadership Speaker
3 lat temu
Susan Ershler ( International Motivational and Leadership Keynote Speaker, Mt. Everest Summiter and Co-Author of "Together on ...
News Anchor Lester Holt Actually Has His Own Band
4 miesięcy temu
Not only does Lester Holt host 'NBC Nightly News', but he's also performed with The Roots and Earth, Wind & Fire! SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from ...
Lester Holt & Hillary team up! Despite no mic rule!
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Sounds to me like "I wired you up so you can stand now" then Lester replies, "gotcha, yup gotcha good"
Transient Frank - Lester Holt
4 lat temu
2004 studio album, "Walk it in the dark".
NBC News' Lester Holt receives honorary doctorate degree from Sac State
3 lat temu
NBC anchor Lester Holt returned to his hometown in Sacramento and received and honorary doctorate from Sacramento State. Subscribe to KCRA on PLvid ...
Lester Holt Junior Highlights 2013
4 lat temu
had a good season with the Memphis Mitchell Tigers, making 46 tackles; 4 sacks; 1 reflected pass; and 1 caused fumble and recovered for a 45 yard touchdown.
Lester Holt (3/3) Forum Club January 2012
3 lat temu
Lester Holt, weekend anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” co-anchor of the weekend edition of “Today” and principal anchor of “Dateline NBC,” spoke about the ...
'You can't catch your breath here,' Lester Holt tells Bill Balleza
4 miesięcy temu
NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt talks with KPRC on Monday ahead of his broadcast, comparing the catastrophic flooding in Houston to major events he's ...
"Come On" Steve Miller - Peter Frampton
8 lat temu
"Come On" Live With Peter Frampton, Lester Holt" - The Steve Miller -2010.
Charles Osgood tribute: Scott Pelley, David Muir and Lester Holt
Rok temu
The network news anchors from CBS, ABC and NBC pay homage to a broadcast trailblazer.
Moderator Lester Holt Will Be Closely Watched During Debate
Rok temu
NBC News veteran Lester Holt is moderating his first general election debate. This makes him solely responsible for the questions asked each candidate and for ...
Lester Holt Describes Trip to North Korea: 'You Don’t Know What’s Real There'
6 miesięcy temu
Lester Holt just returned from a historic trip to North Korea, and came straight to “Extra” at Universal Studios to tell Mario Lopez all about it.
Lester Holt To Permanently Replace Brian Williams As NBC Nightly News Anchor
3 lat temu
NBC announced that longtime Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams would be replaced by Lester Holt, who until now was anchor of the weekend Nightly News.
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt 15 Second Spot
3 lat temu
The first 15-second promo spot for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.
For T R Adams Andrew Of Wise Ron Kime Lester Holt
5 lat temu
Seen Rye-Cove At Natural Tunnell.... Here Is One For His Pal.... T R Adams And Andrew Milwuee... Also Ron Kime Of Wytheville and Lester Holt Of NYC...
Talk Stoop Featuring Lester Holt
Rok temu
The anchor of “NBC Nightly News” joins Cat Greenleaf to chat about his favorite aspects of being a reporter, breaking down barriers and relives his disc jockey ...
One-on-one interview with Nightly News anchor Lester Holt
2 lat temu
NBC2 anchor Kellie Burns has a one-on-one interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.
NBC Nighty News Lester Holt (VEGAN Photobomb) Interview Today Show Al Roker Matt Savannah Willie
2 lat temu
VEGAN PHOTOBOMB*** Shirt Reads Vegan for Nonviolence, for People, Planet and Animals! (MUST SEE Factory-Farms),, ...
Transient Frank-Lester Holt
2 miesięcy temu
Track 1 off the Transient Frank Album-Walk it in the Dark.
Lester Holt: Short Biography, Net Worth & Career Highlights
Rok temu
Complete article: Lester Holt is a Marin County, California-born American journalist and anchor best known ...
Made at Sac State Shout Out: Lester Holt - NBC Anchor
2 lat temu
NBC Anchor Lester Holt lets everyone know he's Made at Sac State from the red carpet of the ninth annual California Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
Ratings slip causes tension at NBC over Lester Holt
5 miesięcy temu
The slip in NBC's ratings have caused tension at the network and even Lester Holt's position at NBC Nightly News is reportedly in jeopardy. ABC's World News ...
Spring Commencement 2015 - NBC Anchor Lester Holt
3 lat temu
President Alexander Gonzalez officiated at his final graduation ceremonies as the University's top Hornet, and NBC News anchor Lester Holt received an ...
Lester Holt Named Anchor of NBC Nightly News, Williams to MSNBC
3 lat temu
NBC News has named Lester Holt as permanent anchor for NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams will now join MSNBC as anchor of breaking news and special ...
Make You Feel My Love - Lester Holt
Rok temu
are you happy now.
Lester Holt Was Barely Seen On Screen During Debate. Why?
Rok temu
Many who were watching CNN's coverage of the Clinton vs Trump presidential debate noticed that moderator Lester Holt of NBC was barely seen. And Now ...
Lester Holt - Spring Commencement 2015
3 lat temu
A world-class broadcast journalist # MadeAtSacState ! NBC News anchor Lester Holt, who received an honorary doctorate Saturday during the Arts and Letters ...
Lester Holt at Indiana Wesleyan University
6 lat temu
NBC News Anchor and Correspondent Lester Holt speaks to communication students at Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana.