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Years & Years - If You're Over Me (Official video)

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Palo Santo. The new album, out 6th July 2018.
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Music video by Years & Years performing If You're Over Me. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited




14 maj 2018




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Komentarze 3 778
DJA Hallam
DJA Hallam 3 godzin temu
I don't care at the end of the day, who gives a shit, it's just a good song. It makes me feel happy and want to dance, isn't that what music is for?
chocolate Cake
chocolate Cake Dzień temu
I swear I saw melisandre in there.
naemmilo 2 dni temu
OMG!!!that gorgeous guy with olly is super cute!! can somebody tell me what is his ig??
youdbettertube 2 dni temu
this video is way too bi to be the "gayest video ever" lol 😐
Gise Zovak
Gise Zovak 3 dni temu
Te ame ❣️🔥
Juliane Oliveira
Juliane Oliveira 4 dni temu
Só eu me lembrei do Ney Matogrosso?
Joel Nogueira
Joel Nogueira 4 dni temu
Trash audio, trash clip.
Amelie Walton
Amelie Walton 4 dni temu
My sister said your hair looks like spicy ramen
Thomas Papa
Thomas Papa 5 dni temu
I thought it was a GIRL
Sub2Willne xx
Sub2Willne xx 5 dni temu
He deserves so much more attention omg I Stan
Amber Thomas
Amber Thomas 5 dni temu
Suor Frio
Suor Frio 5 dni temu
I love Y&Y listen to my song Tension video out now 💘
Amy Jones
Amy Jones 6 dni temu
I love this song
Thursday 7 dni temu
Great music from a brilliant group.
Thursday 4 dni temu
In your underpants, yes I don't doubt that for one moment that it's actually crap and not just a skid mark
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 5 dni temu
No, its crap.
Nathan Coyle
Nathan Coyle 7 dni temu
Years & years are amazing what a fantastic song
Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard 7 dni temu
Emma Macbeath
Emma Macbeath 7 dni temu
They make me smile every time I listen to them love them their songs never get boring xxx
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 8 dni temu
The human cabarets of Palo Santo are attended by androids, all hoping to experience real emotion. Human performers can find themselves dancing the same routines for weeks... months... years... ....and years. You're welcome.
Willy Kruger
Willy Kruger 8 dni temu
you dont have to be gay to apreciate this ! Its fucking brilliant! and a lighting example for the world!
chananat pinakata
Love this song 🖤
Fabian Calderon
Fabian Calderon 9 dni temu
Are you gay
Elijah Balza
Elijah Balza Dzień temu
+Sub2Willne xx lol
Sub2Willne xx
Sub2Willne xx 4 dni temu
Nah he's really straight 😂
HAIZSQUAD 10 dni temu
Love the music video but it would have even be better if James Chares or Sister Ian was in it.
krystof heindorfer
krystof heindorfer 10 dni temu
You is gay
Pug King
Pug King 10 dni temu
Your gggggggggggg on fortnite
Dem Cookies Doe
Dem Cookies Doe 11 dni temu
This is edgy af
orio_ nice
orio_ nice 13 dni temu
my last brain cell😂
Sarah p
Sarah p 13 dni temu
Why are so many people commenting with "I'm not gay but I love this song" why would you have to be gay to like a song?? 😂 I love the video it's amazing! Also, is anyone gonna comment on the end where Ollie is on the mattress in his underwear with the introducer bloke?? That really confused me.. Did I misunderstand something important?
Sub2Willne xx
Sub2Willne xx 4 dni temu
+Bob Sed bruh you probably listen to absolute shit
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 9 dni temu
+Sarah p misclick, had no idea what it was, im sorry i did
Sarah p
Sarah p 10 dni temu
+Bob Sed don't click on it then?
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 10 dni temu
lol its a terrible video, terrible song.
Tia lynch
Tia lynch 14 dni temu
I was expecting a different kind of video
Jarod donnelly
Jarod donnelly 14 dni temu
Why can’t they read?
ItzEmi 14 dni temu
Is he/she a boy or a girl??
Elijah Balza
Elijah Balza Dzień temu
+Bob Sed can u pls. Fucking stop?! Ur annoying the shit out of me Thank u
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 10 dni temu
its some sort of fucking gay freak.
Darknights x.x
Darknights x.x 12 dni temu
Boy why
detlef dunst
detlef dunst 14 dni temu
Ich liebe Ihn sexy Mann
Lola Morales
Lola Morales 15 dni temu
That’s a def click bait photo 😂💜💜 he’s amazing 💜💜
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 10 dni temu
No, hes terrible.
Claws long tail
Claws long tail 15 dni temu
I don’t understand this video XD Like who are the androids?! XD
Agnius Kazlauskas
Agnius Kazlauskas 16 dni temu
the shade to neil tho
Moshi pinkÿ ponÿ
Moshi pinkÿ ponÿ 17 dni temu
Noccha 17 dni temu
This is so gay I love it
Sub2Willne xx
Sub2Willne xx 4 dni temu
+Bob Sed why are you going down the comments saying he's shit and gay n shit. It's fucking 2019 who gives a shit of a boy likes a boy. It really doesn't matter. He's really talented and better than half of the singers out there nowadays so shut your fucking mouth
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 10 dni temu
No, its fucking shit.
Gamerjill 18 dni temu
He really showed he doesn’t have to go big cause he is proud of being gay
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 10 dni temu
I know, poor bastard.
林夢軒 18 dni temu
Google Assistant recommend it for me
Ashler Ray
Ashler Ray 18 dni temu
Only 16M ......what the fuck happen to people's ears
Gacha Chloe
Gacha Chloe 19 dni temu
Am I the only one who heard it on the radio and bought a girl was singing 🎤?????
Shaun Maundrill
Shaun Maundrill 19 dni temu
This is my favourite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 10 dni temu
Why? Its utter shite, if you think THIS crap is your favourite then you either have VERY poor taste in music or arnt very discerning, do yourself a favour forget this fucking gat shit and go listen to proper music!
Patrycja Raczyńska
Bob Sed
Bob Sed 19 dni temu
This has got to be 1 of THE most unimaginative songs EVER, its dire, its so crap, easily forgettable, very standard pop. lost in the crowd with all the other shite, just as well noone would remember it. As for the video, well it obviously caters for only 1 side of society, the lead singer looks so awful you just want to kick the shit out of him, and the sad thing is he chooses to look like that ON PURPOSE! There are some bands and music that simply shouldnt exist, this is the epitome of that. The sooner this band goes the better, then again they will only be reolaced be something just as crap, fucking shite!
Justyna Żółkiewicz
Jaemin Seo
Jaemin Seo 19 dni temu
2:44 his outfit is like Mera's in Aquaman
Mia Eloise
Mia Eloise 19 dni temu
Denisse Garcia
Denisse Garcia 19 dni temu
This songs reminds me of my ex 🥺
Davincy Benilia
Davincy Benilia 20 dni temu
1:35 the way I wish I could push my enemies.....
Brayan Sneider Rivera Duran
Anneta Makara
Anneta Makara 22 dni temu
Where are the "Behind the Scenes"?
Colin Millar
Colin Millar 23 dni temu
Please put more songs on PLvid
Colin Millar
Colin Millar 23 dni temu
Love that song
PUTRA PERANTAU 23 dni temu
musik yang indah. Penarinya seksi banget plus adegan yang terlalu mesra. Sesaat kukira lagi nonton video orang India....hehehe. Anyway I like and enjoy this.
Jessica C.
Jessica C. 23 dni temu
I love this song and you know what that means? I’m going to replay it until I hate it! (Idk if that’s possible)
Zak O'Connor
Zak O'Connor 24 dni temu
Best song in wold
unicorn j
unicorn j 24 dni temu
Defo still is my fav
dylan jones
dylan jones 25 dni temu
I'm straight, but love this song since he tells the guy he likes how he feels like it or fuck off don't come chasing saying you arent together fucking around with persons feelings around when you want someone any sexuality experiences it.
look awae
look awae 25 dni temu
I'm not gay but, Years & Years + Troye Sivan= Perfect 👌🏼
Miracle Glover
Miracle Glover 26 dni temu
Troye Sivan collab?
nathen4twenty 27 dni temu
Keep practicing Olly. It may take years and years before we hear any good music, but hey, at least you still got the soft core gayp0rn modeling gig to fall back on... I need a shower, i got to get all the gay off me body i do! And what side alley in Bangalore did you find the costume designer? Just through a gay load of glitter on some extra extra extra large sized T shirts and you got Olly's wardrobe. My eyes! The daddy fantasy in black briefs at the very end.. holy wow. Save Jesus!
SODAS 27 dni temu
When tf did this guy become gay
LeafyLeafeon 382
LeafyLeafeon 382 27 dni temu
O:50 music starts
Slemke 98
Slemke 98 28 dni temu
How to tell a singer can't dance: The professional background dancers have to move them around
Bianca Weasley
Bianca Weasley 29 dni temu
Cool song!
Abhay Bansal
Abhay Bansal 29 dni temu
This had me jumping all around the room and I'm out of breath right now but this is going to be played on repeat and I'm gonna continue jumping around 🌹❤🌹
Pearl 13579
Pearl 13579 29 dni temu
people are complaining this song is gay.. it's their choice straight or not!! don't complain about what others chose for themselves. I don't think this makes sense but ok XD
Neki Nopriangga
Neki Nopriangga 29 dni temu
GAY! HATE IT, but the song is good
Saorise Fitton
Saorise Fitton Miesiąc temu
This is a bite gau
Waldemar Radosz
Waldemar Radosz Miesiąc temu
Do zaakceptowania ;)
Shubhansh Saini
Shubhansh Saini Miesiąc temu
Who cares...this song is amazing
Jaquline Linke
Jaquline Linke Miesiąc temu
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Miesiąc temu
UltraDarkBanana Miesiąc temu
Keiron Boswell
Keiron Boswell Miesiąc temu
Just Some Random Memes
Anybody cringe at the gayness
nathen4twenty 27 dni temu
Gays, shocking straights with their gayness since the Duke of York.
Rich Shackleton
Rich Shackleton Miesiąc temu
Has this guy got a better arse than Beyonce??
Nessi Editz
Nessi Editz Miesiąc temu
He reminds me of Lewis blissett
Natinaaa Miesiąc temu
Craig denton
Craig denton Miesiąc temu
Hi Chris Owen, just letting u know I'll be loving u forever. Currently sat next to u driving to the barber. I know you'll eventually read this because I know you have a thing for comments and also your thing for Ollie 😂😍😛😘😎 love you Boo hope this makes you smile xxx xxxx
XxAzearassxX Miesiąc temu
Wtf! How did i found this just now?! 😍
Mashrufa Hussain
Mashrufa Hussain Miesiąc temu
LOVE is LOVE. Accept it or leave @haters
shanaya nandwani
shanaya nandwani Miesiąc temu
is he bi or gay?
Zuzia :D
Zuzia :D Miesiąc temu
Strawberry Tart
Strawberry Tart Miesiąc temu
every time I watch this I feel like I level up in my gay ness
Jack Chaplin
Jack Chaplin Miesiąc temu
i swear they were humping each other at the startWTF!
Jack Chaplin
Jack Chaplin Miesiąc temu
this vid is so weird and gay but the song is good
Liyahhhwitdahoodie Miesiąc temu
who is that boy that he dancing w/ 😍😍😲😂 1:21 - 1:57 ??
Od Oddy
Od Oddy Miesiąc temu
The 66.83
The 66.83 Miesiąc temu
Glorious, just glorious!
Devil gang 74894
Devil gang 74894 Miesiąc temu
Lol same
Chloe Wilson
Chloe Wilson Miesiąc temu
Is he gay? No offence meant
Olaf Szleszyński
Olaf Szleszyński Miesiąc temu
Good music 😀
Dima Kashif
Dima Kashif Miesiąc temu
I think song is about Neil.. the supposed bf in the video looks like him lol
Nik Mindi
Nik Mindi Miesiąc temu
wow watching this just made me...GAYERRR. and i like it.
Danila Diana
Danila Diana Miesiąc temu
I love he's voice and music!!!all he's songs are so good!😍
flimz Miesiąc temu
youtube i'm not gay stop recommending me gay shit,thank you
katy Miesiąc temu
Now THIS is a bop
chandler bing
chandler bing Miesiąc temu
seriously who’s the guy he’s dancing with on stage?😍
7267289 6778778
7267289 6778778 Miesiąc temu
I made a post made of your three's geniu's friend💙.
7267289 6778778
7267289 6778778 Miesiąc temu
...i feeling his misure of variation's's similar a variation of light in a day night of a darkness night in autumn.
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