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Years & Years - If You're Over Me (Official video)

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Palo Santo. The new album, out 6th July 2018.
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Music video by Years & Years performing If You're Over Me. © 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited




14 maj 2018




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Komentarze 3 511
Sophie Shaw
Sophie Shaw 8 godzin temu
pradnya Ejagar
pradnya Ejagar 10 godzin temu
This song is so good but I don't know why it is this underrated.... Is it because of LGBTQ. Well then I support it.
pradnya Ejagar
pradnya Ejagar 10 godzin temu
I am strait but still I love this song
saise shawol
saise shawol Dzień temu
Came here after listening the song where SHINee key ft...💖
Ireland 1916
Ireland 1916 Dzień temu
Wtf is this
Fortnite Guy
Fortnite Guy Dzień temu
It's like thunder and lightning You hurt me without trying A tempest, you was rising And no I don't like to be this way And you're Jekyll and Hyde-ing Are you real or are you lying? So stop with your crying I can't handle it now You tell everyone our love went cold Going 'round, spreading the word, it's over If that's how you feel then you should go Don't come around saying, "I still want you" One minute you say we're a team Then you're telling me you can't breathe Well you should set me free Baby, if you're over me Yesterday you said I'm the one But now you say you're done Stop telling me what I need Baby, if you're over me There you go, there, I said it Don't look at me all offended You played games and it ended I've got to look out for me I won't say that it's easy All I know I hate leaving But you can't keep deceiving Does it make you feel good? You tell everyone our love went cold Going around, spreading the word, it's over If that's how you feel then you should go Don't come around saying, "I still want you" One minute you say we're a team Then you're telling me you can't breathe Well you should set me free Baby, if you're over me Yesterday you said I'm the one But now you say you're done Stop telling me what I need Baby, if you're over me If you're over me If you're over me Stop telling me what I need Baby, if you're over me How long can a love remain? Time never could heal this pain I thought I believed in fate Oh, it's so cruel No, nothing for us would change Same story, the same mistake This heart just wants to break Oh, one minute you say we're a team Then you're telling me you can't breathe Well you should set me free Baby, if you're over me Yesterday you said I'm the one But now you say you're done Stop telling me what I need Baby, if you're over me Just go if it's over Just go if it's over Just go if it's over Baby, if you're over me Just go if it's over Just go if it's over Just go if it's over Baby, if you're over me
Mayeshah Talukdar
People saying this song is underrated- it’s not underrated it was on capital (UK number 1 radio) so get your facts straight-BTW this song is 😍😍😍
Thirdd king
Thirdd king 2 dni temu
I'm not gay but I love ❤❤this song ❤❤
Fozzer 2 dni temu
Sounds like he said: One minute you're 17 then your telling me you can't read! 📖😁
katherine mason
katherine mason 3 dni temu
2:34 aww
katherine mason
katherine mason 3 dni temu
2.34 lol
Leah Bravehope
Leah Bravehope 3 dni temu
We love a New sister😍❤️😂
Elijah Balza
Elijah Balza 3 dni temu
So good!
Ariana Cabello
Ariana Cabello 3 dni temu
Wheres the LGBT squad? (I'm not gay but I support them)
neknarf1973 3 dni temu
Can't wait for the concert in february. First time.
Ryan Plant
Ryan Plant 3 dni temu
Couldn't enjoy the song, was way too gay. I'm not against gays but I don't agree with it being shoved and slapped in our faces. The dancing, the video was too much and too disturbing. Scarred for life. Absolutely disgusting
Isla Kerr
Isla Kerr 4 dni temu
gomati sao
gomati sao 4 dni temu
My ears are blessed
Jessica Helley
Jessica Helley 4 dni temu
a bit cringey no offence
Lilli Stedman
Lilli Stedman 5 dni temu
this is such a good song
Ben Logan
Ben Logan 5 dni temu
Love you
Archangel of Death
I'm confused on if I should like vagina or dick after this video...
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer 6 dni temu
I’m gonna be serious this is better than crying in the club
Yoshii 6 dni temu
I'm glad that you select Key's SHINee for featering this amazing song. I'm kpop fan and begin to know you. This song is 1 of my favorite song now.
Walter Orué
Walter Orué 6 dni temu
The plot, the universe, his moves, his dancing, the lyrics! How much I love him ♥
Thousand Dragon
Thousand Dragon 7 dni temu
Is he gay or bi? Big fan btw
Daca Krajcova
Daca Krajcova 7 dni temu
what He is gay?
sarah devanney
sarah devanney 7 dni temu
That a good song
kerri taylor
kerri taylor 8 dni temu
you look it
kerri taylor
kerri taylor 8 dni temu
are you gay
vhan 8 dni temu
Oh no my eyes
Grace Carlton
Grace Carlton 8 dni temu
Baby if your over me! So catchy live this song!❤
alexandra Bobadilla
love you olly! can't wait too see you in SF,CA OCT 26th!!!!
Bill John
Bill John 9 dni temu
Years and years made me gay OKAY
Bianka bByby
Bianka bByby 9 dni temu
To gay for my taste but his voice is beautiful
Ava marsden
Ava marsden 10 dni temu
Your my favourite
thefiestaguy 10 dni temu
Think i've suddenly become gay after seeing this....
Melissa De Amorim
Melissa De Amorim 11 dni temu
Hai un corpo bello, Bale, benissimo, sei sexxx, 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Hata Iemkanitchat
Hata Iemkanitchat 11 dni temu
so gay
bunny cat
bunny cat 12 dni temu
I love this song! please make more like this.
flash_ clash5812
flash_ clash5812 12 dni temu
The song is OK but the video...
Vinícius Maciel
Vinícius Maciel 12 dni temu
poc poc poc
The Eternal Hunter
The Eternal Hunter 13 dni temu
Im not gay but i love it when people push the expectations of society, much like society would expect him to have a crush on a woman but he goes past those boundries and expresses himself and others, showing they are to be respected just as much in this world
William Hagan
William Hagan 13 dni temu
Aight. (Edit) wait what the hell happened at the end there?!
Simi Kushwaha
Simi Kushwaha 14 dni temu
Who else love this song?.....😍😍😍
alec huey
alec huey 14 dni temu
gay bastards
Emilia Rackiewicz
Emilia Rackiewicz 14 dni temu
r u gay!!!!!!!!???????
Rinku Sinha
Rinku Sinha 14 dni temu
Mut -
Mut - 14 dni temu
He's just like all the other bitches who show their asses and boobs it was hard to watch and it killed the song for me
bb a
bb a 15 dni temu
I lpve youre song
iiDope 16 dni temu
Youuuu tell everyone you you're love went cold!!!
Karl Rokicki
Karl Rokicki 16 dni temu
all i have to say is eww
Kiah Mills-Williams
If you don't mind me asking, why eww?
Olguita Alarcon
Olguita Alarcon 16 dni temu
Olly is BEAUTIFUL the song beautiful
Martin Brown
Martin Brown 16 dni temu
This is a good song
The_Black_Raven 16 dni temu
I’ve never felt so gay.
Maddie Gillett
Maddie Gillett 17 dni temu
I watch this video every second of every day and it still doesn’t get old
Mukut Moran
Mukut Moran 17 dni temu
Good information video
Anany Acharya
Anany Acharya 18 dni temu
Is it just me, or does this song really sound like THINGS I'LL NEVER SAY by AVRIL LAVIGNE? love the song tho❤
Ximena Reyes
Ximena Reyes 18 dni temu
I really love this song, is so perfect!, the Olly voice is so Pretty 💙❤
Pusheenlikeshedgehogs I like pusheen and hedgehogs
my friend wants to know if its ok to be homophobic -_- shes so stupid
Maciejo1906 17 dni temu
It is okay,what u chattin
Rayyah Amber
Rayyah Amber 19 dni temu
Snapchat brought me here 💕💕💕💖💖😭😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Spott Equestrian
Spott Equestrian 20 dni temu
I love this
The Gaming Cheeze
The Gaming Cheeze 20 dni temu
I’m gay after that 🙃
Meyvi Nathasya Suwardi
This is a new level of artistry! They outdone it! SO LIT! 🔥💕❤️🙌🏼🤙🏼
volkiihar 21 dzień temu
Норм, бля на бабу пздц похож теперь
ih8mcfly 21 dzień temu
Looks like a white and gay version of Neymar
Hermann Tinnseth
Hermann Tinnseth 21 dzień temu
Samer i norge ser på denne musikk videoen og tenker på joika boller
Denis Gamez7
Denis Gamez7 21 dzień temu
you do you bro. love you. no homo xD
Mike Newton
Mike Newton 22 dni temu
Why do gays have to advertise it all the time its anoying
Uriel Campoya
Uriel Campoya 22 dni temu
14 M views? I heard this on the radio everyday
Alfie Curtis
Alfie Curtis 23 dni temu
So gay
Ecchi Predatoes Beware
you nikkaz iz gay
Marcus Pedersen
Marcus Pedersen 23 dni temu
i swear to god i could bang that girl in the start, so she coldnt walk the next week after
미소 24 dni temu
SOOOO my mum saw the video and said he's cute CANNOT AGREE MORE MUMMMMM
Leah Winter and amylongly
My nan loves your music
holidayingermany 25 dni temu
Olly is all the time trying to come off as this politcal gay activist and sensitive soul but anytime you blink he starts talking about sex, fucking and dicks. So typical.
banana bob
banana bob 26 dni temu
love this video
carlyxn 26 dni temu
Brian Kilcoyne
Brian Kilcoyne 26 dni temu
we all know your gay ffs .who gives a fuck really
Brian Kilcoyne
Brian Kilcoyne Dzień temu
you don't really get satire you
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch
Brian Kilcoyne He’s making a music video in the same way any straight person would. Why don’t you complain at them too and say “we all know you’re straight”
Gordon Camilleri
Gordon Camilleri 27 dni temu
I noticed because of his dancing and style but he look really confident and happy NO HATE ABOUT GAYNESS! ❤💛💚💙💜
Carolina Aragon Calderon
I understand this is a break up song.. but I cant help but feel joy every time I hear it.. they are truly wonderful
AD 27 dni temu
Man someone really knew what they were doing with those camera angles... great job
nawal Abduallah
nawal Abduallah 28 dni temu
Just waw😭❤️
Ajsnd Annzjxx
Ajsnd Annzjxx 28 dni temu
the beat is like charlie schmidth's cat keyboard
Fábio Carinhas
Fábio Carinhas 28 dni temu
How can this music only have 14M? Should have 1B!!!!!
Eoin O'Neill
Eoin O'Neill 29 dni temu
Absolute love this song like 1,000,000% love you years and years
Rachel Bennett
Rachel Bennett 29 dni temu
One of my fav songs of 2018 ... Love Years and Years 😍😍😍 All there music is fantastic 😍😍😍
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The Kdkxlmd.mDjla ,slkapkdpsmdlsmd Melxoa dlso
Patty Ramos
Patty Ramos 29 dni temu
me gusta
FortniteGod 333
FortniteGod 333 Miesiąc temu
Is red hair gay?
Trash Can
Trash Can 6 dni temu
am yes
Chloe-lauren Howarth
Chloe-lauren Howarth Miesiąc temu
This song I have fell in love with, made it my ringtone. And I'm so picky with songs. Goosebumps every time I listen, that voice bloody adorable man😍😍😍😍
Peter Mcelroy
Peter Mcelroy Miesiąc temu
am not gay but Ave heard of the group for a few years an ar one of my favourite group s supperb
aiden MUA
aiden MUA Miesiąc temu
He look thicc
Zokhumaof Lyngdoh
Zokhumaof Lyngdoh Miesiąc temu
Baby yea were over yall
Ben Collins
Ben Collins Miesiąc temu
I never actually knew he was gay tbh. I mean, the lyrics can mean any really...huh...facts :3 Edit: waiittt...I think hes trans...Im so confused...either way idc PEOPLE U DO U cause ur the only version of you and u can never get replaced
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch
Ben Collins Nah he’s just gay
Marsh Green
Marsh Green Miesiąc temu
When I heard it over radio I thought it's a girl singing the song
Enoc Efer
Enoc Efer Miesiąc temu
johny jackson
johny jackson Miesiąc temu
its steve off american dad
If You're Over Me
5 miesięcy temu