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X Ambassadors - Renegades (Lyric Video)

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Music video by X Ambassadors performing Renegades. (C) 2015 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records
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28 kwi 2015

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Komentarze 15 293
Asma Didi
Asma Didi Godzinę temu
2019 hello ?
Owen Hamilton
Owen Hamilton 2 godzin temu
Harsh Saxena
Harsh Saxena 6 godzin temu
EagerAsh 101
EagerAsh 101 9 godzin temu
This song helped me through a hard time
Yvonne D
Yvonne D 10 godzin temu
Huawei Huawei
Huawei Huawei 19 godzin temu
Gia Morena
Gia Morena Dzień temu
I miss skateboarding in the middle of the night aimlessly with my 3 best buds. 😭 #2011wasthebestyearofmylife
you will
you will Dzień temu
Run away with me Lost souls and reverie Running wild and running free Two kids, you and me And I say Hey, hey hey hey Living like we're renegades Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Living like we're renegades Renegades, renegades Long live the pioneers Rebels and mutineers Go forth and have no fear Come close the end is near And I say hey, hey hey hey Living like we're renegades Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Living like we're renegades Renegades, renegades All hail the underdogs All hail the new kids All hail the outlaws Spielberg's and Kubrick's It's our time to make a move It's our time to make amends It's our time to break the rules Let's begin And I say hey, hey hey hey Living like we're renegades Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Leaving like we're renegades Renegades, renegades
BTD_Blazeit123 oof
BTD_Blazeit123 oof Dzień temu
I love this song hey,hey,hey
Marwa Saleh
Marwa Saleh Dzień temu
I seriously love this song
Sivaan Greenzweig
Sivaan Greenzweig Dzień temu
Thank you for the song. still, this song deserves high fidelity. what's the point of 1080p if sound quality is about 128kbps? :/ common, vevo, you can do better than that!
Jack Speece
Jack Speece Dzień temu
Even renegades need to take responsibility for their actions and make a contribution to society.
AWOL Pilots
AWOL Pilots Dzień temu
This song makes me so freakin nostalgic like good lord could you not
Double A Ron
Double A Ron Dzień temu
Ma ears r begging for more songs like this
Sierra Dzień temu
Listen this at your car when you go on vacation 😉
Deepak Mecheri
Deepak Mecheri 2 dni temu
julieta moumary
julieta moumary 2 dni temu
What musical genre is this type of song?? I love it so much(excuse my english, im from Argentina)
Mr. Bear_Bear
Mr. Bear_Bear 2 dni temu
for me, i didn't really expect 2015 a long time ago but when it was almost 4 years old, it feels like it was made a day ago, its sad to see time fly, i wish i could go back in time to see all the moments that i had as a kid.
James Cross
James Cross 2 dni temu
And I shaid hey hey hey, living like we’re renegadesh. Underdogsh, outlawsh.
WarmWaffles 2 dni temu
Where did they film this at ?
Dave Stanko
Dave Stanko 2 dni temu
Anybody else see them perform this at the 2017 NSJ?
Jake Rippon
Jake Rippon 3 dni temu
DJ MateN
DJ MateN 3 dni temu
Gonna go and take my skate outside tonight... Gonna have fun with this song
Lucas Sbarbati
Lucas Sbarbati 3 dni temu
Very good song
Lucas Sbarbati
Lucas Sbarbati 3 dni temu
Muy buena song
Yodeling Quickscoper
better than unsteady
M1LK 3 dni temu
Like there ain't any cars in that whole town
LJ Marzula
LJ Marzula 3 dni temu
Hello random folks, please believe me when I say from my heart, "Love , peace , prayer and understanding I wish to all that would accept, including I" , you are loved by someone somewhere and that love is part of what keeps the fire of life alive. Love back. Try. I am sorry for all the wrongs in your life, I know with faith you can and will get better.
LJ Marzula
LJ Marzula 3 dni temu
I think of Jesus when I hear this..
M1LK 3 dni temu
This song reminds me of uncharted
Matei Paul
Matei Paul 3 dni temu
Matei Paul
Matei Paul 3 dni temu
A love this music my brother tell me about this musc
Mariana Fernanda Dominguez Leon
I love this song 💗💗
Lilli VYTOPIL 4 dni temu
EJ DIRST LUDZU 4 dni temu
1.25x :)
funny face
funny face 4 dni temu
VinDin Rawr
VinDin Rawr 4 dni temu
J. hra.
J. hra. 4 dni temu
Who's in 2020 ?
Brent Moury
Brent Moury 4 dni temu
I guess they're Arsenal fans. Anyone else would say "go forth", not "go fourth"
Δανάη Πουλοπούλου
Είμαι πουτανα
Green708 Green708
This song gay
Istvan Ritli
Istvan Ritli 4 dni temu
Egy Isten vagy!!!!!! Üdv Magyarországrol!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍
Random Stuff with DJ
I like to stumble across this song from time to time. I was an oddball mostly alone at the time when the song came out. I had a small group of friends, 4 or 5 of us, and I liked to imagine this as our theme song. In college now, I like to look back on those times around the lunch table we didn't even fill; this small group of misfits. I graduated first but am glad to know that the group I found became larger and misfits now cram around a table pulling up extra chairs. I text with those old friends and hear all the things I miss. Next summer the last of the ones I knew will graduate. I can't wait for all of us to sit around a table that summer and just talk about how it went for all of us.
Georgi Bodurov
Georgi Bodurov 4 dni temu
They say "a song has to touch your soul" to be real... well, with a hard nut to crack like my music taste, that one hits the bullseye!
Zaverx 4 dni temu
this reminds me of the good ol days of 2015...
damian gorzkowski
Benedict Roth
Benedict Roth 5 dni temu
For all those, who got the whole time of their life rejected and where busy by fighting and breaking walls.
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 5 dni temu
Who else is watching today??
Bharvadiya Haresh
This song deserves 5 billion views
William Kersey
William Kersey 5 dni temu
KidGamez 5 dni temu
I haft to listen to this song when i have anxiety cause its the only song i like that can calm me down
Lesley Storey
Lesley Storey 5 dni temu
I agree with me
alberto lazzari
alberto lazzari 5 dni temu
alberto lazzari
alberto lazzari 5 dni temu
:-D :-D ;-)
Kimii 6 dni temu
I first heard this song on a car advertisement n it makes me so happy 😭😭
Michel B
Michel B 6 dni temu
aesthetic love
aesthetic love 6 dni temu
Fav song😍🤞🏻
Noodle 6 dni temu
So Ive started watching The Flash and im still in season one and i love the series so far and thats why im here.
Patrik Stopiak
Patrik Stopiak 6 dni temu
How named this type of song ?
Fright Risk
Fright Risk 7 dni temu
I found my people :O
Smarty Bantu
Smarty Bantu 7 dni temu
blitz 2:47
blitz 2:47 7 dni temu
I am selling 0:32 0:32 0:32 0:32 0:32 0:32 0:32 it cost##1 dislike
1000 subs with 0 vids
I always come back to this song because it makes me feel.
13 ARA
13 ARA 7 dni temu
That's my Transportation Growing up in Austin TX 80's N.E.S.W CROCKETT HIGH
stupid lazy fellow
Nikie minaj gets so much recognition and views for shaking her butt but these kind of beautiful songs are always underrated
Il Postino
Il Postino 2 dni temu
Sunny Muhammad Because the masses are largely stupid and that’s what “artists” like Nicki Minaj cater to, the lowest common denominator.
Sunny Muhammad
Sunny Muhammad 2 dni temu
Dude 5 days have passed and 2k more likes people don’t always listen to this genre
Save Pewdiepie
Save Pewdiepie 3 dni temu
Nicki Minaj*
stupid lazy fellow
+Harry I'm telling its good but some artists shake their butt and boobs get billions of views but Look at alesso song I wanna know it is such a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics only has 60 million views this world is going in wrong way
Harry 4 dni temu
I mean having 140 million views and 801,000 likes isn't really underrated...
Vania Dsouza
Vania Dsouza 8 dni temu
Too good.... more like this
Lake Chocolate
Lake Chocolate 8 dni temu
Can't get enough of this!!!
cyril fournier
cyril fournier 8 dni temu
At first I heard "Living like we're running gay", can't get it out of my head
maile brown
maile brown 8 dni temu
This song reminds me of those Movies when people get rejected.
Letso Sereto Relaeng
You Know what would be crazy dope......If X Ambassadors did a collabo with two of my favorite bands in on song
Donia 8 dni temu
Aaliyah Roversi-Moore
great song i'm in love
Rituraj Thakur
Rituraj Thakur 9 dni temu
This is the first song that made me a bit emotional. I never felt like this before Its simply awesome
Sanaa Anderson
Sanaa Anderson 9 dni temu
I was watching the flash season 2 and heard this song in it and Offcourse it brought me here.
Jerry Gaming
Jerry Gaming 9 dni temu
Jeep Commercials
xd Magnetic
xd Magnetic 9 dni temu
This songs reminded me of sad and dark times when my parents were getting divorced. It came on the radio the day they were getting divorced we were all sitting in the car except for my mom and this came on as soon as we got in the car and i started singing it and fell in love with it and haven't stopped listening since.....
maile brown
maile brown 8 dni temu
I feel bad man
James Wilson
James Wilson 9 dni temu
February 2019 I know life is tough , for the person reading this , there is nothing wrong with being the underdog but when the time comes stand up and prove everyone is wrong , show them who you really are inside Thank you James
Mati G
Mati G 9 dni temu
Chris Sowford
Chris Sowford 9 dni temu
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:13 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ|◁ㅤㅤ ▶ㅤㅤ▷|ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Chris Sowford
Chris Sowford 9 dni temu
20000111199999 ANYONE????!!!!!!!!!
Peppe show
Peppe show 9 dni temu
Álive MSP
Álive MSP 9 dni temu
Xd kto z polski?! To jest mega xdddd Ktoś ogląda w 2019?
Iam Polaczek
Iam Polaczek 10 dni temu
Created in 2015... Watched in 2019...
EllyRAGER 10 dni temu
Dose this song remind anyone of the end of movies
AGenericAccount 10 dni temu
Everyone has good associations with this song but all i can remember is that Jeep commercial
Michael McCabe
Michael McCabe 10 dni temu
Who else thinks of Mass Effect when they hear this one? XD
Harry Beaver
Harry Beaver 10 dni temu
😭😭😭😭the Song so make my cry 😢
fahima sihamda
fahima sihamda 11 dni temu
February 2019😉??
Coastal 48-4ever
Coastal 48-4ever 11 dni temu
Slow to .75x is sad version
jesse LEONARD 11 dni temu
run away the Ebony
Ari 11 dni temu
Looks like the streets of Ithaca
Tony Chen
Tony Chen 11 dni temu
This song was in our winter concert, and I heard " Red gates" but in reality it's " Renegrades" well.. I guess I am wrong..XD
Ákos _02
Ákos _02 11 dni temu
Barry Além
Barry Além 9 dni temu
Barry Além
Barry Além 9 dni temu
Barry Além
Barry Além 9 dni temu
Ákos _02
Ákos _02 11 dni temu
Ákos _02
Ákos _02 11 dni temu
PTK2k 11 dni temu
Nice song...wait Nice song = 8 letters letters = 7 words 7+8= 15 15 is the number of SC2 Terran units SC2 is played in South Korea North Korea is above South Korea George Bush knows about N Korea George Bush = 10 letters 15+10= 25 There are 25 grams of air in a bag of potato chips Potato Chips spelled backwards is Spihc Otatop Spihc Otatop is not a real word Therefore, this is not a real song. Are we being spied on by Illuminati? Illuminati confirmed!!!!!!;)
Rhimano Rangeley
Rhimano Rangeley 11 dni temu
This song will never be the same when you hear the back vocals as "banana banana banana"
jksw 11 dni temu
this song is the one good song ###### showed me (# is a name)
Just Anna
Just Anna 11 dni temu
All those 18,000 people who disliked are people who can’t skateboard.
Jamila Khaled
Jamila Khaled 12 dni temu
just Love you guys
oɓɓoɹℲ :3
oɓɓoɹℲ :3 12 dni temu
Listen to Fear by X Ambassadors, you won’t be disappointed
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