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X Ambassadors - Renegades (Lyric Video)

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28 kwi 2015

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Komentarze 14 566
iQuinTz 42 minut temu
jedi do cangaço
jedi do cangaço 58 minut temu
Gergely Kovács
Gergely Kovács Godzinę temu
Hail singles and renegades! Going forth does not evidently mean that you have no fears. It means that despite everything you choose to proceed. ;)
The Breakmans
The Breakmans Godzinę temu
Renegades is a skin the fortnite
Hamiltrash 4 life
Hamiltrash 4 life 4 godzin temu
Finally a song that is not talking about love or breakups....I kind love this song 😊😍
Hamiltrash 4 life
Hamiltrash 4 life 4 godzin temu
I was looking everywhere for this song
Joseph Atkinson
Joseph Atkinson 7 godzin temu
this song just reminds me of my ex, and can't listen it without feeling sad and empty inside ;-;
Kylee Jordan
Kylee Jordan 8 godzin temu
Ive always wanted to grow up and become a "big kid" but now im a "big kid" I guess you would say and I wanna be little where we didnt habe to worry about Things💔😭
Artemis Tseriotou
Artemis Tseriotou 8 godzin temu
xX Raily Xx
xX Raily Xx 15 godzin temu
Anyone in 2031 no? Just me ok..
Andro K
Andro K 15 godzin temu
how the fuck is he saying "run away with me"? It sounds nothing like that.
Zé Vj
Zé Vj 18 godzin temu
I came by the flash 2 season 2 episode 2
pork chop
pork chop 22 godzin temu
I am long distance hiker. I enjoy the journey. This song embodies that spirit
Gurf JR
Gurf JR 22 godzin temu
fight for what you believe in
Michael Cuevas
Michael Cuevas Dzień temu
This song makes me think that god and Jesus made this song and I love x ambasaters
Frank Drebin
Frank Drebin Dzień temu
Nearly 2019 and this is the fisr time ive heard this! Such a great tune. Fair play. (im an outlaw btw) PTA.
Boris Pergaud
Boris Pergaud Dzień temu
It's make me thinking of Freedom personnaly................. A new beginning maybe..............
Katerina Stathatou
Katerina Stathatou Dzień temu
December 2018?
νεφελη Παπαδοπούλου
This song makes me remember so many memories😂❤😍
Lara Meyer
Lara Meyer 2 dni temu
This song makes me cry😭. I remember so much😭😣. And my friend may will sing it when I go next week😖😢
lucy rivers
lucy rivers 2 dni temu
on a spaceship august 2240 guys??
Сергей Сычев
супер песня
Alan Dives World
Alan Dives World 3 dni temu
How's this song only have 129m views?
karebeyr 3 dni temu
Go forth*
Baritone45 3 dni temu
This song reminds me of the Rolling Meadows Renegades youth hockey team, where my boys played for 5 years and I coached for 4. LOL
90s man cliffside
take the leap -oran allen
Jeff Beauchamp
Jeff Beauchamp 3 dni temu
This song is great for when you feel naive and screwed over
Jeff Beauchamp
Jeff Beauchamp 3 dni temu
{\___/} (; ; ) / [
Mr. Lifechanging - Subliminals
This is how freedom sounds like. Makes me wanna run away and never return.
Riolite Gamer
Riolite Gamer 3 dni temu
Best song ever... almost
Tristan 4 dni temu
Jason Wheel
Jason Wheel 4 dni temu
Johnny J
Johnny J 4 dni temu
I always think that's One Republic song
Eva_Sei Roblox
Eva_Sei Roblox 4 dni temu
And the end
And the end 4 dni temu
Я могу слушать это вечность
L3v1 5t4d
L3v1 5t4d 4 dni temu
Renegade raider
Anxious Boi
Anxious Boi 4 dni temu
Oussama tube dz
Oussama tube dz 5 dni temu
best music 😍 2018 /12/11
Yağız Bulut
Yağız Bulut 5 dni temu
Barıştık arkadaşlar maşallah deyin
Anmol Monga
Anmol Monga 5 dni temu
This song makes me run faster.
Адил Илиев
🇰🇿 = 🎶❤️❤️❤️
Shahid Hanson
Shahid Hanson 6 dni temu
Shahid Hanson feels the world will be better
Katie McManus
Katie McManus 6 dni temu
This song makes me sad for no reason
Nakalia Moss
Nakalia Moss 6 dni temu
December 9, 2018. still obsessed with this song.
TScun 6 dni temu
Who came from the flash?
Lily Riordan
Lily Riordan 6 dni temu
It says “come close, lend an ear” which is what it sounds like it says in the song but it’s really “come close, the end is near”
harley hewson
harley hewson 4 dni temu
Listened to it twice definitely says lend an ear :p
Rafał Szydełko
Rafał Szydełko 7 dni temu
roxy kalakani
roxy kalakani 7 dni temu
If you are Greek and still watch TV you probably have seen an add from Wind with this song.
roxy kalakani
roxy kalakani 4 dni temu
+JimmysGaming Καλέ δεν το έλεγα με τρόπο ότι σαν να με πρόσβαλες απλός το είπα.
JimmysGaming 4 dni temu
+roxy kalakani δεν το είπα για κακό. Κομπλεδια
roxy kalakani
roxy kalakani 4 dni temu
+JimmysGaming Όχι ρε . Αυτό το τραγούδι το ήξερα από πολύ μικρή.
JimmysGaming 6 dni temu
Ναι αλλά είσαι χαζός άμα έμαθες το τραγούδι από εκει
Sky Lover
Sky Lover 7 dni temu
I love this song so much.
Daniel Almir
Daniel Almir 7 dni temu
Idk why, but this song reminds me of Xstatic Process by Madonna
Randubis 8 dni temu
Shibe 8 dni temu
car commercials be like
Dorik Clashes
Dorik Clashes 8 dni temu
Very underrated band!
Paul Cross
Paul Cross 8 dni temu
Scott Pearson
Scott Pearson 8 dni temu
You're songs are great
margarida pinheiro
Theo Franko
Theo Franko 9 dni temu
Living like we're renegades.. it reminds me of CALL OF DUTY
YONZO 9 dni temu
thats my highschool lol
Sky Lover
Sky Lover 9 dni temu
I could listen to this song forever.
drachenslayerx 9 dni temu
the instrumentals are good, but the lyrics are pure trash, amends for what?
Ioanna Demetriou
Ioanna Demetriou 9 dni temu
I was seating in the airport waiting for my gate to open and I had my laptop with me I rushed to open a new tab before it ends and what I typed was: and i say hey hey hey
qu33n bee
qu33n bee 10 dni temu
I love this so much, it makes me want to go outside at night, get my friends and go explore and come back before our parents wake up
Neurotic _FX
Neurotic _FX 10 dni temu
I can't be the only one that knows this song because of that one Flash episode.
UPYT 10 dni temu
This song reminds me when i was in the country side. Young and Free
Roves 10 dni temu
xenomorpheus 10 dni temu
Really gay, really gay We're living like we're really gay
gata bieber
gata bieber 10 dni temu
I really really love this song
Marek Babicky
Marek Babicky 10 dni temu
very good song
Doğukan Şahin
Doğukan Şahin 11 dni temu
0:00​ ●━━━━━━─────── 3:19 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Babi Mazzoni
Babi Mazzoni 23 godzin temu
XxLaysChipsxX 11 dni temu
I just need a video of this dude skateboarding for several hours and my life will be compleette
Kaitlyn Sanderson
Kaitlyn Sanderson 11 dni temu
El Papel
El Papel 11 dni temu
{\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂
Potato Aim
Potato Aim 11 dni temu
Lol I remember when I was in first grade and I loved this song and I still sing it in my head
Nerdz_ play
Nerdz_ play 11 dni temu
really long live 'mutineers' they do know that's basically a bad thing like treason
OBS Obscure.
OBS Obscure. 12 dni temu
Old but Gold
Queen Of Sloths
Queen Of Sloths 12 dni temu
This song describes everyone in my class. The reason were in the same class is because were smart, but also to protect us from bullies. Gifted isn't really a gift. It's more like a ticket to ride on the train of bullying victims.
maestromaestro 4 dni temu
I hate to break it to you son, but "bullying victims" aren't renegades or mutineers. Spielbergs - maybe, but not renegades.
MrStealYourFrog 6 dni temu
My dude, no such thing as a gift or a curse. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, in life its all a matter of how you can exploit the advantages and shadow the disadvantages.
Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan 12 dni temu
december 2018
ashiix 12 dni temu
1:22, I'm ok, don't worry about it.
MiQ  Industries
MiQ Industries 12 dni temu
Mr Robot - Eliot , Darlene and Kevin Maccalister 😂 Anyone ? XD
hi lauren
hi lauren 12 dni temu
Niko Lesko
Niko Lesko 13 dni temu
How far the skater went?
Tymoteusz Formas
Tymoteusz Formas 13 dni temu
Dustin Hunt
Dustin Hunt 13 dni temu
i agree with omg we are all important
soping king lui
soping king lui 14 dni temu
Anthony Borowy
Anthony Borowy 14 dni temu
This song deserves more credit then it has most people are just here cause it was on the flash and people are acting like it is a song that makes them feel sad bbut there just randoms that want to look cool.
Kayden du Triou
Kayden du Triou 14 dni temu
You realy need more subs cuz you are so good this is my favourite song tho
Samara Katie
Samara Katie 15 dni temu
My favorite song December 2018👍🏻
Divi Dov
Divi Dov 15 dni temu
December 1st anyone?
RedSite 15 dni temu
Creí que era un video con lenguaje inclusive y venía a dar mi dislike :v
ALEK 08 15 dni temu
Joël Akiewa
Joël Akiewa 16 dni temu
shoutout a arshe et maria ‼️🔥🔥🤪
Joël Akiewa
Joël Akiewa 16 dni temu
Miss Egan we miss you😭❤️❤️
Joël Akiewa
Joël Akiewa 16 dni temu
Daniela Arias
Daniela Arias 16 dni temu
I am the only one thinking about the Batboys?
xXTheSimikX x
xXTheSimikX x 16 dni temu
Thadéus Deckers
Thadéus Deckers 17 dni temu
Is René the brother of Bill ?🤔😂
Mielul Latra
Mielul Latra 17 dni temu
Gonna miss you SPUNJ
Dipak Shinde
Dipak Shinde 17 dni temu
Music good to hear.
Full Face Fam
Full Face Fam 17 dni temu
I went to this school last year
Hayat Hamidi
Hayat Hamidi 17 dni temu
All hail the the new kids
Adele - Hello
3 lat temu