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It's time to see whether these chips will reign supreme, or be impossible to redeem, as we ask the age old question: Will it Nacho? GMM #1360
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20 sie 2018

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Komentarze 7 644
pepe trump
pepe trump 17 minut temu
Will it proof?
helter skelter
helter skelter 17 minut temu
four frickin teen
The Snow Fox
The Snow Fox 17 minut temu
But I liked the three gmm episodes a day.....
JPeace116 17 minut temu
No more 4K?
Vito's Production
Vito's Production 18 minut temu
I’m so excited for season four fricken teen
Reagan Elkins
Reagan Elkins 18 minut temu
This is nacho average Will It.
Badusername2000 18 minut temu
I never thought the multiple part episodes were confusing, i just thought almost all the episodes were mediocre.
DireRaven7 18 minut temu
Im actually glad its one video a day i really only have time for that tbh
Slappy 19 minut temu
Yeah, four episodes real complicated. Smh
justin jordan
justin jordan 19 minut temu
The dogs on the short look like they're about to mark their territory lol jk.
Shane Aycock
Shane Aycock 19 minut temu
I have one question for this series? Everytime you do a will it taste test, why does it always end with Link puking first?
brandon hicks
brandon hicks 20 minut temu
Number 2 trending 👍🏽
Hamza Shaikh
Hamza Shaikh 21 minuta temu
Will it cheesecake?
Meaghan Doherty
Meaghan Doherty 22 minut temu
Glad you guys are bringing the old format back! Happy to see my favorite two dudes eating disgusting stuff; happy season!
Mackinlay 22 minut temu
"I'm gonna put it in my mouth and see what happens"
namjoonsdimple 23 minut temu
Hog head cheese is popular in south Louisiana. I used to eat it all the time as a kid. Don’t know why i stopped buying it recently. But it is pretty good. Maybe it just wasn’t seasoned right?
jnc4lifeable 23 minut temu
The xylitol cheese on the bubble gum nachos scares me. Xylitol can have a laxative effect in any decent sized concentration. I'd love to see an aftermath video about 2 hours after this segment was shot.
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn 23 minut temu
Love watching this. You guys are the best. I watch every night if I can
RiptideMonkeys 23 minut temu
Thank you guys for switching back to the 2 videos a day. 4 made it so overwhelming and hard to follow everyday. Can’t wait for a good season 14!
emma bourque
emma bourque 23 minut temu
It’s back!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Random Person
Random Person 24 minut temu
“What did I just say?” 😂🤣😂
eden iris
eden iris 24 minut temu
You should get shane dawson on the show and do a will it episode 😍
Azaria Jade
Azaria Jade 24 minut temu
I literally stopped watching because I hated the weird format. I am SO happy it's back to the old way. Ya'll rock
Jasmine CR
Jasmine CR 24 minut temu
The season 14 flow chart was too complicated. Can we get a simplified flowchart?
Iron-Bran 25 minut temu
Starting off the season right
Unna Jiz de Ortega
Unna Jiz de Ortega 25 minut temu
The last nacho is just SISIG. lol
elijahisurina 25 minut temu
you'd be surprised that pig ears are popular in my country
Sheerly Queer
Sheerly Queer 25 minut temu
I feel like Rhett would be the most amazing person to cuddle with ❤️
-HiDdEn aNiMe ChAnNeL -
Nacho goes with taco :D not only that it rhymes it’s actually good. Seriously go try it.
spatulaman01 26 minut temu
mythical mushrooms
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me 26 minut temu
But Dad there seems like less
Will Petry
Will Petry 27 minut temu
Pu Pu Pu Pucker pucker face, Pu Pu Pucker face.
Jessica Starmer
Jessica Starmer 27 minut temu
I love Rhett and Link more than any PLvid's or celebrities and I will always support everything they do. But at first I wasn't sure about season 13's layout, then started to like it and ended up loving it once I'd gotten used to it. I feel like it's such a shame that they have had to go away from this, it seems as though people never really gave it a chance, I truly thought it was the start of something completely new on PLvid. I will miss that layout, especially as we now have less episodes to binge! I do love everything they do though and I still love the show just as much, I just think it's a little bit of a shame, especially as they were so excited about it and put so much work into it. I will always love anything and everything they put out though and watch/ listen to and support everything that comes from them ❤ if I'm not watching their videos I'm listening to earbiscuits or their music whilst going about my day 😆
Cold Beans
Cold Beans 27 minut temu
Anyone else tryna find the video thats the first trendy?
Emily D.
Emily D. 28 minut temu
KiidenviiOfficial 29 minut temu
Could a funnel cake nacho?
Ellen S
Ellen S 29 minut temu
SO HAPPY it’s back to normal! ❤️ love you guys
Alison Texas
Alison Texas 29 minut temu
I love this show more than anything on Netflix/Hulu/cable.
Vitor Reige
Vitor Reige 29 minut temu
Nathan Pointer
Nathan Pointer 29 minut temu
Thanks for going back. Yall are great.
SCOTTY BEHM 30 minut temu
Glad you went back to the old format. Thank you guys for listen to us fans.
Josh Zussman
Josh Zussman 30 minut temu
Yo I stopped watching last season cause I couldn’t stand the 4 mini episode thing but I think Im gonna start watching again cause they changed it. Good move r&l👌🏻🐖
Slappy 24 minut temu
That has to be the strangest reason ever for stopping
girl with kaleidoscope eyes
Hey you guys, I just wanted to say that I hope that the change back to the original format is because it is what best fits the creative direction you want to take the show in, and not because you felt pressured to do so by people who were being shitty and unfair about it. I must say I was sceptical about the change in the beginning of last season, but I grew to really love it as it still captured the same feeling as before. Idk, I can imagine you are pretty busy, and perhaps wanting to ensure the quality of each episode whilst not spreading yourselves too thin is a factor. Regardless, don't doubt your vision just because people don't respond to it right away, make the show you want to make, and we will be here to support you. Keep up the good work!
GT Gaming
GT Gaming 32 minut temu
Karsten Elias
Karsten Elias 32 minut temu
Good Mythical morning💥🔥
shiba 32 minut temu
Hi you! Have a nice day!
Karim Sevilla
Karim Sevilla 32 minut temu
Thanks for bringing back the old format, guys. Love yah.
parsons819 33 minut temu
We know what's on Rhett's mind right now 2:07
Paulz Awesome Channel
Paulz Awesome Channel 35 minut temu
U should do will it potato
T. V. Blake
T. V. Blake 35 minut temu
y'all video quality is spectacular! wow. new to your channel. guess I am 14 million people late to the party. :-)
こっぴーTV 36 minut temu
Looks delicious! by japanese PLvidr
TheStylelike16th 37 minut temu
Glad to have you guys back!!!
Eric Jacobson
Eric Jacobson 37 minut temu
I just wanna thank you guys for going back to the old episode setup. It makes watching alot more enjoyable. I went most of last season just not watching anything except for occasionally the part one of the day. Now I can go back to gmm and gmmore :)
here 37 minut temu
I knew they’d end up going back to one episode. They’re clearly running out of ideas and needed to simmer it down.
Smoked Peppers
Smoked Peppers 37 minut temu
man, I missed you guys, welcome back!
Red Mining Kirito
Red Mining Kirito 39 minut temu
The burn on the Long Island nachos is from the tequila prolly lol
Aileen Song
Aileen Song 39 minut temu
Kristy Palmer
Kristy Palmer 40 minut temu
So glad to see you guys back and super glad to see you're not using the three-part system anymore LOL
Nugg Nugget
Nugg Nugget 40 minut temu
Will a N A C H O?
Hunter Edge
Hunter Edge 41 minuta temu
Dang this channel has come a long way, im really proud of it. Keep up the good work r and l
Rebecca Crash
Rebecca Crash 42 minut temu
I have been waiting for will it nacho!!!!!
Elisabeth _ Stout
Elisabeth _ Stout 43 minut temu
I think u should do will it brownie or will it ravioli.
Iz G
Iz G 43 minut temu
I can confirm everyone in Long Island looks like that
vintage creapper
vintage creapper 44 minut temu
Scarlet Phoenix
Scarlet Phoenix 44 minut temu
Whoever came up with the pig head nachos should have had to eat them
Battle Royales and Roller Coasters
Lauren Janssen
Lauren Janssen 44 minut temu
Season 14 will be the "sink it season!"
Triest Wright
Triest Wright 44 minut temu
I for one will miss the extra episodes because I can't get enough of you guys but I don't care I'll take what I can get and what ever you want to do as long as you're there and don't have crappy guests ruining what makes you so mythically you! (Not all guests are crappy) Great will it everyone! Very creative and funny in the presentation I loved it. I'm so happy to have you back full time as well. It was a long cruel summer of little to no gmm fixes for me. Love you all forever!
Cam Newell
Cam Newell 44 minut temu
Not that I don’t love triple the GMM but I’m so happy you decided to go back to the old schedule. It allows each episode to be much better and higher quality and it’s just what we all know and love. Cheers to a new season!!😁
n ackermann
n ackermann 45 minut temu
Than you for going back to it was b4 it got to confusing to fallow if you watch gmm at night and didn't always watch everyday it was easy to get lost
no no
no no 45 minut temu
if link put on a long blonde wig he’d look just like garth from wayne’s world😂
Sarah 45 minut temu
It's kinda funny because they seemed adamant about keeping the new format, even when we didn't like it.
Drone Nerd
Drone Nerd 46 minut temu
In Mexico my home country we would of loved the charllettes nachos
Art Gaming
Art Gaming 47 minut temu
I made a tutorial on how to do the finger eye trick on my channel go check it out ‼️🔥
Mr Cato
Mr Cato 47 minut temu
Finally, I stopped watching after the change.
Jesse A
Jesse A 47 minut temu
I'm from Long Island and I can confirm that we all make that face 24/7
Tristan Crampton
Tristan Crampton 48 minut temu
Will it salad?
Aidana Grant
Aidana Grant 48 minut temu
Do will it brownie
neoavatarofweo 49 minut temu
More will it episodes please. Once a week! Please there the best episodes
neoavatarofweo 42 minut temu
Will it mixed drink?
FaZe Harambe
FaZe Harambe 50 minut temu
Will it wrap?🌯
Harpreet Gill
Harpreet Gill 51 minuta temu
Will it ice cream
Hannah A
Hannah A 51 minuta temu
Yessss another will it video!!!!!!!
Tara Hill
Tara Hill 51 minuta temu
Link is reaching peak "daddy" at while Rhett is still "fun guy at bar trivia night." Come at me.
ben gill
ben gill 51 minuta temu
Still waiting for 'Will it Penis?'
Elizabeth H
Elizabeth H 51 minuta temu
Have they ever thought of having a 'good' taste test at the end instead of a gross one?
Natsuki 51 minuta temu
NUMBER #1 TRENDING YAY!!! Well now number 2 still Congrats!
Leo 913
Leo 913 52 minut temu
8 minutes into the video and I'm craving nachos so bad and it's 9:56pm right now. 🤣 Lol
Aqua Tard
Aqua Tard 52 minut temu
2 on trending! Keep it up Rhett and Link!
Kennedy Gil
Kennedy Gil 52 minut temu
They should have a new PLvid channel where they do behind the scenes: showing how everything in these episodes are made because my main questions are Why and How??
SCOTTY BEHM 26 minut temu
They used to do that on good mythical crew.
ben gill
ben gill 52 minut temu
i like the one video a day so much more. I'm js. I find there a lot more meaningful than the 3. Quality over quantity boys
Carly Kleve
Carly Kleve 53 minut temu
YESSSS so excited for the old format 😍
King Nacho
King Nacho 53 minut temu
Lol my nickname is nacho
Pink Unicorn
Pink Unicorn 53 minut temu
Hey its nacho cheese Hehee my terrible punz
Surpeme 54 minut temu
Sad to see that there's only 2 episodes of Rhett and Link😭. But at least they're back!!!
uwu owo
uwu owo 54 minut temu
Thank god I hated the 3 videos a day. Too much gmm and it made me grow a bit annoyed. One a day is the sweetspot. Enough to enjoy, and little enjoy to look forward to the next vid
jobban chand
jobban chand 54 minut temu
15:04 LOL
Ana Jeane
Ana Jeane 55 minut temu
With the Long Island nacho they were saying everything with alcohol, so I was a little scared when they said coke
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