Why the Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be Huge

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One of the world's largest supervolcanoes erupted 2.1 million years ago in Yellowstone, and then twice more there at intervals of roughly 660,000 years. Are we due for another one soon?




5 cze 2015

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xc5647321 xc5647321
xc5647321 xc5647321 19 godzin temu
Ronaldo Thomé  Júnior
Why no one talks about Italian Supervolcano?!
Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley 3 dni temu
Is this kiddie tube ?? Sounds like a lot of young people still living at mom and dads .
Save Greenland
Save Greenland 3 dni temu
The Smithsonian Agenda.... So it must be true. To someone. . .
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis 5 dni temu
Fortnite Clips Daily
just deport the volcanoes back to the stone age and build a wall around time so they dont come back and make time pay for it
Iyh C. Wieners
Iyh C. Wieners 6 dni temu
Flex Seal can fix this.
Robert Ladner
Robert Ladner 7 dni temu
For all of you people who are spazzing out and believing that Yellowstone is about to erupt: This has been an ongoing speculation for DECADES that Yellowstone is going to erupt “soon”. People, please do some research or read a book for once. If you did either of those things, you would be informed that Yellowstone gives off all kinds of thermal activity, constantly. That’s what Yellowstone does, and that’s what it’s supposed to do. It’s one of the most dynamic places on Earth. Also, Yellowstone’s thermal activity is nothing new. Contrary to the media reports and all these recent youtube videos that are spreading unnecessary fear of an upcoming supervolcanic eruption, Yellowstone will most likely not even erupt in our lifetime. While geyser eruptions can be dangerous if you’re standing too close, they do not present an increased risk of a larger Yellowstone supervolcanic eruption. Geyser eruptions are a normal and regular part of Yellowstone’s volcanic system. I’m not saying that Yellowstone is NOT going to erupt soon because I am not God, for he knows all. But you people are hyping this possibility up way too much and it’s getting annoying at this point. There’s been rumors and speculations of Yellowstone blowing it’s lid for decades. And here we are still hyping it up!! Just stop it already.
king Roz
king Roz 7 dni temu
Kinda feel bad for all you Americans now i though the UK was bad just for it's rain and cold weather, better than being burnt I guess
stoneeh 8 dni temu
2:50 that is not even close to the actual scale. St Helens had a ejection volume of around 1km³ - Yellowstone around 1000 km³ !
Bob Flendorg
Bob Flendorg 8 dni temu
Yellowstone erupts every 700,000 to 800,000 years. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago so we have at least another 60,000 years before the next eruption.
clan doner
clan doner 8 dni temu
Mother nature is really hard to predict
Planet Maple Leafs
bring it on!!! what a show that would be 🤩
Nick P
Nick P 9 dni temu
The thumbnail looks like a dodo Dodos went extinct= Humans will go extinct cause of Yellowstone
Pranx 9 dni temu
Downvoted for that annoying narrator.
foodholes - Vic's Whole Foods Rabbit Hole
not funny but interesting
Jose Lora
Jose Lora 9 dni temu
We are too busy taking selfies and watching the Kardashian and to busy looking at trump
KrynaVEVO 10 dni temu
oh shit I'm living in Poland, am I in danger?
jc30005 10 dni temu
Bring it on
Zemer 11 dni temu
Here's what's going to happen. Hawaii is draining out this connective magma under ground and in the next few days expect an apologetic ground displacement and drop below the central magma chamber
Thomas Tully
Thomas Tully 11 dni temu
No, if you live near Yellowstone , you are already dead! Yellow stone is the second largest Super volcano in the entire planet. I am completely taken back by the fact that the Us government has not shut this area down due to public safety! OH THAT'S RIGHT, THEY SIMPLY THINK OF US AS COLLOIDAL CAUSALITIES! What was I thinking? So, basically you are screwed, not only because of where you live, but because there will not be any help offered in the event of an imminent eruption,so think about that for a moment,and ask yourself, am I still in America? because it is going to get pretty blurred from here on in. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS
Controversial Topics
Bring it, at least then we won't have to worry about political correctness anymore.
sims kitten
sims kitten 11 dni temu
The world about to take one big ass explosive shit
the exaggerator
the exaggerator 12 dni temu
Well yeh...duh. its a *super* volcano.
Ayo Mayo
Ayo Mayo 12 dni temu
I just sawed this country In half that’s a lot of damage
Duane Williams
Duane Williams 12 dni temu
Yellowstone is not going to's magm,a is now cooling down!!
I’m Lost
I’m Lost 13 dni temu
Yaaass baby blow that hot load all over the planet
Josh Vinson
Josh Vinson 13 dni temu
Some Flex Tape should seal it.
Poendasie 13 dni temu
Just put a condom over yellowstone
Ruby Ali
Ruby Ali 13 dni temu
Just put a cup on it
Aitarak 1981
Aitarak 1981 13 dni temu
There is no evidence of a victim due to the eruption. Unlike other volcanic eruptions that leave evidence of the eruption. Yellowstone is only something ordinary from an area that includes a ring of fire and is normal when the area has a sulfur pool. yellowstone has no proof of EXPLOSION VICTIM. If only a hot water pool, Japan would be considered as having a super volcano from the USA.
dfge efertg
dfge efertg 13 dni temu
Pauly shore really took a 180 with his life.
MG & RJ 13 dni temu
Russia and China sweet spot
M-Cool 14 dni temu
North Korea be like yes oh Lord yes USA is gone
XxTtanic399xX GAM
XxTtanic399xX GAM 14 dni temu
Use a bucket of water
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly 14 dni temu
Yah 5 inch of lava sounds wonderful in America
Bill MASE 15 dni temu
just stick a cork in it
Unfaced Fears
Unfaced Fears 15 dni temu
I never knew it had the slightest chance of being a “small” volcano.
Jono Reno
Jono Reno 15 dni temu
Woww.. incredible..
ChefGiovanni 16 dni temu
Was hoping for images of the fissure and actual events.
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis 16 dni temu
it's amazing how these douche bags know exactly how and when a volcano erupted. and what it did. when will people realize 90% of science is guess work
Accurate Damian
Accurate Damian 16 dni temu
atleast i live in mars sucks for yall
Justclick 16 dni temu
Who lives in the moon ???
AboodGamingYT - Fortnite & More!
I’m moving to Canada soon... I live across the sea from America right now... Fml
Robert J
Robert J 17 dni temu
Hit me with you’re best shot!
Recklessbliss Characternotcolor
No fear mongering. No grants. These scientists are charlatans, snakes, just after an easy high paying job saying "If." We sure do waste alot of money.
Joe Lackey
Joe Lackey 18 dni temu
“Conceal the Scars” That’s as good of a band name as I’ve ever heard.
Giselle Moore
Giselle Moore 18 dni temu
Can we move this to other planet or middle east?
10, 000 Subscribers with no videos Pls
St Helen and spirit Lake was :(
Dubstepxclan 18 dni temu
Why don’t we just take the volcano, and PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE🤷‍♂️
Omegon 19 dni temu
I think this calls for some flex tape.
Richard Stamp
Richard Stamp 19 dni temu
I can't wait for it to erupt and destroy all media including internet.
Daniel O.
Daniel O. 20 dni temu
So what location is the fissure that recently opened up, in relation to the magma chamber?
David Alan Logan
David Alan Logan 22 dni temu
That is enough energy to power many countries.. If there is a way to tap it . They better get it done . We need this free energy!
Michael O'Leary
Michael O'Leary 22 dni temu
What's the name of the scientists o right bullshit.
Dingleberry Dan
Dingleberry Dan 23 dni temu
We should drill down to it, and try talking to it. Maybe we can come to some understanding.
elizabeth mendez
elizabeth mendez 23 dni temu
666!!!! DISLIKES 😱😱😰😰😰😥😥
Error 5629
Error 5629 24 dni temu
666 Dislikes omg
WidSilson 24 dni temu
Good thing I live in one of the geysers. I'm safe
Your Mom
Your Mom 18 dni temu
WidSilson i live inside the volcano. it's pretty damn safe
Doc Aspy
Doc Aspy 24 dni temu
So, serious-ish question. If the pressure is building, is there any way to relieve some of it with burrowing a hole sort of close to it? Like, if there's pressure on the brain, you remove a piece of the skull to relieve the pressure from inflammation. Would doing something similar help or hurt the situation??? If you want a comedic way of looking at my question: why can't we pop it like a zit?
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy 25 dni temu
this must be why the elite are building them selves deep underground bases
Jirus Jirus
Jirus Jirus 25 dni temu
The only way to stop an eruption is to release the pressure before explosion. Build giant robot drill platforms and drill into magma chambers, let the lava flow, releasing the pressure. Areas will be devastated but it is better than waiting for more pressure to build up. Save our country save our planet Pump excess sea water in and use the steam to make electricity to run the drills. Big project, lots of jobs, would take several years to set up and activate.
Tylor Traxler
Tylor Traxler 27 dni temu
Put a bird on it
_Fleece _
_Fleece _ 27 dni temu
It says it goes up 2 inches a year eventually it will overflow and pour out but it will only effect the areas
Justin Harrold
Justin Harrold 27 dni temu
Hit it with some Flex Seal.
Justin Harrold
Justin Harrold 27 dni temu
Trump isn't building a wall to keep Mexico out, he's building a wall to keep us in.
KRATOS 805 27 dni temu
Yellowstone ain't gonna blow... the only thing that's gonna blow is the shit between your ass cheeks all over the toilet..... enchiladas you ate the night before...😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Foghorn Nosehorn
Foghorn Nosehorn 28 dni temu
I'm moving to Maine.
redskinjim 28 dni temu
please blow i dont want to go to work tommorrow
Angie Khoury
Angie Khoury 29 dni temu
People living in the US relax. You're safe. They don't mean your Montana. They mean Sannine's Mountain. Near Arizona Phoenix. But again, not yours, ours.
SPINAL TAP 29 dni temu
I’ll just move to the arctic since it will turn into a tropical jungle from the global warming caused by the ash.
Red_Doggo 29 dni temu
The fire rises.
Mad Max Rockatansky
Solution: tons and tons of luquid nitrogen. End the world? Bury a nuke deep enough that will cause all that magma to activate. Radioactive lava and ashes. Bye bye world.
AquaCreator 29 dni temu
So, you're telling me everything's gonna be okay
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 29 dni temu
good thing I live in despacito
GoodKing Bad
GoodKing Bad 29 dni temu
I think our earth has had just about enough of us. I don't know if she cares about all the rape, murder, thievery etc that occurs but I'm willing to bet fracking sludge, C2O, aerosols, pesticide run off, cities like Bejing's air pollution, ravaging of the rain forests, the murder of entire species, and polluting of the oceans is. The old gal is going to shake us off like a bad case of fleas.
Faishal Muzakki
Faishal Muzakki Miesiąc temu
Kenneth Kinser
Kenneth Kinser Miesiąc temu
There is nothing we can do about it. It’s the planet earth. We don’t own or control it. It’s like people building a house next to the ocean and realize the beach is getting closer and want to stop it. It was happening before they built the house and will continue long after the house is gone. The earth will be here long after people are gone too
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne Miesiąc temu
Well 3 years and still hasn't gone off....not to worry
Christian Miller
Christian Miller Miesiąc temu
I live in Pinedale! Just 134.3 miles away!
ElbigboY Miesiąc temu
Why could it of been underneath California
amber lopez
amber lopez Miesiąc temu
I pray that it blows sky high soon.
Robert Pinto
Robert Pinto Miesiąc temu
Have to sacrifice a human for the volcano gods
Thomas Miesiąc temu
Jesus is coming back soon! Repent and turn from your sin, believe the gospel, become born again & be filled with the Holy Ghost and read the King James Bible. You don't want Jesus to say "Depart from me, I never knew you." You don't need religion, you just need Jesus.
ALI MUNTH Miesiąc temu
Joe "NOOO!... shut the fuck up!" Rogan
cool kid
cool kid Miesiąc temu
How it ends
rachel weis
rachel weis Miesiąc temu
Just drink the magma
woahzy Miesiąc temu
we will all die if it erupts
Kurt Kon
Kurt Kon Miesiąc temu
Billings, MT Here im pretty close😅
Daion Crumbley
Daion Crumbley Miesiąc temu
Why don't we just collect the dragonballs?
vive tu vida
vive tu vida Miesiąc temu
Put little silicon and good to go tha is what I do whit my wife her boobs was to little so the doctor put some silicon and Wala now im happy
Angelica De Moises
Angelica De Moises Miesiąc temu
if anyone believes in God, the Creator who made the heavens and Earth and the Universe over 6,000 years ago; then this evolutionary theories by Darwin of yellowstone being over millions and 640,000 years old since the last 2-3 eruptions is not true . There was Noah's flood that destroyed and covered the entire earth in The Genesis story due to man's evil wickedness and now as Christ prophecied in Matthew, we will see the Signs Of The Times during these Last Day Events "... of Earthquakes in diver places, famines, pestilence and signs in the Heavens etc. There will be rumors of war, ... Nation Vs Nation,.. Kingdom Vs Kingdom.. Jesus, said to " Look up for your redemption draweth nigh..." Jesus is coming back soon and There will be one great earthquake felt around the whole world. After Armeggedon ( when Satan- the Devil will try to attack the New Jerusalem City of God {that comes down from Heaven, after the 1000 year MIlleniium of the Translated Saiints reign in Heaven} then God will destroy the wicked by fire ( in the Lake of Fire) Read Ellen G. White's audio writings of the Great Controversy, Last Day Events, and Early Writings for more Truths from God! Also of Amazing Facts, Amazing Discoveries, Charles D. Brooks, and Mol Ministries, and Apocalypse Ministries, Bible Explorations, and David Gates Sermons for the Truth from God!
FeelingDope420 Miesiąc temu
Lol I live in South Texas so I'm pretty much safe
sims kitten
sims kitten 11 dni temu
FeelingDope420 lmao no one is safe
Hans magbojos
Hans magbojos Miesiąc temu
the best thing to do is to trigger this volcano before it gets worse, every year the lava or magma becomes manier and manier.... soooooooooooooooooooooo yeah!
Terry Oesch
Terry Oesch Miesiąc temu
Fukushima leaking great barrier reef dead and dying the volcanoes are a symptom of what has become to be the blind could see we have entered into
Mr. Hunt3r
Mr. Hunt3r Miesiąc temu
I live in colorado yay!!
Jason Daniel villarreal
Groudon vs Kyogre .. oooo massive lava vs Over flowing of water 😂 who would win?
OneHit96 Miesiąc temu
lol we fuckd
Another Major eruption Say goodbye to planet Earth...🔥
Rahul Miesiąc temu
It may be big but there is nothing that a few ice cubes can't solve
Yellowstone 2017
11 miesięcy temu
Hawaii Island Volcanoes
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