Why the Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be Huge

Smithsonian Channel
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One of the world's largest supervolcanoes erupted 2.1 million years ago in Yellowstone, and then twice more there at intervals of roughly 660,000 years. Are we due for another one soon?




5 cze 2015

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Komentarze 3 128
Triadic dah Gangsta
Triadic dah Gangsta 3 godzin temu
I hope they're evacuating all the animals including humans outa that region.
Big Thief Sweaty
Big Thief Sweaty 7 godzin temu
Flex seal that shit
John Wright
John Wright 7 godzin temu
It's alright if it erupts it will start a mini ice age and reverse global warming
Joey Buttler
Joey Buttler 8 godzin temu
Just nuke it
Ximboid 13 godzin temu
Build a glass dome so even though the volcano goes off we don’t get ashes
B V 15 godzin temu
Who cares, if it blows it blows, nothing you do to prepare will make any difference. Worrying about it gets you no where. I am surprised that the Smithsonian Channel uses the same fear mongering tactics as everyone else.
David Gainey
David Gainey 17 godzin temu
Why don’t we just tax everyone that lives in states around Yellowstone and cool the ground? If liberals can control the climate surely we can cool and stop a volcano
TheCyBorgeALT 19 godzin temu
Good thing we have flex seal
FireGamerGT 19 godzin temu
pour all the lava in north kore- wait dont they have the olympics.
sclogse1 23 godzin temu
The problem is if it happens suddenly, we'll get enough crap in the sky to blanket the earth. (cough cough..) Only Trump will survive.
Ralph Bennett
Ralph Bennett Dzień temu
Everyone hold your bladder and meet me there a week from now
Sadiq Ibrahim
Sadiq Ibrahim Dzień temu
I dont care i just wanna die!
eric debord
eric debord 2 dni temu
so we think this thing is big and will do a lot of damage if it explodes. so why dont we dig a big channel for the lava to flow, then drill a big hole and let the prssure out. like a big hot zit. poke a hole in it.
Bigpapa039 2 dni temu
Just let it erupt 80 years from now after I’m dead @MotherNature
Stranded73 2 dni temu
I loled when he said "come in spurts" - I've regressed to teenagedom again, holy Lord...
Elvijs Lasis
Elvijs Lasis 3 dni temu
There is Discovery? ( I think) movie Supervulcano. And after that I had to ask - just in case if all predictions would show that supereruption is going to happen (and magma chamber will have to release pressure until its back to balance and ready to go sleep for another 1/2 millions years. Would it make sence to use ICBM to release pressure faster and reduce time with grounded aviation (including resque teams) even if maximal power would be greater?
Jedi.m M
Jedi.m M 3 dni temu
call the pigs on it!
Vibes 3 dni temu
Put flextape on it
Justin Hopkins
Justin Hopkins 3 dni temu
The likelihood of this happening in our lives in low, but it’s possible. If it happens, the jokes here in the comment section are going to be really tragic.
videoclipits 4 dni temu
We should stop fawning over that area and referring it as an untouchable precious wonder of the world. That maybe so, but it's a tremendous thermal resource that we can exploit in the mean time before it may kill us all. In an ironic twist, it could help save or extend our current existence by putting an end to the use of fossil fuels to produce energy. Iceland produces all of its power from volcanic high order geothermal. Yellowstone has great potential to do the same here, to produce enough electrical power to potentially power all of North America with Mexico. The absorption and conversion of the heat in the upper levels of the Yellowstone areal could potentially delay an eruption by helping to solidify some of the magma in the chamber, strengthening the top of the chamber and reducing the chance of failure, meanwhile we benefit from an almost limitless supply of clean electrical energy.
novola1972 4 dni temu
Donald should make a deal with it, he trusts it
.period 4 dni temu
Sooooooo, it’s June 14th, 2018
Jorge Fierro
Jorge Fierro 4 dni temu
Javier Escobar
Javier Escobar 6 dni temu
direct it into the grand canyon
Chrnan6710 7 dni temu
By the way, guys, the chances of it exploding have gone from extremely extremely extremely unlikely to extremely extremely unlikely.
Snowysnou 7 dni temu
Idc if I die I just wanna go to heaven
Jerry Gonzales
Jerry Gonzales 7 dni temu
scientifically speaking it's already been proven that a eruption from yellowstone won't happen for another 1000-2000 years i say stop worrying about it and let the future worry lol
No One
No One 8 dni temu
Just put some duct tape
Bry Yet
Bry Yet 8 dni temu
That’s a big pimple on earths skin 🤷‍♀️
Crazy Neighbor
Crazy Neighbor 9 dni temu
What would happen if the volcano erupted while it was covered by Ice during the ice age?
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 9 dni temu
...or not! ;)
Nelcy Villanueva
Nelcy Villanueva 9 dni temu
Trump hasnt put up a wall yet ?
MrGaming HD
MrGaming HD 9 dni temu
rizzoGDL 9 dni temu
just cover the top of the volcano with concrete, easy.
official_CoG 9 dni temu
That's a big eruption but you know what's bigger? Saving 15% or more on car insurance
Linds m
Linds m 9 dni temu
Well dotard President said no global warming
ChessArmyCommander 10 dni temu
It may never erupt again. There may be too much space down there now. From the last eruptions. Space to absorb the build up of material and pressure that is happening. Not to mention the substantial amount of venting that exists in the area. In which at least some pressure is safely released. And all the space and solidified magma or rock to prevent any eruption. I think we're good.
I ran out of names
I ran out of names 10 dni temu
Why am I watching this when I live 9300km away from it
Cherokee StormChaser
But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
thiery572 10 dni temu
I suggest drill a hole, so the lava can come out now little by little, to prevent the big one.
babyskitty 10 dni temu
Use a masterball.
horticasey 11 dni temu
And now they think it's even bigger.
Phat Klit
Phat Klit 11 dni temu
put the earth in rice
Guanakito503fcb 11 dni temu
The same volcano eruption made my species extinct years ago.The only way to stop this and not happening is to Sacrifice the most miserable person............. . . . . . . . . . . . You guys didnt bother reading the rest of my comment, I meant sacrifice the most miserable person’s house.......nobody ever lets me finish typing my comment😂
John Morales
John Morales 11 dni temu
just water hose it
Mario Sanchez
Mario Sanchez 11 dni temu
I’m glad I live in the bay😌
Fathi Rizqi Ananda
Fathi Rizqi Ananda 11 dni temu
Dear North Koreans : you know where to drop your nuke if something fucks up. Certainly not LA, NY, or DC.
P.B. Theriver
P.B. Theriver 12 dni temu
Could the ash fallout reach North Carolina.
Asher and Ellie The Husky
*I am safe I live in Florida*
Z D 12 dni temu
pengs100 12 dni temu
tremendously yuge!
sarah Ryherd
sarah Ryherd 12 dni temu
Please! The earth isn’t even that old!
Mr. Crowley
Mr. Crowley 12 dni temu
I hope the eruption's on youtube.....I'm waiting.........
PurpleStikyPunch 12 dni temu
How about the fact that it's already huge?
Kaeble L
Kaeble L 12 dni temu
Me an my super soaker will save you all,
Trib Ulation
Trib Ulation 12 dni temu
Why are you still hiding the giant skeletons smithsonian??????????????????? The world deserves the truth which you hide from us... are you afraid of us waking up to our true past? I'm awake :)
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller 13 dni temu
Who came here after watching the Guatemalan Volcan’ del Fuego eruption.
Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn 3 dni temu
I came here after watching the Krakatoa eruption.
CoolAid Man
CoolAid Man 13 dni temu
Earth Chan finna get clapped
Buffalocat 13 dni temu
I live on the very edge of the Ashe zone. So I guess I’ll be fine...
WorthDieing4 13 dni temu
How could they possibly know that what kind of Technology do they have that can look that far Underground I don't believe it exists
Cback 13 dni temu
Although this is in america im chillin in canada
Cback 18 godzin temu
TheCyBorgeALT even all of canada or a part of canada?
TheCyBorgeALT 18 godzin temu
Cback Canada would also be ruined too.
Jonathan Buchter
Jonathan Buchter 13 dni temu
Can I drink the lava?
Maleah Wells
Maleah Wells 13 dni temu
How did they discover this or come up with this theory? Anyone know?
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 13 dni temu
We can take the volcano and push it somewhere else -Patrick Star
Therunaway.diaries 14 dni temu
Bullshit , trump will just build a wall around it. We're safe guys👍
Goebes 14 dni temu
In a 1000 years just take a drive to Mexico then in another 1000 sit back and watch the fireworks 🎇
DatMeme 14 dni temu
This is a great example of my pimples
Jason Simrell
Jason Simrell 14 dni temu
If she ever wakes up u can kiss youre butt good bye
JohnGoesDerp 14 dni temu
I live an ocean away from it (i am from Slovakia)
Jave Lester Odvina
Jave Lester Odvina 14 dni temu
What is a pimple. In a nutshell
Lylac The Fox Loves Sans
I live, in florida, am i ok ?
Asher and Ellie The Husky
Lylac The Fox Loves Sans ya you should be I live in Florida too
MrRideutah 16 dni temu
Glad I live close, will kill me almost instantly instead of slowly dying over time in world chaos
tony machaveli
tony machaveli 17 dni temu
Too bad volcanos are scared of me! I stood in front of à pyroclastic flow of one and the flow departed in two to let me past! ALL I WANT IS TO BREATHE FIRE FFS.
colliecandle 17 dni temu
These stinking lying bastards ! 'millions of years ago ' total bullshit lying scum ! These satanic lie spreaders have done a 'good' job of dumbing down the masses and obscuring truth ! We DON'T live on a an impossible globe, and the earth is NOT 'millions of years' old either !
ClutchClick 18 dni temu
Scientists can’t even fucking predict when it’s gonna rain in a week, but we should believe them when they say a rock blew up over 2 million fuckin years ago? Alright.
J M 18 dni temu
wow, we should BAN volcanos!
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin 18 dni temu
You know once they start. They normally . Follow a pattern. And that means it’s not going to get any better but it will be getting Worse.
MagSkull85 18 dni temu
The title should be: little Yellowstone needs to go boom boom.
Brenn Film
Brenn Film 19 dni temu
That voooooooooice.. It's ridiculooooooooous. Whoever told hiiiiiiim.... it sounds gooooooooood.... should be fiiiiiired.
RicoLen1 19 dni temu
This is a life changing, world altering event. Timelines will read "X-Year" AY: After Yellowstone. The U.S. will not survive as we know it, and yes Europe will get caught in it too and so will Asia. Remember how Eyjafjallajökull wreaked havoc on your airways? That was just a VEI 4. What people forget to mention is that an eruption like this will likely be blowing out crap for months, maybe even over a year or even a couple of years. The ash WILL circle the globe. Now, the bright side. Some people seem to think this will be an extinction level event. It's not. Millions, maybe even a billion people will die, but the southern hemisphere will get off pretty easy. People living hundreds of miles in any direction will die right away, trapped in the tombs of their houses before the roofs collapse. Those outside will suffocate in the ash as it fills with inhaled powdered rock and turns to liquid cement. A thousand miles away, you'll live like those in the surrounding counties of Washington state did in the first couple of days following Mt. St. Helens eruption. You'll have to sweep your roofs to keep the ash from building up to the point of collapsing, and you'll need masks to go out side. The grain belt is dead, so prepare for famine and disease. This too will effect Europe and Asia as even though you'll get far less ash, what does fall will still be enough to poison your crops if you don't build a shelter over them to keep it out. And then there's the volcanic winter. Only in this case it's more like a volcanic ice age. One of the interesting upsides to all this, while the northern hemisphere is pretty much f**ked that great big Sahara desert? With the ash it gets, and the increased rainfall and cooler temperatures that could last 100 years or better before it normalizes again, could just become a jungle again like it used to be once upon a long time ago. Ocean levels will drop dramatically as the northern hemisphere's temperatures drop. Maybe enough to seclude the Mediterranean once again??? Maybe not. So what do places like New Zealand, and Australia have to suffer? An unstable economy where everyone depends on them. Also Australia will like change due to dramatic global cooling more places could be hospitable, and a huge increase in immigration as one of the only stable countries with a large landmass able to fit so many people displaced and seeking refuge from the northern hemisphere. Africa and South America will also be invaded by refugees, and a whole new kind of cultural and industrial revolution will take place as it's populace increases and changes in demographics. The tribalism? Gone. All that crap about how the western world is destroying society? Well now it's the northern world invading the south and taking all their old habits with them, as well as their expectations of certain creature comforts. Wars will break out as the Americans and Europeans push their ideas of how life should be on those to the south. Rainforests will be cleared to make way for more occupiable land as new metropolises pop up. 100 years after Yellowstone erupts next, the world will be completely different. Old countries will cease to exist and new ones will rise to superpowers. The great conifer forests of the north will be looked at much like the rainforests of the south are now, untouchable and the most vital resource for oxygen on the planet we have second to phytoplankton plumes in the oceans.
F M 20 dni temu
RETARD UNITS, instant dislike!
Lil' Horn
Lil' Horn 20 dni temu
I wonder what makes the volcanoes in Hawaii different from the Yellowstone Volcanoes? Do you thing that these volcanoes connected and will it create a domino effect with the other volcanoes? So much is being hidden for the public.
Steventhe2nd 20 dni temu
Guys, do you really think it will erupt with us still around, I know God won't allow that to happen
Takizawa 20 dni temu
Bro just drink a fire res
Mr. O'Hare
Mr. O'Hare 20 dni temu
Terrifying, but I have to say, it can't have erupted millions of years ago because the earth hasn't been around that long. But still, we are all dead if that explodes
Tinkie and and Dinky tv
If somebody subs to me ill sub back pinky promise 😁!
mike Lazembie
mike Lazembie 21 dzień temu
This video was made just to create excuses for the narator to say the word "MAGMA" as many times as possible.
Yilin TO
Yilin TO 21 dzień temu
Nature will repair itself
LegendaryAssassinZTX //LGDteam
throw a sneakers in yellowstone so it could chill down
LegendaryAssassinZTX //LGDteam
we ded
Soviet Onion 72
Soviet Onion 72 21 dzień temu
This will make Mt St Helens look like Mary Poppins.
Sky Blue Waters
Sky Blue Waters 22 dni temu
Even if we could tap n drain, where the he'll would we transport that gigantic wet fart..
KGB CCCP 22 dni temu
By the time it erupts we will have already gotten to Mars because lava is the Earth's equivalent to Nut Juices so if we die by lava it means we die gay but no one likes dying gay so we will be safe -Elongated Musket
Brian Shang - SouthFields Village PS (1454)
SO if it erupts right now, DONT WORRY GUYS cause all of us will be in Mars right?
Matt The Builder.
Matt The Builder. 22 dni temu
The Fact that Mother nature can destroy itself and then heal right over its victims is both amazing and terrifying.
HenryManson 23 dni temu
yellowstone is one of the few things im REALLY scared of!, because it will erupt, just a question of time!
Nukes 23 dni temu
gjb2003 23 dni temu
Okay America, just do what you do best and nuke it. I’m sure that’ll fix it right up.
Dawid Kay
Dawid Kay 24 dni temu
THANK god i live in illinois, still I Could die though. FUCK YOU YELLOWSTONE!! (it has a ring to it) BTW nasza is smart
Osiris 2000
Osiris 2000 24 dni temu
This is gonna be awesome when it starts, Yogi has to find somewhere else to live
AdmiralOddSock 24 dni temu
Hah! You’re fucked America!!!!🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻