Warriors Orochi 4 Review - The Final Verdict

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Warriors Orochi 4 is the peak of the Warriors formula at the moment and is a a great addition to any fan’s collection or even for a curious newcomer.




16 paź 2018

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Komentarze 384
Preator 6 dni temu
I always thought the warriors series was a dancing game, a really epic dancing game.
Sloan Jackson
Sloan Jackson 10 dni temu
Orochi 3 shits all over this game.
rinjimaru 13 dni temu
Can someone explain why game still looks like shit and gameplay doesn’t add anything new?
George V  Altamirano
Do the characters speak English or Japanese with English subtitles?
Snow Falls To East
Snow Falls To East 15 dni temu
this game sucks
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Wo3 ultimate is 100X better and has Stage dlc.
Lian Shi
Lian Shi 16 dni temu
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 OW4
Sammy Fryer
Sammy Fryer 20 dni temu
I have only one thing to say where is Guts.
Marko Marevic
Marko Marevic 25 dni temu
WO3 is still the best musou game
cloudri Miesiąc temu
Grim Revan
Grim Revan Miesiąc temu
They need to bring back Crimson Sea.
Austin Lewis
Austin Lewis Miesiąc temu
Reading all these comments from fans of the series makes me so happy. Working gamestop(the devil i know) i was one of 3 people who picked up DW9. Had already played a bit of it and just internally cried at how crap it was. The last person came to pick up their copy, i told them i was a fan too..we nerded out and then she asked how it was...i cringed and told her it had actual chinese language added...thats cool for a game set in china right? She didnt understand and just took the game and left...i feel so bad...i dont like ruining a genuine experience. I hope she enjoyed as much as she could ^_^
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Tell her to Get warriors orochi 3.
mesh abklb
mesh abklb Miesiąc temu
Is there gonna be ultimate version or if i buy this game can i upgrade it to ultimate or i have to buy the new one ?
Kit Ian Armada
Kit Ian Armada Miesiąc temu
They need to deify more if not all characters. Imagine seeing deified versions with the likes of Gan Ning, Meng Hou, Zhu Rong, Sun Jian, Toshie Maeda, Yoshihiru Shimazu, Kotaro Fuma, Tadakatsu Honda.
Leon Miesiąc temu
Dynasty warriors 9 just added multiplayer an online modes
mrx Miesiąc temu
only say one con and know is like 3 or more in it voteing down for being a tool who read a paper next to it
XxKazxX xoxo
XxKazxX xoxo Miesiąc temu
Looks lame AF... tries it... it is boring AF... sells game asap
chronicle 7820
chronicle 7820 Miesiąc temu
i will give you one advice if you want to buy this game: "You Should Wait The Price Lower Down" i am serious about this you might regret buying this game when they sell this for 70 dollar they sell $79 in brunei i have a member card at ETA Cineplex game shop If the game sells above $70 to $80 you will get $10 discount for buying the game i dont have any regret for buying $69 Orochi Warriors 4 😏 My opinion for this game is good but its way too easy the story is way too short for me and the enemy wont attack you they will start attacking you after 5 or 10 second i kinda hoping in orochi warrior 4 the enemy attack you instead of standing around waiting for their own ass kick by you and if you fuse your weapon with brilliance and flamebolt+winslay+Agility its so broken i use it on ling tong/gan ning and Xun yu my trio best teammate The Broken Dream Team😃👍
Leatheryfoot 2 miesięcy temu
I love the game. For me 100% worth it.
Bloodbane2099 2 miesięcy temu
love me some square or x button wars =p
michael305schn 2 miesięcy temu
This or dynasty warriors 9
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Try warriors orochi 3.
Joseph NMN
Joseph NMN 2 miesięcy temu
In Coop does the 2nd player still use the 1st players characters like before? Or do they get to level up thier own favorites? Before it didnt' make sense when my friends or I would join a game only to gain no progress on your own characters whatsoever and just help them along just as well as a AI could of done.
Alexander McCalla
Alexander McCalla 2 miesięcy temu
The first Dynasty Warriors was a fighter and looked super similar to Tekken 2. They most definitely deviated from their original formula. Heavily.
Mafa Tominiko
Mafa Tominiko 5 dni temu
More like Soul Calibur but go ahead
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Wo3 ultimate has duel mode which is similar to Og dynasty warriors.
Gregy S
Gregy S 2 miesięcy temu
Dinasty warriors lol
Ahti Awad
Ahti Awad 2 miesięcy temu
i love it for the empires modes.... now there hasn't been one dynasty warriors 9, Warriors Orochi 4,... no empire conquest modes very disappointed.
tannermilo 2 miesięcy temu
also I think the AI is better then ever I can rarely get out a combo without a spearman charging me in the back (hard or pandemonium) or a rifleman knocking me over or a volley of arrows dropping me to half health or an officer 1 shotting me with a musou attack or spamming magic so I cant even get near him
tannermilo 2 miesięcy temu
anyone else think the DW characters are far weaker then the SW characters the frenzy attack that they all have is crazy op especially once you get absorption all though I do love it my Ina has never felt stronger (except for WO2 her special in that was amazing and didn't cost musou )
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Their base charge attacks suck compared to wo1 and 2.
Raddish Games
Raddish Games 2 miesięcy temu
Dynasty warriors used to be amazing when it came out for the ps2, the enemies actually attacked and ganked around ya! Surprising i know.
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Tyrik Flood-Feaster 2 miesięcy temu
In wo3 ultimate the soldiers hit you.
Uninspired Rambler
Uninspired Rambler 2 miesięcy temu
Where the FUCK is Guts! If Achilles can go toe to toe with Lu Bu, I wanna play the Black Swordsman curb stomping historical characters.
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
This game didn`t have guest characters sadly.
williamhowe1 2 miesięcy temu
Dynasty warriors doesn't pump out a new game every year like call of duty.
KidouKenshi22 2 miesięcy temu
WARNING DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!! its the cheapest WO yet ridiculous lafgy multiplayer u see enemies on the map where u friend don't. Look like u keep fighting the air and u don't get any characters or complete the level in coop only the host. And in split screen the camera is waaaaaay to far u can't see shit. It look like toy soldiers. Its probably worth $20 max not $70!!! Very disappointed. I got bored of the game after 2 levels.
PlayerXd 0
PlayerXd 0 2 miesięcy temu
I like the movement and magic style it's great but there is problem with the plot it's kind werid l do not understand it but still great game specialy when fight Odin and Athean sooo difficult ^-^
michael305schn 2 miesięcy temu
Endless replay omg so much to do.
dari_ m
dari_ m 3 miesięcy temu
I hate the chapter 1 than chapter 2 style I much rather prefer the shu story then wei story etc like WO2
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
+dari_ m It has had no faction since wo3 story mode ( I liked Wo3 story though because it was mixed with different factions like samurai , shu and Wei/ jin at the beginning.
dari_ m
dari_ m 2 miesięcy temu
+Tyrik Flood-Feaster I meant I prefer that each faction has it's own story For me I prefer wei cause my fav character is Xiahou dun
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Tyrik Flood-Feaster 2 miesięcy temu
I preferred Wu( their story was good) and samurai in wo2
murasaki & Bebeby
murasaki & Bebeby 3 miesięcy temu
Am i the only one whos the dlc isnt working for?
Chun Yang
Chun Yang 3 miesięcy temu
They nerfed Zhuge Liang’s ground musuo. It’s not “Call upon the thunder” anymore, but instead the lightning orb that flies around doing minimal damage... I wish they didn’t change him. He sucks now.
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Tyrik Flood-Feaster 2 miesięcy temu
That sucks since masamune was pretty good in wo3 and wo3 ultimate
Vybrion 2 miesięcy temu
Chun Yang they did this to my boy masamune too, now his combos looks like shit and do shit damage, the only thing good is the musou
HazMatt 3 miesięcy temu
Dinnasty warriors
dcta51 15 dni temu
Was looking for this comment 😁
Jacky Tran
Jacky Tran 3 miesięcy temu
The ordinary soldiers are so easy to beat, i miss them being a challange , like a group of musket/crossbow men making you rethink charging in lol
Aaron Overington
Aaron Overington 3 miesięcy temu
no gauntlet mode. so sad :'(
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura 3 miesięcy temu
sigh...the bastards didn't learn from their mistakes with 3 it seems...had it been more like DW4 it would have been significantly better. characters do not need to level up you do not need to be able to customize weapons or skills The game should be fun and grinding for the average person is NOT fun. quite the opposite. a depressing waste of life... RPG mechanics are not needed for this series. the only thing it really does is add time wasted to 100% the experience.
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Tyrik Flood-Feaster 2 miesięcy temu
Wo3 ultimate was a big update over Wo3 and it has dw4 costumes etc.
Thomas Paglione
Thomas Paglione 2 miesięcy temu
The RPG elements are meta to the Musou series and have existed since DW2. This was before every game pumped shitty RPG elements into everything to add "depth" to the game.
Kenshi Masaki
Kenshi Masaki 2 miesięcy temu
Oh whoa shit, damn. Take a chill pill plz, you read way too much into my comment. I meant nothing of what you've assumed. I apologize if i came off as such. What i meant is that Let people experience the game before they decide whether they like it or not. And i simply said that the game isn't your cup of tea due to what you said. Again sorry if i did come off as what you've assumed.
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura 2 miesięcy temu
And your reply is helping someone? ....why not be honest? what you really meant to say was... "I am a whining little brat! you don't like what i do! so i cannot just ignore it! perhaps one day i'll grow up and accept people like different things instead of a freaking hypocrite! but instead....I'm going to waste your time stating the obvious! because i am offended the world doesn't revolve around me!" Really...what DID you expect gain from stating the obvious? maybe in the future just don't read the comments trying to find people that validate your hobbies and complain to people who don't. i despise people like you...
Kenshi Masaki
Kenshi Masaki 3 miesięcy temu
Not your cup of tea then.. Just walk away and let people decide for themselves.. You aren't exactly helping anyone
Kapitein Lulhaas
Kapitein Lulhaas 3 miesięcy temu
No kasumi no buy
Kapitein Lulhaas
Kapitein Lulhaas 9 dni temu
+Tyrik Flood-Feaster ofcourse, that's why i wouldve liked to play as her in wo4. There's no replacing that panties shot while she runs
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
She s in wo3 ultimate.
100pjp001 3 miesięcy temu
Everything about this game looks awesome but disappointed by the fact that enemies just plop on the ground when you send them flying through the air and don't roll/bounce along the ground anymore like WO3. It looks shit that way. Might sound petty but that's the reason I'm not bothering with this game, it made these dynasty games fun for me when unleashing your devastating charge attacks but now they just plop on the ground when they land and makes these attacks look less effective to me. Its a shame and not sure why they've taken that away.
Victor P.
Victor P. 3 miesięcy temu
This game is so unbalanced and ridiculously easy that it's not even fun
Succy Succ Succ
Succy Succ Succ 2 miesięcy temu
Thomas Paglione WO3/U was really good though. Every character had their own ups and downs. The story was really good. And it definitely wasn't easy if you play at hard difficulty and use their recommended characters (since you're low leveled). Here every fucking Samurai character is OP as turd.
Thomas Paglione
Thomas Paglione 2 miesięcy temu
That's like 90% of the point.
Andy Fate
Andy Fate 3 miesięcy temu
The graphic is horrible...
DodderingOldMan 3 miesięcy temu
'Decisive' is not the same as 'divisive'.
No Name
No Name 3 miesięcy temu
"Din Nesti" Warriors -___-
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 3 miesięcy temu
That game again, where enemies are just standing still waiting to be struck down like bowling pins and a bowling ball
Tyrik Flood-Feaster
Tyrik Flood-Feaster 2 miesięcy temu
In wo3 ultimate the enemies actually hit back.
slick s
slick s 3 miesięcy temu
Please release DW8 XL for Xbox one so I don’t have to play this trash or DW9 trash.
Terencio 3 miesięcy temu
this one or Hyrule Warriors?
【Hirotara】 3 miesięcy temu
the way you pronounce the game, makes it sound like "dinner-sty warriors"
Midna78 3 miesięcy temu
I play this game on Switch and I really enjoy it :)
johnny harrisson
johnny harrisson 3 miesięcy temu
Cool that mean that we can play together yaaay
johnny harrisson
johnny harrisson 3 miesięcy temu
And for me its 3h56 pm eastern standard time
Midna78 3 miesięcy temu
+johnny harrisson European Standard time. 6 hours ahead of US east coast, if that helps you. It's 21:47 right now.
johnny harrisson
johnny harrisson 3 miesięcy temu
My friend code is 0955 2270 7904
johnny harrisson
johnny harrisson 3 miesięcy temu
Ok cool but what is the tjme for you riht now now for me its 5h37pm 21 october