Vocal Coach Reaction to Pentatonix - Evolution of Music

Tristan Paredes
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Pentatonix Evolution of music and talks about his irrelevant (but awesome) college music history classes #tristanparedes #pentatonix #vocalcoach
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25 wrz 2018

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Komentarze 2 583
Beatrice Avram
Beatrice Avram 30 minut temu
Please can you react to Anthem Lights?!!
Cheesus Friest
Cheesus Friest 12 godzin temu
I bet you‘d like their „The wizzard of ahhhs“ Video
Jared Whitley
Jared Whitley 15 godzin temu
Would you ever consider reacting to my band?
Katheryn Gallo
Katheryn Gallo 17 godzin temu
Please hear their Rihanna Evolution!!!!
Darren Dofelmier
Darren Dofelmier Dzień temu
they have a high singer, a low singer, a girl, a blonde guy, and a guy who beatboxes. nice 👍
FunTimeZ Vlogs
FunTimeZ Vlogs Dzień temu
Charlotte Wilcock
Charlotte Wilcock Dzień temu
they were doing the most popular song from each year btw to show the evolution
Cuteadorablepuppies !
Can you react to hallelujah pentatonix
empressmarowynn Dzień temu
Mitch and Scott have their group Superfruit. Amber from f(x) joins them on their song Fantasy and I listen to it at least 5 times every day.
Alyssa Sweeney
Alyssa Sweeney 2 dni temu
Pentatonix should be reacting to snd judging his singing tbh
Emeli Casperson
Emeli Casperson 2 dni temu
Please do Avi Kaplan! Both in PTX and after (he does his own music and stuff now)
Nay 17
Nay 17 2 dni temu
please react to the cover they did of hallelujah !!!
Pierre Joseph
Pierre Joseph 2 dni temu
I wanna know if this nigga can sing?
Erwen Loppe
Erwen Loppe 2 dni temu
Say my name is destiny child NOT Britney
Elisabeth Elaine
Elisabeth Elaine 3 dni temu
You should react to Miranda sings 😋
Julie Ana Martinez
Yeah, they’re not going to sing every song since the beginning of time. Realistically though.
Mars Bars
Mars Bars 3 dni temu
Is dis mans actually a voice coach?
Alexisasheep 4 dni temu
But I like that old "boring" church music
Sharon  Ragland
Sharon Ragland 4 dni temu
Audrey and the same time as well and that you😘 😐😘
Tara Pentaholic
Tara Pentaholic 4 dni temu
more ptx.
HotPocketsAreDank _
Can You react to Joji’s Slow dancing in the dark,pls I like this song alot
Burgermeister 34
Burgermeister 34 5 dni temu
Is this guy gay? Looks like hes wearing makeup
Chelsi Spence
Chelsi Spence 5 dni temu
Please react to the Cat's Pajamas
Alexandria Hauser
2:14 1940's is SWING not JAZZ
Madi Leigh
Madi Leigh 6 dni temu
Listen to superfruit do their evolutions of different artists. I like when they did the entire beyonce album. Its scott (the blond guy) and mitch
Hallie Galloway
Hallie Galloway 6 dni temu
they had a lot to cover dude. stop fixating on what they missed.
Nicole Erin
Nicole Erin 6 dni temu
We actually did our music history survey courses in two semesters: the first was beginning of music (pre-Gregorian chant) to Mozart, and then the second was "Beethoven to Beyonce!" We actually spent weeks studying Beyonce's Lemonade album, Elvis, The Beatles, and others like that. We need more of THAT in music history classes!
David Flores
David Flores 6 dni temu
1940 the song they (sang) i danced to that in my 4 grade class🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jo Liz
Jo Liz 6 dni temu
Avi has his own music now since he left pentatonix. He has a BEAUTIFUL voice
ILiekYogurt 6 dni temu
this guy just steals talented peoples talent
Chaise Whitney
Chaise Whitney 7 dni temu
I love that this has Hey Ya in it, and Avi goes on to make an INCREDIBLE remake of it
SpearBladeGaming 7 dni temu
Avi Kaplan, the bass singer has a solo album called sage and stone. It's got some great tracks you should check out!
Lilah Shapiro
Lilah Shapiro 7 dni temu
He thought Say My Name was by BrITneY ?!?!?!?
Sorynthian 7 dni temu
okay so "say my name" is not "britney - iconic" it's Destiny's Child pre-disbanding. Queen B, not Britney Bitch
lily aloa
lily aloa 8 dni temu
Your cat plushie looks like fries 🍟
Anime and K-pop Lover
I watched the pentatonix vid in my music class, so now im just seeing others reactions
Addi Fish
Addi Fish 8 dni temu
Kevin Olusula (drummer) has his own stuff. Avi Kaplan (bass) has actually left the band to do his own thing. And the PLvid channel "Superfruit" is Mitch Grassi and Scott (?)("baritone") joint channel which displays some of their joint work they released and original album that I'm blanking on rn I think it's like forever friends or something
Kaylee Zimmerman
Kaylee Zimmerman 8 dni temu
I love that he is so positive and doesn’t put down everything they sing
Marina xox
Marina xox 8 dni temu
Our music teacher showed us that video :D
Avou! At the Disco
Can you please react to Clinton Kane he’s amazing and he deserves so much more recognition 😍
Anya Powell
Anya Powell 9 dni temu
Please react to Pentatonix’s cover on Sweater Weather
Oi Bruv
Oi Bruv 9 dni temu
React to the Internet is here lol
Sandy Soph77
Sandy Soph77 9 dni temu
please react to hamilton !
jackal59 9 dni temu
If you confuse "monotone" and "monophonic," then you can't be much of a vocal coach.
jesse mobley
jesse mobley 9 dni temu
0:11 "this PACIFIC video" ahhhh
The Lonely Reaper
The Lonely Reaper 10 dni temu
Absolutely no one can sing Bohemian Rhapsody the way it sould sound, no one can
Joshua Vazquez
Joshua Vazquez 10 dni temu
I'm taking an American popular music history course in college that focuses on pop music from the past 100 years and how the different genres were created and evolved
Brandon Halfen
Brandon Halfen 10 dni temu
Anything with avi Kaplan the bass guy 👍👍
Jacob Matthews
Jacob Matthews 11 dni temu
My music teacher plays this vid so much 😫😫
Lavin  Alimangohan
Lavin Alimangohan 11 dni temu
Hii! React to VoicePlay??
TheFoxFan 11 dni temu
20’s 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s 80’s are my favourite music overall
contact 11 dni temu
its hard to cover modern music because it's so corrupt. payola and white collar crimes including plagiarism and theft is huge. people will find out eventually most of music from 2008 to 2018 was STOLEN by Dr Luke max Martin and Benny Blanco from a young homeless writer named jonna johnson/ireland
DJdemofhart3333 11 dni temu
You should react to slow dancing in the dark :o
Brandon Maupin
Brandon Maupin 12 dni temu
Did rock never exist or is just not cool
Drobo Games
Drobo Games 12 dni temu
Say my name was not Britney Spears lol
Kittenfight_ 326
Kittenfight_ 326 12 dni temu
I can go as low as Avi for the first song
Amber Sparks
Amber Sparks 12 dni temu
so what if they skipped a thousand eras, talk about their voices instead
Issa Romani
Issa Romani 13 dni temu
They forgot soul😩
Tamia DeLoatch
Tamia DeLoatch 13 dni temu
Who else died a little inside when he called a Destiny Child’s song Brittney? I mean... my heart broke a little there bud
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 13 dni temu
You should really react to Carrie Underwood even if your not a country fan her vocals and abilities are insane!
Ark 5th
Ark 5th 13 dni temu
this is one of the only react channels I watch because he actually adds to the video due to his expertise. keep it up!
Deanna Miller
Deanna Miller 13 dni temu
React to their recent music- you will be shooketh (especially evolution of Rihanna!!)
Flower Kaplan
Flower Kaplan 13 dni temu
DoubleA Inc.
DoubleA Inc. 13 dni temu
You should react to Chloe moriondo, she is actually amazing
Lucy White
Lucy White 14 dni temu
did you notice how the girl only started to become more noticed during the late 60s. 🤔😏
Mary Mayers
Mary Mayers 14 dni temu
Damn did he want them to cover every gosh darn year?
Zues Anderson
Zues Anderson 14 dni temu
You should check out avi kaplans cover of hey ya
Chris V
Chris V 14 dni temu
Tobias Barry
Tobias Barry 15 dni temu
Yeah...your history framing is not great, for starters the Middle Ages while not having a definitive agreed timeframe it ended somewhere around the 1400’s with the introduction of the Renaissance. That is why you are not a history teacher😂 no offense.
Arkady Darell
Arkady Darell 17 dni temu
REACT TO CHASE HOLFELDER (the major to minor guy)
Abbi With An I
Abbi With An I 17 dni temu
Have you ever had to sing “Medival Gloria”? I’m singing it as an alto even though I’m mezzo soprano which means I get the boring part 😂
Chicken Penguin
Chicken Penguin 17 dni temu
Why you usin such an old video? 😂
Jessica Scurlock
Jessica Scurlock 17 dni temu
could u react to a singer call matty queen be his vocals are very unique
Dylan Drulias
Dylan Drulias 17 dni temu
Listen to perfume ( there song, pentaxoinox)
FBI Detector
FBI Detector 18 dni temu
brandon hagedorn
brandon hagedorn 18 dni temu
can’t stand him I just come here when I need to cringe.
Noah Saponara
Noah Saponara 18 dni temu
some kid with a degree vs pros that do this everyday for a living... hmmmm
Miya Jheale
Miya Jheale 18 dni temu
"90's music was dominated by boy bands" ... pfft! maybe for you... my 90's years was grunge and metal
Vic Sten
Vic Sten 18 dni temu
I agree, I recently did my music history course for piano and I was so sad that the modern era was rushed I think they do that because it focuses more on instrumental music and not vocals so it hasn't changed tons but like romantic era and modern are so much more fun to learn about and my course rushed them, I totally feel you though
Solyn Van Der Tuin
Solyn Van Der Tuin 19 dni temu
Don't be sassy bout them. I don't think you have the right to do so🙄
Kaitlyn Sander
Kaitlyn Sander 19 dni temu
You should listen to Disney Love Medley (feat. Kirstin Maldonado & Jeremy Michael Lewis). You will not regret it at all. It's complete ear candy.
Peachy Bri
Peachy Bri 19 dni temu
ok but yeah my music teachers that I’ve had throughout my school years also focused very much on the old eras, like medieval, renaissance, baroque, ect., but brushed the 20th century aside which made me sad 💀🗿🗿🗿🗿 like TEACH IT you coward
Peachy Bri
Peachy Bri 19 dni temu
ankhgirl3 19 dni temu
Since you pulled this selection from the depths of the Pentatonix videos(haha), you might as well react to SUPERFRUIT which consists of two members from Pentatonix, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying a.k.a. The guy in the middle. Superfruit’s Empire Medley shows a more soulful side of the two and their Beyoncé Medley is beautiful as well as fun stylistically. Even Beyoncé herself thought so. Hope to see more Pentatonix and/or SUPERFRUIT reactions from you soon! 😊
iGum 19 dni temu
He looks like Anthony padilla
Ayse Aydemir
Ayse Aydemir 19 dni temu
I have one word for this : YASSS
Brianna Kimberling
Brianna Kimberling 19 dni temu
When he talks through Mitch’s part in bohemian rhapsody 😅
Lord royal
Lord royal 20 dni temu
Kannst du deutsch can you speak german
Ben Turner
Ben Turner 20 dni temu
What is the song at the end oh my gosh??????????
Tiara A.
Tiara A. 20 dni temu
You should react to pentatonix's cover of bohemian rhapsody
jonathan 20 dni temu
Scott is a baritone. He's confirmed it himself.
snow cone
snow cone 20 dni temu
uh tristan hi listen why dont you um SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET THE VIDEO FUCKING PLAY then at the god damn ENDDD hint END talk about the video BUT DONT FUCKING TALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO YOU SASSY GAY BITCH
matthew machuca
matthew machuca 21 dzień temu
Bro On the cool you need to react to tenacious d or at least jack black
doot 21 dzień temu
you look like Kalvin Garrah it's crazy
Shikiri 22 dni temu
Bitch I need a vocal coach bcs in middle school when my voice wasnt deep I sang like crazy and now I sound like a deamon and I HATE IT so much im so sad bcs I cant sing anymore but like I can only sing in my mind so idk if vocal coach can teach you to get your voice lower but it would be rly cool.Oh im 15 BTW
Musa Akira
Musa Akira 22 dni temu
i also like 11th century music
Rarity10 23 dni temu
The girl, Kirstin, has a solo album called LOVE, Scott and Mitch have 2 albums called future friends 1 and 2.
Gaze 23 dni temu
Loukia Skamiotis
Loukia Skamiotis 23 dni temu
React to XAÉ
Little Narwhal
Little Narwhal 23 dni temu
Am I the only that blushes whenever Avi gets low...