Vocal Coach Reaction to Pentatonix - Evolution of Music

Tristan Paredes
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Pentatonix Evolution of music and talks about his irrelevant (but awesome) college music history classes #tristanparedes #pentatonix #vocalcoach
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25 wrz 2018

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Trayton Dzień temu
Josh Chun
Josh Chun Dzień temu
no shade, wait, now i'm confused, isn't beethoven's fifth classical. you were right the first time. its late classical and inspired romantic
2HONEST 4 dni temu
I remember watching this in high school in music class.
Kesia 5 dni temu
Please please please react to Avi Kaplan (the bass for Pentatonix) covering “Black is the color of my true loves hair” please please please. I know you asked for recommendations of their solo stuff.
Nadia-Selase Kpenge
I'm so late to this but there's a video of Kirsten Maldonado (the girl in Pentatonix) singing a Disney medley with a group called the Voctaves. Please please please pleeeeeaaaaasssse react to it.
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 11 dni temu
Unlike other people who react to music, you actually know your stuff
sara sindi
sara sindi 12 dni temu
DUDE!! you completely ignored the most ICONIC high note are you genuinely insane
Reecha Dixit
Reecha Dixit 14 dni temu
Kristin featured on this video with her fiance (before they were together I believe) Jeremy Lewis called a Disney Love Medley with this group named Voctave. It's really good I think you should check it out! :D
SUPER VIP 15 dni temu
Stand by me should’ve been in 50s
kayla x
kayla x 15 dni temu
I got 27 seconds in and already got sick of you.
LightningSurg3 GAMING
Lol Scott Hoying is A Baritone because Mitch Can’t Hit a G#2 lol
Oxiverse 18 dni temu
they skipped a lot of stuff like jeez, our teacher focused on past 200 years
Angelina Tsao
Angelina Tsao 18 dni temu
Can you react to superfruit’s ‘Beyoncé’ it’s from a while ago but it’s still so good 😂
Em Em
Em Em 19 dni temu
Hun, did you say Britney for Say My Name??
nathan110063 19 dni temu
Does anyone else find them to be..... Obnoxious. They're talented- no denying, but they are too far over produced.
Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost 19 dni temu
As someone in the music business, the fact that you didn't know "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" is shameful!
4musketers 20 dni temu
we need the bohemian rhapsody reaction
Anime killer
Anime killer 22 dni temu
Cookie Pie
Cookie Pie 23 dni temu
Is it weird that i got an ad about pop music evolution?
GoldenLion 5
GoldenLion 5 23 dni temu
I know this is a late comment but when he said “their blend is amazing” I have to ask what he meant? Did he mean mixed voice or like how their voices sound together...? Maybe the skill they all have together but I’m not sure what he meant?
Aaron Heinz
Aaron Heinz 24 dni temu
Sorry but he was talking a little too much.
Charlotte Reynolds
Charlotte Reynolds 25 dni temu
PLEASE REACT TO SUPERFRUIT XXXX its mitch and the'guy in the middle' lol xx (his name is Scott hoying xx and the girl is called kirsten maldonado xx) xx
Tiago Furtado
Tiago Furtado 27 dni temu
You should do a video with/about Jon Cozart (Paint)
Dom 29 dni temu
Saying comments like "wow he/she is such a good singer" is not analysing their voices, its just vague brush off comments anyone can use to make it seem like they are "reacting" to the video. Don't say you are a vocal coach reacting if you never actually analyse the vocals.
Queen Lover
Queen Lover Miesiąc temu
I was so happy when they sang bohemian rhapsody lmao💀
The Fifth Killjoy
The Fifth Killjoy Miesiąc temu
Damn they didn't do MCR PATD FOB etc...punk rock where you at. They literally just did pop in the 2000s
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai Miesiąc temu
Markisha Laquan
Markisha Laquan Miesiąc temu
They drastically skipped times in the beginning rather then the end because the dates around the end are most likely more relevant to us
michael dougherty
michael dougherty Miesiąc temu
Please react to something by a symphonic metal group. A couple of good examples is Nightwish - Ghost Love Score live at Wacken 2013 or Epica - Sancta Terra live at their Retrospect show.
Joany Martinez
Joany Martinez Miesiąc temu
Best voice in rock history hands down Freddie Mercury
Kaitlyn Nelson
Kaitlyn Nelson Miesiąc temu
K Mk
K Mk Miesiąc temu
I swear I ship you and Brad Mondo so hard😂
Cameron Engel
Cameron Engel Miesiąc temu
Ok but Scott is a baritone tho
Scarlet San
Scarlet San Miesiąc temu
*i miss avi*
Leia Davis
Leia Davis Miesiąc temu
Scott's considered a baritone because of how LOW he can go, not how high. He's got a very large range.
T A Miesiąc temu
scott hoying and mitch grassi have a seperate music duo called superfruit
Leandra Kemper
Leandra Kemper Miesiąc temu
He just throws in more information it sounds kinda arrogant
Strange Woofer
Strange Woofer Miesiąc temu
Mickey B
Mickey B Miesiąc temu
why dont you link any of the original videos?
๔єlคภєy Miesiąc temu
I miss the old Bass singer. He just really contrasted from the other voices. Although the other one is still great! Just my preferences (sorry I don't remember the names)
Slambo Hamburg
Slambo Hamburg Miesiąc temu
Lol a drum dude 😂
Jackson Williams
Jackson Williams Miesiąc temu
I love how he acts as if he hasn’t heard them before
Eliz 312
Eliz 312 Miesiąc temu
I see you eyeing Scott the whole timeeee
Petrina Wilmot
Petrina Wilmot Miesiąc temu
Spanky PraSton
Spanky PraSton Miesiąc temu
You should react to Avi Kaplan. He is my man crush xd
Zoidberg Da man
Zoidberg Da man Miesiąc temu
1:29 *EPIC*
Its Me MTB
Its Me MTB Miesiąc temu
look up Super Fruit! it's with Mitch and Scott
tralee2006 Miesiąc temu
Scott (blonde in the middle) actually said he sang baritone in a few interviews they did. He has a wide range too
Seanna Sulbaran
Seanna Sulbaran Miesiąc temu
How old are these people
Isaiah Vigil
Isaiah Vigil Miesiąc temu
seeing this makes me miss Avi
Spam spam
Spam spam Miesiąc temu
Mitch and Scott have their own youtube channel which they do some covers on with just the 2 of them. They're called Superfruit ^^ you should check them out and react to them! :D
it’s mk!
it’s mk! Miesiąc temu
I went to one of their concerts and it was AMAZING! I didn’t see them until after Avi had left, but Matt is amazing!
Crusher Z
Crusher Z Miesiąc temu
*clap clap*meme review
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua Miesiąc temu
this dude said britney? hahahaha bruh
Canada _Vase
Canada _Vase Miesiąc temu
Mitch is dancing like a mom in the 1960's
lol gamer
lol gamer Miesiąc temu
You should react to their newer songs after avi left.
Hayley Casper
Hayley Casper Miesiąc temu
Do a reaction to there performance of “where are you Christmas” on America’s got talent
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan Miesiąc temu
So, uhhh.... Can you release merch now? Thanks. 😭
Ty Davidson
Ty Davidson Miesiąc temu
I legit thought it was Penatonix not Pentatonix
Mark Miesiąc temu
No madonna...
Maya Beauregard
Maya Beauregard Miesiąc temu
Weirdos of Space
Weirdos of Space Miesiąc temu
Watch carol of the bells pentotonix version
buggydes Miesiąc temu
react to jeff buckley or bjork please!
TrapLocke Miesiąc temu
To any of the assholes who disliked that video... is sad asf
janine sucks.
janine sucks. Miesiąc temu
react to their evolution of michael jackson ! it shows everyone’s vocals so incredibly well, it’s my go to when someone asks for a taste of their talent.
JM Poblete
JM Poblete Miesiąc temu
Says Scott "Some Of Their Favorite Songs Throughout History" he didn't say that they sang all the song throughout history. Cant see anything funny about that. Sharing my toughts..
some guy ok
some guy ok Miesiąc temu
Before Bach music was not interesting
Jefri Efendi
Jefri Efendi Miesiąc temu
Please react to AGNEZ MO best live vocal
m lynn
m lynn Miesiąc temu
laughing at the romantic vs classical thing, like... yeah -i pretty call anything like, pre-jazz/rag time (baroque, romatic, chamber, impressionist) classical.
THW NinjaScopez
THW NinjaScopez Miesiąc temu
React to Jacob Collier!!
KinKin Miesiąc temu
React to Ed Sheeran's best vocals.
Ethan Matthews
Ethan Matthews Miesiąc temu
They said that it was they’re favorite songs from those times so that’s why there are all those jumps.
N. Ross
N. Ross Miesiąc temu
My children listened to this in their elementary music class this year. Such a cool quick glimpse of how music evolves.
Preemy Princess
Preemy Princess Miesiąc temu
aha singapore!!! please
Ruben Najera
Ruben Najera Miesiąc temu
Beethoven was still considered a classical era composer so you were right the first time
BlizzardEmber69 Miesiąc temu
PTX Vol 3 is worth giving a listen to if you're looking to hear more from the others like Kirstie, Avi, Scott and Kevin. I think most of them have solos on a majority of the songs, so it'd be a good place to start!
Beau livres
Beau livres Miesiąc temu
Is no one going to talk about Mitch's Shakira impression? Like..... goodness gracious child you just keep getting better and better.
chriszk Miesiąc temu
React to Freddy Mercury’s Vocals
Memeboi 69
Memeboi 69 Miesiąc temu
No disrespect or anything but if you promote the video as “vocal coach reacts” people are gonna expect you to talk about the voices, not timeline of the music, just something to bare in mind
Chrisi ST
Chrisi ST Miesiąc temu
Hello from Germany The Bass guy (Avi Kaplan) went solo :) check out this video :D
cole joseph
cole joseph Miesiąc temu
react to scott & mitch's album together!
Gretchen Miesiąc temu
I've watched their video so much back then that I could sing along with it.. i really miss them tho
LeShaun Jenkins
LeShaun Jenkins Miesiąc temu
Tristan Paraedes is greatest ever..
doomrider56 Miesiąc temu
This is probably one of my favorite things Kirstin has done
J Pututau
J Pututau Miesiąc temu
Did you say ‘Brittany’ during the destinys child segment?.. haha
Sherris Douglas
Sherris Douglas Miesiąc temu
Could you please react to social reposes songs and covers
Maddie Miesiąc temu
Ik it’s a old one but please react to their cover of carol of the bells it’s my favorite thx
The meme fox
The meme fox Miesiąc temu he not going to comment on Mitch hitting that high note 3:42
Hannah Chadwick
Hannah Chadwick Miesiąc temu
U should react to AJ Mitchell like if u agree
4 Jow
4 Jow Miesiąc temu
React to Bohemian rhapsody plz
Lynea Elisabeth
Lynea Elisabeth Miesiąc temu
Yep, there was also no vibrato in the vocals until the classical genre.
Just a WeirdGirl
Just a WeirdGirl Miesiąc temu
That 1970s tho
Jacob Reyes
Jacob Reyes Miesiąc temu
So are you gay, bisexual or unsure?
Emma Panton
Emma Panton Miesiąc temu
Am I the only one that thought he looked physically in pain when he said “iconic”?
Doggy Lol
Doggy Lol Miesiąc temu
Scott calls himself a baritone Mitch is the main tenor Kristen is the only girl and her voice is perfect for movies Avi has a very low singing (bass) that makes men and my older brother question their voice Kevin is the amazing beat boxer that can play instruments also. Also if he sings it’s kind of a medium voice. Mary did you know is a great place to go.
DarioHeadz Miesiąc temu
Where’s the original video u dumbass
Ariel Durham
Ariel Durham Miesiąc temu
You should watch PRETTYMUCH!!
Michael Liu
Michael Liu Miesiąc temu
beethoven is still classical, just semi-romantic. ur right my dude! 👍
Wiktor Zochniak
Wiktor Zochniak 2 miesięcy temu
"Just make it clap... "
Victoria Ledoux
Victoria Ledoux 2 miesięcy temu
my teacher is middle school used this video to teach the evolution of modern music
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
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