Vile Food Sends Gordon STRAIGHT TO THE BATHROOM | Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares
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EST Godzinę temu
Congrats on #1 trending
hadrian wiltse
hadrian wiltse Godzinę temu
I thought this would be older.
NaeNae Nation
NaeNae Nation Godzinę temu
Tf is nino supposed to mean 😂
5000 Subscribers with no videos?
Cody Burtch
Cody Burtch Godzinę temu
Laughing like a loon while a customer is throwing up is downright disrespectful
Plur Godzinę temu
No what? You can't pasteurize food with a christian prayer?? Hmm let's kill some scientists...
retrt adgfewr
retrt adgfewr Godzinę temu
is it the graphics or is gordon's hair a little silver
Waluigi the meme Lord
Waluigi the meme Lord Godzinę temu
0:52 oh shit a glory hole
Cody Burtch
Cody Burtch Godzinę temu
What are chitlins?
truth warrior
truth warrior Godzinę temu
pig intestines
IVYLiz191 Godzinę temu
It looks so bad!!! I wouldn’t eat any of it! Except for the red velvet cake😋😋 All those cooks in the kitchen?? For what?
Evelien Steur
Evelien Steur Godzinę temu
I think spchef Ramsey is going to sa6 that the food is phenomenal! Yeah but it in the microwave
Cody Burtch
Cody Burtch Godzinę temu
Has she had their food? They make. Gross
IREX Gaming
IREX Gaming Godzinę temu
This is so funny I like how the chef thinks her stuff is so good (I know that’s the whole point)
Used Baby Squirrel
Used Baby Squirrel Godzinę temu
When he complimented mama Mary she was so happy, aww
Doluxia Dorothy
Doluxia Dorothy Godzinę temu
What season and episode is this?
Buck Stevenson
Buck Stevenson Godzinę temu
"Looks like someone shat on my plate!"
Stretch9 Godzinę temu
Cygeniks Godzinę temu
Stretch9 go away spambot
Crystal Nicole
Crystal Nicole Godzinę temu
I Don't want to eat food again 🤢😖😫
Cody Burtch
Cody Burtch Godzinę temu
Nuked food for a restaurant is just disgusting
Frank deluca
Frank deluca Godzinę temu
The chef forgot to decorate the plate with garnish (that's bling for you that don't know) sprinkled with a lil bit of crack for those late night weekend patrons...but all jokes aside, go back to your queen ya British douche.
John Smith
John Smith Godzinę temu
Can we take down this video from trending please. That thumbnail looks like a pile of shit literally.
Alejandra Portillo
Alejandra Portillo Godzinę temu
I was watching this yesterday.....
Jellyfish Joker
Jellyfish Joker Godzinę temu
*I've heard of broken records but jesus*
Cecilia Hart
Cecilia Hart Godzinę temu
*Come check these babes live now!*
Cygeniks Godzinę temu
Spam bot
Jae Godzinę temu
damn.. that was really interesting, more than gordon going to the bathroom lol
Vezon Godzinę temu
Ahmet Kaya
Ahmet Kaya Godzinę temu
“I want to pray to NINO”
Kermit Potato
Kermit Potato Godzinę temu
“Straight to the bathroom” I like that
Kemoni Cooper
Kemoni Cooper Godzinę temu
3:45 wtf is that on his head
SB Godzinę temu
0:56 "What happened was it the fried chicken or the corn bread?" 😬💀
Rocko paws
Rocko paws Godzinę temu
That woman is delusional and
Kyle Mccauslin
Kyle Mccauslin Godzinę temu
nino is lame
Wonder Girl x Taylor
Wonder Girl x Taylor Godzinę temu
Why is this on trending and who else came for the thumbnail XD
Chí Hướng
Chí Hướng Godzinę temu
Bruno Garcia
Bruno Garcia Godzinę temu
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Cygeniks Godzinę temu
Bruno Garcia spambot
Arre Con El Desmadre
Arre Con El Desmadre Godzinę temu
What season and episode is this
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy Godzinę temu
Shitty clickbait
4x4 with kaleb
4x4 with kaleb Godzinę temu
what episode is this
Carey Hamilton
Carey Hamilton Godzinę temu
They closed 2 years after in 2013. This show was cancelled in 2014. Ramsey is a millionaire. Why are his channels reuploading people's troubles from years ago for fresh eyes to see, for what amounts to pocket change for him in PLvid ad rev. Its not like theres use promoting a show thats off the air.
Sound Mind
Sound Mind Godzinę temu
I thought that was poop in thumbnail 😁
Picasso VVIX
Picasso VVIX Godzinę temu
God, that thumb nail looks like a bunch of pinched off turds. That's gross
Dre 23
Dre 23 Godzinę temu
Cygeniks Godzinę temu
Dre 23 go away spambot
Jtboss Godzinę temu
What did the librarian say to the kids Read more
Ampt Kunai
Ampt Kunai Godzinę temu
I'd eat anything If my mum cooked it
CryptPixel Godzinę temu
This video clip has already been up... What happened to the other video?
YOUWASRIGHT 69 Godzinę temu
They already posted this on PLvid
Our Founding Liars
Our Founding Liars Godzinę temu
Clearly there was some kind of sinister operation at Catering & Family restaurant. Chef Gordon Ramsey accidentally discovered the hole in the wall where the reptilian conversion device was on the other side, so the chef tried to eliminate him before he found out the truth. R a m s a y G a t e. Keep asking questions
Buck Stevenson
Buck Stevenson Godzinę temu
Illuminati confirmed
Lance Delvalle
Lance Delvalle Godzinę temu
What season
Ryan M
Ryan M Godzinę temu
"I really think that Chef Ramsey is gonna say that the food is phenomenal." *Puts food in the microwave.* No hope.
Chris F
Chris F 2 godzin temu
Cobra 2 godzin temu
Oh damn
Ana with one N
Ana with one N 2 godzin temu
Isn’t this episode old?
ThereAreOnly TwoGenders
Hahaha pray to nino!
MrBalonko 2 godzin temu
"Soul food", sure.
•honey tae•
•honey tae• 2 godzin temu
this is not hot.. *_just microwave it_*
Luka Milic
Luka Milic 2 godzin temu
The food from the thumbnail looks like s*it, literally s*it.
Atlas The Golden Crusade
Food_flavor.exe stop working
Simar 2 godzin temu
That waiter is a MILF
Omq. Marley
Omq. Marley 2 godzin temu
Omg 😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀
Noman Rasheed
Noman Rasheed 2 godzin temu
Welcome to da Hood Restaurant.
xpaperwingsx 2 godzin temu
3:27 😂😂😂
1rosezlor _
1rosezlor _ 2 godzin temu
The dessert part made me so happy I'm overwhelmed with joy when he kissed her cheek
Isobel Cottage
Isobel Cottage 2 godzin temu
*CoLlArD gReEnS*
sSs tv
sSs tv 2 godzin temu
Keira Roberts
Keira Roberts 2 godzin temu
The last part was so cute
TheHunter scholargypsys
I need subs! click here Thanks!
Cosmic 2 godzin temu
"Orange Chip"
Daryl Kinard II
Daryl Kinard II 2 godzin temu
I'd tear that food up. IDC.
Lemon Nation
Lemon Nation 2 godzin temu
when i saw the thumbnail i knew it will be super bad
John Smithee
John Smithee 2 godzin temu
Gordon Ramsay vs Tyler Perry's: Madea's Family of Cooks
Sealdrop 2 godzin temu
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan 2 godzin temu
I never understood why these owners act so surprised when a fucking world renowned chef thinks their version of home style cooking is trash lol. Maybe most of it is for show, but still. I’m sure Ramsay has a broad pallet and can enjoy many different styles of cooking. It’s not that he doesn’t like soul food, it’s just that you fucking suck at cooking soul food.
Charly Pay
Charly Pay 2 godzin temu
Damn! I dont want to eat in restaurant now xD
Holy Hand Grenades
Holy Hand Grenades 2 godzin temu
Is it just me, or is the food trying to communicate at 1:40?
TroyBoyGames 2 godzin temu
Finally, some good fucking food
bonessuhh 2 godzin temu
How did they go for that long with the damn record covering that hole
kikyo 2 godzin temu
Nino can cook soul food
Nuhan Hidayat
Nuhan Hidayat 2 godzin temu
Hallelujer indeed
Random Youtube Watcher
Clernide Fleurant
Clernide Fleurant 2 godzin temu
Omg food nasty🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
zhonghe zheng
zhonghe zheng 2 godzin temu
Riceman 2 godzin temu
The thumbnail looks like poo
Atlas The Golden Crusade
Aboubakr Hadji
Aboubakr Hadji 2 godzin temu
3,000 subs with no videos
How did I end up here I was watching roblox
Midnightmisty winds
Midnightmisty winds 2 godzin temu
At least he liked the cake
Comment Reader
Comment Reader 2 godzin temu
Finally, some good fucking videos on trending
bananna s
bananna s 2 godzin temu
What on earth was that third dish!! 🤢🤢🤮
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so sick!