Try Not To Fangirl - Pentaholic Edition

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6 lut 2017



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Насенька Селик
I'm lose one million times
Derpy Chihuahua187
Derpy Chihuahua187 14 dni temu
Did anyone else see Mitch's hand glowing at 1:55?
K .K
K .K 2 miesięcy temu
I started screaming when it I lost.....😂😂
PTX Fan 3 miesięcy temu
lost right away :)))))))
Vívian 3 miesięcy temu
Logan Underhill
Logan Underhill 4 miesięcy temu
I won. In your faces
ReeRee XOX
ReeRee XOX 4 miesięcy temu
This.....this is UNFAIR!!
Jayden logic
Jayden logic 4 miesięcy temu
You got me at Aha!
Aiden Campbell
Aiden Campbell 4 miesięcy temu
i lost when they put in the song with avi & peter hollens
Laura Turbyfill
Laura Turbyfill 5 miesięcy temu
I already lost the video hasn’t even started yet
LaCielita Alarcon
LaCielita Alarcon 5 miesięcy temu
6:51 I love this momento
Izzy Ky
Izzy Ky 5 miesięcy temu
Cant resist scotts and Mitchs vocals 😫(and others as well)
A Rock
A Rock 6 miesięcy temu
I lost. But I’m not upset about him. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t love Mitch. I’m dead right now.
Delaney Dunn
Delaney Dunn 7 miesięcy temu
hell no i did not win
Gracie 7 miesięcy temu
Rima Wibowo
Rima Wibowo 7 miesięcy temu
I lost it when i saw Mitch's high notes 😩😩😩 i really love him sfm 😩😳😳😳
Daisy Ngô
Daisy Ngô 8 miesięcy temu
I lost n i’m proud of that :))))
Pink Symphonic
Pink Symphonic 8 miesięcy temu
I was crying in the first few seconds...oh my gosh Uptown Funk..
give your friend a hug!
give your friend a hug! 8 miesięcy temu
Not fair. Voctave deserves a whole different level of fangirl. 😍 And anything Mitch does deserves fangirling lol👏👏👏
Kayleigh Householder
Kayleigh Householder 9 miesięcy temu
Video starts... *i already lost*
Mitchie Hoying
Mitchie Hoying 9 miesięcy temu
Madison Wade
Madison Wade 9 miesięcy temu
5:27-5:29 Scott's got cake😍😂🍰
Madison Wade
Madison Wade 10 miesięcy temu
I failed b4 the video even started!😂😍❤
Qween Jazzy
Qween Jazzy 10 miesięcy temu
can i be kirstie for like.. a day? please?
Qween Jazzy
Qween Jazzy 10 miesięcy temu
1:45 how mitch yawns how come my yawns are silent but his sound like angels? this is not right
Qween Jazzy
Qween Jazzy 10 miesięcy temu
i tried i failed as soon as i looked at mitch
Jintce 10 miesięcy temu
"Did you win?" Well I almost passed out from the lack of air but sadly yes...
Bonnie UwU
Bonnie UwU 10 miesięcy temu
I can't not smile at the chicken song 😂
Andreea Orac
Andreea Orac 10 miesięcy temu
i just can'tttttt Mitch toching those highnotes
Rachel Santiago
Rachel Santiago 10 miesięcy temu
You cannot put Aha!, live from Singapore on there and expect me not to Fangirl!
Mitchie Hoying
Mitchie Hoying 10 miesięcy temu
Andrea Winterbrooke
Andrea Winterbrooke 10 miesięcy temu
2:47 This just made me drop the mood automatically... I will never not get over Jerstie *EDIT:* Two seconds later here I am freaking our over how short and cute Kirstie is next to everyone :3
No spelling suggestions
No spelling suggestions 10 miesięcy temu
I haven’t even started the video and I’m screaming... I think I may have lost
Madison Moore
Madison Moore 11 miesięcy temu
i made it to 6:39....then i died
Emmah Wilson
Emmah Wilson 11 miesięcy temu
This is impossible!! I fangirled BIGTIME on Aha!
Courtney Kee
Courtney Kee 11 miesięcy temu
I faingirled at 35 seconds 😂 good job 😂
Cambree Yonish
Cambree Yonish 11 miesięcy temu
I was fangirling before I even clicked on this video😂
gilloth 11 miesięcy temu
Okay, sooo ... frist let's define what counts as fangirling? ;)
gilloth 11 miesięcy temu
Then I guess I failed :D
PTX Videos
PTX Videos 11 miesięcy temu
Basically showing any sign of excitement and joy
Ceci x
Ceci x 11 miesięcy temu
Ugh I failed the first 2 seconds 😑 😂 I love them to much ❤️💞😍
Cupcake Kitties
Cupcake Kitties 11 miesięcy temu
I was good up to 0:00
Tia B.
Tia B. 11 miesięcy temu
omg Avi's face at 5:11 had me dead
0:00 lost I love them to much Mitch is my biggest weakness no one loves him more than I do except Scott
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 11 miesięcy temu
I lost at 1:18 :( Welp I’m trying again
Jayden logic
Jayden logic 11 miesięcy temu
I failed at the first high note. Also ps AHA! Was cruel and evil to put in this!!!!
NailArt IsAScience
Sometimes I covince myself that I'm best friends with all of them and when i remember that i've never met them i cry. I'm not fucking joking either
Margaret Fauver
I fan girled in the 1sr one.......
Gothic Belle
Gothic Belle Rok temu
Chicken Song gets me everytime!!
Alliegator Wu
Alliegator Wu Rok temu
I lost it when they started rapping Run To You And when Kevin and Avi sang together
grete p.
grete p. Rok temu
I lost with Evolution of MJ
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Rok temu
Avi is so cute when he laughs
Magical Musical
I lost I fangirled 😂😍😱
karatekat 231310
Every time I see and hear Avi I freak out!!!!!!!!!
Miranda Dickerson
karatekat 231310 Same!
Sara Stanley
Sara Stanley Rok temu
I mean come on you can't just not fangirl at the QUEEN and I like whenever Mich does anything all girls just start SCRAMMING
Jennifer Richardson
I am NOT losing this chalenge......i lost😑. Avi😍
Faith Anderson
LOST ON THE FIRST TRY😂 I don't know what to do! I love them so so much 😅❤️💋
Gale Thunder
Gale Thunder Rok temu
*Did you win?* Me: Its winter where i am now so my heater has been for quite a while but *I STILL GET F*CKING CHILLS WHENEVER I HEAR THEM!!!!!!!!* So *NO*! I didn't win. I didn't even fucking make to the end of the first clip! P.S. Avi's, Oh praise and tremble before his name, really REALLY @5:58 is IMMACULATE!!!
Sandrina Sajnani
Nope i lost at mitch’s aha! Including the chicken song! Oh uhm also this 4:59 - 5:31
Emily Deam
Emily Deam Rok temu
I lost immediately when Mitch rapped in can't sleep love
Zara Knetsch
Zara Knetsch Rok temu
Got half way though
Shardy1998 Rok temu
I completely lost it at 6:01 with Avi's low note.
Astrid Arrieta
Tara Pentaholic
I was sobbing because I fangirled to much
Isadora Ramos
Isadora Ramos Rok temu
The Chicken song omgggg I can't
cherrymae Rok temu
The rules No fangirling means -no dancing -no singing -no hyper ventilating -no fan action (when you're hot and you use you hands as a fan) -no screaming, yelling, shouting. -don't say anything or it'll end up with something fangirl like. SO BASICALLY THE "DONT DO SHIT CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBLE" So truuu
TallMamma21 Rok temu
I lost at the MJ medley....sue me 😥😥
sonnenschein regenbogen
which song is it in 5:32?
Lunamoon221 Rok temu
I FAILED ON AHA! I love Dat one!!ķ
Mariette Erwee
5:00 - 5:14 Avi is my spirit animal!
Zowe Cartwright
and at "No" when mitch does his hot as hell hip movements, does breathing heavily count?
Zowe Cartwright
ummm.... at the singapore performacne clips, does breathing like i just ran 5 miles count as fangirling??
Jennessa Ballance
Mitch is my weakness as soon as he award-winning I'm a big fangirl I'm im love with him
Chloe MacLean
Chloe MacLean Rok temu
I lost. so many times.
Simply Shy
Simply Shy Rok temu
I lost on the first one Im mean Scott with those bass notes 😍
Jenni Murphy
Jenni Murphy Rok temu
The damn chicken song man, always gets ms
Faith Anderson
I'm dead
Bennett Kids
Bennett Kids Rok temu
who else fangirled when scott was singing beyonce?
Rachel Santiago
Mitch @ 1:16 = ASMR!!!
my peepee itches
She too Wavy
She too Wavy Rok temu
This is me "Kirstie's high kick just kicked me into another dimension"😂
Kaiden Tyler
Kaiden Tyler Rok temu
I screeched at Mitch's high notes in aha!, not fair.
Brianna Washington
I lost at the Singapore performance
sofía Rok temu
i started twiCHING
Loïse B
Loïse B Rok temu
I fangirl when they breath, so yeah, you can imagine what I was doing now
Gailianne Caytiles
I couldn't survive even a few seconds in on the video...😂😂😂... Fangirling's in mah blood...
Pentastuff 123
How is it possable
Jayden logic
Jayden logic Rok temu
failed in the first second! AGHHH
Ophélie Hince
I win but I am now an unijambist girl
Cheyenne Starr
I fangirled at the thumbnail
Julia Maaño
Julia Maaño Rok temu
Mitch Grassi: *exists* Me: loses utterly and completely
grete p.
grete p. Rok temu
Julia Maaño same He kills me just by existing 😂
Lillian Than
Lillian Than Rok temu
proud parent moments 😂😍
sweetener Rok temu
i couldnt stop.
ludovica denza
Lost it at the Jerstie moment! 😍😍 Also, where ks the first clip from? I can't find it 😭❤
luvkaykay41 Rok temu
3:56 can we talk about how fleeked Kirstie looks
Eva Rae
Eva Rae Rok temu
today was the day I realized I'm obsessed. I literally had seen all of these, plus I knew exactly when and where they did it. I need help, but I don't want it :D
Gillian Murray
They just had to put in The Chicken Song!! 😂
Sefy Ayunda
Sefy Ayunda Rok temu
K.O.'s high note got me😻💞💘
Meghan Cahill
Meghan Cahill Rok temu
Mitch made me fail
Gabrielle Orta
I never fangirl so It was easy watching this... I mean come on why would people fangirl over this
I Don't Feel So Good
"Did you win?" *Cough* This was a challenge? I GET SO EMOTIONAL DURING MITCH'S HIGH NOTES. DAMMIT.
maddie pulliam
when mitch sang those high notes i actually screamed & my friends were like wat
The Trio - Pentatonix #2
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