Top 10 Worst Song Duets
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Eeek….might wanna hit skip on these tracks. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Worst Song Duets. For this list, we’re checking out songs by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, The Osbournes, The Spears sisters, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson, Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears, The Duff sisters, Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone and more. We’ll be breaking down why these duets didn’t quite work out the way these high-profile artists wanted. Did your favorite bad duet appear on the list? Let us know in the comments below!
00:50 #10:“I've Got You Under My Skin”
01:51 #9: “Cruisin'
02:57 #8: “Chillin' With You”
04:03 #7: “Ebony and Ivory”
05:17 #6: “Changes”
06:37 #5: “Whatzupwitu”
07:38 #4: “Pretty Girls”
08:38 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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25 lip 2017

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Komentarze 3 791
dank hank
dank hank Dzień temu
Cruisin still gets played at summer bbqs in New Zealand lol
Bri Hime
Bri Hime Dzień temu
Um excuse you but Hillary and Hayley Duff were actually good.
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust 2 dni temu
Hey WatchMojo whatzupwitu? First of all that song is awesome and it's meant to spread a message. Same thing with Ebony and Ivory. Y'all have no taste sometimes
Ariel Kittycore
Ariel Kittycore 3 dni temu
I love ozzy and kelly song
donna lie
donna lie 3 dni temu
ebony and ivory was a huge hit ??? Like wdym ??
Gabby Seni
Gabby Seni 3 dni temu
OMG... Sylvester Stallone his sing?? good voice cowboy.. why no1 story abt it...
Amber Willems
Amber Willems 4 dni temu
Criminal inner interpret shortage order exclusive discover bias word.
Roberto Sena
Roberto Sena 4 dni temu
Also Paul Mcartney, Rihanna and Kanye . What were they thinking 🤔??
Roberto Sena
Roberto Sena 4 dni temu
I would the cover of “something stupid” by Michael buble and Reese Witherspoon...AWFUL 🤭🤔🤫
Diego Gibert
Diego Gibert 5 dni temu
Pretty Girls is so fucking stupid, lmao
All Mighty Ningen
Whatzupwitu is a great song
Stacy Blackley
Stacy Blackley 6 dni temu
cliff richard and sarah brightman duet was shocking
Stacy Blackley
Stacy Blackley 6 dni temu
omg you cant be serious that yah mo be there is on the list that song is brilliant
Stacy Blackley
Stacy Blackley 6 dni temu
ok i hate listening to paul mccartney i really do sorry to his fans but this isnt a bad song. stevie wonder is great on the track
N. S.
N. S. 6 dni temu
I know a terrible duet not mentioned, Watchmojo & Countdowns
Shanice Higgins
Shanice Higgins 7 dni temu
The disrespect I just felt when I saw "Our Lips Are Sealed". How. Dare. YOU??!?!?!?!
becky potato
becky potato 8 dni temu
i know the ozzy song from big mouth lol
gretchen jaenisch
For everyone- With me, it's not the song and it's lyrics, but the singers are not compatible as a duet.
Ashlie Wilson
Ashlie Wilson 10 dni temu
Some of these songs were actually iconic.. Or super popular. But like most popular things, we move on. But nostalgia is still there. Especially with Hilary Duff & Hailey Duff's Our Lips Are Sealed. That's my childhood..
_.itsjust rose._
_.itsjust rose._ 12 dni temu
Eduardo Galace
Eduardo Galace 12 dni temu
Unsubscribe guys NOW!
Shay Bennett
Shay Bennett 12 dni temu
I liked chillin with you but i hated pretty girls the song was horrible and the video was worse
Wizziewife 450
Wizziewife 450 12 dni temu
Nothing wrong with Ebony and Ivory or yah mo be there x they’re both great duets!!!
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan 13 dni temu
Booooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan 13 dni temu
I love Accidental Racist
heartbeats 14 dni temu
Pretty Girls is not as bad as you are making it to be but Up Out My Face is great
dawnna Avelino
dawnna Avelino 14 dni temu
Yo u got this all wrong, all these duets r good, js
Daniel Detweiler
Daniel Detweiler 14 dni temu
wasn't the notrious jimmy saVILE part of "top of the pops"??
It's Tylerpharrell
It's Tylerpharrell 14 dni temu
11:52 loooool "sweet lovin friends" just meaning "friends with benifits" in an appropriate way 😘
Ákos Somogyi
Ákos Somogyi 14 dni temu
Thats shocking...Sly Stallone was terrible
Ákos Somogyi
Ákos Somogyi 14 dni temu
Eddie Murphy didnt look next to Michael Jackson.
allen wood
allen wood 15 dni temu
Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks - Stevie destroyed her
Xyrhel Eildrich Orinay
We can't here clearly so many talkings
Pyscho Soprano Knockoff
Hillary and haylie duff wasn't even bad, watchmojo is stupid sometimes, I mean, nicki and mariah? That was fucking iconic.
you tube
you tube 15 dni temu
Are you kidding me ?!! You think that pretty girls and up out my face are from the worst duets ??
Stephanie L
Stephanie L 16 dni temu
The song from Duets was on the radio ALL THE TIME and Gwyneth does an awesome job singing!!!
Harley Swift
Harley Swift 16 dni temu
Iggy and Brittney were kinda right You nee a certain look to able to Do some occupations Society has really warped us
Ariauna  Perriatt
Ariauna Perriatt 16 dni temu
If you didnt like "Up Out My Face" and "Wazupwitu" then you can leave and whoever was making this list O BABY stop...
Razor Blades Lemonade
You think a durag is just to keep the sweat out your eyes? 🤔😂
Erock 17 dni temu
Why does Eddie Murphy even try to sing???
Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez 18 dni temu
Leave Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone alone. And no i do not agree with your list
Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez 18 dni temu
Why do you have to be so harsh.some of these songs are actually pretty decent. There not terribly bad.
J L 19 dni temu
Ebony and ivory was dope tf you mean??!
Sonador27x 19 dni temu
I've never even heard these songs before, at least Kelly, Britney and Hillary. were just trying to do songs of their appreciation of their family members. These were some cringy duets.
R.S. 19 dni temu
I don't agree with the interpretation of "Pretty Girls"! I believe the meaning of the song is that all girls are pretty and should be confident and get what they want, not that only pretty girls have a good life. Also, I don't get why this song is even on this list, it's a bop. I agree with putting "Chillin With You" on this list, they should have cut the refrain out, then it would be at least a cute song!
Idayg Kumya
Idayg Kumya 20 dni temu
I kind of liked ivory n ebony 🌸
Emmanuel Ortega
Emmanuel Ortega 21 dzień temu
How do you dare!!! Our lips sealed is a good song 😑 excuse your mouth
Ailish Fitzgibbon
Ailish Fitzgibbon 21 dzień temu
our lips are sealed shouldnt be on this list
Patrick Silva
Patrick Silva 21 dzień temu
Let me hit the dislike
Raphaela Roth
Raphaela Roth 21 dzień temu
"Ebony and Ivory" is a great song and Paul McCartney is the greatest genius in modern music! I usually agree with your choices, but this is indescribably stupid!
Horse Holder 101
Horse Holder 101 22 dni temu
Wow you guys hate Britney Spears 🤣
Cherry Lou Cagaanan
I'm starting to doubt some of your choices on this list. there are some songs that are a good collab and is a hit up until now being heard on the radio. I don't think ebony and ivory as well as cruisin should be on this list. Just sayin'.
un0m3asa13ah 23 dni temu
I actually like the Ozzy and Kelly version of Changes. I think it's nice.
un0m3asa13ah 14 dni temu
+Stuart Shaw I like both the original and the Kelly and Ozzy version. When people do their own version of something, it's not typically made to be compared side by side.
Stuart Shaw
Stuart Shaw 16 dni temu
When compared to the original!?
salvador r
salvador r 23 dni temu
Mariah Carey is a vocal powerhouse👑
TvdLover 23 dni temu
I lowkey like pretty girls
Robert Nickles
Robert Nickles 24 dni temu
What about David Bowie and Mick Jagger? That happened... And we all let it happen
Jasmaidi Thaosen
Jasmaidi Thaosen 24 dni temu
Whoever picked these songs to be the worst duets ever is not a very good judge. These songs aren't the worst. There are many other songs.
Samie Smith
Samie Smith 24 dni temu
Ebony and ivory is amazing
Brie Berry
Brie Berry 24 dni temu
I think Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey should have been on here for Believe
Quinn Kehoe
Quinn Kehoe 24 dni temu
Am I the only one who likes ebony and ivory
Terry Heffernan
Terry Heffernan 24 dni temu
Nicki Minaj has the power to single handedly ruin any song she's featured on
Kait London
Kait London 25 dni temu
Best duets are Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift Or Taylor and Fall out Boy (live) Nothing beats that
Kamila Jackson
Kamila Jackson 25 dni temu
Whatzupwitu is a great song, I love it!❤ Mariah Queen Carey and Nicki Shitnaj duet is iconic
Shadow Phace
Shadow Phace 25 dni temu
What about Belly and Garth Brooks? Combine country and rap and you get crap.
Edaan Friedman
Edaan Friedman 25 dni temu
How dare they even mention Ebony and Ivory. That song is freaking amazing.
Chance Ussery
Chance Ussery 25 dni temu
What I got from this is never work with a family member for a duet lol
Sam H
Sam H 26 dni temu
"in what seems to be tune made for 9 year olds." it was??? what bitter person at mojo is hating on my childhood bop
Kobe Johnson
Kobe Johnson 26 dni temu
Nicki and Mariah
Lucene Olivera
Lucene Olivera 27 dni temu
I really liked “Changes”, and what the hell is wrong with “Ebony and Ivory”?
Lil’ Budd Light
Lil’ Budd Light 27 dni temu
Our lips r sealed by duff, is best on here, not bad at all, that brand praise llbj actually trash. Maybe duff got advantage cuz they covering famous song already, and paisleys fresh but I won’t listen to that trash when I’m isolated in headphones
Optimus Rhyme
Optimus Rhyme 27 dni temu
Ebony and Ivory had no place in this list!!
Ebony Cortes
Ebony Cortes 27 dni temu
Ebony and Ivory sister and I got our names from this song
Jim Fulton
Jim Fulton 27 dni temu
Ebony ivory was Brill
Natalie Ann
Natalie Ann 27 dni temu
You’re Hating on Ebony and Ivory?! 😑
yo yo
yo yo 28 dni temu the best version of I GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN
stevemrmusic9 28 dni temu
I wish I never watched this video. Changes is a great song and went to Number 1 in the U.K. Ebony and Ivory also went to Number 1. Why do these WatchMojo people know NOTHING about music???
Silver Tiger
Silver Tiger 28 dni temu
I've never even heard the number one spot but I laughed out loud when it was announced and it turned out exactly like i thought it would LOL
Martina Palazollo
Martina Palazollo 28 dni temu
I still like the frank Sinatra and bono song
B. Walker
B. Walker 28 dni temu
“A durag keeps sweat out of your eyes” 🤦🏾‍♀️ you can tell a person lacking melanin made this assumption. That’s NOT what it’s used for
Dylan Roberts
Dylan Roberts 29 dni temu
Pretty Girls is primarily an Iggy song. She even bitched on Twitter saying that Britney ruined her song when it was horrible to begin with xD
Manda Lynne
Manda Lynne 29 dni temu
How you gonna do Ebony & Ivory like that?
Daugther of the Lord
Gwyneth Can sing better than what she can act... And Hilary and Haley was great!
Kris L
Kris L Miesiąc temu
is it wrong i like most songs from this video?
Annabel Lee
Annabel Lee 17 dni temu
Kris L not at all
Nic Miesiąc temu
Ebony and Ivory on the worst list??? Sorry this list is WRONG
Joe Jonas Troops
Joe Jonas Troops Miesiąc temu
'pretty girls' was apparently a parody of some movie
David Hart
David Hart Miesiąc temu
I remember watching "Changes" when it was first performed on top of the pops back in the day and enjoyed it as well as enjoying pretty girls. I just think people take some songs too seriously if im honest. If a song has a good rhythm or tone then I like it.
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young Miesiąc temu
I couldn't believe some of the choices. Ebony and Ivory is one of my favorite songs. And Yah Mo Be There is a wonderful song. Apparently watchmojo doesn't understand underlying messages. Critics are just what they are: Critics. they don't always tell the truth. Both songs were big hits back in the '80's. You should've put Nicki and Mariah's song in place of Ebony and Ivory's song. Those two are the epitome of trash!
Kinga Miesiąc temu
"Some Duets are a hit, and some are... I'll let you be the judge." Guys come on now I *KNOW* I am not the only one who listened to the intro.
Annbrial Lawrence
Annbrial Lawrence Miesiąc temu
Stallone could have a singing career in my opinion
Keith ackerson
Keith ackerson Miesiąc temu
amazing how Cruisin' went to #1 on the Hot AC charts here in the US , but you say it's the worst duet.......whatever
Aaliyah Collins
Aaliyah Collins Miesiąc temu
Aaliyah Collins
Aaliyah Collins Miesiąc temu
The only bad one is -Chillin With You- *trash*
Random Croissant
Random Croissant Miesiąc temu
Frahamen Miesiąc temu
Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg.
slvbeard Miesiąc temu
Cruzin with Huey Lewis and Paltrow was pretty good, Ebony and Ivory is a classic 80's tune, Hilary Duff had more than "somewhat of a singing career", and the Ozzy and Keli song was okay. I totally agree on the Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea song though, that's one I don't miss hearing that on the radio. We're just so pretty! Shut up!
TeeMyra M Knight
TeeMyra M Knight Miesiąc temu
I disagree with number 7 Ebony and Ivory is the Shit one of my favorite
Alexander Maurier
Alexander Maurier Miesiąc temu
Pretty Girls is new California Love
lorie langlinais
lorie langlinais Miesiąc temu
I like Pretty Girls. Its catchy and funny.
yani dalton
yani dalton Miesiąc temu
Most of these songs were good wyd watch mojo🤔
Michael Rawson
Michael Rawson Miesiąc temu
Ebony and ivory...? On THIS list??? ... FUCK OFF!!!