Top 10 Best Pentatonix Covers

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Top 10 Greatest Pentatonix Covers
Pentatonix, also known as PTX is best known for their medley-form song covers. After being discovered on the third season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” they formed a large fan following. In today’s countdown we take a look at 10 of their best covers, including Can’t Hold Us, Royals, La La Latch, Mary, Did You Know, Can’t Hold us, Where Are Ü Now?, We Are you Young, Evolution of Beyonce, Radioactive, and Hallelujah.
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25 sty 2017

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Elizabeth Dolorese
Elizabeth Dolorese 12 godzin temu
My top three: Hallelujah, Mary Did You Know, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Their christmas covers are my special favourites. Pentatonix christmas albums are a holiday must in my house. Some of my fondest christmas memories are of my family listening to them while decorating the tree. 128 days away.
Bridie O'Dare
Bridie O'Dare Dzień temu
I’m just glad Mary Did You Know was included!!! All time favourite and so under appreciated!!!!
The Wiener Dog Vlogs
Why do i love them so much?!
Charlotte Miranda
Can you please talk less also what about Imagine?
GamerMineGir l
GamerMineGir l 4 dni temu
djoo boop
djoo boop 5 dni temu
Ugh yes royals 😍
djoo boop
djoo boop 5 dni temu
Wtf 😂 its called the deep bass 😂 but i love u guys now for mentioning the best people on the world
evenif itleadsnowhere
Did i missed bohamian rhapsody?
Julie Bryson
Julie Bryson 5 dni temu
Bruh why does she have to talk through every single one of them😭😭
Hanna Smith
Hanna Smith 5 dni temu
Julie Bryson IKR
Caitlyn Alvord
Caitlyn Alvord 11 dni temu
Love again should be on there
blackrose5856 16 dni temu
I'm missing some of the newer ones. Here's my list: 1: Bohemian Rhapsody (originally by Queen) One of the most recognizable parts of Bohemian Rhapsody is the electric guitar riffs. It starts very somber, using vocal harmonies, and then the tempo picks up and we're off, basking in the Bohemian glory of the Rhapsody. 2: Can't Help Falling In Love (originally by Elvis Presley) This is a soft slow dance tune from the king of rock and roll, and PTX would not be PTX without doing something from this rock legend! While the song is like Hallelujah in the manner that there is subtle beatboxing and more vocal harmonies, it has a more somber feel to it. 3: Daft Punk Medley (originally by Daft Punk) For my fellow Pentaholics who adore this song as much as I do, I am truly very sorry, but Elvis and Bohemian Rhapsody trump Daft Punk any day of the week. They do maximize their vocal potential by creating more electronica sounding stuff using nothing more than their voices, and the video even had a throwback of sorts when PTX released their cover of Attention by Charlie Puth, with the Attention video using panels not unlike the video for Daft Punk. The harmonies here are also dizzyingly close; if you don't know the group very well, then you'd probably need sheet music to be able to tell who's doing what. 4: Perfect (originally by Ed Sheeran) Again, we need a music god featured on PTX's newest album, so why not go for British music genius, Ed Sheeran? Oh, and while we're at it, do one of his most iconic songs? Although Perfect came out less than two years ago, its momentum has all but increased. The close vocal harmonies from Kirstin and Mitch backing up Scott with the lyrics, a solid bass line from the newest member and resident cutie Matt, and celloboxing from our man, Kevin add up to equal-you guesses it-perfection. 5: Despacito x Shape of You (Despacito: originally by Luis Fonsi feat. Justin Bieber - Shape of You: originally by Ed Sheeran) Now, let's add in some more Ed Sheeran, but let's make it bilingual too! That's exactly what Pentatonix did when they said "Challenge accepted" to blending a certain Spanish song and another iconic Ed Sheeran song. The song starts with the familiar tune we all recognize as Shape of You, until Mitch comes in singing the English part of Despacito, and then Kirstie with the Spanish verse and chorus? Then, we revert back to our beautiful Shape of You, with Kirstie and Mitch backing up Scott. All is well until we get to the pre chorus and Kirstie sings it in Spanish? A total winner, this tune is. 6: Papaoutai feat. Lindsey Stirling (originally by Stromae) As Pentatonix gained momentum in 2015 with the On My Way Home tour in which they debuted gemstones like Standing By (Avi Kaplan) and On My Way Home (also Avi Kaplan), they weren't stopping with songs from the US! No, they took on this lovely, fast-paced tune by Belgian artist, Stromae. Not only are the harmonies dizzyingly close and the lyrics fly by, the entire song is sung in French, just like the original! Add the celloboxing from KO and the dancing/violin from Lindsey Stirling, and you have an amazing pop tune!! DISCLAIMER: Papaoutai was released BEFORE Radioactive, and it was in Papaoutai that celloboxing debuted. The video lied. 7: Cheerleader (originally by OMI) "Oh, I think that I found myself a cheerleader..." Ahhh, Cheerleader, a leading pop song in 2015, and in that same year, a brilliant Pentatonix cover. This track begins with a bass line, courtesy of our bass man, Avi Kaplan, then adds the familiar tune of the trumpets via Mitch, then backing vocals from Kirstie, Scotty, and KO. Mitch's lead vocals take us through the first verse and chorus, and then, after a ten second interlude, Scott takes it away, carrying the group through the second verse and chorus. There is another interlude missing the trumpets, but when we get to the bridge, you'll probably forget all about them. The bridge, instead of doing it straight through, Scott, Mitchy, and Kirstie layer three distinct parts throughout it. Scott starts by singing "She gives me love and affection, baby did I mention" twice. This lasts approximately 4 bars. He continues singing this as Mitch enters, singing "Right there, right there when I need her" twice, each one lasting about 4 bars again. As he continues with this, finally, Kirstin chimes in, singing, "Do you need me? Tell me, tell me, tell me. Do you think I'm pretty, oh tell me, tell me, tell me. Do you need me, oh tell me, tell me, tell me." They harmonize, sing the chorus one last time, and the song ends. Add in a sporty-ish music video and you have a cappella gold. 8: Hallelujah (originally by Leonard Cohen) The video covered all my reasoning for why it should be included. 9: Starships (originally by Nicki Minaj) I'm going to start by being blunt: I don't really like Nicki Minaj. However, I do like this song...when my absolute favorite people in the world are singing it! It starts with a rap, where if one were to screw up, a potty word would come out, but I digress. Now, if you haven't heard Mitch rap, you have a bunch of songs to choose from. There's another on this list. Our Queen RAPS, baby! The song continues fast-paced and very Nicki Minaj-y. And, it was one of the better selling tracks on PTX's first official album produced by RCA, PTX Vol. 1. A best selling first track deserves a place on the list! 10: Problem (originally by Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea) To start with, I don't like either of these ladies. I like this song, but I love it when Pentatonix sings it. It doesn't sound as messed with, and I like the genuine sounds you get from a cappella, and they nail that here! Mitch raps for Iggy, and not only does it sound cooler, it's less timely than the original, making for more time for the others to wow us with their awesomeness.
Rose Gleek
Rose Gleek 18 dni temu
Mary did you know in the top 3?! That's like my least fav I the only one?
Richelle Ortiguerra
Bohemian Rhapsody 😊
Electric Heart
Electric Heart 20 dni temu
I am not surprised to see Daft Punk Medley at the top. I was actually kind of raging when I thought she put it as an honorable mention before the little text at the bottom came in or she said anything.
Anna Sliwa Network Marketting Coach
What about jolene ??? 🤔🤔🤔
The Big Gay
The Big Gay 20 dni temu
Why is hallelujah not number 1
The Big Gay
The Big Gay 20 dni temu
Yes please, you should do another
QSCali 21 dzień temu
Umm... Mary Did You Know was written by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene, and was sung by Mark with the Gaither Vocal Band backing him. While I do not doubt that Michael English sang it at some point (he spent two separate periods with the GVB, and was close personal friends with Mark), the credit should not go to him, any more than any of the other many people who have covered this amazing song!
Ariane Monge
Ariane Monge 21 dzień temu
This video is a fuckin joke lmao
Camryn Molnar
Camryn Molnar 21 dzień temu
I think we know who her favorite member is :)
Loki Miesiąc temu
I love Avi's voice
giuzergemer727 YTDV
giuzergemer727 YTDV Miesiąc temu
A mi me gusta god rest merry chendemen y dance of the sugar plum
Green Hornet
Green Hornet Miesiąc temu
Great. Now, can you do Pentatonix top 10 original songs
TendoMendo Miesiąc temu
These were all amazing picks! Personally I would have added Evolution of Music or Evolution of Michael Jackson! When ever I bring my playlist of Pentatonix to people they play these first. :)
Millie MSP
Millie MSP Miesiąc temu
The Papaoutai cover is also amazing. Scott sang it in fluent French !!!
Lola Milano
Lola Milano Miesiąc temu
i so agree with number 1!!! that was my first one from PTX ;)
Adam Woodall
Adam Woodall 2 miesięcy temu
Pentatonix has 3 Christmas albums what happened to PTXmas
Hufflepuff 2 miesięcy temu
Disagree with this list so much.
Maja Milovac
Maja Milovac 2 miesięcy temu
I can't believe Aha! wasn't on the list
Ava IsNotHere
Ava IsNotHere 2 miesięcy temu
So you know, Avi's name is pronounced Ah-vi
Carrick Knarr
Carrick Knarr 2 miesięcy temu
I don't agree with most, but royals did deserve part of this list
Alexa_DoodlesYT 3 miesięcy temu
Avi, Ah-Vee. Not Aaa-Viiiiiiiiii…… Spelled Avi To, cause Avriel Kaplan :3
margaret vi
margaret vi 3 miesięcy temu
I literally will JUST watch the Daft punk medley after
Pier Filippo Valensin
Pier Filippo Valensin 3 miesięcy temu
WTF Hallelujah should be first without any doubt...
joEdz bramos
joEdz bramos 3 miesięcy temu
Abigail 3 miesięcy temu
jeremias fernandez
jeremias fernandez 3 miesięcy temu
Where is my Bohemian Rapsody cover??
Petrina Fuller
Petrina Fuller 4 miesięcy temu
mary did you know and hallelujah are my faaaaaaves
Muhammad Izzat
Muhammad Izzat 4 miesięcy temu
I hate you ms mojo stop talking in your video if you wish want to make another video Stupid....
Praise Henein
Praise Henein 4 miesięcy temu
ok all of their songs are great but this listing is so inaccurate
Presley Knecht
Presley Knecht 4 miesięcy temu
The way she said avi😂
TechBearSeattle 4 miesięcy temu
PTX has far too many excellent covers for a single "Top Ten" list, including several that have come out since this was made. "Imagine" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," for example.
Nathaniel Rose
Nathaniel Rose 4 miesięcy temu
Since the new albums have come out, my list would be really different
MSA03 4 miesięcy temu
Avi isn't baritone, he sings bass. Scott would fit more into baritone. Mitch is tenor more specifically counter-tenor. And kirstie would be on be soprano.
Carla BaiAn
Carla BaiAn 4 miesięcy temu
Ok but do we agree that that totally changed when they did Bohemian Rhapsody right
Emma 4 miesięcy temu
the way she says Avi *cringe*
janetranslates 4 miesięcy temu
Very good choices. My only quibble is with the omission of Evolution of Michael Jackson. To me, it's better than either NSync medley or Evolution of Beyoncé. But it doesn't matter, because once you've heard these 10, you're going to go on and listen to all the others too!
AuskaDezjArdamaath 4 miesięcy temu
Less talking, more music listening.
¡xxboxxiikittii¡ 4 miesięcy temu
Where's Aha!?
C Day
C Day 4 miesięcy temu
I personally listen to can’t sleep love the most but I think cheerleader should have been on there and that hallelujah should have been higher, I keep Daft Punk medley at #1 though. Also if we do 2018 as well we need Attention by Charlie Puth that cover is just great
PinkieDashGamer XD
PinkieDashGamer XD 4 miesięcy temu
Can someone tell them how to pronounce Avi's name PLEASE!
JM Silerio
JM Silerio 4 miesięcy temu
How about Bohemian Rhapsody Cover???? Come on!!
Caca_ Fangirl
Caca_ Fangirl 4 miesięcy temu
0:43 you at least could've said his name right lmao
100ch3vy 4 miesięcy temu
its avi pronounced ah ve
Ashley Mires
Ashley Mires 4 miesięcy temu
Okii, did you just call Avi a baritone? Who are you? 😂
Ellie Dorough
Ellie Dorough 5 miesięcy temu
If she thinks baritone is that low, I wonder what she thinks bass sounds like. This video needs to be redone.
Gina Mannarino
Gina Mannarino 5 miesięcy temu
Gina Mannarino
Gina Mannarino 5 miesięcy temu
Night-Fall Gaming
Night-Fall Gaming 5 miesięcy temu
I know these lists are bullshit based on ranking, i only comr here to see a collection of song
Neth 7
Neth 7 5 miesięcy temu
oh god i think i know what community im supposed to be in a sensitive community
Luke Dye
Luke Dye 5 miesięcy temu
I didn't know daft punk was multiple songs lol!
Scomiche IsReal
Scomiche IsReal 5 miesięcy temu
Scomiche IsReal
Scomiche IsReal 5 miesięcy temu
I think you mean *ALL* of them
Deadpools LilMonster
Deadpools LilMonster 6 miesięcy temu
Mitch's voice honestly is something from the heavens his voice just makes me feel so many feelings and I'm living for it.
Nathaniel Hernandez
Nathaniel Hernandez 6 miesięcy temu
Bro daft punk was the best
Harrison Whitmore
Harrison Whitmore 6 miesięcy temu
BLASPHEMY! Hallelujah at 6?????????
STG Official
STG Official 6 miesięcy temu
Come on man....all of the songs should have been shown in this video.
Doritoman38 Gaming
Doritoman38 Gaming 6 miesięcy temu
deep "Baritone" xD
Taya671 6 miesięcy temu
Kurstin... KURSTIN I have a friend named Kirstin and I immediately got mad when I heard her say Kirstin's name.
laurene austria
laurene austria 6 miesięcy temu
I was not surprised by the #1 but Aha! should at least be there.
That One Drawing Person
That One Drawing Person 6 miesięcy temu
It didn't start with all five at first it was only Scott, Mitch, and Kristen but for the sing off you needed five or more so then that's when they got Avi, and Kevin
B L A N K 6 miesięcy temu
Are you kidding me 4 should be papaouti at least And Mary did you know are you kidding?
Jes' Oko
Jes' Oko 6 miesięcy temu
Ms. Mojo has obviously never watched Aha or Winter Hymnal...
Oishii Kayo
Oishii Kayo 6 miesięcy temu
I'm so sick of people singing other people songs...
Abi Alston
Abi Alston 6 miesięcy temu
Bish there’s 3 holiday albums??
Carlos Ng II
Carlos Ng II 6 miesięcy temu
Carlos Ng II
Carlos Ng II 6 miesięcy temu
I am expecting I need your love
Ori Shoval
Ori Shoval 6 miesięcy temu
In "can't hold us" I thought that the one standing in the Center choose his outfit based on their personality and the rest dressed in kind of a maching way
Maggie Gueder
Maggie Gueder 6 miesięcy temu
Nary Lee
Nary Lee 7 miesięcy temu
kissydanielle 7 miesięcy temu
Every song that they cover is AMAZING!!!!! I am beyond sad that Avi is no longer with them. 😭
Harrison Whitmore
Harrison Whitmore 7 miesięcy temu
Where is cheerleader?
yeet jeff
yeet jeff 7 miesięcy temu
avi is not a baritone...
Tynan Cravy
Tynan Cravy 7 miesięcy temu
What happened to Sing?
Jack Star
Jack Star 7 miesięcy temu
So much wrong with this list
Alliegator Wu
Alliegator Wu 7 miesięcy temu
Wait..... deep baritone? Oh gosh. And what about Bohemian Rapsody?
Kyle Fletcher-Gray
Kyle Fletcher-Gray 7 miesięcy temu
number #2 the beyonce one should be first
Aliah Danielle Saberon
Aliah Danielle Saberon 7 miesięcy temu
Aww ms mojo its touching!!
a Moerike
a Moerike 7 miesięcy temu
My inner commentary while watching this: -Its ah-vi -HEs a bass, Scott’s a baritone, Mitch is a tenor (countertenor) and Kirstie is a mezzo soprano, ( I think Kevin’s also a tenor? Correct me if I’m wrong) -Why is hallelujah sixth? -God rest ye merry gentlemen??? - Papaoutai? -where are all the Christmas songs? -WHY IS IT ONLY TEN SONGS? -where are a lot of their PLvid covers? Like “no” and the evolution of Michael Jackson? -perfume medley? -I need your love? - aha where is aha - say something, that song helps me sleep at night! - please just add more, make a second part? Maybe just like their medleys or christmas albums, or like their solo projects? (Superfruit, future friends, love (Kirstin)) -THere are 3 Christmas albums (PTXmas, that’s Christmas to me, and a pentatonix Christmas) -thank god daft punk was on here -A lot of these were older songs, maybe add some newer ones they are really good. -maybe do another vid of like their originals as well (light in the hallway, standing by, run to you) - how many PTX songs do I have? Every single one, even collabs (oh what a beautiful morning, ghostbusters) I also have every song memorized and all the background parts, and I have all of their solo stuff - from a seriously dedicated pentaholic
G and T TV
G and T TV 7 miesięcy temu
I honestly really enjoy their cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know". Also great idea for a listed
Adriano Freestyle
Adriano Freestyle 7 miesięcy temu
bohemian rhapsody
Baby Taegar
Baby Taegar 7 miesięcy temu
HA! They called Avi a baritone. They are obviously not fans.
Mallory Atack
Mallory Atack 7 miesięcy temu
ugh the way she says Avi
Mindy Lafler
Mindy Lafler 7 miesięcy temu
Well. Everyone is going to have their "number one" picked out of this groups' bag of tunes. There are a lot of people who don't know that many famous songs, that we all know and love, were indeed covers of someone else's released song. This is what happens, with the way music is today. Sia has written songs for other artists, who took those songs up the charts, only to record and release them herself. "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett and The Black Hearts, is a cover. A lot of artists do this. This is a GOOD thing. Songs get revamped and updated and given another chance to connect with the new generation of music listeners. I'm very glad for this! Pentatonix is so very smart with their arrangements. I've become a fan of music that I never cared to listen to. I have to throw a shout out to Home Free, another acapella group, with a decidedly country/pop feel to their music. Give them all a listen to. You won't be sorry! Thanx, Mindy
Pidge 7 miesięcy temu
ACTUALLY, Mary did you know? Was written by MARK LOWRY. Do your research, no hate though.
Pidge 7 miesięcy temu
The way she said avi's name makes me cringe
Huynh Clan
Huynh Clan 8 miesięcy temu
I’m kinda sad papaoutai didn’t make it
Wendy Packard
Wendy Packard 8 miesięcy temu
Michael English covered it but Mark Lowery wrote it
CLASH MASTER 8 miesięcy temu
Like if you are a PENTAHOLIC
Nick Lovizio
Nick Lovizio 8 miesięcy temu
Hallelujah should have been number 1