Todd Howard Exclusive Interview with Geoff Keighley: E3 2018

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Todd Howard exclusive first E3 interview with on Fallout 76, The Elder Scrolls VI, and Starfield.
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11 cze 2018

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Komentarze 1 708
Cybernetic Nerd
Cybernetic Nerd 25 dni temu
BigJo Lo
BigJo Lo Miesiąc temu
I would slap that guy in the face over and over again.
Todd Howard
Todd Howard Miesiąc temu
Saturian Khazard
Saturian Khazard Miesiąc temu
Todd: ...ow and btw - Fallout 76 is a practical joke on hard-core fans, aaaaand... we'll never actually release bug-less; well-working and good version of the game sooooo... we got all your monies suckers! HA-HA-HA...
Alex The Awsome
Alex The Awsome Miesiąc temu
Yeah that's right Toddy, tell me more lies
Dave Corbey
Dave Corbey Miesiąc temu
I kept waiting for Geoff Keighley to go down on his hands and knees in front of Todd. Todd is full of confidence bordering on arrogance and clearly loves himself. 6 months on and it's all not looking so great is it?
ManLikeNaz Miesiąc temu
Star field is gonna suck ass like all Bethesda developed games. Witcher 3 made all elder scrolls games look like garbage.
Dookie69uk 2 miesięcy temu
O look its the snake oil salesman.
Strandonn Clancy
Strandonn Clancy 2 miesięcy temu
I'm surprised no one was dragged into the Skyrim opening this time
Electricfire 2 miesięcy temu
And now Fallout 76 is a dumpster fire
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 2 miesięcy temu
This hasn't aged well...
FryNoodles 2 miesięcy temu
i legit got a doritos ad before this video
Emperor elijah 16
Emperor elijah 16 2 miesięcy temu
Why do I keep getting videos to do with Todd Howard in my recommends
RENEHIKO 2 miesięcy temu
if they would have just skipped Fallout 76 and worked on the rest instead, it all could have been so amazing...
Patrick Irie
Patrick Irie 2 miesięcy temu
2:31 Considering the brilliance of Fallout 76 this statement right here reveals this whole interview is, just as the whole marketing campaign behind the game is, a bunch of ridiculous lies. Why is that pre puberty voiced guy tryna f-ing fool me???
edgars purins
edgars purins 2 miesięcy temu
tell me lies tell me sweet little lies nananananana
Syniphe Ykant
Syniphe Ykant 2 miesięcy temu
Whenever I watch Todd Howard I can't help thinking about eXistenZ (Cronenburg, 1999). For someone who produces and oversees the production of such compelling, interesting and thoughtful games, he seems so intentionally vapid in interview--at least I hope it's intentional. No interviewer ever pushes him; that I think, might be intentional on his part, like, he won’t give interviews to anyone that takes video games seriously as an actual art form vs those who like to play games. The real questions are admittedly difficult to articulate. But questions like--'what political and/or moral philosophy guides the choices that yourself and your team imbed in the game?' Now that would be an interesting question for Todd. Or, “What do you understand about the degree to which video games create actual ‘life experiences’ for your audience?” This may seem like a weird question but I suspect that I am not alone among gamers when I say that there are many times that my game experiences do bleed over into my life and usually in a positive way. This by no means is meant to validate those that blame video games for adolescent male violence-that theory is both lazy and stupid as far as I am concerned. If you are not inclined to violence in the first place no amount of gaming will make you so, and if you are inclined to violence in the first place you will find violence without ever having touched a game-it has always been so and remains so. I have been playing games for 30 years, if that theory were correct I would have taken out platoons of people by now-I can tell the difference between real life and video games, and movies, and all the rest; those who can’t are fantastically damaged humans and no video game will make that worse, but I am on the fence about whether video games can actually make that better. There is something to be said for the experience, even an in-game experience of being the Hero rather than the victim, and can being a Hero, even virtually, help you? I suspect that maybe it can. The there is this--while I may be hyperbolic in this, I think that video games are actually the highest expression of modern art: not portraits of Jesus drowned in urine (Serrano, 1987) which got a lot of press, or cartoons of Mohammed which got people killed (Charlie Hebdo, 2015) the latter of which was so fantastically insane and got even more press--those, to me, are silly anachronisms compared to what Howard is doing, and disregards entirely the gravity and breadth of audience he is penetrating. Compared to these instances, there is no imaginable equality in terms of the sheer numbers exposed to the art form. Still crickets.... Video games with triple A rating and world wide penetration? versus an infantile and regressed few people getting murderous about a cartoon in a relatively low circulation publication in France; or a few all puffy and upset but peaceful Catholics reacting vocally to an admittedly offensive art installation in Brooklyn, NY? Not even close--but no one in the art world, or more general humanities pays attention to Fallout?, or Skyrim? Kind of amazing. And everyone gets behind what a good guy he is? OK, he is a good guy-I love the games, even FO76, so far-don’t get me wrong, but doesn’t it seem like there is a lot more here? And Todd, unchallenged, bores us all with his exposition about player experience? C'mon...Then there is this--this video, as I speak, has less than 200K viewers, while 'cheats videos' get over a million views--make what you want of that, but I find it disturbing.
Serenity OakTree
Serenity OakTree 2 miesięcy temu
Confirmed: *Starfield & Elderscrolls 6 will be using the same broken Engine from Fallout76* "And now Bethesda's *Todd Howard has confirmed* that the developer is *using its same old creaky engine to power Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI,* God help us all." This is not a joke. They really are going to use the same Outdated Engine. 🤮 Starfield: DOA Elderscrolls 6: DOA Just saved you from getting let down, broken promises & wasting your money in the future. You're Welcome. 👍
Kamikaze Eightytwo
Kamikaze Eightytwo 2 miesięcy temu
New Vegas was a HUGE fix to FO3.....
Kamikaze Eightytwo
Kamikaze Eightytwo 2 miesięcy temu
Dude needs to let go of making a fool of Fallout. OBSIDIAN PLEASE TAKE OVER!!!
Abdulrahman Almashaal
Abdulrahman Almashaal 2 miesięcy temu
Bleh bleh Todd Howard 2018
tetsuoswrath 2 miesięcy temu
The interviewer is annoying. Yeah, yeah, uh huh, yeah. He sounds like a latte drinking douche. And towards the end when Todd does it back to him I'm like, this is why I love Todd. :{J
Mark 2 miesięcy temu
Haha wtf is a "latte drinking douche"? It's bad to put steamed milk in your coffee now?
Bjarni Valur
Bjarni Valur 2 miesięcy temu
In hindsight, we can clearly see that the mice wasn't the only thing Todd dropped. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
White Eye
White Eye 2 miesięcy temu
It JuSt WoRkS
ZackDestroys U
ZackDestroys U 2 miesięcy temu
He looks like he disappoints lol
Extreme 16
Extreme 16 3 miesięcy temu
ThousandYard BearStare
ThousandYard BearStare 3 miesięcy temu
"I have a team that follows up after a game is released that counts all the money I make. They also use the Creation Engine. Cuz it just works." -Todd Howard
Daniel Haussman
Daniel Haussman 3 miesięcy temu
I hate online I hate fortnight I hate gta online I hate bo3 online I hate online games Children tryhards trolls griefers I just wanna play a game that takes me away from the world away from them Ok back to Fall out 4 😒
Paulo Jorge Cruz Pereira Rodrigues Melo e Almeida
Sweet little lies.
Second Web
Second Web 3 miesięcy temu
Google search todd howard memes. You will not be disappointed
DIO brando
DIO brando 3 miesięcy temu
2 titans meet
dcgregorya 3 miesięcy temu
No npcs? We wanted fallout where your friends could join you. We didn't want npcs removed... that's awful what's wrong with you?
Dark Death
Dark Death 3 miesięcy temu
this is gay I can't play offline this was my favorite game
VladTheRad 3 miesięcy temu
predictions: 20-2-20 - Starfield 22-2-22 - TES6 25-2-25 - FO5
Thekeninger 3 miesięcy temu
Karel Jaros
Karel Jaros 3 miesięcy temu
Fallout 76 is pointless without NPCs. Like what's the purpose of doing quests in a world that is completely empty.
YOU-5-IVER 3 miesięcy temu
9:58 Todd Howard: it plays in 4K it’s amazing Me: *sees comparison* yh yh tiny dot in more detail is TOTALLY unbelievable and life changing!
Elias Puolakka
Elias Puolakka 3 miesięcy temu
The sweet little...
YuliAFTERつき 3 miesięcy temu
Not hyped for Fallout 76, not a fan of online games myself. I'm just relieved that TES 6 is in pre-production, mobile game kinda sucks but oh well I'll give it a chance. This is a great interview, enjoyed every bits here, good job for the interviewer and Todd himself.
Ducko 3 miesięcy temu
Todd Howard in smash
toast week
toast week 3 miesięcy temu
Geoff is bloody good!
King56Fisher95 3 miesięcy temu
Bethesda need to hire me as the writer for fallout 5, i will bring back every single faction and make them as good as possible.
Angry Santa
Angry Santa 4 miesięcy temu
Hardest of the hard passes.
pythongamingmedia 4 miesięcy temu
no offline single player? always on survival PvP? Guess I'll be skipping F76 which is a shame as visually it looks awesome roll on Fallout 5 instead
Medo Brundo
Medo Brundo 4 miesięcy temu
God give us more people like Todd in gaming industry an destroy those like in EA
Conor Keogh
Conor Keogh 5 miesięcy temu
I don’t think people get that fallout 76 is a rust or ark esc game, I get you cry about no npc apt single player but at least give it a chance
Dylan Kane
Dylan Kane 5 miesięcy temu
Why is the god wearing a hoodie!
TheInfamousWolf 5 miesięcy temu
Todd's getting very risky with his words, "We don't have the technology yet" Just what in gods name is he talking about? Hell, even Geoff wants to know what he's getting at when he said that last time, we have allot of amazing things that out already, i mean look at Assassin's Creed Origins or Odyssey, (not out just yet) but it looks and works amazingly well and it's going gonna get better so what in the Hell is Bethesda gonna do with Elder Scrolls after milking Skyrim a million times? ESO is doing insanely well so...I doubt Bethesda is gonna be able to deliver with Todd's wild "Technological" promise.
topple 5 miesięcy temu
Michael Scott irl xd
dcd 2015
dcd 2015 5 miesięcy temu
ES 6, They could also stop wasting time with all the little quest with multiple different enemies with no end conclusion, and say make a game long quest of say an all out war with the thalmor. And more like a REAL war with many forts to take/destroy and eliminate, with large battles and many enemies to eliminate. And DONT re spawn the enemies. Once killed, that area is won & done secured and garrisoned by friendly troops. .Something you would have to get to say level 50 to win. .The civil war in skyrim was pretty stupid and had no end conclusion. Plus the cities were trashed and not fixed again. I played through the war quest one time and never have bothered with them again. It made no sense.
dcd 2015
dcd 2015 5 miesięcy temu
In Skyrim, Once you get to higher levels, you have all this money with absolutely NOTHING to do with it,, so it gets boring. WHY make money? For what? In ES6, EXPAND the Hearthfire. You should be able to buy or build NEW houses, castles, farms, ranches, build or buy businesses, pick a PROPERTY to build a house, choose what you raise, horses, cattle, etc. Build fences for livestock, buy/sell live stock, whatever. I have 30 million in my house safe with nothing to do with it. Building dams, bridges, etc. Id like to fix up Whiterun outside town. As it is, you just download a mod and everything is free. Most mods are totally over the top and ridiculous. The hearthfire mod is great with building a house, but you should be able to do much MORE. Fences, security walls, gates, etc. All that cost money to have built.. Spend LESS time making quest with no conclusion, and greatly expand the games Hearthfire MOd.
Benjamin Lachance
Benjamin Lachance 5 miesięcy temu
He mentionned the montreal studio and my dad us the boss of bethesda montreal
Aleksandar Ivanov
Aleksandar Ivanov 5 miesięcy temu
Please explain to me, why do I find Todd Howard unlikable and annoying? And, I am asking for real, because I am not able to point my finger to the reason.
Life with Red Hunter
Life with Red Hunter 6 miesięcy temu
Why is everyone hating it,People over react on it...Just shows how much disrespect you show to bethesda,I honestly want fallout 76 so much...You guys do not know what is good...
Life with Red Hunter
Life with Red Hunter 6 miesięcy temu
LiFE 707
LiFE 707 6 miesięcy temu
Todd bb shut up scrap Fallout 76 and already start working on Elder scrolls VI cause elder scrolls games are insanely huge this elder scrolls will take atleast 3 years or 4 years till it releases but I can’t complain cause I’m still blown away that they’re making another elder scrolls game I really thought they wouldn’t make another elder scrolls
S. Bach
S. Bach 6 miesięcy temu
So theres no emotional storys with cutscenes? Just quests from textboxes and crafting?
king 304
king 304 6 miesięcy temu
Even Todd was firing shots at the number of re-releases skyrim had😂😂😂
Chell In a Shell
Chell In a Shell 6 miesięcy temu
Todd looks younger than he really is
Uproar 6 miesięcy temu
You know those things you like about fallout?? Yea we're taking them away.
G00ober 6 miesięcy temu
Honestly, I like everything Bethesda makes, buggy or not, I love em, always have.
todd howard is a great man
Benoit Messier
Benoit Messier 6 miesięcy temu
You listen to this guy and you immediately understand why the Fallout franchise is dying. He's an idiot.
MickeRamone 6 miesięcy temu
Elder Scrolls VI in the earliest in my prediction. It will be 10 years after Skyrim
nikushim666 6 miesięcy temu
Dropped the mic? The only thing todd is capable of "dropping" is sweet little lies.
moist_captain 7 miesięcy temu
Todd is daddy.
O Anonymous O
O Anonymous O 7 miesięcy temu
Thank god its focused on single player
Burnt Bacon
Burnt Bacon 7 miesięcy temu
People are complaining about no nps in fallout 76 Mayve the players are the npcs maybe you will be able to talk to other players and trade
DevilKeyz 7 miesięcy temu
Geoff, how did it feel to speak to a GODD
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams 7 miesięcy temu
When Tod Howard talks, he looks like Steve Carell.
Master Galdito
Master Galdito 7 miesięcy temu
Omg i got goose bumby at 5:12 eso 6
Executer 66
Executer 66 7 miesięcy temu
0:15 Who is this Jeff? I see only Ge Off
TalenGio 7 miesięcy temu
Todd is laughing at me.
DarkEndDragon_- 7 miesięcy temu
ES 6 is what I'm so excited about. Of course, Starfield as well, but ES is love! Will be buying Fallout 76, it's spinoff. So, it's fine.
Jim Boggs
Jim Boggs 7 miesięcy temu
Im just here for ES6 details, forget the rest...
Wiwi Widayanti
Wiwi Widayanti 7 miesięcy temu
Kono dio todd
Joe berdanke
Joe berdanke 7 miesięcy temu
Fallout online no thanks, it seems there next big game to look forward to is Starfield
Рас Ту
Рас Ту 7 miesięcy temu
Кто русский давай лайк ;)
Evil Chameleon
Evil Chameleon 7 miesięcy temu
Todd seems like a cool, down-to-Earth guy. I'm hoping 76 turns out to be awesome.
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 7 miesięcy temu
But can we build settlements underground to protect against the bombs though?
The Perfectionist
The Perfectionist 7 miesięcy temu
So if Starfield and ES6 use the same engine, which MAY be likely, then there is a good chance they could come out sooner. I mean, considering the fact that Fallout 76 is using Fallout 4's engine, that means that they are were able to spend more time on constructing Starfield and ES6. The fact that Starfield is currently playable too means that it could be out much sooner than we think...
Game Man
Game Man 7 miesięcy temu
He has such a soft young voice! I expected him to sound like Gaben!
Young tortoise12
Young tortoise12 7 miesięcy temu
Bethesda's e3 was like bam Starfeld,bam elder scrolls 6,bam fallout 76,bam prey dlc,bam wolfinstin young blood,bam DOOM eternal,bam elder scrolls online dlc,bam skyrim elexa,bam Rage 2,bam fallout shelter for ps4 and the switch,bam elder scrolls blades,more things on elder scrolls,bam more content for Qake.
DamageIncM 7 miesięcy temu
This interview is decent, but all the "fan digging"... Like "What are you guys doing? Are you going to do so and so differently?". - Those questions must be so annoying. - Well, I'm sure they're flattered about the interest, but the answer will be something along the line of "We can't tell you / don't know." anyway.
DamageIncM 7 miesięcy temu
10:54 I wonder if Geoff takes criticism on himself into consideration...
Heartworn Fox
Heartworn Fox 7 miesięcy temu
The most favorited comments are positive stuff, I don’t understand why people are getting mad, it’s a bonus game kinda like new Vegas or elder scrolls. I am a lil sad about vats being gone, but I’m fine with it. I’ll wait for private servers, I’m fine with no npcs because most people are ghouls and since as we’ve seen in the trailers that West Virginia is a dangerous place. Just please calm down, either buy it or not. It’s not going to kill anyone and realize that it’s just a game and realize that you should really be disappointed in Microsoft and Nintendo for their lacking showcases. I’m just sick of people getting pissed about fallout because I know earlier fallout games are deep but some games need to be just fun. I think it would be good if it could be played offline.
generic name
generic name 7 miesięcy temu
Lol when he was listing fallout and elder scrolls games he just misses New Vegas. I guess Todd doesn't remember it.
Dark Phantom
Dark Phantom 7 miesięcy temu
I wanna know since, there will probably be absolutely none Npcs could we be able to make our characters into Ghouls somehow?
crypto 7 miesięcy temu
Geoff is the best in the business and has been for over a decade. Glad he's still around.
huiAPPOAJ 7 miesięcy temu
I wonder if he's aware of toddposting
Wolf. 7 miesięcy temu
Todd is bae
uberd0gAlpha 7 miesięcy temu
I wonder how much Geoff was paid by Sony to keep his legs crossed for the entire interview...
Electro Blue
Electro Blue 7 miesięcy temu
Bethesda’s gonna apply the finishing blow on No Mans Sky with Starfield
Todd Blackmon
Todd Blackmon 7 miesięcy temu
That man is my hero... And not just because he is the only person on earth that makes my name cool. :D
Steven Smiley
Steven Smiley 7 miesięcy temu
I love Todd, Elder scrolls is my favorite game series and he was the director on Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim making those games the best they could be. The only thing I wish they would stop doing is streamlining and removing mechanics from games. Every ES game they remove more and more, and I hate it. Hell with fallout 4 they removed all the RPG elements. Fallout is supposed to be an RPG IP, but I guess not anymore. Please stop. They admitted in the noclip documentary that the reason for doing this is consoles. While I'm happy they're making good money and all that because of consoles, as a PC gamer I just wish they'd dive back into the RPG elements and bring everything good back. Todd is a HUGE RPG nerd, and even with him they keep doing this. I'm scared for ES 6 when it comes out in 5 or 6 years that it'll be the ES version of Fallout 4. I really hope not.
Feddy von Wigglestein
Feddy von Wigglestein 7 miesięcy temu
Max Curry
Max Curry 7 miesięcy temu
I'm going to laugh if this game turns out to be awesome and all of these people griping about it start playing it. I'm going to play it. If it sucks, I'll stop playing it. Pretty simple.
Zain844 7 miesięcy temu
So it's basically just Fallout online. Count me out. I'm not down with this online only bullshit and you know there is going to be a ton of griefing. Regardless of what Todd Howard says.
Cameron Stine
Cameron Stine 7 miesięcy temu
Todd's conversation is leaving some curiosity's for me. When he said there is single player at the E3 Presentation I felt like jumping in joy. Though now he's confusing: saying there is "single player, but....". That's what worry's me, but no matter what if I can't play Fallout 76, because it requires online, then I guess it's fine. I'll just watch other people play it.
Alex Moon
Alex Moon 7 miesięcy temu
I want a Skyrim where you can cross between the nation's, and also Travel to the continent Akavir
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