The Return of Whiteface Man

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9 mar 2018

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Komentarze 25 595
h3h3Productions 3 miesięcy temu
😂😂😂😂🎵buy dat merch🎵 😂😂😂😂
Riley B
Riley B 20 dni temu
h3h3Productions if your insides are not the true white man like me
Rwa R
Rwa R 21 dzień temu
All I want for christmas is dat h3 merch All I want for christmas is dat h3 shirt
no name
no name 22 dni temu
h3h3Productions ey man ey buy da merch and smoke da meriguana
Renata Hernández
Renata Hernández 27 dni temu
I got the Fascinating t-shirt :D
Demitry Blaskov
Demitry Blaskov Miesiąc temu
h3h3Productions how many times can you ironically act like logan/jake paul before its not ironic?
Alv Papuh
Alv Papuh 10 godzin temu
kevin lara
kevin lara 12 godzin temu
Did Ethan just blink with one eye 7:38
Connor O Mahony
Connor O Mahony 13 godzin temu
Thanks for the awesome content my dude 👌👌
Mert Ince
Mert Ince 13 godzin temu
I dont care if I offend someone by saying something. I can say any fucking thing I want. But looks like in America, things dont go like that.
Vectix 15 godzin temu
What if one man/woman/any other "gender" could actually change the world like that?
Hydraflare 47
Hydraflare 47 18 godzin temu
"M word". Migger?
Turbo_Terje 19 godzin temu
plz stop saying the W-word (word), i am a white male, the W in word offends me as i am white... plz understand
Brett Reed
Brett Reed 22 godzin temu
I wanted to say Nice Video Ethan, but I really want to avoid peoples feelings, political correctness is important after all. Therefore, N-Word V-word E-word!
G Dzień temu
Actually the anti marijuana campaign happened because the lumber industry saw the many uses of hemp (such as to make paper) as a threat to their future, because using hemp can produce paper quicker and cheaper than using wood, and so they demonized the entire plant so that hemp would never make it into mass production, it had nothing to do with race.
Isaac Power
Isaac Power Dzień temu
is that a m'lady body pillow can i have it...
GeN _Gold
GeN _Gold 2 dni temu
The Mexican American community does NOT see this man as our own.
Ryan Wilder
Ryan Wilder 2 dni temu
What’s the m word
Ochinchin sama
Ochinchin sama 2 dni temu
was the original video deleted? I cant find it.
AvaDYupThatsMe 2 dni temu
i lost brain cells after watching this video
🐱Moon light Luna🌙
Hahaha look at his face at 4:10 Flippin hilarious 😂
Jamie Lochrine
Jamie Lochrine 3 dni temu
2:54 he just looks like HE IS- THE WHITE DEVIL!- AGH!
za zu
za zu 3 dni temu
people don't even say marijuana anymore, who calls weed marijuana anymore?
Davis Young
Davis Young 3 dni temu
The thing is is that white people, black people, and Mexicans all drug deal and kill each other over it.
GrapeGotYourGoat 4 dni temu
This guy is seriously the saddest little Mexican ever
MuscleNeck Gulino
Sugar donut human
Fistagon777 5 dni temu
if people don't like america and people that offend them they can get the fuck about that
Nathan Mobley
Nathan Mobley 5 dni temu
The Awesome Pie126
Gameboy VIBEZ
Gameboy VIBEZ 5 dni temu
V!RUS 5 dni temu
Nico Angelin
Nico Angelin 5 dni temu
W E T B A C K These are the letters i don't like.
Pat rick
Pat rick 6 dni temu
Please tell my why I only notice after rewatching this video for the third time the MattyBRaps book in the back?
Josh 6 dni temu
He looks like a terrifying pope.
King Of cringe
King Of cringe 7 dni temu
Maxtras 7 dni temu
Why all the Americans think that all latin america its like mexico , we dont talk like them , its not the same culture
Heartworn Fox
Heartworn Fox 7 dni temu
Green Lantern
Green Lantern 7 dni temu
I wish Ethan could order Cervesas for my friends and I
Green Lantern
Green Lantern 7 dni temu
Silas Faika
Silas Faika 8 dni temu
I'm comfosed can I say Marijuana because I'm from Germany? 😂
TitanicDragon 8 dni temu
I’d buy the shirt to support you but there’s no fucking way I’m wearing it in public
Ahegao-san 9 dni temu
"When you complain about everything, and every word is off limits, and you choose to be offended by every single little thing, you put yourself in a box." (Ethan & Whiteface, 2018)
Tiffany Malcolm
Tiffany Malcolm 9 dni temu
Marihuana 😀😀😀😀😀😀 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Puff go
Puff go 10 dni temu
It’s a drug you fukin reatard
Infinity Kench
Infinity Kench 10 dni temu
u r so white i cant look at the screen cuz its too bright
Brando Albrighi
Brando Albrighi 10 dni temu
newspeak is rapidly approaching
Kate Dee
Kate Dee 11 dni temu
Ethan is the father of the internet
Corroderptor 12 dni temu
The first whiteface man in the modern age is actually Micheal Jackson, but if we go further it might be mimes or maybe even ancient war paint. Ethan's late to the party.
Bath House Becky
Bath House Becky 12 dni temu
So is cocaine going to be off limits soon or what?
REBEL PROJECT 12 dni temu
Anyone else like eating out B-words?
sage8811 12 dni temu
Anyone who gets offended by calling marijuana marijuana needs to shut up and mind their bussiness
Ian Williamson
Ian Williamson 13 dni temu
2:08 Reggae in your video video (It says video twice)
Crafting Junk
Crafting Junk 13 dni temu
Byron Filer
Byron Filer 7 dni temu
Crafting Junk r/madlads
David Smith
David Smith 13 dni temu
And it's because of buzzfeed and others like it is the reason why we are becoming a pussyfied nation
ShynePlayz 13 dni temu
If he says marijuana is a bad word then why does he keep saying it?
Jimi Ikola
Jimi Ikola 13 dni temu
Stop saying WOKE
Darrell Covello
Darrell Covello 13 dni temu
Excuse me, but I am offended by grunts and nods.
Sweet Dave
Sweet Dave 14 dni temu
Marijuana you!
Philip Matthews
Philip Matthews 14 dni temu
Shall we? 🤔
FatNova Games
FatNova Games 14 dni temu
Please watch in 144p
Tdawg 4740
Tdawg 4740 14 dni temu
Is that a boy or a girl? And is it transgender?
Gandalf 乡,
Gandalf 乡, 14 dni temu
Why is there a Matty B book in the back
Penn 14 dni temu
That guy in the video looks like a homosexual mexican alex wassabi, and i will not take shit for saying that.
Samael16661 14 dni temu
> appropriating the latin language because the Romans aren't around to defend themselves anymore Absolutely disgusting and not PC at all.
Sonny Chaudhry
Sonny Chaudhry 14 dni temu
Ethan for president.
Domestic Error
Domestic Error 15 dni temu
“As this video will almost certainly be demonetized” That shit made my whole night.
Sof vxm
Sof vxm 15 dni temu
Where is blackface man? Dude that is discrimination. Please do blackfaceman to make black people feel more included
Andrew Chon Vlogs
Andrew Chon Vlogs 15 dni temu
That moment when in this video they claim it’s not the fault of a substance or object creating crime, but when you bring up gun control they say it is the objects fault, not the persons abusing it. SJW, get your shit together
VipVip999 16 dni temu
Christy Hardy
Christy Hardy 16 dni temu
Ya. Because people naively throwing around words like Marijuana is the real culprit of minority oppression. Nevermind the 300,000 children trafficked for sexual purposes in this country every year, or the fact that most of those children are black or Hispanic. Nah, lets not deal with trivial things like that. We've got virtue signaling to do so we can experience the egotistic euphoria that comes with being completely defined by your victim card and say only what's popular while completely ignoring the issues that effect ACTUAL VICTIMS. Ya know, like people who never had a chance to care what anybody thought of their image or culture, because they'd just like to eat and not be raped everyday. NICE F*CKING REVOLUTION GUYS!!! Don't even get me started on the issue of human trafficking and overseas outsourced labor in general. This kid might want to look into who made his neatly kempt clothes. Who's poor, frail hands had to make them, so he could hand some white man money for it at an affordable price 👍 Marijauna
Erick Aparicio
Erick Aparicio 16 dni temu
Can’t wait for the next installment of “what word we’re not allowed to say next” because some professional feminists at buzzfeed got offended enough to make a video describing said word by invoking some history that nobody knows about, cares about, and never learned in school, a history of which they themselves just learned 5 minutes ago, all so they can tell us how to behave by way of intense inane and unnecessary micromanagement :)
K Batt
K Batt 16 dni temu
Let's stick it to the old racists and not only give the word a more positive connotation and also stop incarcerating people for non violent drug offenses.
SammiG 16 dni temu
IDK why or how but Ethan looks very attractive as white face man
dankeous memeous 44
Don't even try it
Don't even try it 17 dni temu
Hila's is honestly the most tolerant and patient person in the history of the world, maybe ever! The shit you put her through Ethan, hilarious XD
Manatee MC
Manatee MC 17 dni temu
1:15 Dude I fucking snorted 😂😂
Growtopia RP Channel / World Lock giveaways
It’s With Diamond From Steven Universe
Matt Rockman
Matt Rockman 17 dni temu
I-word R-word L-word Y-word C-word
Josh Salmon
Josh Salmon 18 dni temu
Ethan idk if you know this but we Ashkenazi’s are actually a race so he can say whatever the fuck he wants because he is white and ashkenazi
FancyHat 18 dni temu
H word, D word Y word U word A word?
IWanna DieM8
IWanna DieM8 18 dni temu
The word “word” offends me. Beat that Mr Klein
Person Person
Person Person 18 dni temu
Is that fucking Marlon Brando as Dr. Moreau
Miguel Angel Martinez Casado
¿What should I do? I'm from Spain, and in Spanish the only word for cannabis is Marihuana. ¿I can't say Marihuana anymore? I mean, im not mexican, if you say that I can say Marihuana because i speak the same lenguage as mexicans, I wll be offended as other mexicas and dudes of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)
jodmeo señor
jodmeo señor 17 dni temu
No puedes decir marihuana a menos que tengas un familiar cercano que se llame María y otro que se llame Juana
Landon Baker
Landon Baker 19 dni temu
Ethans eyes are fucking huge when they're all you can see.
Petit Kush
Petit Kush 19 dni temu
Look like he hate The white devillllll
TheMoyikarp 20 dni temu
Hi, actual Mexican here. Never take anything that Chicanos say seriously, they are not Latinos and they know shit about their roots, marihuana has never offended a Mexican and that will stay like that forever, geez we get more offended when a try hard chicano speaks Spanish and calls himself "Latino" than a white American saying "Marihuana". BuzzFeed, Now this, etc... Will never speak for us, the real Latinos, they only speak for the delicate Chicano youth aka the fake Latinos. It's just like the time they removed Poncho Mario from Mario Odyssey's cover because of a minority of stupid Chicanos and a bunch of offended white people when the whole country of mexico was happy as fuck about Poncho Mario.
Ricky Ray
Ricky Ray 18 dni temu
Damn dude.. I wish you and people like you had more of a voice..
Johnny Guitar Cash
Johnny Guitar Cash 21 dzień temu
Skipped the video beginning. Scared the shit outta me.
Manny 21 dzień temu
Whiteface man reminds me of the actor of Baby's ice cream.
Joseantonio Garcia
Joseantonio Garcia 21 dzień temu
Brainsick Bailey
Brainsick Bailey 21 dzień temu
Didn't weed come from southeast asia?
the ree 2
the ree 2 22 dni temu
whiteface man i am slowly beginning to die of terminal cringe i had a small one second eye contact with a feminist and i am going to die can i get a cure and a papa bless
Lawgx 22 dni temu
M word is before the N word, coincidence?
aMAX 22 dni temu
What do we do when the word "word" is offensive?
cyanmanta 22 dni temu
I mean, the guy is technically right - cannabis is a more accurate term and it just sounds better, at least IMO - but for totally the wrong reasons. If there’s no racial stigma attached to the word “marijuana” anymore, he’s only doing damage by trying to re-apply said stigma. He’s trying to make us live in the past.
Otai w_a_v_e
Otai w_a_v_e 22 dni temu
Marijuana oops I mean M-word
Tierchenmeister 22 dni temu
at min1sec38: Whenever someone says _"racism"_ with that feminist lisp, that is a clear sign of mental derangement. People that overuse the word tend to start pronouncing it that way, probablly because they become so adept at pronouncing it that they'll start overempathizing it.
Олександр Середюк
Nice M-word E-word, P-word of you
EpicLiamPaul 23 dni temu
Smoke marijuana every day
vicxray 365
vicxray 365 23 dni temu
Dom Witte
Dom Witte 25 dni temu
NowThis is such an irritating thing to have to watch. Its cringey how they try to make their videos look dramatic with those alternating angles, but often it just turns out to be thinly veiled, one sided propaganda. I’m a progressive but these people annoy the shit out of me
greg 25 dni temu
* whispers * "burrito"
*_Austin_* *_5098_*
Make it BUN DEM
Lightningmagean 25 dni temu
You know what, I stand with Hila for taking up Smurf-face, what a role model
cx Cx
cx Cx 25 dni temu
i wear black face every day
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