The Return of Whiteface Man

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9 mar 2018

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h3h3Productions 6 miesięcy temu
😂😂😂😂🎵buy dat merch🎵 😂😂😂😂
Hydroelectric Jellyfish
the Man Dan
the Man Dan Miesiąc temu
Why did you have Hila appropriate the silver surfer at the end of the video, now i'm offended. Also did you use the word "word', it's W-w get it right.
Logic Monkey
Logic Monkey Miesiąc temu
I remember they were having an Auction to raise money for black schools....but the blacks were so offended by the word Auction that nobody was allowed to say it or call it that because there was once a slave Auction....trigger me timbers... Feel bad for the guy that had to walk around with the nametag "AUCTIONEER" LOOOOOL BET HIS ASS GOT RAPED!
Mystical Yeet
Mystical Yeet Miesiąc temu
Buy dat m-word*
Zach Martin
Zach Martin 2 miesięcy temu
All I want for Christmas is a pack of white shirts.....and maybe some undies.
uri hauben
uri hauben Godzinę temu
Please don't say word it's offensive
iconoclast vituperations
iconoclast vituperations 21 godzinę temu
This guy is like the hamsters you kept in a cage for a year and buried in the backyard.
MOOORE fine arin
MOOORE fine arin Dzień temu
Oh no! The evil sjw’s (jk they arnt evil in most cases) are trying to erase profane language! We need WHITEFACE MAAAAAAN!🎵que theme song🎵
PencilManTV Dzień temu
I-word L-word y-word v-word
Ryan Dzień temu
Lol fricking now this bs videos on their Facebook bs
TubbyCraft 2 dni temu
enzo adrian
enzo adrian 2 dni temu
Hay que comer un burrito, talvez fumar marihuana, vamos ahora todos es racista jajajaj
Paul Langan
Paul Langan 2 dni temu
The word “word” offends me Ethan I would appreciate if you would take this video down
Omnipotent 2 dni temu
life isnt too short it is too fast
AfroBode 2 dni temu
W-word, Ethan! G-word m-word, k-word i-word u-word, p-word o-word y-word!
Buddhist Paul
Buddhist Paul 3 dni temu
Oddly enough this video was monetized.
JJ 3 dni temu
I like to eat some p-word if ya know what I'm s-word.
Travis Horton
Travis Horton 3 dni temu
Ray 3 dni temu
Sprite 3 dni temu
The white devil
Cherry 3 dni temu
Hila looks so beautiful in that photo at the end omg
Abnoja Young
Abnoja Young 3 dni temu
I’m offended by the: N word R word S word M word W W ** - - ..
Mr Fappn
Mr Fappn 3 dni temu
I’m right here, why yu reaching some far?
Emmanuel Mercado
Emmanuel Mercado 5 dni temu
Last good video of this man. Now he became the people he used to make fun of.
D4RK M1ND 5 dni temu
Got an ad for Marijuana becoming legal in Canada on Oct. 18 haha and yeah they called it Cannabis but whatever
DANK MEMES 5 dni temu
W-Word E-Word G-Word M-Word K-Word I-Word U-Word P-Word O-Word Y-Word
DANK MEMES 5 dni temu
Translation: Wow Ethan, Great Moves, Keep It Up, Proud Of You (sorry for being offensive)
Caecilius Of North Africa
He's whiter than Matthew Santoro's teeth!
Sam Bosque
Sam Bosque 7 dni temu
Just got a Tai Lopez ad on the video. Good memories
Jeemeli 7 dni temu
Ok, can we all acknowledge how fucking sick that t-shirt design is?
Andre Kluyver
Andre Kluyver 7 dni temu
This guy is complaining about the history of the word marijauana and doesn't know his shit. Marijuana the word was made by that guy to make it sound hispanic. He didn't do it in some shitty mexican accent.
189pac 7 dni temu
Not a W H I T E man
Wade81 productions
Wite devil!!!!
Yami X
Yami X 8 dni temu
How dare you say marijuana!!!
Mtb Boi
Mtb Boi 8 dni temu
Love this v-word
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack 8 dni temu
so i cant say Cotton nor Sugarcane? :(
FoxGod 22
FoxGod 22 8 dni temu
3:03 I’m going ghost!
xavier foord
xavier foord 9 dni temu
Sorry but the W-W offends me
jesus h3esquire
jesus h3esquire 9 dni temu
Fuckin indians....
Ava Moreno
Ava Moreno 10 dni temu
R3IN Levity
R3IN Levity 10 dni temu
I hate these pedestals that these people remark so heinously that it conformed to something that it should not have. THANK YOU.
Melvin Malonga
Melvin Malonga 10 dni temu
It's adieu, not adueu but I guess writing it in french pronounciation doesn't really help
SuperCoolCool 9 dni temu
Melvin Malonga ad-yoo
LunaDeaminac 10 dni temu
Oh, so that’s why Americans call cannabis marijuana. I did wonder but couldn’t be fucked to look it up.
Cobra Conspirator 2
Well I don't have to worry about this, being from Colorado has taught me many names for marijuana
hame707 10 dni temu
google the latin word for black
sleepyyhowell 10 dni temu
that dude reminds me of alex wassabi because of his voice
Jai Marin
Jai Marin 11 dni temu
The beat in his vid is sweet tho
Carosello Show
Carosello Show 13 dni temu
Lol you look like a drag queen sperm
7-Volt 13 dni temu
Sanjin Craft
Sanjin Craft 13 dni temu
Bad Cactus
Bad Cactus 14 dni temu
Ethan gets very defensive of marijuana because it’s because of marijuana that he was able to stay with the love of his life. *cough cough* drug dealers *cough*
BrokeBot 14 dni temu
Did he just say "black and brown people"? 😭😂
EV Bake Animations
EV Bake Animations 14 dni temu
Or just call it weed boi
Darryl 15 dni temu
This guy is crazy and no one even knew that so give it a relax!!! Seems like they want to keep racism alive with this crazy shit.
Darryl 15 dni temu
new to your channel, love it! Makes me crack up!!!
Dabkatz 16 dni temu
When he said M-word I thought he was going to say "Midget"
Joe C
Joe C 16 dni temu
Ethan, please make more "Words you can't say anymore"
NEBBBZ 16 dni temu
Sir FancyPants
Sir FancyPants 16 dni temu
I love how Ethan decreases in size after he spins the wheel
Ella O'Brien
Ella O'Brien 17 dni temu
you are no longer allowed use the word potato because I'm Irish and it brings up all my counties past suffering. Also off limits - English or England because they were mean to us in history, king and queen because they remind me of England, Money because that's offensive to poor people, Flag because England has a flag. I'll be back later with my full list.
Existential Nightmare
Ok, we will take your list into consideration and be back to you in about 10 years
WeGoBoom 13 dni temu
I'm from Bangladesh and it's triggerworthy that nobody knows about my country. From now on, nobody can say "India" or "Pakistan" because they caused the suffering of my people
TotallyNotGio 17 dni temu
Yeah lets not call it cheese, lets call it hard mamal milk. You wont only be technically correct, but also politically correct
ioan ioan
ioan ioan 18 dni temu
Without you i would be in jail for telling the forbidden words Thank you for saving my life Next word will be--- grandfather --such an evil word :)
Brad Churchey
Brad Churchey 18 dni temu
I'm offended by your grunt
RyanRulesBro 19 dni temu
I cant believe hila did silverface. Unsub
Psychicfawn 19 dni temu
I like how he cut out the n and just jumped to o
James M
James M 20 dni temu
This guy is an f word
pac man
pac man 20 dni temu
You could just call it cannabis. Who are you helping by calling it marijuana?
Porg 20 dni temu
You mean the School watch list, DEA Watch list, and any place that is an anti-drug thing or place list?
MMA Reactions&Thoughts
Can we get Bill Burr
Hk-47 Assassin droid
marco Rodriguez
marco Rodriguez 21 dzień temu
i-word m-word a-word i-word d-word f-word t-work o-word
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 21 dzień temu
But grunting is xomprhoebddlejdbddic
Rrezon Beqiri
Rrezon Beqiri 22 dni temu
So weed
HeyGuysItsFranku 22 dni temu
You should make a white face man comic book. In a story of how he smashed the patriarchy
Hielo Kasama
Hielo Kasama 22 dni temu
Sh^t up you marijuana
g 23 dni temu
should have put all 26 letter on the wheel
ELITE SAUCE 24 dni temu
LordTachanka 24 dni temu
When he said m word I thought of man but marijuana that’s crazy
JIDDUH r 24 dni temu
2:40 um im sorry but is he mansplaning here? im so offended :p
almightybrooms 24 dni temu
im not an angel, im just a man in cream
Chandler M
Chandler M 25 dni temu
Now I’m only calling weed, marijuana.. and Im going to say it with a spicy latin accent.
Kevin Daunais
Kevin Daunais 23 dni temu
Chandler M how spicy though
Darrrell Dayton
Darrrell Dayton 25 dni temu
Your hats are always on point my dude #makemarijuanagreatagain
Neacuzo 25 dni temu
I wonder if this guy has ever had "Reefer Madness". Must've scared him so much he had to warn people about the horrors of marijuana but needed to find a way to make it sound like he's fighting racism.
Mrtz Sketch
Mrtz Sketch 26 dni temu
jewfroo 26 dni temu
Ollie Scott
Ollie Scott 26 dni temu
Why does he look like a lizard when he's white face man
J3GJ 28 dni temu
😂The only people who care about race, whether they are black, white, brown, yellow, or gay, are what are known as Social Justice Warriors aka Conflict Driven Attention Whores😂
kelly shea
kelly shea 28 dni temu
Yeet Meister
Yeet Meister 29 dni temu
If I can’t say marijuana then you can’t say tea
ShadowGamer 29 dni temu
I`m spanish, but i guess i can´t use the ¨M-Word¨ either because a mexican little boy is offended because it got popularice when spanish speaking communities where force to move to other countries, moving whit them their lenguage and part of the culture which evolved by mixing whit the one already existing in the place they moved to.
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack 8 dni temu
ShadowGamer this dude is as Mexican as a burrito
MoonLiteDemon 29 dni temu
I miss you
Cresheer 310
Cresheer 310 29 dni temu
Pentagonical Miesiąc temu
P-word E-word M-word
Killroy Miesiąc temu
small hungry child
small hungry child Miesiąc temu
i await the next time that the great white face man blesses us with another appearance.
Scaundure . Parker .
Scaundure . Parker . Miesiąc temu
I think H3 is the only channel that’s keeping me from giving up on modern society.
Grzegorz Rutkowski
Grzegorz Rutkowski Miesiąc temu
I double plus not disagree with you
Grzegorz Rutkowski
Grzegorz Rutkowski Miesiąc temu
This sounds like the Orwell's newspeak
Irayumi Miesiąc temu
W-word,e-word,g-word m-word,k-word i-word u-word,p-word o-word y-word!
Just some random kid
Just some random kid Miesiąc temu
When the PC culture has gone too far. I believe this all started from the "PC Master Race" trend, the illuminate are all in on this. Wake up Supreme store sheep.
Alyssa Spencer
Alyssa Spencer Miesiąc temu
You can't say "M-Word" Anymore. The letter M offends me so you guys can't say it anymore. Just "Word" is fine :)
Sean w11
Sean w11 Miesiąc temu
The white paint is made from hilas semen
Zoran Randjelovic
Zoran Randjelovic Miesiąc temu
She ofended the silver surfer :)
Francesco Gambini
Francesco Gambini Miesiąc temu
we have more serious problems than a sensitive spoiled boy offended by marijuana.
Tyler Ross
Tyler Ross Miesiąc temu
#morewhiteface we need more mary
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