The Return of Whiteface Man

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9 mar 2018

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h3h3Productions 9 miesięcy temu
😂😂😂😂🎵buy dat merch🎵 😂😂😂😂
Bryce Delorme
Bryce Delorme Miesiąc temu
h3h3Productions I found out you’re channel through mr.beast’s video. And so I subscribed.
the texan mty
the texan mty 2 miesięcy temu
9:26 cant stop laughing hahahhaha...
Hydroelectric Jellyfish
Hydroelectric Jellyfish 3 miesięcy temu
the Man Dan
the Man Dan 4 miesięcy temu
Why did you have Hila appropriate the silver surfer at the end of the video, now i'm offended. Also did you use the word "word', it's W-w get it right.
Logic Monkey
Logic Monkey 4 miesięcy temu
I remember they were having an Auction to raise money for black schools....but the blacks were so offended by the word Auction that nobody was allowed to say it or call it that because there was once a slave Auction....trigger me timbers... Feel bad for the guy that had to walk around with the nametag "AUCTIONEER" LOOOOOL BET HIS ASS GOT RAPED!
Lochrine -8
Lochrine -8 12 godzin temu
Dylan Mays
Dylan Mays 19 godzin temu
I thought the opening was a joke at first, jesus
James Ghoulish OFFICIAL
Mexican isnt a race
Nekobaby Dzień temu
Guess cotton needs to be struck from the language.... after all, it's inherently racist by his definition because of its history. Are we sure the guy wasn't high when he came up with the idea that Marijuana is racist?
Alexis Dzień temu
Whiteface is just the budget version of skjöldir
Swango Dzień temu
I’m Mexican and the history its completly true. But I don’t expect some sensitive fuck that gets offended by everything like Ethan understand shit like that. And no fucktard, Burritos are from Mexico, from the North of Mexico, and they are made in several ways, but they always have meat. Fine meat wich its the mexican north speciality. What a fucking ignorant fuck.
Yoda Man
Yoda Man Dzień temu
George Orwell
George Orwell Dzień temu
Omg this guy has it so wrong lol. The only reason marijuana was ever banned was because the FBI was extremely low on funding and needed something to demonise. They chose marijuana.
Seth Wayzer
Seth Wayzer Dzień temu
"Don't say the M word, (movie) Movies were used to mock races. So it racist."
Cristhian Grundmann
I would call him Pathetic. He would get butthurt, and then I would explain the original meaning of the word and call him pathetic again.
Cristhian Grundmann
Ethan, the word 'word' is oppressing me. It was derived from the Latin dictio, which kind of resembles me of white "partiarchy far-right DICTatorship"
Cliffoconda Howell 卌
Ethan stop... You’re scaring the children 😨
potato has risen
potato has risen 2 dni temu
He actually thinks his opinion matters
Tommaso Bini
Tommaso Bini 2 dni temu
I love marijuana
Tenchigo 2 dni temu
I feel like Buzzfeed was trying to come up with a subject to defend and oppress people with, and they all patted eachother enough to make a video about it.
Halo Stop motion
Halo Stop motion 2 dni temu
I was dead at 1:16😂
Billy Wilkinson
Billy Wilkinson 3 dni temu
as a mute, words offend me.
Pussy Man
Pussy Man 3 dni temu
White devillllll
chairmanofrussia 3 dni temu
Hila offended the silver surfer
timeroller 4 dni temu
you wanna smoke some marijuana with me
Isaac Bunch
Isaac Bunch 4 dni temu
Cybernetic Implahand
The second angle is to swap back and forth to keep people's attention, if it doesn't change people's attention span is too short for it.
Rick Bochove
Rick Bochove 5 dni temu
Marihuana is the plant part of cannabis!!! Cannabis is like the stick under the plant. That mexican guy is even stupider than he looks
trav v
trav v 5 dni temu
Now This = Vox = Vice = Some NPC losers.
Cornee 6 dni temu
"Marijuana" Haha i said the M-Word.
Hk-47 Assassin droid
Really the “m” word? **tongue wiggle** really?
Placeb0Effect 6 dni temu
As a black jewish white female, i am offended by this
juel fowler
juel fowler 6 dni temu
They made it Illegal because it was a drug and there is a lot of drug crimes related to weed
88Blackout88 8 dni temu
I-word L-word T-Word V-word! I hope you guyz got what i tryed to say.
Dom Cambareri
Dom Cambareri 9 dni temu
now this is such a cancerous page
TanukiTensai 10 dni temu
Lol the face of modern education
Josh Ayala
Josh Ayala 12 dni temu
Why does Ethan always insist on haunting my dreams with his blinding whiteface
William Vouk
William Vouk 14 dni temu
If he wants people to stop saying it today, isn't he just doing exactly what Harry Anslinger wanted?
John Teslov
John Teslov 16 dni temu
What an F-word S-word and W-word! So R-word arded!
Cristian Garro
Cristian Garro 17 dni temu
Is this supposed to funny?
Samantha Bond
Samantha Bond 20 dni temu
Whiteface Ethan looks like the little babies ice cream commercial.
TheKingMunkey 20 dni temu
I think speaking should now be illegal. Facial movements too. In-fact, we should all be blind. I believe we should all begin to speak with the use the same vocal machine as Hawkins. That way, we're all the same :)
Nate gorrell
Nate gorrell 20 dni temu
mrijuana enhances the normal state of mind. For example if someone is naturally laid back and chill they would be nore laid back and chill high. If someone who is naturally hyper smoked it would make them way more hyper.
Jeff 20 dni temu
jack willis
jack willis 20 dni temu
I didn't see the N-word on the wheel of things you can't say so I'm gonna assume it's ok for me to say it now.
hector pelliccioni
hector pelliccioni 21 dzień temu
who complains about people saying words in other languages? Literally if I say arygato nobody is going to rush to me saying that im racist
MotherlovinMoose 25 dni temu
We need more closer look videos btw
MotherlovinMoose 25 dni temu
Did it end up being demonitized?
Seth Pellerin
Seth Pellerin 25 dni temu
Your eyes look so weird it makes the video hard to watch lol
Jelly Jam
Jelly Jam 25 dni temu
M-word s-word m-word r-word h-word. I-word r-word h-word e-word j-word.
Ytsejam Ytsejam
Ytsejam Ytsejam 27 dni temu
I word, H word, L word, C word.
Johnny Genocide
Johnny Genocide 27 dni temu
the over saturation of the white paint is going to give me a stroke
Jacob Proctor
Jacob Proctor 27 dni temu
Why is political correctness always so wrong and its supporters are always whiney
Todd Pot
Todd Pot Miesiąc temu
Have you addressed your tick? If so can you put a link up?
DirtBikeMC80 -
DirtBikeMC80 - Miesiąc temu
Lol m-word boi made 8k accounts to dislike this video 😂😂😂😂😂 original
Meghan Hill
Meghan Hill Miesiąc temu
Xavian Cortez
Xavian Cortez Miesiąc temu
1:15 you’re welcome
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 Miesiąc temu
now dont call me a triggered libtard but... white face man is just boneless klansman
Josealonzo Gonzalez
Josealonzo Gonzalez Miesiąc temu
lol thumbs up dude
Eucis93 Miesiąc temu
Let’s make it law that you can only be offended by things that are offensive such as the N-word or calling white people ”the bleach” or calling gays fagets.
Sweil Miesiąc temu
This guy needs to stop and look at what he's saying. It's actually absurd to a terrifying degree, is this what humanity has come to?
Chris Palmeri
Chris Palmeri Miesiąc temu
Someone call Silver surfer. He should know she is appropriating his culture!
Kesi Muhammad
Kesi Muhammad Miesiąc temu
*Jamaicans have left the chat*
Orion Cox
Orion Cox Miesiąc temu
7:40 that one eye slow blink
SkinFriends Production
So nowadays you can't say a specific word because 100 years ago it was used in a discriminatory way in a specific context. Good job SJWs
Harrison Hamilton
Harrison Hamilton Miesiąc temu
This is like saying don't use the word "cotton" so stupid
Evan Azbell
Evan Azbell Miesiąc temu
Dizzie Bean
Dizzie Bean Miesiąc temu
w-word t-word f-word?!
Bailey Palmer
Bailey Palmer Miesiąc temu
White face man looks like my grandfather
Nopeplays Miesiąc temu
I wanna buy that merch „EXTRA THICC“ shirt
CelestialBlade Miesiąc temu
Isn't saying white people or white men just as bad as saying black people or whatever honestly
Trevor McIntosh
Trevor McIntosh Miesiąc temu
KakashiLee Miesiąc temu
a extremely high percent of crimes are committed by people that are drunk and/or high
Lol Wut
Lol Wut Miesiąc temu
G-word v-word k-word I-word U-word !-word
Shmrrf Prrrf
Shmrrf Prrrf Miesiąc temu
White power
Isabella Nobilé
Isabella Nobilé Miesiąc temu
"a couple of *CERVEZASSSSSS* "
Ayman.T 12
Ayman.T 12 Miesiąc temu
When everybody start saying say a/b/c/d-word. They'll get offended over saying the word word.
Krypto 244
Krypto 244 Miesiąc temu
This man kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sebastian Gramsz
Sebastian Gramsz Miesiąc temu
This artwork in the end.. IS AMAZING!!! I WANT THAT ON MY WALL RIGHT NOW!
Dimas Grande
Dimas Grande Miesiąc temu
tyhill111 Miesiąc temu
but what do we say when the word "word" is banned? you can't say w-word...
Larsern Gaming
Larsern Gaming Miesiąc temu
watching this in the middle of the night was a mistake, your whiteness blinds me. xD
Bijlez Miesiąc temu
Ethan is a floating pair of eyes and a mouth on a pile of snow when he is Whiteface Man
Corey Tiillman
Corey Tiillman Miesiąc temu
People do anything just to get views. They literally will take up any social justice cause they can think of just to make a video.
DUCREE12 Miesiąc temu
2:50 White 😈
Splat Tim
Splat Tim Miesiąc temu
dxzirae Miesiąc temu
nobody can use the word horse because it offends me because im from kentucky.
Max wilder
Max wilder Miesiąc temu
MARIguana with a little bit of salsa yeah! best part.
Bellalina Miesiąc temu
I'm offended by the words 'a', 'the', and 'and', because they were used by people who have enslaved people of color and were made by white people.
Tucker Brown
Tucker Brown Miesiąc temu
Predicted Straw1
Predicted Straw1 Miesiąc temu
The buzzfeed video just reminds me that its illegal to say navajo taco and changed to indian taco and many tribes are offended even some native students would say actually its indian taco and I would say I don't give a fuck its navajo taco and if you're selling "indian taco" it have to say indian taco instead of navajo taco
DillEagle$ Miesiąc temu
Don't say the W-word......whoops. I just said it.
Nibba Miesiąc temu
*I can see your (((nose)))*
Ray ve
Ray ve Miesiąc temu
wow people just don't have anything to complain about
Jack Coria
Jack Coria Miesiąc temu
Who else is smoking weed while watching this?
Tuls Tenebrose
Tuls Tenebrose Miesiąc temu
Ed Day
Ed Day Miesiąc temu
Can I get that white devil on a T-shirt?
Spectre Clan Falcon
Spectre Clan Falcon Miesiąc temu
The white devilll. kaaack
Omgitszhayne Miesiąc temu
I nearly pissed myself watching this video
Momish Miesiąc temu
I had a 1.5 unskippable ad. (IK I can refresh)
No Knowledge
No Knowledge 2 miesięcy temu
Donkey 2 miesięcy temu
Top 5 Best Channels on PLvid 1. H3H3 2. Ozzy Man Reviews 3. Paul Joseph Watson 4. IDubbbz The legend 5. PAPA FRANKU
John karam
John karam 2 miesięcy temu
when enthan transfers into whitface man all racism and sensitivity is invalid and obsolete.
Carlos Miranda
Carlos Miranda 2 miesięcy temu
Don't say the O-word.
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