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Witness the darkest chapter of The Conjuring Universe. #TheNunMovie, in theaters September 7.
Filmmaker James Wan, director of the record-setting horror hits “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring 2,” explores another dark corner of that universe with “The Nun.” Directed by Corin Hardy (“The Hallow”), the new fright-fest is produced by Wan and by Peter Safran, who has produced all the films in “The Conjuring” franchise.
When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they uncover the order’s unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in “The Conjuring 2,” as the abbey becomes a horrific battleground between the living and the damned.
“The Nun” stars Oscar nominated Demian Bichir (“A Better Life”) as Father Burke, Taissa Farmiga (TV’s “American Horror Story”) as Sister Irene, and Jonas Bloquet (“Elle”) as local villager Frenchie.
The cast also includes Charlotte Hope (TV’s “Game of Thrones”) as the abbey’s Sister Victoria, Ingrid Bisu (“Toni Erdmann”) as Sister Oana, and Bonnie Aarons, reprising her “Conjuring 2” role as the title character.
Hardy directs “The Nun” from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman (“It”), story by James Wan & Gary Dauberman. Dauberman, Todd Williams and Michael Clear are the executive producers.
Joining Hardy behind the scenes are director of photography Maxime Alexandre (“The Voices,” “Annabelle: Creation”), production designer Jennifer Spence (“Annabelle: Creation,” “Lights Out,” the “Insidious” films), editors Michel Aller (“Lights Out,” “Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension”) and Ken Blackwell ( “Ouija” “Friday the 13th”), and costume designer Sharon Gilham (TV’s “Black Mirror”). The music is by Abel Korzeniowski (“Nocturnal Animals”).

New Line Cinema presents an Atomic Monster / Safran Company production, “The Nun.” Opening in theaters on September 7, 2018, the film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.




13 cze 2018

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Komentarze 16 631
Dr Pavel
Dr Pavel Godzinę temu
Imagine this with a Muslim woman
TheFreakifier 3 godzin temu
Gaming MONKEY 4 godzin temu
1:18 Awkward silence *I laughed so hard*
Gaming MONKEY 4 godzin temu
1:18 "I should greet it with a hello. Best way to greet a demon"
Zafin Zafindo
Zafin Zafindo 5 godzin temu
Nun.... What.....????
Rofiqi Almatin
Rofiqi Almatin 5 godzin temu
Jir kaget gblllgggg
Rishu singh
Rishu singh 5 godzin temu
My upcoming second horror movie after the conjuring... None of other
Soetpotatis 6 godzin temu
Fuck you and those shitty jumpscares. Learn to create tension instead if going for a fucking cheap "boo"...
MD DANISH HUSSAIN 8 godzin temu
When will aquaman trailer release in india
Bebe Milallos
Bebe Milallos 8 godzin temu
kylan ippalabas OMG manunuod aqu nian
Leo Brahimllari
Leo Brahimllari 9 godzin temu
This horror is so scary I can't wait I won't to see this film very soon 😊😊😊😱😱😱
Rishabh Raj
Rishabh Raj 9 godzin temu
Awesome ❤️ Warner Bros Rock 🙏
Ganjar Gingin Tahyudin
Ganjar Gingin Tahyudin 10 godzin temu
i't just can't waiting this realese
Ali M
Ali M 11 godzin temu
Gives me serious exorcist vibes:\
ambii np
ambii np 11 godzin temu
omg....cant waitttt....😣😣😣😣😍😍😍😍😍😍
Fluffy Dango
Fluffy Dango 12 godzin temu
I wonder how many who'll go see it in cinema here in Bergen, Norway.
Rean Faundra
Rean Faundra 12 godzin temu
Anjir gw kaget di awal.
Ô Mơ Ma Ma
Ô Mơ Ma Ma 15 godzin temu
Hehehe chờ ra rạp coi xem thế nào !
16,999,999 views 15 godzin temu
One ticket and the Bible please
James Howell
James Howell 17 godzin temu
The jumpscare at the end wasn't very good but the nun going down the hall with the torches going out is very chilling
Vince Quinaging
Vince Quinaging 17 godzin temu
Im so excited 😭😍💖😱
Rajkumar Khatri
Rajkumar Khatri 18 godzin temu
Release date ?
Joe Biden's Shotgun
Joe Biden's Shotgun 19 godzin temu
I want to be a paranormal hunter!
Michael Soto gray
Michael Soto gray 19 godzin temu
Bitch kinda reminds me of the skull trooper a little
Starving Boy In Africa
Starving Boy In Africa 19 godzin temu
Non of these movies series where scary hope this one actually will be
Kathryn Kozar
Kathryn Kozar 19 godzin temu
why does it say to watch until the end?
Rachael Patterson
Rachael Patterson 20 godzin temu
Lil' Wind
Lil' Wind 20 godzin temu
I was on a couch watching this, and I fell off, imagine people using the bathroom and seeing this trailer, they must've fell
Lil' Wind
Lil' Wind 20 godzin temu
My freaking heart legit jumped.
Ck Ckk
Ck Ckk 20 godzin temu
Church things?!!... Im a muslim...Im safe.. GG WP
Rachel Black
Rachel Black 21 godzinę temu
bruh this only the trailer and i jumped out of my seat imma love this movie👏🏻👏🏻😂
Cathy Ji
Cathy Ji 21 godzinę temu
At the first part, the Nun's face, gave me the creeps, and now I have to sleep with the closet doors closed or with a light on, or with somebody
Sakti Ageng Wiratama
Sakti Ageng Wiratama 22 godzin temu
1:20 FUCK 🎃🎃🎃
Kat Thomas
Kat Thomas 23 godzin temu
Don't let this distract you from the fact that the word nun is just an n doing a cartwheel
DZurV Dzień temu
This looks like it's going to be the most scary movie in forever and I love the vibes coming from it setting is OG RealmSweeper.
Alex Hein
Alex Hein Dzień temu
I’m bringing my cross to my theatre xD
RajAryan Malhotra
RajAryan Malhotra Dzień temu
The last shot , jst fckingly awsome
your local asian dawg
i was just chilling in my bed and watching in my apple tv and this ad came me: oh i ain’t watching no ad “make sure you watch to the end”. my spirit left me.
Iamarkitekt Jr
Iamarkitekt Jr Dzień temu
Before the nun... _toy story_
InspectHerGadget Dzień temu
I want to watch this together with the Pope!
Chicken Man
Chicken Man Dzień temu
I’d see the movie but Id want to bc that bitch ugly af I’m not afraid but when ever I see hideous people like that nun I get terrified id care if your mother ducking jason bitch if you ugly One I’m scared for life two I’m scared of ye
PR0METHEUS 4224 Dzień temu
Marilyn Manson is that you?
Devan Moran
Devan Moran Dzień temu
When is the trailer coming out
Qsen Petrov
Qsen Petrov Dzień temu
Funtimewolfy 0w0
Funtimewolfy 0w0 Dzień temu
Mom I shitted my pants can I have another diaper
Rezoku Jr
Rezoku Jr Dzień temu
girl:what u watching boy:nun girl:what are you watching right now boy:nun! girl:stop playing games with me boy: *presses info on the remote* girl:o
movie clips
movie clips Dzień temu
The biggest problem in watching Hollywood horror movie in india is our sensor board cuts the main horror scenes of the movie like they did in insidious:the last key
pretty.odd. teen
pretty.odd. teen Dzień temu
Pray for the wicked-
Zeke Franklin
Zeke Franklin Dzień temu
TechnoFreak Dzień temu
i love it lol
George Gibson
George Gibson Dzień temu
wanna fight bitch u scare me but ill end u
George Gibson
George Gibson Dzień temu
creepy ass nun
MynjStynj Dzień temu
Fuck. You. FUCK YOU.
Eevees! And more!?
Eevees! And more!? Dzień temu
I remember that picture from a movie...?
ĖrrørMæëdė Dzień temu
Why this bitch keep popping up didn’t she get put in hell and now she is back 🤦🏽‍♂️🤔
mhdboza Dzień temu
oh fuk of this is getting old
Pika Swu
Pika Swu Dzień temu
Can't wait to watch
Ang Rza
Ang Rza Dzień temu
why did it say make sure you watch till the end
Kansas Chaney
Kansas Chaney Dzień temu
Not scary
Insert Joke
Insert Joke Dzień temu
The marvel of horror series
epy. Herra
epy. Herra Dzień temu
I saw at the beginning "watch till the end" i tossed my damn phone
Evanes Scene
Evanes Scene Dzień temu
Queens of Demon is back!!! I like James Wan Movie... Because he born at Malaysia my country!!!
I get head
I get head Dzień temu
Might poop myself🤣
I get head
I get head Dzień temu
Shit creepy asf😂
Anthony Ordonez
Anthony Ordonez Dzień temu
Sommer ray or kim k
Ariana Ray
Ariana Ray Dzień temu
I threw my phone when the second nun popped out.😭
JuanDiego Valdez
JuanDiego Valdez Dzień temu
Valak watches over me every night.
Miriam Fease
Miriam Fease Dzień temu
Why you gotta make tiny children scared of nuns?
Chosen Warfare
Chosen Warfare Dzień temu
I wish the would make a he-man movie... that was an old cartoon I watched as a child
Dominic Killworth
Dominic Killworth Dzień temu
So can't wait to see this movie, it looks freaking awesome :-)
Michael Persky
Michael Persky Dzień temu
I got chills from.watching Halloween trailer. Nothing from this. The boogeyman returns
Yogi Rahman
Yogi Rahman Dzień temu
Kapan ada di Indonesia?
Jill iplier
Jill iplier Dzień temu
Already can’t wait to see it
cj bihasa
cj bihasa Dzień temu
Its my girl taisaaaaaaaaas shes so pretty ohmygawd
Daniel Baller
Daniel Baller Dzień temu
the nun scene in the conjuring two scared the shit out of me. now we gotta movie 😡🖕🏻
Daniel Baller
Daniel Baller Dzień temu
the conjuring was so good they had to make 3 more. love it
Nurul Liyana
Nurul Liyana Dzień temu
I saw nun-thing
4 skin Tim
4 skin Tim Dzień temu
Spoiler alert there nuns
Nils h.
Nils h. Dzień temu
I am so going to watch this shit man
Đoàn Việt Anh
Đoàn Việt Anh Dzień temu
New style of jumpscare!wow🙄
Jane Warner
Jane Warner Dzień temu
I love Taissa! Can't wait for this. 😍
Wanda fahri
Wanda fahri Dzień temu
Cant wait !!
BoRn To RuLE TM Dzień temu
all the nun and ghosts are just fucking virus...
Roger Waters
Roger Waters Dzień temu
I saw a nut
Uncle Jethro
Uncle Jethro Dzień temu
Sarap panoorin pag kasama mo Mahal mo sa Cinehan😂
GhostRama13 Dzień temu
Jerome basques808
Jerome basques808 Dzień temu
It’s only the previews .... but this shit still made me jump lol .... damn I got to watch this !!
BLD808 Dzień temu
So we’re like some kinda.. demon hunter squad ?
nickthegreat2466 Dzień temu
0:04 watch to the end to see this 1:19
Z9 NX Dzień temu
Before conjuring, before anabelle, before world war, before century.. 🙄
Troy Talks
Troy Talks Dzień temu
We gotta support our AHS alumns.
Anik Konifah
Anik Konifah Dzień temu
candle cove
candle cove Dzień temu
In 2028 the will be in 20 ad
Meme Machine
Meme Machine Dzień temu
I dropped MA phone
Suresh S
Suresh S Dzień temu
Oh my birthday!!! Sep 7
Deeekay90 Dzień temu
Every time I see this thing I cry because she sends a chill into my life like just whatever happens 5 years from now it sees it and ruins it with fear and confusion
The Gaming Channel
The Gaming Channel Dzień temu
Godzilla 2...... WHERE IS IT WARNER BROS?!
Katie Hedrick
Katie Hedrick Dzień temu
This movie comes out on my birthday I'm so excited
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez Dzień temu
Marilyn Manson is back
Jordan Landman
Jordan Landman Dzień temu