The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

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We travel to the O.K. Corral in search of gunslinging ghouls.
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Big Nose Kate's Saloon on E Allen St in historic Tombstone, Arizona
csfotoimages/Getty Images
Village near the Oljato–Monument Valley in Arizona. Ranch house. Aerial view, from above, drone shooting
AlenaMozhjer/Getty Images
lump of silver or platinum on a stone floor
Oat_Phawat/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Beer Glass Against White Background
Classen Rafael / EyeEm/Getty Images
Antique photograph of people from the World: Jay Gould
ilbusca/Getty Images
Ouzina desert
Manuel Breva Colmeiro/Getty Images
Vector wooden Texture
Julia_Khimich/Getty Images
Full Frame Texture, old concrete wall
Ivan/Getty Images
3D Image of classic old deserted western town
richard eppedio/Getty Images
Silhouette of Cowboy couple riding horses at sunset, vector
kanyakits/Getty Images
Set of blood splashes isolated on white background. Vector design element
ioanmasay/Getty Images
U.S. Army Taking over Western Territories Engraving, 1887
bauhaus1000/Getty Images
Antique photo of paintings: Man
ilbusca/Getty Images
Scenic View Of Mountains Against Clear Sky
Arthur Simoes / EyeEm/Getty Images
EDITORIAL USE: Graves of OK Corral gunfight participants, Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, Arizona
Elizabeth Beard/Getty Images
Man with handlebar mustache and chin puff
Holly Harris/Getty Images
Cowboy in various action
4x6/Getty Images
OK Corral, Tombstone
Mirrorpix/Getty Images
Barman stood behind the bar of his pub
JGalione/Getty Images
Glass and bottle of beer on table
Lumina Images/Getty Images
Men Killed by Wyatt Earp
John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
Doc Holliday
John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
John van Hasselt - Corbis/Getty Images
Tombstone Arizona
Art Wager/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Shotgun icon vector
MrsWilkins/Getty Images
Modern condo apartment
Stuart Dee/Getty Images
Wyatt Earp
Bettmann/Getty Images
Evil School Janitor
inhauscreative/Getty Images
Silbermine, Westerndorf 'Tombstone Village', Arizona, Nordamerika, Amerika, USA, Rei
Peter Bischoff/Getty Images
gravestone set
koya79/Getty Images
Court of the Queen's Bench
duncan1890/Getty Images
Victorian People
Man_Half-tube/Getty Images
Young Black Server or Waiter Holding a Tray
innovatedcaptures/Getty Images
Ridin' down the canyon
Eastview Photography/Getty Images
Trailer Trash
vandervelden/Getty Images
A Stagecoach In Tombstone
Underwood Archives/Getty Images
Western style silhouette buildings.
Klibbor/Getty Images
Empty pub
Spaces Images/Getty Images
Western Cowboy Gunslingers - Gun Fight, Outlaws
KeithBishop/Getty Images
A black and white portrait of a cowboy in Paradise Valley, NV.
Rachid Dahnoun/Getty Images
A black and white portrait of a cowboy in Wells, NV.
Rachid Dahnoun/Getty Images
Equestrian Sports: Western
Gaucho/Getty Images
cowboy deputy
treasurephoto/Getty Images
Grunge background in black and white with a brick pattern
Angel_1978/Getty Images
Witold Skrypczak/Getty Images
View from Massai Point at Chiricahua National Monument with Sulphur Spring Valley Dragoon Mountains in far distance.
Witold Skrypczak/Getty Images
Young cowboy at table in saloon
Mordolff/Getty Images
Tombstone county courthouse
Tashka/Getty Images
OK Corral Gunfight Site, Tombstone, Arizona, USA
Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
OK Corral Gunfight sign, Tombstone, Arizona, USA
Danita Delimont/Getty Images
North America, United States, 1855, Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Collection Districts. Senate Ex. Doc. No. Drawn By David H. Burr Draftsman U.s, Senate. Ackerman Lith. Broadway N.y., Map Of The United States Exhibiting The Several Coll
Historic Map Works LLC and Osher Map Library/Getty Images
Tables in restaurant
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Portrait of a cowboy
Adam Burn/Getty Images
bartender shaking cocktail mixer in bar.
RK Studio / Monashee Frantz/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images
Colt Peacemaker and a handful of bullets
Geoff Brightling/Getty Images
(Slow Motion) Horse Running- Hoof Close Up
Rocheleau/Getty Images



16 lis 2018



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Komentarze 9 454
MissAgentPotter Dzień temu
16:23 Ryan should’ve said grab glory by the horns
Davi-lee Maitre
Davi-lee Maitre Dzień temu
You guys really need to do something about the light on the chest mounted camera, it really messes up the night vision camera on your head
Natasha Needham
Natasha Needham Dzień temu
My parents named my little brother after Morgan Wyatt
Mariah Findlay
Mariah Findlay 2 dni temu
OMG. Okay.. go frame by frame after 9:38. between Shanes shoulder and the poll you can actually see a blag figure move!!!!! Unless theres someone walking on the other side of the street I'm not too sure what that would be.
Space Wolf
Space Wolf 2 dni temu
Oct 26 is my birthday come on😂😂
Emyson Blue
Emyson Blue 4 dni temu
do you think that the ghosts don't relize they're ghost so as they're about to do something and shane or ryan says do it ghost or its us the ghoul boys they are all like "wait am i a ghost no this can't be"
Princess K
Princess K 4 dni temu
Ryan with the saloon doors 😂 so adorable, not gonna lie
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford 4 dni temu
BuzzFeed itself is a joke but I love this series with these 2 guys. Don't get rid of this segment
aubrey michon
aubrey michon 5 dni temu
i showed my friend an picture of the unsolved logo and without me even finishing my sentence she goes "and the answer remains, *unsolved* "
Nikola Zivkovic
Nikola Zivkovic 5 dni temu
Shion Nezumi
Shion Nezumi 5 dni temu
pretty sure Shane saw the swamper...
LA Kings Fan
LA Kings Fan 5 dni temu
You pronounced almost every name incorrectly.
AveryHighIntellectualBeing ThatWillFukUmumLol
Jaijai Rovira
Jaijai Rovira 6 dni temu
Dirty Shane sounds like a name of a pornstar.
Katie Carmichael
Katie Carmichael 6 dni temu
Ryan becoming Shane for 24 minutes straight
Grill Memer
Grill Memer 6 dni temu
16:46 wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg In My SwAmP?
Infires61 6 dni temu
All throughout my childhood my family had told me that there was a big chance that we were related to Doc Holliday, but I don’t know how accurate those claims are lol. I’m pretty sure the only evidence they had to back it up was that our last name is the same as his 😂
Mya Thompson
Mya Thompson 6 dni temu
They need a Netflix series
Alison, I don’t want to use my last name
I think the ghosts are scared of Shane at this point 😂😂😂...... last time he was like this the ghost told him to F off 😂😂😂
Breanna Lam.
Breanna Lam. 7 dni temu
This video had caused a problem with me. I will now forever laugh hysterically at the most inconvenient of times because I will constantly Invision a tall lanky man busting into whatever room I'm in and saying sternly but happily saying "HORSESHOES"
I be fLoSsIn
I be fLoSsIn 7 dni temu
O dang I’ve been there and I hated it
Agos Alvarez
Agos Alvarez 7 dni temu
well yeehaw to you too, sir
iris_kate 7 dni temu
I wonder if the townspeople ever said “you really EARP-ed me” if they got annoyed with someone? Sorry not sorry
Edit Name
Edit Name 8 dni temu
Kitty Litter Arizona
Princess Lulu
Princess Lulu 9 dni temu
When they did the voices they could do ASMR lol
Taryn Foxwell
Taryn Foxwell 9 dni temu
i like to think you took steps for protection. i dont think you did though. your future bloodline is in danger. what age old demon or spirit with power would use it on the setup buzzfeed has. they plot,plan,follow and slowly place themselves in the individuals life im a fan from day dot and have been watching closely. be safe in your future endeavours.
Kenzie M
Kenzie M 9 dni temu
“Oh it must be uh Timmy” only real ones know what shane is talking about hdhdbfbr
Overachiever03 9 dni temu
Ryan was too adorable this episode, especially with the saloon doors
Samantha Sadowski
I was born in Serra Vista! It is so close to there!!
JAYKILO GAMING 10 dni temu
16:06 in the back there's a figure rising from the chair
Blenda Laurén
Blenda Laurén 2 dni temu
I saw it too!
sodium m
sodium m 5 dni temu
Brazy Baby Abri
Brazy Baby Abri 10 dni temu
Ryan's so adorable omg😍
C.o.R 11 dni temu
Howdy ghouls, it's me, yer cowboy.
Naty Bats
Naty Bats 11 dni temu
HAUNTED as hell there. Also Jerome in Az too. Check 'em out. #GhostlyGal
NukeCraft FTW
NukeCraft FTW 12 dni temu
sodium m
sodium m 5 dni temu
ECO ECKO 40 13 dni temu
The Turkey or what ever that thing is in the basket behind y'all at 24:02 it starts to levitate then drops back down into the basket
now they're both just mocking the paranormal bs!
should've went FULL OUTLAW & looted the souvenir shop!
my old roomate was known as The SWAMPASSER!
Emily Oliver
Emily Oliver 14 dni temu
You guys should visit Bisbee, Arizona I think there’s a hotel there that’s supposedly haunted ( don’t hold me to it though, could be wrong lol)
8f ppl s[ill belive in the paranormal after watching these, they should rethink their lives!
RestlessPenguin 14 dni temu
Maybe this was not ok
Åy DÇUØ 14 dni temu
Rest in pieces, down for the count. No revival, you're bleedin' out. Your epitaph says you died a wealthy man, But you can have it all come back and Seal the master plan with Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! Health is drainin', you're on the ropes. Death is waitin', don't lose your hopes. Your will and testament ain't making that much sense, You're listed as the only heir to whom you may bequest. It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! It's Tombstone! *Tombstone* ~Only few will understand 👀~
Olivia VanOrden
Olivia VanOrden 15 dni temu
You should go to Pocatello high school in Idaho
terra green
terra green 15 dni temu
Tbh I thought Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday were just characters from Wynonna Earp...
SuperCuriousmike 15 dni temu
If ever you ghoul bros make it up north you should investigate this place Or for your one demonic episode a season you should consider this one
Sarah Senseny
Sarah Senseny 16 dni temu
I want their job
UnicornWranglerRed 16 dni temu
The scariest thing about big nose Kate’s, is the service. 😂 if there are any ghosts, they probably died waiting for their frozen burger patty or subpar, gutter steak. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Migs 16 dni temu
Is it just me or is there someone with you guys at 16:04 - 16:11, at the back of Ryan, at the back table, check it out guys.
Migs 16 dni temu
Like a person waking up from sleep.
maverick buckley
maverick buckley 16 dni temu
Cochise is pronounced 'co-cheece'
Manatees and Mermaids Art
Dannielle Jorden
Dannielle Jorden 17 dni temu
Why are Ryan’s pupils so big all the time
ProwTheGamer 17 dni temu
I had a god damn *PLAN* (1/30/19)
Kendall Beach
Kendall Beach 17 dni temu
i've been here and had no idea it was haunted, but now that i think about it, something seemed a little off
Fausto Moh
Fausto Moh 17 dni temu
I really wanted Shane to burst through those saloon doors and yell “it’s ya boi!!”
TheWeeLee 17 dni temu
16:04 did no one see the person sit up from the chair at the back close to the wooden pillar when they were taunting the ghost????
Aidan Vogt
Aidan Vogt 17 dni temu
Lmao Shane is funny
TrashPanda planet
TrashPanda planet 17 dni temu
I’m a shaneiac all the way, sorry Ryan, but Shane is the man with the plan.
StegoGirl17 18 dni temu
Kristy K.
Kristy K. 18 dni temu
What the heck is going on behind Shane and Ryan in the bar scene when they're trying to entice the ghosts to move the bull horns??? 16:03 Look to the right of the post to the left and behind the guys. Just right of the post where the white vertical slats start, there looks like a blob slumped in a chair. As the video plays, it sort of looks like a blow up doll inflating, like a tilted head turning upright and then a right shoulder/arm inflating. Am I the only one seeing this weird thing in the background?
Kristy K.
Kristy K. 18 dni temu
Ugh. Not seeing things, but it's a crew member. :/
Jackson Luck
Jackson Luck 19 dni temu
I love the story of Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. A classic Western story.
Zeldrox 19 dni temu
He's a ghost cowboy in the streets, He's a ghoul in the sheets.
July Ago
July Ago 19 dni temu
Its only me that believes that at 15:33 there is a person sitting way back just staying there by the window?🤔😵👻
Kristy K.
Kristy K. 18 dni temu
Maybe you're seeing the same thing I am? At 16:03, look to the right of the post where the white vertical slats start. It looks like a person sitting up right and then moving their arm. Or like a blow up doll inflating. Do you see that too?
Axeman 19 dni temu
Shane didn't shake his head as much as Normal.
Edward 40handys
Edward 40handys 19 dni temu
It was the ghost of L U M B A G O
ProwTheGamer 17 dni temu
Edward 40handys P L A N (1/30/19)
Amelia Stephens
Amelia Stephens 19 dni temu
Ryan: part of the ongoing investigation, are ghosts real Shane:*looks into the camera like he's on The Office*
samantha stroud
samantha stroud 20 dni temu
I live in Arizona, I’ve been to tombstone and in the beginning in shot is a very lit up hotel and ice cream shop, we stayed there and oh my god it was terrifying.
Aidan Lunn
Aidan Lunn 20 dni temu
Dirty shane? More like Muddy Madae (idk how to spell his last name oof)
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston 20 dni temu
17:28 Playing in slow motion, I'm pretty sure Shane won that.
disneyfanatics 20 dni temu
Morgan kinda looks like Shane
Sue Shi
Sue Shi 20 dni temu
*Ryan's joy has exited the chat*
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones 21 dzień temu
In regards to The Swamper, come on guys, the Shrek jokes write themselves, smh
Jillian Heidingsfelder
Jillian Heidingsfelder 21 dzień temu
You know it’s not gonna happen when there are no posts and vids all over the internet
katie f
katie f 22 dni temu
what is shane DID get the swamper footage but deleted it???
Lacy Barrett
Lacy Barrett 22 dni temu
Love y’all investigating this location! Love the history here and I love the movie tombstone!
KindBudKilla4200 23 dni temu
I think it’s time Ryan admitted he doesn’t truly believe in ghosts, he’s just a chicken s*** 🤣
DD1250 23 dni temu
wtf is behind them when they scream "thorw the horns"???
cheeriomartinez 23 dni temu
The only BuzzFeed video I would ever watch. These two are hilarious.
Cholaxo 23 dni temu
Even though I believe in ghosts, watching this series has made me more skeptical. I love these guys though! They're hilarious
Luna Chakra
Luna Chakra 12 dni temu
Anon Y. Mous that’s true! I didn’t even think about that
Zoe Washburne
Zoe Washburne 12 dni temu
Well if it helps any, probably they're just so loud and talkative that the ghost all go into hiding/leave. I mean if I was a ghost I would probably get annoyed or freaked out by them. Most of the time when people see or hear ghosts they're alone or doing something quiet like trying to sleep. Not yelling at and taunting/goading them.
L S 23 dni temu
Omg it’s like JoJo Sita and JB with “Burn it”
L S 23 dni temu
Shane gives me so much entertainment
Serenity Clark
Serenity Clark 23 dni temu
i want them to talk to the hollywood medium (tyler henry) even though it’s not really ,,, related to ,, unsolved cases
MavisRead 23 dni temu
They said in the Ok Corral's shooting that one of men involved had sketched out the scene? So the wax models were made into those poses for that scene. How'd a man would do that and fast enough not to get shot?
MavisRead 12 dni temu
+Zoe Washburne Yeah XD I think I was thinking someone was frantically sketching it XD But it was probably sketched afterwards. Cause if I saw a group of men drawing guns at each other, I wouldn't stick around! I'd run away before they can shoot!
Zoe Washburne
Zoe Washburne 12 dni temu
@+MavisRead I'm glad you misunderstood it, because now I'm picturing some poor sketch artist frantically trying to sketch them as they draw their guns going "Wait! Wait!" XD
MavisRead 12 dni temu
+Zoe Washburne Yeah afterwards sketching out what happened makes more sense. I don't know why I thought in the midst of the shooting one of them was trying to draw how everything was going down lol. But I agree that would be amazing skills if someone was able to do that. :)
Zoe Washburne
Zoe Washburne 12 dni temu
One of the guys who was there sketched the scene afterwords depicting how it was, where the were placed, etc. Not actually someone sketching it while it was going down. That would be some amazing sketching skills if so! :D
Worry BX
Worry BX 24 dni temu
I got 3 to 1 odds on Dirty Shane
mixedupfandomgeek 24 dni temu
I love Tombstone
Ridhima Joshi
Ridhima Joshi 24 dni temu
Why am I watching this at 12am?
Mac_N _Cheezy
Mac_N _Cheezy 24 dni temu
My favorite movie is tombstone and though I usually watch true crime I watched this one and I’m not disappointed boys
destiney montez
destiney montez 24 dni temu
I’ve been there so many times😫💀
ashtypoo roro
ashtypoo roro 24 dni temu
Oof ghost are real but don't usually do anything when asked bc they don't like being told what too do but they will talk to you tho bc there's usually something they wanna say
Bendis Moon
Bendis Moon 25 dni temu
Am I the only one seeing a beaked face at 21:12 in the bottom left corner of the screen behind Ryan's head? Or am I just crazy? lol
Rishav Ganguli
Rishav Ganguli 25 dni temu
My name's not Shane, kiddo
Jude Mullette
Jude Mullette 25 dni temu
A ball of light went right by ryan at 14:43
Syahirah Shams
Syahirah Shams 25 dni temu
i couldn’t stop cackling throughout this video oh my god
Thomas Foolery
Thomas Foolery 25 dni temu
"Not when dirty Shane comes into town.."
Triple Nugget
Triple Nugget 25 dni temu
rdr2 must have been inspired by this town right... i mean come on
emma calvino
emma calvino 25 dni temu
Yee yee
Sam Gunderson
Sam Gunderson 25 dni temu
At 13:05, Ryan literally says “okay” like you can see his mouth move and everything 😂😂
Chinzahau Guite
Chinzahau Guite 26 dni temu
Shane & Ryan: We are here on the spot. Ghost: Human ghosts arrived to relieved us for a while..let us all take a nap.
Hydra 26 dni temu
Is this the new RDR2 dlc?
清除 26 dni temu
Oh yeah yeah
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