The Disturbing Side Of WikiHow

Danny Gonzalez
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WikiHow? More like WikiWhy. Because why do these articles exist. This video on WikiHow is guaranteed to FREAK PEOPLE OUT!
If you're actually reading this description comment "great info, thanks Danny!"
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on PLvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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12 paź 2018

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Komentarze 12 157
Uaety Ai
Uaety Ai 5 godzin temu
10:30 I feel like there should be a “How to survive getting caught using wikihow”
KieranDyck 5 godzin temu
ᒪᑌᑕIᗩ ᗰᗩᖇIE
l̾e̾t̾s̾ t̾o̾g̾e̾t̾h̾e̾r̾ p̾l̾a̾y̾
LumberTDF44 12 godzin temu
i cant pretend to be asleep.... i have a talking disorder.....
Bleac h
Bleac h 15 godzin temu
There’s an article called “How to Kill Your Roommate”... who tf needs to learn how how to kill their roommate xD
Werewolfgal 16 godzin temu
'Have sex appeal' oh my god
Maeva Schwan
Maeva Schwan 18 godzin temu
Why is there no one talking about that Greg Website ? This website is fantastic 😂
Sammy Rach
Sammy Rach Dzień temu
I pretend to sleep when I stay up late and my parents come in
Natalie Gill
Natalie Gill Dzień temu
*”how to look ugly”* Don’t change anything about yourself
Maria Reynolds
Maria Reynolds Dzień temu
B e *w h o l e s o m e* H a v e *s e x* *a p p e a l*
Lillian Amy
Lillian Amy Dzień temu
Peyton Avery
Peyton Avery Dzień temu
Wikihow also has a step by step on how to help a bird get an egg out
Abby Is da best
Abby Is da best 20 godzin temu
Ohhhhhhh god
Faris Abuain
Faris Abuain Dzień temu
I thought that article would have like 50 views maybe 100. 300,000 tho, like what the fuck?
Addilyn Ward
Addilyn Ward Dzień temu
what does greg MEAN?
Bat Cat
Bat Cat Dzień temu
If you want to freak people out.... Don't be a greg So scary
Dela05 Dog
Dela05 Dog Dzień temu
"How to bury the body" wikihow
JAY EM Dzień temu
Re: bear school. Creepy pasta in disguise?
Starving Moth
Starving Moth Dzień temu
I mean after reading all those comments that curse you and say that your 2019 is gonna be shit I want to know how to reverse a curse
McSoi 2 dni temu
Teddy Ruxpin got put in Slytherin
McSoi 2 dni temu
I heard Trump started a build a bear school.
Savannah Elek
Savannah Elek 2 dni temu
I have a crush on a big pop star
Amber alert
Amber alert 2 dni temu
But why does Danny in the bear scene sound like Mr hargreeves in the umbrella academy?🤘
Black Pandas
Black Pandas 2 dni temu
I freak my friends out by grabbing a fork and just chase them around...
Sara Parietti
Sara Parietti 2 dni temu
Bitch I already dance in public I already know how to freak people out
Sara Parietti
Sara Parietti 2 dni temu
The how to freak people out basically is how to be annoying
Fluffy Paws
Fluffy Paws 2 dni temu
The little skits he does are perfection. 👌
Sonya Lockhart
Sonya Lockhart 2 dni temu
Woah! Awesome video!💕
Izzy the Trashposter
How To -Freak People Out- Lose The Friends You Didn't Even Have
Joda Tagboto
Joda Tagboto 2 dni temu
Don’t slap them with your ruler or anything like that! Is that happening to you, Danny?.. It’s the nutcrackers, isn’t it?
Nothing Special
Nothing Special 2 dni temu
Faded 4
Faded 4 3 dni temu
S K 3 dni temu
Is Danny’s wife pregnant?
Noob on Fire
Noob on Fire 3 dni temu
I called school home and my brother would always have super powers and it just got confusing
• Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •
I used to put all my stuffed animals in school, whenever I went to school (I just piled them up in a hamper next to my bed) but I eventually stopped because I always forgot about them I left my stuffed children at school for like weeks at a time
• Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •
I once pretended to be asleep on my bus for an hour and a half because I don't feel like talking in the mornings
Gianna allison
Gianna allison 3 dni temu
You always need to know how to reverse a cure just in case a -bitch- wanna hex your ass
Jojo Siwak
Jojo Siwak 3 dni temu
There’s a non-disturbing side to wiki how????
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma 3 dni temu
I'm actually pretty bad at pretending to be asleep; I just laugh when people ask if I'm asleep or something
Niko Kendall
Niko Kendall 4 dni temu
To bad I'm allredy good at that : /
Ritu Pandey
Ritu Pandey 4 dni temu
comparable questions continuously the maze also grasp tried a hardly any gear
Youtube 3
Youtube 3 4 dni temu
akin questions scheduled the network after that give tried a the minority gear
Local seo
Local seo 4 dni temu
similar questions proceeding the confusion along with arrange tried a a small amount of things
DuTuYou Espiro
DuTuYou Espiro 5 dni temu
We literally just successfully attempted the sleeping one. +5 points for Wikihow
hideft elivision
hideft elivision 5 dni temu
how to get your friends to leave you and your family to disown you say you like troom troom
chubby cat
chubby cat 5 dni temu
I tried the sleeping one it failed i laughed so hard
The Gotfredsons 'R' Us
WikiHow Slogan- We're trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything. Join us.
c r y i n g e v e r y d a y. d e p r e s s e d
First I need a very good private school for my bear, Name: pretty petty Betty B-day: everyday Some things about her: she thinks she’s a princess if u don’t treat her like one I will sue 🙄 she likes drama she is and will be the head of attitude, attention , and cheerleading she always gets good grades and if not you know what she does😜😏she skips whenever she wants she’s basic and likes Starbucks she has baby blue eyes and blonde hair. Second ummm I need the reverse curse wikihow because I got my nails done and didn’t want to carry the old lady up the mountain and I don’t want to effect pretty petty Betty’s future so yeah we can’t use our phones because we are royalty so can someone read it to us thanks BYE SISTER GREGS 😂👌😘🤗
Holly Tinin
Holly Tinin 5 dni temu
* pretends to be asleep for a while...... actually falls asleep*
Holly Tinin
Holly Tinin 5 dni temu
its your turn to wake up the baby?
jack frances
jack frances 5 dni temu
we need one
CMMusic 04
CMMusic 04 5 dni temu
Once I saw a kid in wiki how searching, ‘how to make friends’ in our school library... after a while I guess he lost hope and searched, ‘how to act possessed’
Lilly Vita
Lilly Vita 5 dni temu
Could you make another one of these videos?
PENNY Beaman
PENNY Beaman 5 dni temu
Actually i cant belive it worked but i looked it up on google and according to that greg is the fastest growing army on youtube👍
Blub 6 dni temu
I searched for and it's GREG, that seems correct
beirizzle 6 dni temu
mooore wiki hows!
Wolfie Thorn07
Wolfie Thorn07 6 dni temu
Great info thanks Danny!
edible crayons
edible crayons 6 dni temu
Is he jew????
Marc 6 dni temu
Who is reading these? - you are, I am, as of right now so joke's on us :D
Gold the Golden fury
Dat baby looks stoned
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb 7 dni temu
I'm going to leave some batshit insane stuff on wiki how comments.
Dom the Bomb
Dom the Bomb 7 dni temu
Today I just started asking kids what the fuck a pudding is.
wikiHow: how to use wikiHow
Ana Assburgian
Ana Assburgian 7 dni temu
hahaha!! GREAT! Funny!!! Well done. And now go put this clip on wikihow, "how to entertain people"
emi lürig
emi lürig 7 dni temu
Wtf someone need to freak people out?!?!? Hahahhaha
Sofie Sofie
Sofie Sofie 7 dni temu
I remember I always had these tragic endings while playing. Like when I used to have this game where all my Barbies had a happy life, and suddenly something happens that kills all of 'em.
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson 7 dni temu
12:15 is Danny, is Danny becoming self aware? Is he learning?
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson 7 dni temu
Mediaeval latin I can't even.
Willow Lewis
Willow Lewis 8 dni temu
They should make one about how to be greg
Lps.Trinity 8 dni temu
I have litterally 30 build a bears so yEah
sivanhe 8 dni temu
"Don't slap them with your ruler" *_someone try telling that to Baldi, see what he thinks_*
Flamin' Gaming
Flamin' Gaming 8 dni temu
im hosting an assembly a 7 PM at
Matthew J
Matthew J 9 dni temu
I’m not a Greg but ima Greg kind of I’m also a Pewdiepie fan that really hates everything India
max bird
max bird 9 dni temu
Fluffy Puppy
Fluffy Puppy 9 dni temu
@Catch These Hands your reply was full but, I have 2 bears, the older one threw a horse out of a window can they both still come?
megan Royse
megan Royse 9 dni temu
How to dislike Danny's videos: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: don't
Agrima Bhandari
Agrima Bhandari 10 dni temu
I usually go on wiki how to make fun of it with my brother. I don't think people actually take these articles seriously.
Lily Pope
Lily Pope 10 dni temu
Whose Greg?
Gaming boiboi
Gaming boiboi 10 dni temu
How to breath.
Bungus _Oranges
Bungus _Oranges 10 dni temu
Please do it again
piggy 567
piggy 567 10 dni temu
The Animator
The Animator 10 dni temu
“How to freak people out” I already do that by accident
ツlιllү - cнαηツ
I thought it said "The disturbing side of windows"😂
Charldeen Hannah
Charldeen Hannah 11 dni temu
great info, thanks Danny!
Wt H
Wt H 11 dni temu
I used wikihow to learn how to have my first date.
Mz gameing 123456
Mz gameing 123456 11 dni temu
great info!
Danielle Huntington
My only family is greg
Rev Rev
Rev Rev 11 dni temu
In fifth grade I wrote Greg on my white leather backpack because idk. It was in 1995. Now this.
• idkemmie •
• idkemmie • 11 dni temu
I’m starting a build a bear school. Tell me your bears names and talents below for enrollment
Melissa Hidalgo
Melissa Hidalgo 11 dni temu
Midevil latin
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 12 dni temu
I like to click the “surprise me” button on wiki how and once I found an article on “how to make an emotional connection with your beta fish”. I have screenshots. It’s very strange.
ComicCaptain 12 dni temu
Lol I used to play this Infinity war looking thing with my stuffed animals
Midnightx Msp
Midnightx Msp 12 dni temu
I don’t need to go on wikihow to find out how to freak people out. I freak people out on a daily basis without trying.
Christina C. Holt
Christina C. Holt 12 dni temu
I even heard they tell you how to HOW TO DINK WINE OR SOMETHING! And how to be a Disney princess...
Jimin The Cutie
Jimin The Cutie 12 dni temu
Who tf is greg
Lps LunaProductions
Great info, thanks Danny!
Saf The Beeb
Saf The Beeb 13 dni temu
Having a build a bear school is a hobby?
anxious._.prxnce 13 dni temu
Honestly, the bear thing sounds really fun to me, idk why. It might be an autistic thing or maybe it's just me being weird oof
Aliën 13 dni temu
If he would have kids They are lucky
FlamingFox 13 dni temu
Everything has a disturbing side Wikihow has many
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