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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm joined with my best friends, the Dolan Twins and Emma Chamberlain, and I decided to teach them how to do makeup... without actually seeing them! Enjoy this makeup challenge and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

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19 cze 2018

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Komentarze 63 695
Brooke Johns
Brooke Johns 2 godzin temu
I think Emma won because her make up is bomb asf
Violet Bennett
Violet Bennett 2 godzin temu
How is gracin doing so good 😂
Lauren Cavazos
Lauren Cavazos 4 godzin temu
At 19:50 it sounds like SOMEONE told James I want more love
Caleb Iasona
Caleb Iasona 4 godzin temu
James being biased because he’s in love with Grayson for 24 minutes straight
Caleb Iasona
Caleb Iasona 4 godzin temu
Aw they all actually did so good
Fi Lin
Fi Lin 5 godzin temu
For me, I think Grayson looks the best tbh. He looks bomb af
Aleah Riley
Aleah Riley 5 godzin temu
Emma won hands down sister snatched she is
Rikkita Robbins
Rikkita Robbins 5 godzin temu
I freaking love videos with all four of you
queenbtilee 5 godzin temu
i almost died when they were fighting and Ethan said ''i'm going to fucking rip your lashes off with my teeth''
Bismillah Roshna
Bismillah Roshna 6 godzin temu
Omg Emma is so good at makeup and James likes Dolan twins most
Carmen Reyes
Carmen Reyes 6 godzin temu
There so funny lol
Urbano Black
Urbano Black 6 godzin temu
I love how Grayson went so serious into it
Rebecca Wiseman-Koch
Rebecca Wiseman-Koch 6 godzin temu
Okay so what was the brushes Grayson used on his eye like I cringed so hard 😂😂 but he was trying so hard ❤️❤️
Rebecca Wiseman-Koch
Rebecca Wiseman-Koch 6 godzin temu
There is nooo way Grayson won (sorry boo no shade love you) but in my opinion Ethan won and Emma was CLOSE second like her looks sooooooo good.❤️ maybe it just looks different in person but on camera I totally disagree with the roster 😂
Brittany and Amara
Brittany and Amara 6 godzin temu
Grayson did the best
Audumn SDykes
Audumn SDykes 7 godzin temu
Grayson won !!!!!!!! of course
Momma Nats
Momma Nats 7 godzin temu
Them fighting @23:00 trying to rip each others lashes off had me rolling 😂😂😂
Unicorn.slime.Bakery 7 godzin temu
they all did better then I would
Adrianna Parmaei
Adrianna Parmaei 8 godzin temu
Can you see Emma
ariana rodriguez
ariana rodriguez 8 godzin temu
Tell me y graysons was the best 💀
Samantha Tromp
Samantha Tromp 9 godzin temu
Ethan keeps screaming all the time😂😂😂
Emily Edwards
Emily Edwards 10 godzin temu
Emma looking like flash back mary haha Its a joke dont hate She looked dope for real
Bella Burkes Beauty
Bella Burkes Beauty 10 godzin temu
I'm dead at the brushes Grayson used for his eyeshadow 😂😂😭💀
Elizabeth Nickell
Elizabeth Nickell 11 godzin temu
james you look sister snatched
Caroline Nicholss
Caroline Nicholss 12 godzin temu
13:25 “SiStEr SpArKlE” love that for emma
Montana and Shawna
Montana and Shawna 13 godzin temu
Grayson’s eyes look the best even though he used that fat brush
amanda petrunti
amanda petrunti 13 godzin temu
gray did the best sorry sisters
Ellie Duckett
Ellie Duckett 13 godzin temu
Ethan’s eyes make him look high af
syeda shamama
syeda shamama 13 godzin temu
the difference between the twins, ones loud the others calm and quiet
Aqsa Khan
Aqsa Khan 13 godzin temu
Omg this is such an awesome and funny video😂😂❤️
Zerda Gurgur
Zerda Gurgur 14 godzin temu
23:07 😂 eathans face
Enrique Sosa
Enrique Sosa 14 godzin temu
I’m really into the whole James toying with the twins at the end.
Taylor Hartlein
Taylor Hartlein 14 godzin temu
James has a crush on the boys thats why they’re higher then Emma
Mohima Akhtar
Mohima Akhtar 14 godzin temu
20:40 "ah Jessica cheated"
Mohima Akhtar
Mohima Akhtar 14 godzin temu
11:51 when I only have 1 makeup brush
LovelyDaniele !
LovelyDaniele ! 15 godzin temu
7:34 ...well ok then lmao
Elizabeth Kulpa
Elizabeth Kulpa 15 godzin temu
literally emma looks so freaking good she looks better than ethan and grayson combined she looks so bomb and i’m mad they didn’t appreciate it
Emily Haynes
Emily Haynes 15 godzin temu
I love how Ethan is better at lashes then me :(
Johanna Ohlin
Johanna Ohlin 16 godzin temu
5:25 I love how fucking frustrated he is this is real comedy gold
Ella Mccarthy
Ella Mccarthy 16 godzin temu
This is hilarious ❤️😂 I absolutely love the sister squad ❤️❤️❤️
Trustno1 16 godzin temu
Emma is the best oml I’m not dont a makeup person but I like emmas
jinxx88 17 godzin temu
Ethan is so mean omfg
Harper Playz
Harper Playz 18 godzin temu
Ethan looks so happy when he put the pink powder on his cheek
RO 66
RO 66 18 godzin temu
I’m proud of Grayson, he did so well!
Oliviany 18 godzin temu
why do the Dolan twins scream so much? I had so much hope for Grayson, he was my favorite until I saw him using the biggest brush he found in his eyes, but somehow he managed to do it really well 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I can feel James desperation, impatience and stress through the screen and reading the comments, of course Emma looks amazing, she’s already beautiful but Grayson did it quite better
thummuru vyshnavi
thummuru vyshnavi 19 godzin temu
according to me grayson is best, emma is second, and ethan is third.
Emma Lagerblad
Emma Lagerblad 20 godzin temu
Emma did best at my opinion
Eilidh Muir
Eilidh Muir 20 godzin temu
wait 17:13 why does Ethans look so good
Rodsa Ghosh
Rodsa Ghosh 20 godzin temu
I liked Emma's makeup the best though
Linda Jones
Linda Jones 20 godzin temu
Alix Staines
Alix Staines 22 godzin temu
Ethan one hands down
Amelia Paige
Amelia Paige 22 godzin temu
Emma looks so good i think she got 1st or 2nd not 3rd
Wavyheadizza Dzień temu
Emma definitely won that
Ethan Hinds
Ethan Hinds Dzień temu
Grayson is a beauty guru now
Emily Gardiner
Emily Gardiner Dzień temu
Emma: 8 & half Gray: 10 Ethan: 6 James: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000
jaca Alimanovic
jaca Alimanovic Dzień temu
SurperKitty Dzień temu
7:10 Best part of the video
Y Frh
Y Frh Dzień temu
Ethan- *screams* IM A MAN James- oh love that! 😏 LOOOOOOOOL
ヅbreanna.lashea Dzień temu
Ethan had me laughing the whole time 😂 & Grayson yelling “STOP BEING SO MEAN!”
Cheese Cake;-;
Cheese Cake;-; Dzień temu
Jocelyn Espinoza
Jocelyn Espinoza Dzień temu
I think in 1st place it was Grayson 2nd place Emma Chamberlain and last but not least Ethan I love the sister squad 😘😎😎😎😎
Makenzi Skellenger
Makenzi Skellenger Dzień temu
I thought Emma's was the best
Marisae Gonzalez
Marisae Gonzalez Dzień temu
Emily Harris
Emily Harris Dzień temu
Omg rewatching this and can i just say Grayson looks so hot in the intro and outro just staring at the camera cause he just knows he's beautiful oml like at 0:21 & 0:52 & 23:28 & 23:51
Jumpy cash Meme
Jumpy cash Meme Dzień temu
I think Grayson followed the rules the best and his face turned out smooth
DUHIZDEJA Dzień temu
They honestly all did amazing and way better than I will ever do. Also it's all thanks to James so good job James for your great teaching skills 😊
_sofiekay_ Dzień temu
Grayson raging because he messed up his makeup slightly is the cutest thing ever
Tessa Holman
Tessa Holman Dzień temu
19:45 I’m dying!!!!😂🤣
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Dzień temu
Emma 10/10 Grayson 8/10 Ethan 4/10
drea Dzień temu
23:02 james screaming, twins swatting, emmas gone. this part is the best in the whole vid.
Grace Nolan
Grace Nolan Dzień temu
before Emma changed...
Lisa Roxanne Flores
Grayson wad so good!!!! His process was good omg 💞💞💓💗
Beth C.
Beth C. Dzień temu
I like Emma and the one beside Emma. I can’t tell who is who lol.
FatenN Adilahahah
FatenN Adilahahah Dzień temu
Ethan has a temper
Chelsea Walton
Chelsea Walton Dzień temu
Emma omg! Her eyeshadow is literally perfect
Brielle Love
Brielle Love Dzień temu
Ethan is so mad 😂
Xanthe Lucas
Xanthe Lucas Dzień temu
at 9:27 i laughed so hard
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Dzień temu
I ship James and greyson😂❤️❤️😅😅🤧🤧😎😉🤩
Animal World
Animal World Dzień temu
Emma definitely won!!! Wtf!!! She looked so good!!!
Victoria Tavares
Victoria Tavares Dzień temu
Gaston (idk his name) then Emma then Ethan
SouthernShades AJ
SouthernShades AJ 13 godzin temu
HeyitsKaitlyn 06
HeyitsKaitlyn 06 Dzień temu
Grayson did sooooo good no joke lmao
Flower Lol
Flower Lol Dzień temu
Emma slayed it. Then, it’s Grayson, then Ethan
Sky Animations
Sky Animations Dzień temu
Emma and James where the prettiest
Nora Eisley
Nora Eisley Dzień temu
why does ethan look like a brown haired logan paul lmao
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith Dzień temu
Am I the only one that thinks Emma’s looks the best lol
lilbiit Tewmuch
lilbiit Tewmuch Dzień temu
lol great content
Emma Schilling
Emma Schilling Dzień temu
OMG James + Grayson totally... literally what makes me believe this is he give Grayson first even though his is the worst.
Juan Carlos A
Juan Carlos A Dzień temu
Grayson you win you look awesome congrats
Carlton McAllen
Carlton McAllen Dzień temu
The only bITCHES 🐕🐶 🐕 HE ever calls sisters..... happen to always be white
Pineapple Swag
Pineapple Swag Dzień temu
I actually did way better than I do
Crazy flipside Bitch
When your confused if they are cooking, doing makeup, or getting baked😂
BlonDae Dzień temu
james is clearly biased. emma did the best, ethan obviously sucked and should've been last, and grayson got the highest score only bc someone has a crush lmao
Anna Stefanov
Anna Stefanov Dzień temu
Emma clearly won
Simone Franklin
Simone Franklin Dzień temu
Ethan... you’re sister stressing me out. Stop yelling at him 🙄
Linzy Vega
Linzy Vega Dzień temu
23:35 lmao the girl on the right hahahahaha
Naw Paw
Naw Paw Dzień temu
James like Grayson
Porridge is ok
Porridge is ok Dzień temu
Ethan's frustration is priceless
Bella Castiglioni
Bella Castiglioni Dzień temu
Grayson actually did a good job 😂😂
Jade Marissa
Jade Marissa Dzień temu
James trying to pull E back at 22:48 HAHAHAH
Jade Marissa
Jade Marissa Dzień temu
best to worst is Grayson, Ethan then emma BUTTTTT it was close!
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