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Taylor Swift - Delicate (Vertical Version)

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Delicate. © 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC




15 maj 2018




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Komentarze 8 620
Roy D Maths September rain music
I am so in love with this video
Samuel Aspirov
Samuel Aspirov 3 godzin temu
うちはInori 3 godzin temu
Emma 73
Emma 73 5 godzin temu
Nice job Mrs. Swift!
benedict reimers
benedict reimers 7 godzin temu
Ummmm uhhh pls help this song is so cool and I can stop watching itttttttt
Robert Fernandes
Robert Fernandes 9 godzin temu
This was a video call ??
Jory Drake
Jory Drake 10 godzin temu
Mystery machine
Skywaves 14 godzin temu
love me taylor swift!
Mike Growe
Mike Growe 14 godzin temu
I like this simple video over the other one. Simple and just Tay.
aw colombia
aw colombia 18 godzin temu
You love ❤👏Teylor🎻🐪🍦
allyce111 18 godzin temu
I’m going to your concert I LOVE YOU
riley j
riley j 20 godzin temu
Stop being so beautiful I love you
Daniela Ciaramella
Daniela Ciaramella 20 godzin temu
2:31 aw
Daniela Ciaramella
Daniela Ciaramella 20 godzin temu
Nevaeh Carbonell
Nevaeh Carbonell 20 godzin temu
You’re my fan I love you it’s my goal where do you live
Danté W
Danté W 21 godzinę temu
Correct me if I'm wrong but did Nicki Minaj start the vertical video trend? Because the first one I saw is Nicki Minaj's Chun-Li, then Ariana Grande's no tears left to cry, then this.
Zveju Kanalas
Zveju Kanalas 22 godzin temu
Your best ever song !
Amina Agicic
Amina Agicic 22 godzin temu
chrishennessyfam Dzień temu
you'd get it'
TheBlueWolf Dzień temu
such a amazing and beautiful women
benedict reimers
benedict reimers Dzień temu
Omg love u so much tally NICE LIT SONG
hellokit tu
hellokit tu Dzień temu
Abdullah Al Noman
Abdullah Al Noman Dzień temu
Meiba Shukha
Meiba Shukha Dzień temu
Taylor, wanna talk with you.
OnlyCats Allowed
OnlyCats Allowed Dzień temu
shes always beautiful
marc escano
marc escano 2 dni temu
Samantha Messina
Samantha Messina 2 dni temu
Raghav Tiwary
Raghav Tiwary 2 dni temu
The longest musically video ever
何金科 2 dni temu
Taylor i love you
Komedi Anne
Komedi Anne 2 dni temu
Jesus Taza
Jesus Taza 2 dni temu
Taylor have a good voice...
Jhostin Tejada
Jhostin Tejada 2 dni temu
Sharon Mahura
Sharon Mahura 2 dni temu
Amg TAYLORswift!!
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift 2 dni temu
I LOVE YOU TAYLOR 😍😍😭💛💛💛💛😻😻😻🙈
Ahmed Alam
Ahmed Alam 2 dni temu
I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!😍😍😍 and I aint afraid to admit it😏
ThomasGamer555 2 dni temu
Oh man i cant handle anything anymore. How are you able to just go in peoples mind like that
Die Velbis
Die Velbis 2 dni temu
You are the best singer for me😍😍😍❤😚😚
Die Velbis
Die Velbis 2 dni temu
Love youuu😍😍❤❤
Natalie Natalie
Natalie Natalie 2 dni temu
when u open ur front camera but you r Taylor Swift😂❤
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 2 dni temu
Athene Flemming
Athene Flemming 2 dni temu
Hi I love ur songs
Brenda Ryan
Brenda Ryan 2 dni temu
I love this video much more than the other. It's more vulnerable and genuine.
Roscoe Gray
Roscoe Gray 2 dni temu
I love Taylor before I die I want to meet her if I did I would thank the world I love you
Jack son
Jack son 3 dni temu
Vertical version 👌👌👌👍
ly nguyen
ly nguyen 3 dni temu
Taylor I love you so much
Rod Raqs
Rod Raqs 3 dni temu
wow this is so amazing i love it :D
Robótico Games
Robótico Games 3 dni temu
Ótima musica, ela tem um som bom.
Jessica Tingler
Jessica Tingler 3 dni temu
Taylor swift!! I was at your concert in Pittsburgh!!! IT WAS AMAZING I LOVE YOUU
孔兴华 3 dni temu
Melania 867
Melania 867 3 dni temu
*_D E L I C A T E_* ❤✌💕💞💞💞
Fanny Tu
Fanny Tu 3 dni temu
Elizabeth Salomón
She's A Delicate Queen 👑
Kawaii Pineapple XD
I love u
La Taylor Swift Latina
@TaylorFanSwift8 😅 Twitter 🐍♥
Martha Norrie
Martha Norrie 3 dni temu
I don’t think taler will see this but you my idol. I love singing 🎤 and I don’t own eny of your stuff I lisin to you songs all the time ps in 8 almost 9
Leen Adhami
Leen Adhami 3 dni temu
I love uuuu
fairus abd wahab
fairus abd wahab 3 dni temu
Lyrics please
Jamie Carpio
Jamie Carpio 4 dni temu
wow i love taylor swift
Rose Pandit
Rose Pandit 4 dni temu
You are Queen 👸💋💋😘
ghaith boshnak
ghaith boshnak 4 dni temu
Jennifer Dean
Jennifer Dean 4 dni temu
I love this song x
sonakshi Deb
sonakshi Deb 4 dni temu
Danny Zuko
Danny Zuko 4 dni temu
Taylor is simulating sex in this video... :)
Abhishek Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari 4 dni temu
You are the only one my fav. Always. No one can replaced you
Ade Lvkiki
Ade Lvkiki 4 dni temu
She looks cute
ven nguyen
ven nguyen 4 dni temu
i am eternal chaos the weather theory and the theory of reality
ven nguyen
ven nguyen 4 dni temu
buy their braces for them to if you got the money and some guts 5k+
ven nguyen
ven nguyen 4 dni temu
to much money is bad
ven nguyen
ven nguyen 4 dni temu
ven nguyen
ven nguyen 4 dni temu
iamvinh here give 20 dollars for food and 20 dollars for video games for kids. cures there depression
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia 4 dni temu
13 TS
13 TS 4 dni temu
Hi Taylor, Maybe you‘ll never read this but maybe there is still a chance ... 😃 So, I just wanted to say to you that you are such an inspiring person for me. Everyday I listen to your songs because they help me to get a stronger self-confidence💪🏻 or help me to shake something off my mind whenever I struggle with thoughts about changing something you don’t even can. But I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to accept that you can‘t change people or things in your life and that it’s most important to only hold on to the people who want the best for you and are able to be happy for you and that some things happen in your life for a reason and you just have to keep your head up, (you did that too, I believe, and you had to took your time but look how beautiful you arrived again ⭐️) You were the person who thaught me that. So thats why I wanted to say thanks to you! ❤️ Hopefully I‘ll ever have a chance to meet you so I can tell you that in person. But for now I only can leave you this comment. Love you ❤️💕
13 TS
13 TS 4 dni temu
Thanx 💕
Tanya Watkins
Tanya Watkins 4 dni temu
Like 😊
Raquel Oliveira
Raquel Oliveira 4 dni temu
Christina McNally
I love u Taylor Swift
Prasanzynmoke Swift
Hey heartbreaker you are so amazing you are like fresh dew drop in meadow like soiree in the bog like smell of dust after rain you are so lucky cause I'm always be on your side for you my happiness laid upon you you are unique some of my friend also told me you are so beautiful they can't stop thinking about you cause you are gorgeous actually I'm from Nepal please come to Nepal I'm dying to see you here ...I love you Taylor
Aya _
Aya _ 4 dni temu
Aida Schmezer
Aida Schmezer 4 dni temu
Hey Taylor I was at your concert in Pittsburgh in the part you said that we’re all your friends I am your biggest fan please reply
Vicki Willingham
Vicki Willingham 5 dni temu
Our sweet queen Taylor swift
Leo Bekker
Leo Bekker 5 dni temu
Bad Tove Lo rip-off.
emreyazıcı 5 dni temu
ı love you taylor swift
Sarah W
Sarah W 5 dni temu
I used the lyrics to write in love notes to a crush senior year in high school. It made him smile, :)
Dani C
Dani C 5 dni temu
This is my favorite song. You are my favorite singer. Your amazing I love you ❤ queen Taylor Swift 👸🏼
Kennedy Brown
Kennedy Brown 5 dni temu
Te amo Taylor 💍
Emma Ladd
Emma Ladd 5 dni temu
i love u sooo much! i just went to your reputation concert in Columbus. when the stage split open i almost cried. i want to be just like you taylor. i still cant believe how much you have accomplished. u are so amazing! if you are reading this... thank u for inspiring me to be a better singer, my dream is to be JUST LIKE you! I love how you are not one of those celebrities that dont care about there fans... you are so caring! Maybe one day you will see me on stage at the AMAs thanking you for motivating me.
Nikki Biela
Nikki Biela 5 dni temu
I was at your concert in Pittsburgh and you were so good I love you so much I didn’t get to met you I was at the top but it was so great to hear you sing and see you love you so much Taylor your so inspirational I love you I wish I could be like you❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘❤️❤️😘💓💓💓💘💘🎈🎈💯💯💯
Barsha Das
Barsha Das 5 dni temu
Ewen Cameron
Ewen Cameron 5 dni temu
I was supposed to go to New York in 2003 and I didn't I think my life path got messed up but I corrected it and I am looking forward to whats ahead.
Tipper Piper
Tipper Piper 5 dni temu
Was at ur concert last nite! Like if u were there too!😍😍😃😃😘😘
Addie Playz
Addie Playz 5 dni temu
*i love her she is my literal queen*
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 6 dni temu
Love u tay❤❤ One in a billion Reputation ROCKS🌏💥
Dilek *-*
Dilek *-* 6 dni temu
Gorgeous Mave
Gorgeous Mave 6 dni temu
Queen 😍
Jada Sky
Jada Sky 6 dni temu
nicole ferry
nicole ferry 6 dni temu
nicole ferry
nicole ferry 6 dni temu
Hey i saw you in cleveland tour your show was awesome even with the snacks
crys albrecht
crys albrecht 6 dni temu
Katty Perry é melhor brs
ven nguyen
ven nguyen 6 dni temu
iamvinh here trust nothing but your normal job
Raymondo The Explorer
Is this for Instagram TV?
Taylor Swift - Delicate
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