SOB X RBE & Shoreline Mafia "Da Move" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Da Move" by SOB X RBE & Shoreline Mafia.
Northern Cali meets Southern Cali as SOB X RBE teams up with LA’s Shoreline Mafia!
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9 sie 2018

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Komentarze 9 128
TAB COKE Godzinę temu
j a
j a Godzinę temu
what a shitty god damn mother fuvking song it is. fuvkin hell
OVO 2 godzin temu
1:50 “she gunna choke on some dick like some bubble gum” damn that made no sense.. L
ownTer 2 godzin temu
Jay Lovesu
Jay Lovesu 2 godzin temu
Smh y'all influence everyone to sin. God hate this...smh
M-R-T-A-E-11 5 godzin temu
fuck bloods an thats on moms u fake ass niggas aint wit the shits stop frontin weird ass niggas on hood
øñø øñõ
øñø øñõ 6 godzin temu
when you introduce the kid from spy kids codeine
Daquan Doolie
Daquan Doolie 6 godzin temu
Nah you're making up people now
Clayton Stanley
Clayton Stanley 7 godzin temu
We will know these youngsters made it in the rap game when their face tattoos triple
Jim Rustles
Jim Rustles 7 godzin temu
More of the same shit. We get it you like drugs and guns. Stale as fuck.
Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson 8 godzin temu
Their parents should Woop that ass and ground em.....waving around guns like they some grown ass men!!!
Jesse Panuco
Jesse Panuco 8 godzin temu
Ohgeesy and Daboii always going off 😈
J. Mtz
J. Mtz 8 godzin temu
Whoreline mafia sux .straight nerds n lames...all u busters die slow.....💩💩
Thomas Gunn
Thomas Gunn 9 godzin temu
Wow, this sucks.
xavean ATG
xavean ATG 9 godzin temu
Daboii harddd bro
Mason Brooks
Mason Brooks 9 godzin temu
the light skin guys voice is so bad
andorid user
andorid user 9 godzin temu
2.13 fake mcm
Sam Daou
Sam Daou 9 godzin temu
Why is the kid from spy kids here
Nx Coles
Nx Coles 9 godzin temu
Who tf is this neeew nigga
The SauceHouse
The SauceHouse 10 godzin temu
Ah shit
Made in 96
Made in 96 10 godzin temu
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇬🇧🤘🏾💧💧💧I put forgies on the mazi & u know it’s tinted 💯🏁🏁Fucx wit CALI 🌴Vallejo n East LA made a slapper🤮
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren 10 godzin temu
Why they add lul g weak ass tho😕
TryHard_1K 10 godzin temu
Bum ass no skin 🤦😂😂
Rudy Guerrero
Rudy Guerrero 10 godzin temu
Ohgeesy for MVP!!
Harlem Shit
Harlem Shit 10 godzin temu
Ohgeezy is raw af
Berserk TV
Berserk TV 10 godzin temu
This fire asf it on Apple Music?
David woods
David woods 10 godzin temu
no effort beat by tee grizzly
David woods
David woods 10 godzin temu
this one of tee grizzly beat
Jose Zendejas
Jose Zendejas 10 godzin temu
Where the bitxhes at? Oh that that's right they don't like little dick niggas.
jalenjohnson1111 11 godzin temu
These niggas took Detroit whole style and sound.
Kawliga Kingfisher
Kawliga Kingfisher 11 godzin temu
They all have guns because they suck dick at making music and because their all real gangsters that dress gay...damn they sure are tough.
Nasa Beats
Nasa Beats 12 godzin temu
Rappers looking for beats check out my free beats on my channel 🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eric Bost
Eric Bost 12 godzin temu
This the Milwaukee flow
yung booty bandit
yung booty bandit 12 godzin temu
fenix sherm
mani !!
mani !! 12 godzin temu
whats fenix flexing snap
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 12 godzin temu
Finally a place where the government can test nukes
Cbass Yokum
Cbass Yokum 12 godzin temu
Looks like Naked Brothers band grew up
Juiche 12 godzin temu
Yay Area😈🔥
zenthol 12 godzin temu
aye i got a instrumental for this song on my channel please check it out🔥
Scott Hamilton
Scott Hamilton 12 godzin temu
They be tryna get that quick dub on fortnite
Collin ولد جيد
Collin ولد جيد 12 godzin temu
You're deaf if you ain't head bobbin rn
Noah Hermosillo
Noah Hermosillo 13 godzin temu
Thank god they didn't let wack ass t.o. kill the song 😭😭😭
VGOD Tonyy
VGOD Tonyy 13 godzin temu
1:10 Dude got Fortnite in the car😂😂
Illusive Cube
Illusive Cube 13 godzin temu
0:21 it prop money? He does feel safe in his own hood lol
Sierra Marie
Sierra Marie 13 godzin temu
Caleb Ortiz
Caleb Ortiz 13 godzin temu
bro i needa know what kind of belt ohgeezy had on i want the exact one
Jmal Daniel
Jmal Daniel 14 godzin temu
Alicia Reyes
Alicia Reyes 14 godzin temu
Trash herd it befor
Kyara Asencio
Kyara Asencio 14 godzin temu
Peep that fortnite 0:51 play it In slow motion 😂😂
MTV Michael
MTV Michael 14 godzin temu
This vid was fye until the fort nut came in
23slickid23 14 godzin temu
they gotta drop any other song, this is tight, but they could make something way more fire
KrackingAnyBody KABF
KrackingAnyBody KABF 14 godzin temu
Ohgeesy and Da Boi dropped bangers 💯🔥
Drtt Dan
Drtt Dan 14 godzin temu
Lowkey thought they were from Houston .....
Chief Onna Set
Chief Onna Set 15 godzin temu
California 🔥🔥
Gerardo Cruz
Gerardo Cruz 15 godzin temu
Does Mike Sherm Look Like Fenix or does Fenix Look like Mike Sherm?😮👌🔥💸
Michael 7
Michael 7 15 godzin temu
Same industry that hates gun violence promotes it.
goyard Slim
goyard Slim 15 godzin temu
Helluva made this beat baby
Petty Betty
Petty Betty 15 godzin temu
Low key thought that was mike sherm 🤣😩
ripkerse 16 godzin temu
Do another collab
Tudor Marian
Tudor Marian 16 godzin temu
Trippie.c ya digg?
Trippie.c ya digg? 16 godzin temu
Cali Smokin
Cali Smokin 16 godzin temu
What up with that blue rag though?
Lor Bmoreflow
Lor Bmoreflow 16 godzin temu
This that consistent wssh trash music
That Dan 1up
That Dan 1up 16 godzin temu
Grandtheft auto is creating a lot of young rappers
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 17 godzin temu
All these niggas broke. They flexing they moms money or cash out their whole saving haha
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 16 godzin temu
Will Velazco you sound autistic and cancerous
Will Velazco
Will Velazco 16 godzin temu
Alex Diaz u sound dumb and mad at yourself
sluttyboi Sam
sluttyboi Sam 17 godzin temu
Sound like sada baby drego
Stay Prada
Stay Prada 17 godzin temu
lmao these niggas really be playing fortnite in a maybach
Sam Timoteo
Sam Timoteo 17 godzin temu
Damn thiz my Shyt but OHGEESY always look like whole snackin to me 😍😍😋🔥💯💍
Noah tje god
Noah tje god 17 godzin temu
Johnny Chavez
Johnny Chavez 18 godzin temu
Yo the beat was dope
ALX 18 godzin temu
that one white nigga
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 18 godzin temu
Fanta pineapple 🤮
Keith Leduc
Keith Leduc 18 godzin temu
Slanks Vikks
Slanks Vikks 18 godzin temu
SOB x RBE and shoreline Mafia got to drop a Tape
Jerry Fisher
Jerry Fisher 18 godzin temu
From the Bay to L.A
Epherm Morrow
Epherm Morrow 18 godzin temu
SOBxRBE and shoreline mafia should hella make a albulm🔥🔥
Whitewater 18 godzin temu
Defaulty boi
Danae Mata
Danae Mata 19 godzin temu
Awesome possum
xo melly mells
xo melly mells 19 godzin temu
Wavy 🌊
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 19 godzin temu
lol they were playing fortnite in the whip on the tv screens behind the front seats thats real shit lol!
Rolando Ramirez
Rolando Ramirez 19 godzin temu
They can flex 💪 all they want but see if they about
Real_Pain 19 godzin temu
Sounds like a *T Grizzley* type beat
mondo 19 godzin temu
Shoreline on that Blue rag shit 🐬♿
Doctor yang !!
Doctor yang !! 19 godzin temu
Daboii doing the Carlton 😂😂
g 104
g 104 19 godzin temu
Inglewood lockahven 104st reall nigga shit bitchh
Bon Bulider
Bon Bulider 19 godzin temu
Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds 19 godzin temu
Did he say chew on the dick like bubble gum? 😕......naw I'm good without that
Kimchi Oppa
Kimchi Oppa 19 godzin temu
Ohgeesy and Fenix thooo 😍😍 SOB RBE too damn i’m in
forsaken nihilist
forsaken nihilist 20 godzin temu
Aye dats what I like to see the bay and LA collabn its all love bruh
INTENSE_GAMING 20 godzin temu
Trevor  Carter
Trevor Carter 20 godzin temu
Detroit beats🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isaac Peterson
Isaac Peterson 21 godzinę temu
all them bands but still a no skin on fortnite 👎
I Hallucinate
I Hallucinate 34 minut temu
Nigga you worrying bout the wrong things #nerd
MLG PRO 15 godzin temu
Isaac Peterson they aint stupid to wasted money on a game
CuZ WaLk
CuZ WaLk 21 godzinę temu
Only if kingrod was in this 😤
Yo Momma
Yo Momma 21 godzinę temu
SPY Kid goes hard. 🔥
Thizzworld707 21 godzinę temu
x 21 godzinę temu
is it just me or does this beat just sound like a shoreline beat? lmfao
ThisMeans Nothing
ThisMeans Nothing 21 godzinę temu
Almost all kids are saying spy kids for likes.
Daquan 22 godzin temu
That MasterCard chain is not hard at all
RAYDEN LUNA 22 godzin temu
Shoreline mafia the plug
Luis Salinas
Luis Salinas 22 godzin temu
Every sob song sound the same fr fr, was good for a minute
5 miesięcy temu
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