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Shawn Mendes - Nervous

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Music video by Shawn Mendes performing Nervous. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




11 cze 2018




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Komentarze 57 288
Marielle Kim Hachmeister
So my friends were teasing me about some guy in school and then this song started playing.... they teased me even more...
라이큐 3 godzin temu
라이큐 3 godzin temu
a panda
a panda 3 godzin temu
Ok so far I've listened to this 56 times I cant stop mostly because I can relate to these words
Sandy Shin de Jisung Park
Manal Laaraj
Manal Laaraj 6 godzin temu
Dhyey R.
Dhyey R. 6 godzin temu
That girl's name is Lilliya Scarlett She is a lucky🍀 model
Nahid Akhtar
Nahid Akhtar 7 godzin temu
Who thinks that girl was Ellie Bamber ?
afectaed 8 godzin temu
plot twist: those hands are his mother
Marianne Ohanessian
Marianne Ohanessian 9 godzin temu
He seems to feel so uncomfortable 😂
Gabrielli Cunha
Gabrielli Cunha 10 godzin temu
Vontade de ser essa mão
Queen 10 godzin temu
1:45 you're welcome
Kshipra Shukla
Kshipra Shukla 11 godzin temu
Aye haaye! That raising of the eyebrows!!😆
tiffany orint
tiffany orint 11 godzin temu
His eyebrows are diferent
I'm bored
I'm bored 14 godzin temu
At 1:55 he is telling her hands you got me acting like I've never done this before 😂😂
ISH ITA 15 godzin temu
Dude, his smile😍💕💕💕
Dami Aviña
Dami Aviña 18 godzin temu
Tan enamorada, omg
Shelley Gee
Shelley Gee 19 godzin temu
Shawn’s got sexy mouth 👄
Maria Almeida
Maria Almeida 19 godzin temu
Marianne Ohanessian
I didn't expect that 😂
Journey Swanson
Journey Swanson Dzień temu
Her name is lilliya scarlet
Erin Davis
Erin Davis Dzień temu
How does this have 25k dislikes
Slappy Dzień temu
that’s a fender amp and that’s NOT a fender guitar! ashole
Bernardo Freitas
Bernardo Freitas Dzień temu
Bernardo Freitas
Bernardo Freitas Dzień temu
Random videos Ellie
You look like Charlie Puth
Júlia Oliveira
Júlia Oliveira Dzień temu
Queria ser essa mãozinha do além aí
Radwa Elsherif
Radwa Elsherif Dzień temu
i like watching this video more and more to see ur beautiful laugh 😍
Ava Davila
Ava Davila Dzień temu
stop touching my man!
michelle frank
michelle frank Dzień temu
he is so cute I can't
jim verzijlenberg
jim verzijlenberg Dzień temu
that is julia micheals the girl that is touching shawn mendes
Bryn 13
Bryn 13 Dzień temu
okay this is a valid question, who's hands are those??
Alexandra Gomez
Alexandra Gomez 2 dni temu
Omg that girl better get her hands off my man
Makaylah Gary
Makaylah Gary 2 dni temu
When she smacks him...😂😂😂😂
Omq Sike
Omq Sike 2 dni temu
His, so caring and, handsome. And, by caring i Mean, he cares about his family, and by handsome, i Mean his like soo gentleman, and attractive☺️
Sippara Aychiluhim
1:44 pahahahah dying his face
miri -chan
miri -chan 2 dni temu
Shawn is very sexy^_^
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran 2 dni temu
What if those hands aren't women's, like guys can have pretty hand too 😂😂
viee .-.
viee .-. 2 dni temu
O Shawn acaba comigo velho
Jeruzinha Jeruza
Jeruzinha Jeruza 2 dni temu
jimins jams
jimins jams 2 dni temu
No one cares when the fuck you're watching this ahhh
Kaiii 2 dni temu
Imagine being *that* hand
Keigo 2 dni temu
Who else thought someone was screaming near you at 1:37?
26bella_husky 2 dni temu
At 2:20 Shawn’s like wtf 🤣😘♥️ I love him ♥️
26bella_husky 2 dni temu
Am I the only one that dies inside when he smiles and makes eye contact with the camera 😂😘♥️ That girl is lucky 😂 this song describes how I would feel if I met Shawn, I would probably pass out 😂 Lysm Shawn!
Isabela Monroe
Isabela Monroe 2 dni temu
Alguém do Brasil? I love Shawn Mendes😘❤😍😍😍
Karomi_namichi 2 dni temu
Maldita loca por que lo cacheteas?!
Sherley Clitus
Sherley Clitus 2 dni temu
Shown you are the best I love you shown you are so sexy and hot. I like your hair shown you are sooooo hottttt
Mineko 3 dni temu
And here I am... smiling like a dumb. Really, he is so beautiful~! His voice, eyes, smile... Ok.
Camilla Gherardi
Camilla Gherardi 3 dni temu
Those hands are MendesArmy's!!
alberto saldaña
alberto saldaña 3 dni temu
Mi sister dice love you shaw 👍
TamiXorgxnte M.
TamiXorgxnte M. 3 dni temu
His smile........ Even a stone would melt😘 I love the song❤❤❤
Vani Girl
Vani Girl 3 dni temu
every time he grabs the girls hands i dieeee
SOo A. Ahmed
SOo A. Ahmed 3 dni temu
2019any one??
hayley montgomery
Anyone else jealous of the girl with her hands all over Shawn?
thecat :3
thecat :3 3 dni temu
Miau miauu miau miauuu miauu miauuuu miau miauuuuuuuuu,miauu miauuu miau
אתי מרמל שטיין
יפה מאוד
Stacey Peters
Stacey Peters 3 dni temu
xD 1:44
elya monblat
elya monblat 3 dni temu
elya monblat
elya monblat 3 dni temu
elya monblat
elya monblat 3 dni temu
elya monblat
elya monblat 3 dni temu
Mr NinjaCREEPS 3 dni temu
1:38 haha
Rosa Checo
Rosa Checo 3 dni temu
I really love this baby's songs and his voice. I love so much when someone makes my neurons works to shake my whole body. ❤😍🎶🦋🌹
Rima Shbaro
Rima Shbaro 3 dni temu
1:45 the slap 😂
Safiyya Ahsan
Safiyya Ahsan 3 dni temu
Amazing song but reminds me if bad liar by Selena Gomez
Lukas Norrby
Lukas Norrby 3 dni temu
"I get a little bit of ligma, im about to die"
Beatriz Assis
Beatriz Assis 3 dni temu
Muito nenê esse Shawn 😍❤️
star Benavidez
star Benavidez 3 dni temu
Camila sees those hands....she thinks.......'why didn't he call me?' 🙃🙃😏❤️😂
star Benavidez
star Benavidez 3 dni temu
Shawn you definitely got a boner when those girls where touching you!!😂😂
Neon Pink Productions
1:45 favorite part lmao
Amelia H
Amelia H 3 dni temu
If U gave me a like I wanna be a team me and you will find a different team Yea Yea I wanna be a team me and you will find a different team Yea Yea need and uooou
TheNiceandAwesome Me
2:20 😂
Raymond Maturan
Raymond Maturan 3 dni temu
1:45 when the girl slaped him 😂
Kamila Gonzalez
Kamila Gonzalez 3 dni temu
Me:* watches video* Also me:GET YO CRUSTY MUSTY HANDS OFF MY SHAWN
Ashley Ortiz
Ashley Ortiz 2 dni temu
Simon Breton
Simon Breton 3 dni temu
Sounds like a song that woulda suited Pharrel Williams more than Shawn Mendes...
Adri Vera
Adri Vera 3 dni temu
Te estaré esperando uwu por fin en Perú n.n ♥️
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M 3 dni temu
This song is perfect!
Estrellas *
Estrellas * 3 dni temu
Porque estas tan rico😍😍
Geovanna Victor
Geovanna Victor 4 dni temu
Mel Miller
Mel Miller 4 dni temu
This is SO HOT IM..
Thamy Kroos
Thamy Kroos 4 dni temu
Moças sortudas.
Ana Montero
Ana Montero 4 dni temu
cutepie rocks
cutepie rocks 4 dni temu
Abbie Boon
Abbie Boon 4 dni temu
I would trade my soul to be that girl
Frances Gutierrez
1:21 arghhhh handsomeee
Arjun Sarkar
Arjun Sarkar 4 dni temu
Who is here at 2019???💕💕💕
Techno Freak
Techno Freak 4 dni temu
2019 everyone!???
Georgina lovelots
Shawn’s smile is too cute Edit: Ooh, at 2:13 he laughed. So cute and he’s blushing.
Brayden Schrank
Brayden Schrank 4 dni temu
*this must have been so weird to record*
Emma Conway
Emma Conway 4 dni temu
Grace Q
Grace Q 4 dni temu
Your cool. Marry me please from Mikayla
Patricia Levertz
Patricia Levertz 4 dni temu
Klasse gefällt mir sehr gut. Bisher einns wo ich gut finde anderen Songs nicht meine Welle
Box Art
Box Art 4 dni temu
Shawn Mendes kontol pilad memek anjeng
lisabelle manoban
shawn so hot😂😂❤❤i like it😍😍😍
mili p
mili p 4 dni temu
2019 :v?💗
Abigail Arredondo
His smile is contagious uuuughits so frustrating
Regina Palomino Jimenez
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu