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New York assistants, Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell), are used to going above and beyond for their high-powered (and highly demanding) bosses, Kristen (Lucy Liu) and Rick (Taye Diggs). But now they're teaming up for the biggest projects of their young careers - getting their bosses to fall in love! Only time will tell whether they strike out...or score a home run.
Watch Set It Up June 15th on Netflix.
Watch Set It Up on Netflix:
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Set It Up | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




15 maj 2018

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Komentarze 1 311
Pat Sulit
Pat Sulit 4 godzin temu
sôphie Tlou
sôphie Tlou 12 godzin temu
F Sharp
F Sharp 13 godzin temu
"...Well bring me my laptop." LOL!!
Akarsh Chaudhary
Akarsh Chaudhary Dzień temu
What's the song at 00:32?
Vishnu Gopakumar
Vishnu Gopakumar 2 dni temu
does anyone know bgm being played
Reggie Addison Jr
This was great. I didnt expect to like it because this isnt usualy the type of movie I sit down and watch but it was enjoyable and a good laugh.
ally krotonsky
ally krotonsky 2 dni temu
Isn’t rick the guy in that one vine who said “people keep asking me, what’s it like to be a sexy” and then he puts his leg up on a chair and smashes his head into it.
Mitchell Quartero
This is my favorite movie I like it
Hannah Carlisle
Hannah Carlisle 3 dni temu
This trailer doesn’t actually spoil the whole plot and the movie was ok pretty cliche but cute
Hue Lu
Hue Lu 5 dni temu
Yeap they turned “teacher” as if they know what they are doing....
kloe yeung
kloe yeung 6 dni temu
Like modern much ado about nothing
daisiella12 7 dni temu
Ok I now have another movie to add to the list to see :)
Manny 7 dni temu
Love Lucy Liu! Can't wait
Nadia Bhatti
Nadia Bhatti 8 dni temu
This movie was so good, especially for a light summer day type of movie
CaptainAwesome 10 dni temu
The first time I saw this, I watched it again immediately after just because I loved it so much :)
Camille 11 dni temu
The trailer doesn't say too much about the movie stop sayin that
canadavatar 13 dni temu
Horrible Bosses 3????
Aalya Qureshi
Aalya Qureshi 13 dni temu
stopped watching the trailer half way through once i got the gist of it cos i didnt want to watch the movie in the trailer (i think the two assistants are gonna fall in love like The Duff??!!)
Andy X
Andy X 14 dni temu
øtaku chan
øtaku chan 15 dni temu
øtaku chan
øtaku chan 12 dni temu
Rugra G. Thankyou!
Rugra G.
Rugra G. 12 dni temu
Saint Motel - My Type
Musawar Hussain
Musawar Hussain 15 dni temu
Y’all know the song from the beginning with the “ La la la la” and the one with the trumpet
Rinamay100 17 dni temu
Does anyone know where Glen's white shirt (with tiny dancing women) is from?
tiffany’s maid
tiffany’s maid 17 dni temu
i know netflix was going to show too much of it in the trailer so i stopped the video half way.
tiffany’s maid
tiffany’s maid 17 dni temu
this movie was so GOOD, they looked super cute together.
Chloe Z
Chloe Z 17 dni temu
This movie was amazing!!
SonKuantum Bükücü
music name ? plase
Rugra G.
Rugra G. 12 dni temu
Saint Motel - My Type
ForeverxGymnast 20 dni temu
my dumb ass really thought that the main guy was cameron from ferris bueller's day off
valar 20 dni temu
Best Netflix original movie yet. They've upped their game pretty quickly, Hollywood and its $12 a ticket shit-producing machine should be worried.
Anji Reddy
Anji Reddy 21 dzień temu
can somebody tell me What was the song playing in background from 1.28 to 1.36.?
Anji Reddy
Anji Reddy 12 dni temu
Thanks a lot Rugra G
Rugra G.
Rugra G. 12 dni temu
Saint Motel - My Type
23feb2013 21 dzień temu
This is the only Netflix special rom com I’ve ever liked
ishouldbestudying 22 dni temu
he doesn't look like 28 i thought he is like 38
Muneeba's guild
Muneeba's guild 23 dni temu
Some of the Netflix movies onlyyy some are good but taking random new actors ruins the fun. Take good known actors please
Ethan PARK
Ethan PARK 27 dni temu
The racist formula of Hollywood movies holds white women in the arms of white men and oriental women in the arms of white or black men. Asian men are treated as worms in American movies. Black women are also in the arms of white or black men. It is a Hollywood movie that white men can embrace women of all races. The Hollywood film industry uses blacks and Asians as accessories to prove that they are not racists. The film chose accessories as a combination of black men and oriental women.
Cecille Marasigan
Cecille Marasigan 27 dni temu
for those of you that thinks the trailer already showed you the whole film, you're mistaken. go watch the movie. its good and it will make you want to be or have an assistant lol 😂
Cecille Marasigan eh it kinda is the whole film
MANA 27 dni temu
The Nice Guy
The Nice Guy 28 dni temu
Name of the background music in the trailer? THAT SAX SOUND
Rugra G.
Rugra G. 12 dni temu
Saint Motel - My Type
I saw it Its a nice movie BTW!
Jackalofdeath Miesiąc temu
this looks bad
Jenna Binder
Jenna Binder Miesiąc temu
Jonie Scott
Jonie Scott Miesiąc temu
I need to watch this Zoey Dutch is actually so funny!
Suraj Yadav
Suraj Yadav Miesiąc temu
Zoey is awesome, She's the next star of era
Bobby Miesiąc temu
Dont waste your time on this trash movie. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs wanna hold on to whatever career they have left.
Utah Malone
Utah Malone Miesiąc temu
I love this movie. It remind me of the parent trap movie to, they both are good.
taylormxrie Miesiąc temu
This movie was cute, I recommend watching it if you haven’t already!
beez waxx
beez waxx Miesiąc temu
i liked this more than those bs midnight sun and kissing booth *gags*
Bugaboo Miesiąc temu
Oh wait, Lucy Liu's from Elementary.
percumi Miesiąc temu
Never ever watch e trailer to the end. This movie is my next favourite rom-com. I'm definitely watching it again.
lalala girl
lalala girl Miesiąc temu
This is an amazing movie, definitely loved it! Recommend watching this!😍😍
Dexter Williams
Dexter Williams Miesiąc temu
Dexter Williams
Dexter Williams Miesiąc temu
Horrible movie. Just a derivative of "The Father's Love" . Another trash movie. (No longer interested in Lucy Liu or Taye Diggs.) 🎥
sarah Miesiąc temu
I really liked it. It is lighthearted and a throhback to the classic rom coms. :)♥
Dogan demirbas
Dogan demirbas Miesiąc temu
Filmin tamamını hd kalite izlemek için
ManuelPabloArnao Miesiąc temu
Love Zoey but this looks terrible
mpbirk Miesiąc temu
Plotless... Pass
akshay pandey
akshay pandey Miesiąc temu
nice moviee
Champ GT
Champ GT Miesiąc temu
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes Miesiąc temu
I’m here for Pete Davidson
Victoire Gss
Victoire Gss Miesiąc temu
looks like a cheap The Evil wears it
glinda kushero
glinda kushero Miesiąc temu
This looks fun, but I wish so much wasn’t revealed!
Leslie Dane
Leslie Dane Miesiąc temu
Does anyone know the title of the song??
Nik Miesiąc temu
One chinese chick, one black guy and two white trying to set them up. Netflix banking on racial profiling.
GiGixx621625 Miesiąc temu
Will only watch this for Lucy Liu's love plot. I don't give a damn about the assistants' storyline, though I am sure it's wonderful
fatima barrera
fatima barrera Miesiąc temu
The trailer actually doesn't give the movie away!!! It's the most amazing current romcom!!!
Chris Miesiąc temu
This was such a good movie. Would totally recommend.
Felicity Miesiąc temu
maya p.
maya p. Miesiąc temu
is that pete davidson
Fangirl -nim
Fangirl -nim Miesiąc temu
Just finished watching the movie and they were so cute and hilarious!! I just the love the last scene, it just made me squeal. 💕
molly h
molly h Miesiąc temu
the trailer doesn’t give away as much as it seems, this movie is SO good
im Rose malik
im Rose malik Miesiąc temu
Love you zoey ❤❤❤❤👌👌
Isabela Carvalho
Isabela Carvalho Miesiąc temu
Does anyone know the song before saint motel? Until 0:33 seconds, with a whistle?
jaime Nieto
jaime Nieto Miesiąc temu
un like
jaime Nieto
jaime Nieto Miesiąc temu
Francisca Ferreira
Francisca Ferreira Miesiąc temu
Watch this movie! Wounderfuly written, wounderfuly directed, wounderfuly casted.
lemonscented Miesiąc temu
Really good!
jpowers55 Miesiąc temu
So in an attempt to make their bosses fall in love, they fall in love instead? How cute. I guess Lucy and Taye don't work out though? Oh well. Not watching this anyway. Let me know when the new seasons of Orange and Glow return.
Alice Ek
Alice Ek Miesiąc temu
What happened to the golf guy?🤔🤔
Wendell Solis
Wendell Solis Miesiąc temu
I came dislike this bitch!!!!!!! I hate this fucking commercial popping up every time I watch a goddamn video. Dislike. FUCK YOU.
darockk Miesiąc temu
i reckon the girl and the guy will end up together at the end
Warrior J Gamer
Warrior J Gamer Miesiąc temu
0:41 I thought this was bizarre from D12
Adina Ann
Adina Ann Miesiąc temu
This movie was amazing. At first I thought they gave out way too much in the trailer but they actually didn't.
fatima omer
fatima omer Miesiąc temu
Only here for Pete
rune titan
rune titan Miesiąc temu
i have not seen the show but this trailer seems to give everything away
Orecon 125
Orecon 125 Miesiąc temu
I smell a theatrical releas
ingdanify Miesiąc temu
She has the cutest little run/walk at 1:40 :)
Gelia Zurbano
Gelia Zurbano Miesiąc temu
HELLO TO THOSE PLANNING TO WATCH THIS‼️ The trailer didn’t give it away, there’s actually much more happenings in the movie itself!! Btw it’s good, it’s one of my faves now
TributesAndUnique Miesiąc temu
Why is the hell is Lucy Liu's character's last name Stevens?
Nusrat Faiza
Nusrat Faiza Miesiąc temu
This movie is so cccuuuttteee.. 😍😍😍😍😍I still can't get over these two..
Jared Kaiser
Jared Kaiser Miesiąc temu
just finish watching this movie, amazing story 10/10
Damo Revo
Damo Revo Miesiąc temu
more over sanitised millenial garbage
Eca De Guzman
Eca De Guzman Miesiąc temu
Can we talk about how hot Lucy Liu is??
Palwasha Khan
Palwasha Khan Miesiąc temu
the director
the director Miesiąc temu
daphnelullaby Miesiąc temu
i cannot begin to explain how good this movie is. Even though you can pretty much guess the entire plot from the trailer, the movie is infinitely more funny and the characters are so well developed and the personalities are just really well done. The acting is superb, especially on Lucy Liu's part, but everyone really became their characters imo!!
Smiling Kanye
Smiling Kanye Miesiąc temu
If you wish to get the method to gain accounts you just want to lookup " *netflix pranaholistico* " in Google or Yahoo. It was great an hour ago.
vivelafandom Miesiąc temu
Wanted to watch it for Lucy Liu but 15 mins in and it lost me...what is up with Netflix’s new cringe worthy movies
Tara l
Tara l Miesiąc temu
i loved it and the trailer does not give the whole thing away!
Bri Miesiąc temu
I just watched this today and it was so funny
Leticia C
Leticia C Miesiąc temu
After watching the movie i would say the trailer didn't give that much away as i expected. Love the film and the chemistry between Zoey and Glen! :D
Helen Miesiąc temu
Charlie’s angels.
Martina Chan
Martina Chan Miesiąc temu
I watched it last night. It's actually good. Nothing surprising tho. It's light and enjoyable.
Cristina14k Miesiąc temu
This movie is AMAZING!!!! I mean it is not revolutionary by any means but will make you smile and awwwww... it is so much fun and so cute!!! Totally a chick flick bahahaha