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So we decided to play a haunted spin the wheel game at 3am.. And things did not end too well...
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If you read this far down the description I love you




13 paź 2018

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Komentarze 16 322
Antoinette Mayon
Antoinette Mayon 58 minut temu
Ohhhhhh im dumb
Antoinette Mayon
Antoinette Mayon Godzinę temu
What do 666 mean
Bear Bear
Bear Bear Godzinę temu
don't be afraid of the dark be afraid of what's in the dark
Tyler The Best
Tyler The Best Godzinę temu
You just call 666
FlowerPower210 2 godzin temu
I know how it feels I did the same thing ! I also live in San Diego too so I felt the storm
Brielle Dash
Brielle Dash 2 godzin temu
God plz bless all of us plz
Good Swat84
Good Swat84 3 godzin temu
God bless everyone here
Cristo Martinez
Cristo Martinez 3 godzin temu
I heard a hard breathing in 8:36
xxxtentacion FAN
xxxtentacion FAN 3 godzin temu
God please bless my friends, family,and everyone watching this video and me to because this is scary and just protect us
adfire _
adfire _ 3 godzin temu
xxxtentacion FAN
xxxtentacion FAN 3 godzin temu
God I am sorry for watching this video amen
Josefina Castro
Josefina Castro 3 godzin temu
And good for give me
Josefina Castro
Josefina Castro 3 godzin temu
God bless me protect my family I'm sorry watch that scares video
Julia Cotton
Julia Cotton 4 godzin temu
Hah everyone is like save me god plz AND THEY ARE PLAYING THIS STUFF LOL
Julia Cotton
Julia Cotton 4 godzin temu
Amber Calton
Amber Calton 4 godzin temu
Sorry stupid video
Tatum 752
Tatum 752 5 godzin temu
Also at 1656 there are glowing stuff
Tatum 752
Tatum 752 5 godzin temu
At 1312 there are feet
janice reyes
janice reyes 5 godzin temu
Sorry god for watching this god bless me sorry for doing this 🙏😔😬
jake Paul
jake Paul 8 godzin temu
The awesome Channel
The awesome Channel 12 godzin temu
9:45 someone was humming it wasn’t any of them it was a girl about 7 humming or something I don’t know guys but it could be Bloody Mary
forbidden pollo
forbidden pollo 15 godzin temu
The Duncan family
The Duncan family 16 godzin temu
Smell that it smells like an exeriom IDK how to spell it but i was laughing hard as ever
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez 17 godzin temu
I want to see more scary videos
1,000,subs with no video
With each like i will add a💀 starting with💀
Jasmine Cisneros
Jasmine Cisneros 19 godzin temu
this video is real because you called 666 the first it didn't answer and the other youtubers that call 666 answers fast
Jalijah Matthews
Jalijah Matthews 20 godzin temu
GOD HELP ME PLEASE I WANT To go to heaven 😭😥
Leslie Acosta
Leslie Acosta 20 godzin temu
A orb passes by at 10:01
Jose Echeverria
Jose Echeverria 20 godzin temu
Rug record yourself sleeping again please like so rug can seeeee
GamingChannel One
GamingChannel One 20 godzin temu
It's not 666-666-666-6666 its 666 that's all.
Jaylyn Watters
Jaylyn Watters 22 godzin temu
You better be happy that I was with you *behind the screen tho*
FUG JaidenGamer
FUG JaidenGamer 23 godzin temu
Call 666-666-6666
Mimi Aung
Mimi Aung 23 godzin temu
I wish I could let them know, theres been a ghost standing right next to them.
phillip surechief
phillip surechief Dzień temu
Did everyone see that orb at like 954 to102
It's Daii
It's Daii Dzień temu
God I love please save me for watching this❤️🙏🏽
Korie Jenkins
Korie Jenkins Dzień temu
God I'm sorry for watching this Ily💖😭💖😰💖
julie Munoz
julie Munoz Dzień temu
When you guys did 666 you can hear somthing in the backround
Eqmal Boyhak
Eqmal Boyhak Dzień temu
Im muslim allah protect me from the devil
Recruit Leader
Recruit Leader Dzień temu
It was +1 666 666 6666
Araceli Dominguez
Araceli Dominguez Dzień temu
Bless my family
Raul Castro
Raul Castro Dzień temu
God im so sorry
Beth Tawkoyty
Beth Tawkoyty Dzień temu
Wait when y'all called 666 the second time I heard hello if u agree😮
Taj nalls vlogs
Taj nalls vlogs Dzień temu
God sorry for watching this video please forgive me and protect us all and my family and who ever watching this video
Mehki. Walls
Mehki. Walls Dzień temu
that was scary as ha...
Sunshine Herr
Sunshine Herr Dzień temu
Do this if you don’t want anyone to get your number *676666666666
georgette cota
georgette cota Dzień temu
WTF there was a light move in the closet
AdayWithJeremiah Dzień temu
Plz god keep me safe
kiara gisell
kiara gisell Dzień temu
Savage king
Savage king Dzień temu
God I’m sorry for watching this video please forgive me,and make sure my family is safe amen 🙏🏾
aj styles
aj styles Dzień temu
Luis Rendon
Luis Rendon Dzień temu
Did anyone notice the stuffing from the attic looks like a face resting on its hand behind Jessica 4:23
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Dzień temu
The girl with The black shirt Stop tell ur sister to shush Faze told u to shush u didnt so be quiet At (12:31)
Ivan Gonzalez
Ivan Gonzalez Dzień temu
It’s ok rug I am not mad
Ivan Gonzalez
Ivan Gonzalez Dzień temu
God bless everyone sorry for watching this god
ItzBouncyVlogz 21
ItzBouncyVlogz 21 Dzień temu
At 8:25 there is a ghost
Lorena Ortiz
Lorena Ortiz Dzień temu
I like to watch these kinds of videos
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Dzień temu
Why this girl in red jacket look like Zoey from left4dead?
Milton Myles
Milton Myles Dzień temu
Stop playing with Demons
Jr Castillo
Jr Castillo Dzień temu
What doeas it mean if there is a cross in a house does it mrean that its haunted
steve cates
steve cates Dzień temu
guys I hope you guys are OK give this video 10th likes plz
Jonathan Oliel
Jonathan Oliel Dzień temu
at 10:01 there was a circle on the left side of the door
Glynis Gaither
Glynis Gaither Dzień temu
Nicola Blakey
Nicola Blakey Dzień temu
It doesn’t help you are in the closet
Andres Muniz
Andres Muniz Dzień temu
Did you see the shadow of the pencil
D Osbor
D Osbor Dzień temu
Dear god, I am so sorry for watching this video. I hope everyone is ok and all goes to heaven one day. In your name I pray, Amen
Elizabeth Viry
Elizabeth Viry Dzień temu
At 10:01 I think I saw a ghost
Kimberly Macasili
Kimberly Macasili Dzień temu
God sorry for watching this video and please protect me and my family.
Frieza Dzień temu
Who else is watching at 3 in the morning
Drock Dzień temu
8:17 put Jessica’s reaction on 0.25 😂😂😂
Nita Dey
Nita Dey Dzień temu
The girls are hot and sexy dude.😎
Ella M
Ella M Dzień temu
God bless all of us that are watching this and give to everyone God bless everyone💗💗
mariethesizzler 9492
10:01 orb
Jared Khan
Jared Khan Dzień temu
Decster Gaming
Decster Gaming Dzień temu
How much times have they said shut up in this video like10000000times like if you agree
Lady Saint
Lady Saint Dzień temu
LOL FFS I love JESSICA&FAZE! Like you dont FAZE me hahahha :*
Joel Parra
Joel Parra Dzień temu
Sorrt god for watching this pis bless me and my family and friends thanks 🙏💙💗💛💜💟
ROS Gaming gamer
ROS Gaming gamer Dzień temu
Why is only Amanda doing it not anybody else
Adem FC
Adem FC Dzień temu
666 is smile dog
Kohan Lillywhite
Kohan Lillywhite Dzień temu
hi I am from Australia / Victoria u should come to victoria
Sophie‘s World
Sophie‘s World Dzień temu
No that made me cry when that noise when u called u know what!
Marli Mciver
Marli Mciver Dzień temu
Scardy cat
Lebron James
Lebron James Dzień temu
I feel bad for u parents
Idelisa Junco
Idelisa Junco Dzień temu
Sorry jesus and God for waching this
Idelisa Junco
Idelisa Junco Dzień temu
I agree
nicole blue
nicole blue Dzień temu
I really didnot want to wach this bc i was scared but i love faze so i watched it
Madison Stevens
Madison Stevens Dzień temu
God I am sorry for watching this please protect me and my family. I dont want to go to hell i am very blessed to be on this earth I am sorry for watch this god ❤❤❤❤
NightcoreNeptune _
NightcoreNeptune _ Dzień temu
You could hear a little girl laughing in the beginning
Madison Stevens
Madison Stevens Dzień temu
God I am sorry for watching this please forgive me I am sorry I love you amen
Harley Kirtlan
Harley Kirtlan Dzień temu
Why am I watching this at night...I won't sleep!!
Eshketit Pump
Eshketit Pump Dzień temu
it's called holly water
mei mio333
mei mio333 Dzień temu
Its devil
Aurora Carrizalez
Aurora Carrizalez Dzień temu
Bro the shadow behind faze
cookiekitten milkplz
*if you read this far down the description I love you* But... Dont you love everyone???? FAZE BETRAYED US!!!! XD
Aun By the way
Aun By the way Dzień temu
Amanda is thicc!!!!
Wewk Lee
Wewk Lee 2 dni temu
Protect me god please
Miguel Corona
Miguel Corona 2 dni temu
God please proctext me and my family
Miguel Corona
Miguel Corona 2 dni temu
God please protect me and my
nealie77 2 dni temu
I’m scared😣
Juli Cabrera
Juli Cabrera 2 dni temu
Stupid people Do this ...that’s me too 🤫