Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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20 lut 2019

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Komentarze 14 649
Larcher Samantha
Larcher Samantha Godzinę temu
How about the Galaxy fold?
ikesk89 Godzinę temu
gonna be a problem for left handed person
100k subs with no videos
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Technical baman ji
Technical baman ji Godzinę temu
*The only youtuber i saw who's amazed and excited about the other youtubers are just expressionless for not being paid*❤❤
Some Guy On The Internet
welp the trending tab sucks
Bernaldo Rolle
Bernaldo Rolle Godzinę temu
Who's watching on a note 8 and patiently waiting on note 10
jonnamaestro Godzinę temu
u have to be a true hoarder to be able to use 2tb storage..
Hubi Farago
Hubi Farago Godzinę temu
I can't wait for Jarry's video with the s10 :D
Sam Mathew
Sam Mathew Godzinę temu
Samsung 😍😍😍😍😍😍👏🏻👍🏻
Aidan Petta
Aidan Petta Godzinę temu
#2 trending hell yeahhh
boomstick Godzinę temu
lol mark ass brownlee
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin Godzinę temu
Exciting 2019 ahead folks...buckle up!
Woola D4C
Woola D4C Godzinę temu
Oh yeah yeah
Taran Vohra
Taran Vohra Godzinę temu
4:05 dangit marques, should've atleast cleaned the fingerprint smudges of the back. Looks awful
Joe H.Benti
Joe H.Benti Godzinę temu
do a ONE UI review
Nameless King
Nameless King Godzinę temu
Already preordered the S10+ and my local carrier (Telstra Australia) is offering a free upgrade to the 5G version when it releases. SO HYPED.
털이네온도니 Godzinę temu
samsung has headphonejack in2019 Thanks SAMSUNG♡
Lambo Johnson
Lambo Johnson Godzinę temu
I'm still rockin an HTC.. I think it's time for a change
Manjinder Singh
Manjinder Singh Godzinę temu
iPhone Xs max is better or Samsung S10 plus
Paras Gates
Paras Gates Godzinę temu
*Samsung day*
Rohit Pun
Rohit Pun Godzinę temu
#2 on trending
MauriCoolGuy Godzinę temu
Apple has left the chat
ABHI SINGH Godzinę temu
Apple left the planet 😂
The_HBK_23 Godzinę temu
They should have made the size difference between the 10 and 10 Plus greater. 6.7 inches would have been a big deal.
Nic s
Nic s Godzinę temu
Yay now galaxy S7s are within my price range
How2Not Godzinę temu
honestly i prefer the notch over that camera hole. ocd triggering
Aaron Aleman
Aaron Aleman Godzinę temu
Gtfoh Godzinę temu
Hope it dont blow up on me
AdamMCdestroyers Godzinę temu
am scared if it blows up or not
curt2g1998 Godzinę temu
The Samsung Galaxy M models, actually have a notch.
Bear Jew
Bear Jew Godzinę temu
The cutout is really distracting
Brahma ArtsIndonesia
Brahma ArtsIndonesia Godzinę temu
The weather on mahattan is so hot. On 43°
xXDaggerzzXx Godzinę temu
PGX JUSTIN Godzinę temu
Watching with s7 edge hahaha
U KNOW IT FIRST Godzinę temu
Well someone copied and renamed the iPhone XR
marios demsias
marios demsias Godzinę temu
Kampuchea Music&Gaming
Charged iphone
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude Godzinę temu
Wonder how hard these screens will be to fix
LMAO TOO Godzinę temu
Apple left the chat
Harsh Jha
Harsh Jha Godzinę temu
Marques do bend test?
SAMBA Godzinę temu
#1 Trending 😁
Subscribe To Me If You Want A Reason
The white one looks dope.
H e y z a l A m e r i c a
Good lord Samsung has done it. I’m so glad I waited on updating my phone.
Victor Liu
Victor Liu Godzinę temu
Dat hole tho
chill boy_217
chill boy_217 Godzinę temu
Pragyan Das
Pragyan Das Godzinę temu
It's always the next (+ n) train for Apple. I am glad I never switched to an iPhone, do hell with the ecosystem! P.S. I use Macbook Pro + iPad 😀
FabTBC Godzinę temu
Honestly the Samsung galaxy s10 + looks like the best android phone on the market. Coming from an Apple sheep
Alvin K
Alvin K Godzinę temu
Fingerprints? No problem, get a phone case to protect your phone.
I am milan
I am milan Godzinę temu
$1k for a phone is crazy 😬
Geo LC
Geo LC Godzinę temu
It’s 2019 my dude. Apple did it first. Blame them
Bungyo CryptoLover
Bungyo CryptoLover Godzinę temu
An apple a day makes samsung away lol Im back matafakers!
CEKROM Godzinę temu
7:53 A great phone but bixby.... =D
Victor Nazar
Victor Nazar Godzinę temu
They have everything and then still have the headphone jack why other's don't
Ismail Ishaque
Ismail Ishaque Godzinę temu
Mark-Ass Brownie
Lucian Iacob
Lucian Iacob Godzinę temu
Samsung has always made better-looking phones than Apple. Their specs have generally been better also (especially the screens). But the OS is the one we interact with, not the hardware (except for the screen). And Google's Android isn't as simple, intuitive and safe as iOS. I believe this has always given Apple a slight edge, overall. The perfect phone will never be invented because that's a Samsung running iOS.
BOX FOX Godzinę temu
White or black, both are dope!!!
Supah LcD
Supah LcD Godzinę temu
Hey marq ass brown
paul dejohn
paul dejohn Godzinę temu
Lost me on the price dont need a 1000$ phone
John Pham
John Pham Godzinę temu
Is this what you wanted?
Lance Palmer
Lance Palmer Godzinę temu
Watching this on an IPhone 6s suddenly im having buffering issues watching this video i think my phone jealous because it knows I’m about to go back to android 😂😂😂😂
Ichal Livan
Ichal Livan Godzinę temu
Could you give me 1 of it? 🤑
kaichouh adam
kaichouh adam Godzinę temu
I think the Mate 20 pro has all those features
Jenil Dhorajiya
Jenil Dhorajiya Godzinę temu
Hey, It also has RUSH for video editing.
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi Godzinę temu
6:08 on wards LOL , up to 6:13.... but at 6:21 well speced i get the phone, but well spilled kitchen surface.... bad Marques...
hari_kishore Godzinę temu
9:05 - 9:19 When you have nothing to do on your smartphone but you picked it up.
Jack Le
Jack Le Godzinę temu
8:16 using a samsung phone to charge an iPhone. What a savage.
Innocent K. Boateng
Innocent K. Boateng Godzinę temu
*Watching from my Samsung Galaxy j7* This phone looks awesome though!
Matt Romero
Matt Romero Godzinę temu
Apple over android, that’s what I like, that’s what we like 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sharva Potdar
Sharva Potdar Godzinę temu
They did a notch on the Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20
Mehdi Pirooznia
Mehdi Pirooznia Godzinę temu
Great video as always!
Sarah Grace Andaya
Sarah Grace Andaya Godzinę temu
Where to get the wallpaper???
Spax Ditlhase
Spax Ditlhase Godzinę temu
Let's be honest; we want those punch hole displays. There's phones with the sliding modules and some with dual screens so you can get a full screen without any notches but no one is using those even tech reviewers themselves those phones aren't their daily drivers.
No Body
No Body Godzinę temu
Edgar Leiiva
Edgar Leiiva Godzinę temu
Looks now like a d*ck size competition between Apple and Samsung on who has the most expensive phone, difference tho is that Apple will give a phone lacking features everybody wants, on the other side, Samsung giving you features nobody asked for 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
Karen Tomczak
Karen Tomczak Godzinę temu
The South Koreans tho......
JImmy Godzinę temu
I've always loved Samsung phones they are the best, but to have a (HOLE PUNCH) on the screen is absolutely ridiculous, it looks like someone got a gun and shot the screen. It looks stupid and ruins the user experience, ok it's a notch but at least make the stupid hole punch smaller. That's the most stupid looking notch, even the iPhones notch looks ten times better. Sorry Samsung you failed on this one, we don't need holes cut out on our phones screens. We need a full clear screen eg. like the S8, S9, Note9.
Rilum Osmanaj
Rilum Osmanaj Godzinę temu
Hey! I am on the bed etc. Greetings from me! I am Rilum Osmanaj.
Izy So Nais
Izy So Nais Godzinę temu
Seems a great one but am never buying a Samsung anymore 😏
krunal bhalodia
krunal bhalodia Godzinę temu
Oh, man ! That intro ! 😍
Glenn Wright Jr
Glenn Wright Jr Godzinę temu
Cool 😎 tech It’s nice but I love apple I have the iPhone XS Max, my iphone 📱 is like my wife I just can’t see myself with no one ☝️ else lmao 😂
Saswat Sarangi
Saswat Sarangi Godzinę temu
i always noticed ultrawide cameras had lower aperture... i tried to imagine the science a bit and thought may be it was needed, but then i saw ben gadgets reviews and he was talking about a phone with larger aperture ultrawide, u also talked , but as he compared i noticed that, LG V40 F/1.9, pours in more light
Sultan Singh
Sultan Singh Godzinę temu
12Gb and 1 Tb is a Spec Shaming !
Anthony Leon
Anthony Leon Godzinę temu
iPhone will add an ultra wide camera in 5 years and act like they were the first to do it.
Tarek Neloy
Tarek Neloy Godzinę temu
that`s what a paid review looks like
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez Godzinę temu
If only they had the apple emojis
Joseph MacDiarmid
Joseph MacDiarmid Godzinę temu
This is actually the best smartphone of all time
Tha _Void
Tha _Void Godzinę temu
The one ui has unimpressive icons, the rest of the phone is a okay.
akaash krishna
akaash krishna Godzinę temu
Nice vid and congratulations on the #1 trending 👍👍👌
Aaron Chavez
Aaron Chavez Godzinę temu
This guy’s face annoys me.
blaze the bunny.
blaze the bunny. Godzinę temu
Whos watching this on a samsung phone?
crazzy bro
crazzy bro Godzinę temu
Olden days :- 1gb RAM 16 ROM . . Now :- 12 RAM 1 Tb ROM Ru kidding me technology just in 10 years???
Sushmoy Islam
Sushmoy Islam Godzinę temu
Samsung needs their own software os.
sridhar pappu
sridhar pappu Godzinę temu
i want samsung galaxy fold on your channel
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee Godzinę temu
The first under glass ultrasonic fingerprint sensor actually debuted in the Honor 10. This one is the first under display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, which is much more difficult to do. While watching the livestream I noticed the female marketing presenter say *the world's first ultrasonic fingerprint sensor*, at that point I Loled hard :D
Diana Dee
Diana Dee Godzinę temu
Holy shit that ram is bigger than my future
Fahad Muneeb
Fahad Muneeb Godzinę temu
Sushmoy Islam
Sushmoy Islam Godzinę temu
Samsung makes good phones. I'm an apple guy but even I can appreciate a good phone. While I love the phone the software is still shit.
Christian Alboroto
Christian Alboroto Godzinę temu
The future is here. Damn this phone is impressive
That Other Guy
That Other Guy Godzinę temu
Utsav Gupta
Utsav Gupta Godzinę temu
Watching from S9+ .. already feeling too outdated right now !!
All In One Share
All In One Share Godzinę temu
really love it so pretty smart phone
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