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Sam Smith - Pray (Official Audio)

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‘Promises’, The new track from Calvin Harris & Sam Smith, out now:
Sam Smith’s new album, “The Thrill of It All” out now. Listen to the album now:
Sam Smith track 'Pray' is taken from his latest album ‘The Thrill Of It All’. Listen to Pray now:
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I’m young and I’m foolish
I make bad decisions
I block out the news
Turn my back on religion
Don’t have no degree
I’m somewhat naïve
I have made it this far on my own
But lately that shit ain’t been getting me higher
I lift up my head and the world is on fire
There’s dread in my heart
And fear in my bones
I just don’t know what to say
Maybe I’ll pray
Maybe I’ll pray
I have never believed in you, no
But I’m gonna pray
You won’t find me in church
Reading the Bible
I am still here and I’m still your disciple
I’m down on my knees
I’m begging you, please
I’m broken, alone and afraid
I’m not a saint
I’m more of a sinner
I don’t want to lose but I fear for the winners
When I try to explain
The words run away
That’s why I am stood here today
And I’m gonna pray
Maybe I’ll pray
Pray for a glimmer of hope
Maybe I’ll pray
Maybe I’ll pray
I’ve never believed in you, no
But I’m gonna
Won’t you call me?
Can we have a one on one please?
Let’s talk about freedom
Everyone prays in the end
Everyone prays in the end
Oh, won’t you call me?
Can we have a one on one please?
Let’s talk about freedom
Everyone prays in the end
Everyone prays in the end
Oh, I’m gonna
I’m gonna
I’m gonna
Pray for a glimmer of hope
Maybe I’ll pray
Maybe I’ll pray
I’ve never believed in you, no
But I’m gonna pray
Music video by Sam Smith performing Pray. (C) 2017 Universal Music Operations Limited




6 paź 2017

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Komentarze 13 358
Λευτέρης Μητρόπουλος
Anyone here from "All American" ?
Guilherme lopes
Guilherme lopes 13 godzin temu
Segundo sol😍😍
CECILIA LUGO 20 godzin temu
Meka Gr
Meka Gr Dzień temu
Higor Rosas
Higor Rosas Dzień temu
2:00 💗🌌
Freo Freeze
Freo Freeze 2 dni temu
Faith, I have faith in myself, my family and the universe. We are uniting. We are responsible for what we do. No one else is. Love.
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 2 dni temu
When that choir came in! Man, love me some Sam Smith. Such quality and his voice is AMAZING!
Timothy Mccarthan
I have turned my back on hell's religions become Heavenly forevermore
Tamya Chappell
Tamya Chappell 3 dni temu
BlasterSW MW
BlasterSW MW 3 dni temu
In the chat: ”God is perfect” next comment be like ”too perfect”😅
elisabeth campos
elisabeth campos 3 dni temu
Maybe l' ll pray , pray ❤️
Wonder Wall
Wonder Wall 4 dni temu
I love his's biblical ....Sam don't stop
LuluNat 4 dni temu
God can and will help you if you give your heart to him. Believe in him and believe that he is the only way. Don't live to follow all the rules, but live with a desire to please Him, and that way, all the rules and things, will fall in place. God can do anything. Keep praying. Keep praying and keep beleiving, and when you find what ever you want, don't stop praying, thank God for everything
Nicholas Natal
Nicholas Natal 4 dni temu
All American brought me here
Tamiris Tacito
Tamiris Tacito 5 dni temu
tmj br 🍀🍃❤
Mirian Djamila
Mirian Djamila 5 dni temu
Simplesmente arrepiante
Gislianny Monalisa
Amei essa música ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
lonely shadow
lonely shadow 5 dni temu
December 2k18? 🖤
Abdulaziz Alanazi
Anyone knew this song from Green Book Movie ?
thecellosinger 6 dni temu
He is the best
Kakashi_Approves 6 dni temu
The beginning is basically the song "I need a dollar"
Daniela Ferreira
Daniela Ferreira 6 dni temu
You need to listen: the voice portugal-isaias-pray, sooooo damn good
Alicia England
Alicia England 6 dni temu
I cried that's all I can say about this song
Tori South
Tori South 7 dni temu
Guys I’m not even Christian and I know this song is fire 🔥🔥🔥
krysta mathews
krysta mathews 7 dni temu
Just prayed for the first time in a long time, I prayed for God to give me and my boyfriend the strength we both need to get through whatever we need to get through, lord I love this man, protect him and heal him... He's hurting right now and I'm trying to be strong but I need your help 😔
Odalys Callejas
Odalys Callejas 8 dni temu
Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando. "Simplemente no sé qué decir, tal vez rezaré." 🎶
Ruth Theaker
Ruth Theaker 8 dni temu
Ro cooks yet loves Sam smith xxx
Stefanie Lake
Stefanie Lake 8 dni temu
Everyone prays in the end... So true, I think. I pray in the end too.
Vitória Paiva
Vitória Paiva 9 dni temu
I Love you
Daquin Trowers
Daquin Trowers 9 dni temu
Maybe I should really pray for real though...
windfall windfall
💔I miss you mam
Ghost AsN
Ghost AsN 9 dni temu
My Heart...
Lloyd Cruz
Lloyd Cruz 9 dni temu
My prayers have came true
Esperanza Perez  Encarnacion
repeat repeat! 0:00
44 annetta hunte.
44 annetta hunte. 10 dni temu
2018 hd)
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 10 dni temu
chris sings to this record ruban just looks at us all
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 10 dni temu
my lobby with adam darian andchris and carmine cool guys
Jack Celano
Jack Celano 12 dni temu
Green Book brought me here.
Tony Hayden
Tony Hayden 12 dni temu
This song... ugh.. I love you Sam...
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 12 dni temu
to the guys in the front hall chris ruban adam darian 2018
jorginho JR
jorginho JR 12 dni temu
Linda música ✌️👏
vpl7582 13 dni temu
Heard this in the trailer for Green Book. I'm loving it. Movie was good too
tiffany jones
tiffany jones 13 dni temu
Maybe I'll praaaayyyyy
Ja'Tasia Leigh
Ja'Tasia Leigh 14 dni temu
song touched me 🙌🏽
Marie-Cruse 777
Marie-Cruse 777 14 dni temu
God bring to my life so much magic, sense I let him in to my life❤
Destiny Jōvan
Destiny Jōvan 14 dni temu
This shit gets me through everything
리본돼지 14 dni temu
노래 개좋네 꿀!
XxsavagedinoxX 14 dni temu
I agree
nilma santana
nilma santana 15 dni temu
Amo demais nao como tem gente que nao gosta dessa musica
Damian Jaeger
Damian Jaeger 15 dni temu
ace boogie myers
ace boogie myers 15 dni temu
I'm far from a religious person but this song I listen to everyday
Juan Catalan
Juan Catalan 16 dni temu
How could thousands dislike this video? I discovered this from the Green Book trailer. And btw that movie with Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortenson was beautiful. Best movie ever. Gonna watch it again.
Kitchea Salmon
Kitchea Salmon 16 dni temu
Davi Rodriguês
Davi Rodriguês 16 dni temu
Sam Smith feat Adele.
Noa Lavi
Noa Lavi 17 dni temu
i hate this ]9
ÓLLY 17 dni temu
Amazing 😍
louris 17 dni temu
keep praying Sam, He will answer! Jesus love you. - grace & peace!
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 18 dni temu
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 18 dni temu
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 12 dni temu
chris is back
Amanda Rodrigues
Amanda Rodrigues 18 dni temu
Essa música é linda eu até choro😟
Lili Thompson
Lili Thompson 18 dni temu
Full body chills. Words cannot describe how amazing Sam Smith is.
Laura Grijalva
Laura Grijalva 18 dni temu
I pray everyday for a glimmer of hope. I Do
Tatiana Isaienko
Tatiana Isaienko 18 dni temu
One of the best song!!! I love it! Bravo!
La Vonya Sims
La Vonya Sims 19 dni temu
Love this man's voice! 😍
Annaa rsrs
Annaa rsrs 19 dni temu
Muito linda essa música😍❤❤ Lembro da novela KKK
Sonia Ortega
Sonia Ortega 19 dni temu
I lesion to this song every time i walk to work at 5 am
Lori Bach
Lori Bach 19 dni temu
Sam, you write such beautiful music! The HOLY BIBLE stands for He Only Left You Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Pray but also get into His Word!
youssef wahbi
youssef wahbi 19 dni temu
greatest song ever!!!!!!!!
Merle Drughard
Merle Drughard 20 dni temu
Beat is too good
Carol Peres
Carol Peres 20 dni temu
KT Lusk
KT Lusk 20 dni temu
Every knee will bow and tongue confess. Everyone prays in the end.
Sidney 20 dni temu
love his vibes
Forever Alone
Forever Alone 20 dni temu
So good...Sam would be the greatest boyfriend.... #queer
relaxed potato
relaxed potato 21 dzień temu
Anyone from carpool karaoke??
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 21 dzień temu
to chris the guard
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 21 dzień temu
to adam and darian and chris ahraf ruban the guards
arquétipo royale
arquétipo royale 21 dzień temu
This song tells the truth about the human nature and ours position in front the empty and no sense Universe
Saray Garcia
Saray Garcia 22 dni temu
Saray Garcia
Saray Garcia 22 dni temu
lol i love this song
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 22 dni temu
im in school right now in the library and i gotta say this song cheers me up from the public school sinners im in highschool so i hear bad things all the time and i truly believe sam smith is my favorite song artist he helps soo many
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 22 dni temu
Helen Murphy
Helen Murphy 22 dni temu
Maia Kennedy
Maia Kennedy 23 dni temu
Hi Sam Smith this is Ella Kennedy I'm kidding I'm a big big fan I went to one of your concert my sister doesn't like him either
Badd Cortez
Badd Cortez 23 dni temu
Just gave me lifee💛💙💜❤💚
randycrandyboi 23 dni temu
Ok ok im late ignore that but sam smith is my helper becase he helped me open up my self and voice so thats why i love him and u should open up i want to be him when i grow up but i wont have a voice as good as his but ill still have a voice and u will too and maybe u can grow up like him.
BSML4 BS'ML4 24 dni temu
Go go go you are have best song Good luck
allishamylene 24 dni temu
I posted a cover of this song with my friend! Would love it if you could check it out❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜
Joais Kleyton
Joais Kleyton 24 dni temu
Brasil? 2018?
Kyle Kruger
Kyle Kruger 24 dni temu
I think I'm in love...
Angela Soto Caridad
Me encanta esta cancion.
Gabriel WignneyOfficial
so good that i live at the same time as sam smith
Eduardo FY
Eduardo FY 25 dni temu
Sam smith, Labrinth and James Bay. Just 👌
Yaquelin Cuevas
Yaquelin Cuevas 25 dni temu
God still loves you. Jesus hanged out with the sinners. Never think he’ll never love you that’s a lie from the devil
Gelson Miranda
Gelson Miranda 25 dni temu
Im praying righ now for all people around the world seing this vídeo. The dad, son and Holy Spirit.. our God bless your life
histórias curiosas
Manoo essa música me traz uma paz inexplicável❤
Marylou Bandonill
Marylou Bandonill 26 dni temu
This is so beautifull i love you sam
Ananda Rafaela
Ananda Rafaela 26 dni temu
Amoooo😍😍😍maybe im pray prayyyyy Sam Smith 😘
R2 T2
R2 T2 26 dni temu
Amazing vocals. Sam Smith is truly talented
Bearded SovereignGrace
Best version. Love the choir
Kendra M
Kendra M 27 dni temu
Rod H
Rod H 27 dni temu
My iPhone’s volume just ain’t loud enough.
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