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Sam Smith - Lay Me Down

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Directed by Vaughan Arnell
Produced by Sue Caldwell
I don’t want to be alone tonight
It’s pretty clear that I’m not over you
I’m still thinking ‘bout the things you do
So I don’t want to be alone tonight
Can you light the fire
I need somebody who can take control
I know exactly what I need to do
Cos I don’t want to be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight
Look what you made me do
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
I wasn’t even going out tonight
But boy I need to get you off my mind
I know exactly what I have to do
I don’t want to be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight
Look what you made me do
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
Dancing, yeah
Look what you made me do
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do
I’m with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger
Dancing with a stranger
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5 lut 2015

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Komentarze 58 863
Audrey Poinen
Audrey Poinen Godzinę temu
wowza it's payton
wowza it's payton 5 godzin temu
I cry every time 😭😭♥️
Captain Gunner
Captain Gunner 8 godzin temu
My dog was dead 1 year ago, this song helps me to move on
GiovanniG35 10 godzin temu
This cuts deep and never heals
GiovanniG35 10 godzin temu
Who’s here 2019
Army Animal Nerd MyDays
I had to check it out after V did a cover to it. I was blown away it's so good😍
Aris Fatullah
Aris Fatullah 11 godzin temu
I cry
NbaKardi 14 godzin temu
This song makes me think about my mom
Luz Mariel
Luz Mariel 16 godzin temu
I think I broke the replay button 😩
merim 16 godzin temu
I like his music but, gay video in Church? ughh
Greg Boone
Greg Boone 19 godzin temu
I love this!
Ally Star123
Ally Star123 19 godzin temu
this song makes me cry
Lin Disney
Lin Disney 19 godzin temu
This song is soooooooooooooooo beautiful
Attapol Yotkom
Attapol Yotkom 22 godzin temu
Devi Dzień temu
0:25 the song begin
Lorckz *
Lorckz * Dzień temu
In the description is the lyrics of dancing with a stranger
Kyle Severe
Kyle Severe Dzień temu
Dedicated to those who have lost loved ones I love you all hang in there
MATTHEW 2 dni temu
nice song man
D Nats
D Nats 2 dni temu
Thumbs up for you dear
No Face
No Face 2 dni temu
Your touch your skin where do I begin.. just that lyric is so much. You really do begin to miss everything about that person and notice the little things like their touch, it’s so powerful to a person who’s been through the motion. I stg I got High just to end up singing this song and end up getting in my feels 🤦🏽‍♂️wtf
Jöšë Cortes
Jöšë Cortes 2 dni temu
A song I put when I'm sad to get even more sad
Haley Vindel Mejia
wait is sam smith gay????
dr. pepper
dr. pepper 2 dni temu
this song reminds me of klaus and dave from the umbrella academy :(
Amber Saurus
Amber Saurus 2 dni temu
Every time I listen I tear up 😭🤧
Jzhjsjns Jzhdjjsbhd
Great 👏
Nyatshane Katlo
Nyatshane Katlo 2 dni temu
Sтιll lιѕтιnιn тo ιт 2019
Ploy Narin
Ploy Narin 2 dni temu
🤩🤩🤩 2019 🤟🌈
ROV Gamer
ROV Gamer 3 dni temu
Thailand I love Sam Smith 😍
Musa Bright
Musa Bright 3 dni temu
soli aoelua
soli aoelua 3 dni temu
cry everytime i listen to this song 💯 so emotional 💔
Galaxy Fanatic!
Galaxy Fanatic! 3 dni temu
This is the song my fiance chose to play when he proposed to me. T-T it made me cry so hard and it still makes me cry.
Matt Drums
Matt Drums 3 dni temu
2019 anyone 😁😁
Sonia Rivera Velez
Love this song.
Ah'nesti Robinson
Somebody put this on audiomack
Eccentric Pickle21
Why are the dancing with a stranger lyrics in the description
castiel winchester
2019 ???
Abdullah Dj Mdyusof
delia cunanan
delia cunanan 4 dni temu
i just realized that his gay, am i the only one?😂
Mees Mellink
Mees Mellink 4 dni temu
This song is so touching, i always cry when i hear it
Ed soy
Ed soy 4 dni temu
Who notice David foster?
Emilee Coto
Emilee Coto 4 dni temu
Y am I crying 😭
TJ Hall
TJ Hall 4 dni temu
0:24 is when it starts
Lilly Ohara
Lilly Ohara 4 dni temu
When he said this is how he wants his wedding to be😂
Erik Torres
Erik Torres 4 dni temu
sad stuff man
Protege Roberts
Protege Roberts 4 dni temu
2019 anyone?
Bruno MMV
Bruno MMV 4 dni temu
alguien que hable español?xdxd
Bruno MMV
Bruno MMV 4 dni temu
sin palabras hermano....
Kastelly Conto
Kastelly Conto 4 dni temu
Cadê os Brasileiros respondendo aqui?
Clayz Ellowz
Clayz Ellowz 4 dni temu
This song really killing me... Last week my brother died n i didn't cry but now I'm watching this suddenly I feel my brother comes n makes me cry
Donna Korean
Donna Korean 4 dni temu
Is it just my phone or does this video have the description of "Dancing with a Stranger"??
Beautiful Love
Beautiful Love 4 dni temu
Mogu 1010
Mogu 1010 4 dni temu
Kim Taehyung sing Sam Smith - Lay me down.Like Voice TAEHYUNG and SAM SMITH❤❤😍👍👍
Lee Siew Hum
Lee Siew Hum 4 dni temu
Is Excellent, I'm still listening,,,, till
Steven Lewis
Steven Lewis 5 dni temu
I literally love 😍 this song, I'll always play it for my very Beautiful very Sexy Lady
Aivaah Vanetta
Aivaah Vanetta 5 dni temu
So sad just got done with a breakup
Scott A
Scott A 5 dni temu
How the hell is there 71k dislikes?
carolyn surposa
carolyn surposa 5 dni temu
eliduard jimenez
eliduard jimenez 5 dni temu
Nadia N
Nadia N 5 dni temu
Sam Smith is everything!!! He got me through my heartbreak with a man I fell in love with. I listened to him over and over and cried repeatedly. His songs are so fucking relatable to my broken heart. I love you, Sam, so much
Haley Morast
Haley Morast 5 dni temu
I miss you..
Josh Wilcox
Josh Wilcox 5 dni temu
This is a WONDERFUL song
alex guillen
alex guillen 5 dni temu
Voice of an angel
Martin Shorty
Martin Shorty 5 dni temu
Sam voice I have heard so far.....
Nashlymendes 5 dni temu
bonny saging
bonny saging 6 dni temu
I came here because of Asiho from YG Treasure Box..February 2019 now...
Omar Alejandro Garza Cortez
Like si no entiendes nada de inglés jajajaj
Micael Ballack
Micael Ballack 6 dni temu
Nichole Spradlin
Nichole Spradlin 6 dni temu
Love Sam smith his voice is so beautiful I'd love to sing this song with him💙👑that would be a great duet!!!
Deborah Davidson
Deborah Davidson 6 dni temu
shania Mcleod
shania Mcleod 6 dni temu
i just love the music thats all one of a kind'
Karina de oliveira
Every little song or word that's Sam sing or speak is soooo beautiful! I could be listening to him all the day! He is simply fantastic! 😍👏👏👏👏🙌
TOA Sa 6 dni temu
Alexa Lopresti
Alexa Lopresti 7 dni temu
I finally realized it was a funeral in the beginning, I was so confused..
Mateo12 Celebrado
Can i lay by your side?😢😢😭
Chenoa Hryniowiecki
love this song ughhh totally not crying u know just an eyelash
Brady Mccue
Brady Mccue 7 dni temu
The king
Richard Enyaah
Richard Enyaah 7 dni temu
Vane V BTS Tae
Vane V BTS Tae 7 dni temu
Todos los días escucho esta canción. Me encanta 💜💜💜
Donella Garae
Donella Garae 7 dni temu
A N G S T 7 dni temu
nobody wants to know what year you are listening this in so pls be quiet and enjoy the song
Sophia Hachkowski
I love this song because I just lost someone I love
Lou Nomana
Lou Nomana 7 dni temu
This song makes my balls shiver all the time, it's so cool & soothing 👏🙌
bri bri
bri bri 7 dni temu
he’s one of the artists that could sound better in the acoustic version than in the studio version
bri bri
bri bri 7 dni temu
idk bout you but i like the acoustic version more
Hobis beautiful smile
I remember when this song first came out Me and my sister never stopped listening to it and still to this very day we sing at the top of our lungs and blast this song
BTS JAMS 8 dni temu
I ended up listening to His Voice Its Soft at the same time it kills me!
Sbahle Zakithy
Sbahle Zakithy 8 dni temu
So jeah I'm still here.. 2019 Sam Smith 🤗😑
miguel14 8 dni temu
yurr. itzstephanie
Aaliyah Williams
Aaliyah Williams 8 dni temu
00:01 *starts to cry*
Park Liki
Park Liki 8 dni temu
I just came here cz of taehyung he likes ths song its cool waw
10 thousand subs without a video challenge ???!!!
this reminds me of a funeral I went to it was my dads, he had died of cancer, and listening to this song just makes me cry as much as I did. I love him too pieces I would do anything for him back.
10 thousand subs without a video challenge ???!!!
+Irfan Eddy god bless you
Irfan Eddy
Irfan Eddy 6 dni temu
im sorry for father died when i was a i feel u..i hope u doing fine,god bless u
King Simpso
King Simpso 9 dni temu
when u listen cant just listen once its too good 🤷🏾‍♂️
shelly ferretti
shelly ferretti 9 dni temu
Beautiful and sad makes me want to cry tears
Mercy Fae
Mercy Fae 9 dni temu
Hozier's cover was what I heard first, and this is so much sadder. XD
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato 9 dni temu
Talk About A Glow up.
Mikhail Jenkins
Mikhail Jenkins 9 dni temu
15 likes and I’ll do a cover
Sharon Castillo
Sharon Castillo 9 dni temu
Plus he didn’t even sing it that good
Sharon Castillo
Sharon Castillo 9 dni temu
Omfg stop it with the bts comments this has nothing to do with them idc about them this is sam smith not bts for god sake just stop you guys are making me hate bts even more than i do already
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