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Rudimental & Major Lazer - Let Me Live (feat. Anne-Marie & Mr Eazi) [Official Video]

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Official video for our new single "Let Me Live" with Major Lazer, also featuring Anne-Marie and Mr Eazi - out now.
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9 lip 2018

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Komentarze 3 343
Barry Leasi
Barry Leasi Godzinę temu
Enjoy every moment of your life
Athallah Fharel
Athallah Fharel 5 godzin temu
Mariana Valencia Rojas
Who says? In the bus say: Escobar and what?
Jamella Francisco
Jamella Francisco 13 godzin temu
I see some South African soul inn a deh
Jamella Francisco
Jamella Francisco 13 godzin temu
This song is just fire
WINNA SUNDAY 14 godzin temu
Mauri Coppens
Mauri Coppens Dzień temu
This song is perfect
Paulpeter Dextinz
Paulpeter Dextinz Dzień temu
Wow so fantastic, I lov d song
ProkwaziVEVO Dzień temu
"Impilo imfishane, Usanethuba" Wow what a beautiful song
Ishara K
Ishara K Dzień temu
Title should have been "Live it Up"
Riley Shazz
Riley Shazz Dzień temu
Someone between those Anne Marie fans. If you love her, like....'cause she wants to live, and so do we!!!
Priyanshee Rajkhowa
Wawwww, great ywrr.....boom & saliaaaa🗽🗽🔊🔊🔊😘
Daisy Sweet
Daisy Sweet 2 dni temu
NO like for the fur coat. Liked the other video instead with the 4 dancing girls. Song was Great before i saw This video. Such a shame
Sarrah Parsons
Sarrah Parsons 2 dni temu
I enjoy their hats.
Isabella Garcia Hoyos
Natalia Velandia Arias
Anne Marie 😍😍
Tahsin Demir
Tahsin Demir Dzień temu
Tahsin Demir
Tahsin Demir 3 dni temu
Snapple 3 dni temu
Jeff gun by tho 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷💘
Snapple 3 dni temu
Kings Arinze
Kings Arinze 3 dni temu
9ja here we die.
Crazy Videos
Crazy Videos 3 dni temu
how this has only 11M views ://///
Sharanjeet Sahota
I love Anne Marie. Love the clothes too😄
amina rzaeva
amina rzaeva 3 dni temu
Odartey Benjamin
Odartey Benjamin 3 dni temu
Talented!!!!! nice song
Logical Pink
Logical Pink 4 dni temu
Logical Pink
Logical Pink 4 dni temu
lyricskingra 4 dni temu
A tribute vedio to rudimental. .watch out
Deejay Beast
Deejay Beast 4 dni temu
D energy put in d song totally matched d more no it totally
Towa Nasu
Towa Nasu 4 dni temu
OKLN VIDEO 4 dni temu
Anne-Marie ❤️❤️❤️
PraVesH NaTh
PraVesH NaTh 4 dni temu
i like your song and you anne marie
Elisa Zötsch
Elisa Zötsch 4 dni temu
Ryan Medi
Ryan Medi 4 dni temu
Zaga Dat Always on the zone. ❤️ Power on you bro 🦍
yasir hussan
yasir hussan 5 dni temu
imeN 5 dni temu
Türkler +1 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Mohammad Ibrahim
Mohammad Ibrahim 5 dni temu
universo da brenda Santos Silva
Love you everday
Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan 5 dni temu
anne marie dressing sence is so bad
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma 6 dni temu
remi photo
remi photo 6 dni temu
love love this music!! song is awesome
Mary Annie
Mary Annie 6 dni temu
This song is actually my social life.
Mike Plein
Mike Plein 6 dni temu
Ktoś z Polski?
Sakado W momin
Sakado W momin 6 dni temu
Love this songs 😘😍😍
Nawong Nako
Nawong Nako 6 dni temu
Wow the nice voice of Annie Marie I like it? 😍😍😍
alexandra McIntyre
I love this song you go girl wow Anne Marie who ain't like anne marie???
Nadia Szyszka
Nadia Szyszka 6 dni temu
lily josé
lily josé 6 dni temu
bağımlılık yaptı ya
DeaD PooL
DeaD PooL 6 dni temu
i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Jorrit Lemmen
Jorrit Lemmen 6 dni temu
LOVE DIS!!!!!!!
TashtancyKenYA Anyango
A wonderful song full of energy.
Adrián Cast
Adrián Cast 7 dni temu
Wuoooe boom boom party
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 7 dni temu
I love all songs of Anne
Oni's Morar
Oni's Morar 7 dni temu
Good music!!
Cameron Pallatt
Cameron Pallatt 7 dni temu
Is this South African?
Гандуулга Гантөмөр
I love Beat choreography
ExC TheKing
ExC TheKing 7 dni temu
My 2 favorite artists in one song. Love it.💕
Mao Dragon
Mao Dragon 7 dni temu
Hit after hit after hiiiiit☺☺☺ that's Anne Marie🙌🙌
Besarta Krasniqi
Besarta Krasniqi 7 dni temu
Gaby Amorim
Gaby Amorim 8 dni temu
Amazing 😎😍🤗
Clarisse Caracas
Clarisse Caracas 8 dni temu
Go Anne Marie
Malinda Hewlett
Malinda Hewlett 8 dni temu
😎🇨🇦☮✌ Fuck the mini gang lands they should move over for the #betterbusinessfamilas Bye Felicias
Malinda Hewlett
Malinda Hewlett 8 dni temu
😎🇨🇦☮✌ #hellacantchaincharliesangels
radek golda
radek golda 8 dni temu
Under 1 000 000 000 views :) #Diplo
Christopher Brown
This song always cheers me up
the Last
the Last 8 dni temu
Türkler? 🇹🇷
Koni Moonjé
Koni Moonjé 8 dni temu
anyone from South Africa
Jack Griffo
Jack Griffo 9 dni temu
This song surely needs more views people, 50-100-500-1B views
Naviita Ramro
Naviita Ramro 9 dni temu
Love them both 😍😍
Alex224365 9 dni temu
My Spotify sounds so different to this one I like both though
khamois ngaihte
khamois ngaihte 9 dni temu
wow,,, leave me alone let me live my life,
Rishik Kiran
Rishik Kiran 9 dni temu
Am I the only one who thinks this song would be better if it was sung by JAIN??
Harper 55
Harper 55 9 dni temu
Nice song 🎶🎵🎤🎙️
Khanyoh Lungoh
Khanyoh Lungoh 9 dni temu
my everyday jam
Joe Joseph
Joe Joseph 9 dni temu
The Video has little bit of South African touch. was is shot in S.A?
I can't keep my eyes off from you @0:52 - 0:57 ( best part for me)
Pevindhre Raaj
Pevindhre Raaj 10 dni temu
This has a wonderful Cinematography. Hats off to the D.O.P
Projets Algerie
Projets Algerie 10 dni temu
khkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkhkh viva arabic song
Dilan Y
Dilan Y 10 dni temu
Me to my mom
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 10 dni temu
OMG im in love ann is the best
Sonia Grimaldi
Sonia Grimaldi 10 dni temu
AR$3N 10 dni temu
what a beauty
Monique Rianelle
Monique Rianelle 10 dni temu
Tô apaixonada!
Adele Graziani
Adele Graziani 10 dni temu
Canzone bella ma le immagini brutte
Martin Choga Moagi
Martin Choga Moagi 10 dni temu
In South Africa no doubt. Man my country rocks the shit out of this guys.... not to mention the Pantsula dance there fiiiiire I say mollo, umlilo baba..
Alessia Nocera
Alessia Nocera 10 dni temu
Very very good
Official Leotique.
Official Leotique. 11 dni temu
The reason why Major Lazer and Daft Punk are my idols and pioneers in music is that their songs are so diverse in structures and arrangements, it's not the basic verse, hook, verse 2, bridge, and hook. And the mix of many cultures and styles are just too awesome.
Ian Triana
Ian Triana 11 dni temu
Keren angkotnya :D
Carl Fernando Antoine
gatby ,😂
caleb okey
caleb okey 11 dni temu
This song is the bomb ❤
Dafne Dafne
Dafne Dafne 11 dni temu
Siete uno spettacolo ....🤗
Felipe Collazos
Felipe Collazos 11 dni temu
Lucie Demme
Lucie Demme 11 dni temu
I love you Anne Marie
prashant singh chauhan
She plays alot with her hands
Jacquot BARIVELO 11 dni temu
Amber Campbell
Amber Campbell 11 dni temu
Joel Clapham
Joel Clapham 11 dni temu
This song is vibes
Elanhe Kostta'h
Elanhe Kostta'h 12 dni temu
Como diz maranhense: segura essa "pedra"
Bunga Sumardi
Bunga Sumardi 12 dni temu
This lyric is so powerfull!!
Albert Lorenzo
Albert Lorenzo 12 dni temu
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