Rudimental & Major Lazer - Let Me Live (feat. Anne-Marie & Mr Eazi) [Official Video]

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Official video for our new single "Let Me Live" with Major Lazer, also featuring Anne-Marie and Mr Eazi - out now.
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9 lip 2018

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Komentarze 1 999
sisters Çebi
sisters Çebi Godzinę temu
Romi Motorola
Romi Motorola 2 godzin temu
anne marrie pake celana boim 😂😂😂
cos assef
cos assef 2 godzin temu
MAJOR LAZER E ANNE MARIE............... .O. .O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wesley Barcellos Oliveira
The Law 911
The Law 911 2 godzin temu
3:03 me everytime i come back from college
Neave Jeffreys
Neave Jeffreys 3 godzin temu
I really love this song!
Ibrahim  Kamara
Ibrahim Kamara 3 godzin temu
Reminds me from Jason Warrior from the On
Farhaan Callachund
Farhaan Callachund 3 godzin temu
0:50 beat ❤💜
Ranya Ranya
Ranya Ranya 4 godzin temu
So Many good vibes❤️😭
Chani Betu
Chani Betu 5 godzin temu
Let me live my life 😄😄
Thabo Masoga
Thabo Masoga 5 godzin temu
Pantsula! i thought the dance was only danced in South Africa.
Charles Aurelien
Charles Aurelien 6 godzin temu
Good summer vibes ! Love her voice
Hasnaaa bhttt
Hasnaaa bhttt 7 godzin temu
From Algeria love this song yeesss
Barbora Valachová
Barbora Valachová 7 godzin temu
Diplo is so hot
88tazler88 8 godzin temu
lady kay
lady kay 8 godzin temu
her voice is hot as f
Ana-Maria Minecraft
Ana-Maria Minecraft 8 godzin temu
OOF yass AnneMaria (mah name is AnneMaria to but i spell mah name diffrent XD)
siva karthik
siva karthik 9 godzin temu
Here for Anne-Marie 💪🏽
BestVideosEver 9 godzin temu
looks like she love working with diplo but still she didn't said MEEJA LEEZA at the beginning lol
Dragtek 11 godzin temu
Anne-Marie love to ware half t-shirt she feels hot most of the time plz change the style a bit
ronmar baraquio
ronmar baraquio 13 godzin temu
Chantal Kellogg
Chantal Kellogg 10 godzin temu
+Xavier Salazar you are a hore
Xavier Salazar
Xavier Salazar 11 godzin temu
jawando omowonuola
jawando omowonuola 13 godzin temu
Zaga dat🇳🇬🇳🇬
Yolanda Kock
Yolanda Kock 14 godzin temu
Looks like it was filmed in south africa
Ray緒 14 godzin temu
*Like world cup vibes* 🤣
Jo_CLuis 14 godzin temu
Such a dope 🤘
beruanglaut 16 godzin temu
love that ANGKOT 👌
Sumay 17 godzin temu
When i come stream "let me live" is make me groove myself for sadness!! Yoohoo~
manuminegirl effting
manuminegirl effting 18 godzin temu
Italo Thiago
Italo Thiago 18 godzin temu
I Love you Anne Marie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Lyricama 18 godzin temu
Who else recognises that part of the video was filmed in the UK (Ridley Road Market, Hackney, London) ?
Monica Hamada
Monica Hamada 20 godzin temu
Hassan Matdor
Hassan Matdor 20 godzin temu
You number 1 baby 😍😍
Jessica Hassock
Jessica Hassock 21 godzinę temu
Song just started and I already like it!♪🔥🔥 Nice video!👍🔥
dimas hernandez
dimas hernandez 21 godzinę temu
anne marie sing like an angel.
Ifeanyi Obih
Ifeanyi Obih 21 godzinę temu
This is fire 🙌🔥🙌
Philip Corrigan
Philip Corrigan 21 godzinę temu
Great Video and Song. Now in my playlist on PLvid July. 2018
jr. arsk
jr. arsk 22 godzin temu
Lakers? 😂
Maria Ratnaningrum
Maria Ratnaningrum 22 godzin temu
Cosmic B
Cosmic B 23 godzin temu
I Rep Naija!!!! Leave me alone make I live my life.. 🙌
joseph wanga
joseph wanga Dzień temu
Am I the first to hear this song?!!cool beats
Emih Foramiglio
Emih Foramiglio Dzień temu
Cadê os BR?
Emih Foramiglio
Emih Foramiglio Dzień temu
Love the song💕
Steeven Maurice MACKEMBA EPOMA
i don't the calle please call me my number 241 06959552
libardo tovar
libardo tovar Dzień temu
I don't know what you think about this song. But, it's the best for me! I like it and i can't stop listenin to it.
2018 LYBL
2018 LYBL Dzień temu
Why is diplo there lol
Unicorn Game
Unicorn Game Dzień temu
I love you Anne-Marie 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Lee Minji
Lee Minji Dzień temu
With Cl i think i will be better
Kyo Suw.
Kyo Suw. Dzień temu
gonna smock it for the summer
Sofia Royal
Sofia Royal Dzień temu
I'll go out on the grass to listen to this song and sang like a crazy. I'm weirdly in it.
Aysenur Cigerci
Aysenur Cigerci Dzień temu
Anne marie💖💕💓❤💜💚💕💓💗❤💜💜💚
Whiz Kids
Whiz Kids Dzień temu
I love this song
Whiz Kids
Whiz Kids Dzień temu
Sri lankans loves this song
Whiz Kids
Whiz Kids Dzień temu
Sri Lanka's loves this song
Mario Bananas
Mario Bananas Dzień temu
east london for life
justthedutch Dzień temu
Nice song and vid! Have to say i do miss the days that every video made with rudimental had a hell of a story in it.
Prudence Mdaka
Prudence Mdaka Dzień temu
Filmed in SOUTH AFRICA BOOM, Africa rules own world, my HOME.
Tida Danso
Tida Danso Dzień temu
That have a touch Africa 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤❤❤
The one they call Jam
Nur Blt
Nur Blt Dzień temu
Edo Apriliyanto
Edo Apriliyanto Dzień temu
Ingat ya teman-teman indonesia, Rudimental adalah sebuah Grup Band bukan seorang DJ.
KeischCoversPH Dzień temu
Yay happy vibes~
Julie Lafay
Julie Lafay Dzień temu
conemil8 Dzień temu
South Africa Represent!!! loving it
ig-lipless_ Dzień temu
0 nudity 0 sexism only good music and video
Leeandran Naidoo
Leeandran Naidoo Dzień temu
Wait , Was this shot in South Africa ?
Marelise Coetzer
Marelise Coetzer Dzień temu
Shot in South Africa! Love Local.
Dimitra hnk
Dimitra hnk Dzień temu
Fantastic apparel and them moves are fiah
Adi E
Adi E Dzień temu
wow when two beats clash !MajoRudi!!
mattiamlb 12
mattiamlb 12 Dzień temu
wtf: anne-maries dance😑
Gamze Nur Keten
Gamze Nur Keten Dzień temu
Türkler burda mı +1 leyin
Naeem Sheik Ibram
Naeem Sheik Ibram Dzień temu
Tycoons & Playboys Taxi doing it large
Martijn Catsman
Martijn Catsman Dzień temu
We love this song in the dutch❤
elti pendu
elti pendu Dzień temu
she Look so beautiful with long hair
Robert Makoloane
Robert Makoloane Dzień temu
This video has got Mzansi flavour in it the kusheshe spinning, the dancers (look South African)and quatums! Ha bashwe!
funny videos
funny videos Dzień temu
What a song ... With a spirit of joy and happiness..😎😎😎😍☺️☺️☺️
e sky
e sky Dzień temu
fan from Taiwan!! luv this song
ごんざれす Dzień temu
Sit my enjoy !
ibnu fajrin6
ibnu fajrin6 Dzień temu
so like this song
Luis Gregorio Brito
my like for you
Kim Army
Kim Army Dzień temu
00:53 perfect😍😍😍💙
Games Mød
Games Mød Dzień temu
H Ca
H Ca Dzień temu
I pictured a video of all the guys trying to ask her out/buy her a drink on a beach. 🤔
Shawn Mendesismine
Shawn Mendesismine Dzień temu
Anyone saying they don’t love Anne Marie why u lying to yourself I love her so much 😍😍
AgaKerim Jafarov
AgaKerim Jafarov Dzień temu
Super !
Rachad dahoum
Rachad dahoum Dzień temu
This song is fire 👌
Dj Bammy
Dj Bammy Dzień temu
Best song for life
simona jencova
simona jencova Dzień temu
perfect song love love 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟
suryamin asnawi
suryamin asnawi Dzień temu
Tarik mang..eha eha eeeehaaa
Raising 7 munchkins
Heard this a few times now on my summer playlist 🤩
Lara Kareem
Lara Kareem Dzień temu
me eazi spoilt this song
Katy Lori
Katy Lori Dzień temu
ya! you rock your world girl! also anyone 2018?
Carvalho Dzień temu
Italo Thiago
Italo Thiago Dzień temu
Milene Ndlate
Milene Ndlate Dzień temu
Anna R.
Anna R. Dzień temu
Love the song, hate the fur coat 👎🏼
Sibusiso Maseti
Sibusiso Maseti Dzień temu
I am from South Africa, I see parts of Johannesburg. Am I right. If so 😋☺️ but I am a bit sad that I missed such a beautiful experience. Salute to Major Lazer, Ann Marie and my boy Mr Pour Me Water Mr Eazi!!!!!
Nilton Ailok-laran
Nilton Ailok-laran Dzień temu
Enjoy Last Night ❤️
chris tine
chris tine Dzień temu
i really LIVE my LIFE💪❤
Adu K Anim
Adu K Anim 2 dni temu
Luv D Beat
Namuunaa GM
Namuunaa GM 2 dni temu
Beautiful BEATS ♡♡♡
JoY NewSwa
JoY NewSwa 2 dni temu
feels amazing to be part of such an epic music video... follow us on insta @031movementdubane @newswa @newswa_art @artchild031