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Rita Ora - Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Video)

Rita Ora
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My new album 'Phoenix' is out now:

The Official Video for Rita Ora 'Girls' ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX
Single out now:
Directed by Helmi
Produced by Division
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6 cze 2018

Rita OraRitaOraOfficial VideoGirlsRita Ora GirlsRita Ora Cardi BCardi BCharli XCXBebe RexhaGirls Rita OraGirls Cardi B



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Komentarze 44 236
Amy Torres
Amy Torres 8 godzin temu
It was a lot slower than I expected but I loved it!! ❤❤❤
Bake My Beans
Bake My Beans 10 godzin temu
*Charlie, Bebe, Rita and Cardi are stunning. 💙*
Aryva 23
Aryva 23 12 godzin temu
Antonio Jeffries
Antonio Jeffries 17 godzin temu
0:08 who she ?
Marilyn and bff
Marilyn and bff 22 godzin temu
It's this real
Jungle girls vs future girls xD
Makila♡ Dzień temu
2019 ?
Aris Athanasiadis
Aris Athanasiadis Dzień temu
Katy Perry has left the chat
olliiraé Dzień temu
bebes part looked like from 1980, COOL!
J z
J z Dzień temu
Girls studying in girls college can realte to this song
Rangzeb Khan
Rangzeb Khan Dzień temu
nice video&nice song I like it
sigit sulaiman
sigit sulaiman Dzień temu
Lagu pesan pesan LGBT , fuckk
Bennie Best
Bennie Best Dzień temu
Sometimes I just want to kiss girls girls girls
Amatullah Damoh
Amatullah Damoh Dzień temu
Rita and cardi b just kisses each other 🤔🤔
ياسمين عمر
wrote by camila cabello, wow!
ياسمين عمر
ياسمين عمر 5 godzin temu
+Falaq Farooq True bebe 😏😉
Falaq Farooq
Falaq Farooq 8 godzin temu
What a Joke...LOL
Alara Stewart
Alara Stewart 2 dni temu
2:21 cardi
Alina Țuican
Alina Țuican 2 dni temu
I love this song!💖
At the beginning it sounds like "thunder"
ASMR Cutie
ASMR Cutie 2 dni temu
Cardi B Is the Queen Yasss Queen
Christina Zvintzou
so noone is gonna talk about bebes 'kush loving' on 1:38?
ac gaming
ac gaming 2 dni temu
Do the boii version it's gonna be good :'0
Lucas Swiftie 13
Lucas Swiftie 13 2 dni temu
Crush 💖
Er00z_sukura_Gay gg
Bootiful luv the so!!
Houston Strong
Houston Strong 2 dni temu
Don't fall for this! This music is from the Devil. To make you think it's okay to be bisexual or lesbian or a gay man. Turn away from this call on God for help before it's too late. Because, once your life is over and you didn't repent Satan awaits you with all his demons to torment you forever and there's no way out. Please think about what you are doing
Nina Park Min
Nina Park Min 2 dni temu
Nova Nicole
Nova Nicole 3 dni temu
Omg Cardi B lyrics is so hot !!!
kecanduan nonton
kecanduan nonton 3 dni temu
Charli XCX is very talented 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏻
deeznutz 3 dni temu
“And I don’t gotta introduce myself” *0.02 seconds later* CARDI
deeznutz 3 dni temu
I thought Bebe was Nicki Minaj’s Friend... GUESS NOT
Almost Angels
Almost Angels 3 dni temu
I can't believe cardi b rich I wish I was
Followme 3 dni temu
This song could have been the mega hit of 2018 if the video was made by 4 of them all together, but unfortunately this is the worst video thaat i ever seen , and BEBE REXHAAAA darking youuu loook sooo cheeaaaap omg, This video it was just like LETS FINISH THIS WORK AND THATS ALL, the song is good but somethime the video can make you lovw the song even more, anyway Love Rita Im still hoping that you will bring one mega hit and breaks all the records Cannot wait that shit to happend 😘😘😘
Lana Banana
Lana Banana 3 dni temu
This video really has me questioning if I’m really straight 😅
James D3
James D3 3 dni temu
This may surprise most of you all but when I meet anyone... I don't give a f*ck about their sex life so quit trying to shock or attract attention we see farm animals like cows trying to mount each other and dogs shagging other dogs (if not your leg) in the streets all the time - So you're no different and nothing new !
Alberto Cesar
Alberto Cesar 3 dni temu
2019 ? ❤️🥰
Asang Lcr
Asang Lcr 3 dni temu
no words for the song I love it 😍😍
Tea Gladoic
Tea Gladoic 3 dni temu
Asang Lcr
Asang Lcr 3 dni temu
Jh Ggh
Jh Ggh 3 dni temu
Chociaż jestem z Polski. Słucham przez cały czas. Super muzyka
Moises Solis
Moises Solis 3 dni temu
Anyone 2019??😍🙏
Salvador Barajas
Salvador Barajas 3 dni temu
Rita girls Charlie boys
Ann Andres
Ann Andres 3 dni temu
Good thing my phone'll always be on vibrate when someone calls because if my mom was around she'd slap me for having a gay song as my ringtone
Cimorelli Stan09
Cimorelli Stan09 4 dni temu
Cardi's part made me kinda uncomfortable
sherman bennette
sherman bennette 4 dni temu
My lesbian friend masturbates to this song
21YesN 4 dni temu
y'all are gay
Benny Leonard
Benny Leonard 4 dni temu
Love'em all ❤️
Abraao Silva
Abraao Silva 4 dni temu
Glitter Thunderstorm
I know many people found the red wine bit and certain other things about this song problematic... but as a queer person, I think it all depends upon the way everyone personally interprets it. Like... I thought of everything as an aesthetic, not necessarily 'having to be drunk to like girls', as Kehlani suggested. No hate though, I fucking ADORE Kehlani :'D. I think this song is great💕
Nyema Omg
Nyema Omg 4 dni temu
I LOVE THIS SONG it represents my personality
mary leahy
mary leahy 4 dni temu
So apparently some of this song was about getting drunk and kissing girls cuz you are drunk. But I don't hear it...
Jose Matias
Jose Matias 4 dni temu
Vcs e o loiro, mas gostei, mas como a dany disse fica na cabeça sim!! ✌️✌️😘
Cristopher Alexander
Ok I didn't expect his 2:52
Aecianny Gomes
Aecianny Gomes 4 dni temu
Zoe Frew
Zoe Frew 4 dni temu
Bisexual here and I love this song! I think it’s one of those songs that girls that aren’t really sure of their sexuality or are coming into it can really relate to, you know girls that are still experimenting and having fun with it. I love Hayley but her taking this song personal or making this song about representing all bisexuals was really shitty because she doesn’t speak for all queer women and their experiences
Jules Stylinson
Jules Stylinson 4 dni temu
IM SOOO GAYYY ...ok no ♡♡♡ , bisexual
Jules Stylinson
Jules Stylinson 4 dni temu
IM SOOO GAYYY ...ok no ♡♡♡ , bisexual
Lareka Coakley
Lareka Coakley 4 dni temu
Cardi tongue tho
Iahnd Edielyn
Iahnd Edielyn 4 dni temu
Cardi B. 🔥👉👌
skin-two 4 dni temu
Gil Ojeda
Gil Ojeda 4 dni temu
I feel like im walking through Forever 21 when i listen to this
Bunu yapan gerizekalı başlıgı bile yanlış yazmış hit ne lan hint okyonusu galiba hint ülke dicen bu kadar basit
Karol Li
Karol Li 5 dni temu
Las amooo
Wyila 5 dni temu
I haven't told my mum I'm bi, lmao but all my friends know I have a girlfriend because my mum is like "ur lying" or either takes it as a joke .--.
Tanika Humbert
Tanika Humbert 5 dni temu
Watching in 2019
American Heathen
American Heathen 5 dni temu
Sanju raii sanju raii
I love cardi
Himz loxman
Himz loxman 5 dni temu
cardi and rita didnt kissed it waj just video edits
syeira diva
syeira diva 5 dni temu
Why is bebe's turn, looks like some bad editing version?
willy mokgomogana
through this song i no longer have issues with bisexuality you American chicks make it look sexy and fancy
weverton damasceno
Silver Bat
Silver Bat 5 dni temu
I found this by accident and now I'm so glad I did!
Fer Castro
Fer Castro 5 dni temu
Offset left chat
Rebel Monroe
Rebel Monroe 5 dni temu
Yall i love all of these beautiful women. But lets talk about charli cute ass for a sec. gosh. She is so 🔥. Love that hair cut. She gives me life
Turi Pepa
Turi Pepa 6 dni temu
albania vs albania
You Mee
You Mee 6 dni temu
You Mee
You Mee 6 dni temu
2019 yeyyyyyy
itsjustanna 6 dni temu
cardi b verse is everything 😩
Hello its me
Hello its me 6 dni temu
2:31 2:43
Josue David
Josue David 6 dni temu
Did cardi just kissed Rita ☺️☺️ yeeessss
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh 6 dni temu
Fukk song😘😝😍
matshediso tumane
I looooooove that fact that Cardi collaborates with other female rappers. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT right there.
pizza shit
pizza shit 6 dni temu
Modern day brothel
Rocket Lag
Rocket Lag 6 dni temu
And cardi back at it with ruining a song.
Sanju raii sanju raii
cardi b is my fav love ur voice
Sanju raii sanju raii
love this song
Melissa  CogginsAshbyMcLean
I'm so confused right now are they lesbian or what because.......... Cardi and Rita kissed soooooo
hot ice
hot ice 7 dni temu
Honestly in my opinion i think bebe rexha's part was cringy
desativado FOREVER
Esperando Rita Ora ft. Anitta
Chimmy and Kookie
This makes me so proud to be a part of the LGBTG community.
MIA M 7 dni temu
Jonathan Anders
Jonathan Anders 7 dni temu
Wer kommt auch von Unitymedia
Edmilson Vaz Tavares
the best music 2018- i love you all, especialy card b
Janista J
Janista J 7 dni temu
Бекки Тэтчер
Clip is awful./ Клип ужасный.
Robin Singh
Robin Singh 7 dni temu
looks like a buffet to me
Himz loxman
Himz loxman 7 dni temu
What if it was lauren ft hayley ft khelani ft nicki?
Valerie Cacho
Valerie Cacho 7 dni temu
I went into tillys and I heard this song and there were two guys in front of me and the music was really loud..
Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea 7 dni temu
Valerie Cacho tillys is my favorite store
Crystal Martinus
Crystal Martinus 7 dni temu
*why so much hate on here....? If u don't like it or if u don't like cardi b and you knew she was gonna be in here why tf click on it be gone with your fucking trash ass hate*
MIA M 7 dni temu
TJ Magalogo
TJ Magalogo 8 dni temu
eeewwww cardi b
Drancoexperience 8 dni temu
Cardi=I don't have to introduce myself Also cardi= *CARDIIIII* Cardi again= I'm Too Sexy I seduce myself Also cardi again= *BARDIIII*
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu