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Wow! Thank you so much for supporting the Real Doctor Reacts to series. I said that if you get the grey's anatomy video to 15k likes I'll do another episode and you CRUSHED it by getting it 200k+ likes. I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like the good doctor was the obvious choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =]
Full disclosure, I have never watched an episode of the good doctor on ABC so I decided to go ahead and start my tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( good doctor 1x01 ) of the series. I was really curious myself to see if the good doctor is a medically accurate show.
I really did enjoy this medical tv show because I think it did a lot of things well. It gave an interesting look into what life is like a for a surgeon and a resident. Being a surgical resident is not an easy job and to make the situation even more complex Dr. Sean Murphy has autism so they did a great job of breaking down these circumstances.
I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Good Doctor / Real Doctor Reacts to the Good Doctor. If you want me to continue making this tv medical drama series please like the video and leave me a comment on which medical tv show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike 3 miesięcy temu
Your requests have been heard! The Good Doctor #2 review is now LIVE - Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!
Winslow 23 godzin temu
For some reason you made me feel better about having Autism 😋
Elsa Starck
Elsa Starck 2 dni temu
Doctor Mike I am a 1st year medicine student being a doctor was always my dream but seeing u dud makes me want it even more
Nora L
Nora L 2 dni temu
Royal Pains !
Alex Joseph
Alex Joseph 2 dni temu
Doctor Mike do you ever watch medical dramas? Or tv shows in general?
cool Hawk
cool Hawk 2 dni temu
Hey, I have a question. Have you ever had to deal with the cyclone type knives and their wounds or have you ever talked to anyone who has? I just want a doctors view on it.
DBW_Playz 9 minut temu
I wish you were my doctor you sound very proffesional
Maria de Fátima
Maria de Fátima 25 minut temu
Olá doutor Mike ele não tem só autismo ele também tem síndrome de savante acho que isso ajuda com que ele lembre mais claramente de tudo que estudou e consiga ver os resultados de forma mais eficiente. Só estou dizendo isso porque eu acho que você esqueceu desse fato sabe( dele ter síndrome de savant ) e por isso ele parecer um super-herói ou parecer ter poderes Só um toque para o pessoal que está traduzindo vocês estão escrevendo SEAN em vez de SHAUN q é o jeito certode escrever o nome do Good Doctor Beijos Amei esse vídeo LIKE!
Mystery Flame
Mystery Flame 58 minut temu
I got a splinter in my pinkie toe, I called 911 and they told me that not taking it out was the right thing to do.
A. S. Vieira
A. S. Vieira Godzinę temu
Please!!! New Amsterdam​!!!
Virginia Tortella
Virginia Tortella 3 godzin temu
you guys should do doctors react to doctor who
Karolína Blunárová
Karolína Blunárová 4 godzin temu
Pleaaaase react to Dr Strange's medical scenes! They seem to be explained way better than medical scenes usually are. I'd love to see how accurate Marvel got them 🖤
Divan Compion
Divan Compion 5 godzin temu
The good doctor is a amazing show but in episode 3 the neighbor ask for batteries for uncharted a Playstation exclusive last time I checked Playstation controllers don't have batteries
Tara Dowran
Tara Dowran 6 godzin temu
He explains things so much better than my profs 👌🏼 amazing
Jaq Neebe
Jaq Neebe 14 godzin temu
I really like this show. A lot of the medical situations are unrealistic (but most of them are in medical shows), but I think the actor playing Shawn does a really good job with portraying an autistic person. A lot of the idiosyncrasies are exaggerated to a degree, but so many of the habits are so spot on, it kind of felt like looking into a mirror.
Sifa Ayu Ramadani
Sifa Ayu Ramadani 16 godzin temu
This drama is basically an adoption from Korean Drama's called The Good Doctor (same). And in korean version is more crucial, i thought. Also as a medical workers, i like to watch this drama because i can learn more and compared also mixed for my knowledges. You are really looks like So Jung Hwan (myfav) a trainee to become an idol from Korea. I like you. Nice to meet you. Hope to see you if i had a chance.
TheMd Moosa
TheMd Moosa 17 godzin temu
Hello, doctor 😂😂
s h a y a g i n g e r b r e a d
*Doctor Doctor*
Kendyl Bobbie
Kendyl Bobbie 21 godzinę temu
This is how I study for my medical - surgical exams
sherryl henning
sherryl henning 22 godzin temu
Thanks Doc! I have a booboo. You made my stay off your knee and keep it elevated time actually enjoyable! Normally, I only last a couple of hours and I'm up and about. 'See' ya' tomorrow!
小呱王 Dzień temu
Recommend: Critical
jess and evie
jess and evie Dzień temu
Wait I can not make eye contact
Taylor Britt
Taylor Britt Dzień temu
We need a reaction to House!! It's my favorite medical drama (is that the right term?)
Kugelblitz Dzień temu
Dunno why but when I see Doctor Mike's face and the name The Good Doctor somehow I kinda wanted that he was the protagonist on this show
Kugelblitz Dzień temu
React to Doctor Who on April Fools
jesse m
jesse m Dzień temu
Ok so why is my states "Good Samaritan Law" not what you explained this is off the DHHS site*** Michigan's Good Samaritan Law During a drug overdose, a quick response can save a life. However, people illegally using drugs sometimes fail to seek medical attention during an overdose for fear of alerting the police to their illegal drug use. In order to prioritize saving lives, Michigan passed a Good Samaritan law in 2016. Michigan’s Good Samaritan law prevents drug possession charges against those that seek medical assistance for an overdose in certain circumstances. This law makes saving lives the priority during a drug overdose, not criminal prosecutions of illegal drug users. **
Rhylan Weekley
Rhylan Weekley Dzień temu
This isn’t super human it’s a disease where you remember everything
FiF Dzień temu
12:56 had me crying 😂😂😂
sneha kurien
sneha kurien Dzień temu
lol I'm literally watching the first episode and alternating between the two tabs
Adam Evans
Adam Evans Dzień temu
Autism is brain damage or it is a deformity, a malformation of the brain, it's not a "different way of being" like sites such as "another planet" pretend it is, it is not the way the brain is supposed to be, it is a disability and a disorder, and if there was a cure, I'd take it in half a heartbeat, it's not a miracle like they pretend it is in this show. At times autistic people can do things that are downright sociopathic, because they are also capable of evil. Some of us are completely evil, take Chris Weston Chandler, a guy who, while borderline retarded, has hurt a lot of people, and done so knowingly and with malicious intent, or "Kero the Wolf" a fucking furry who raped and tortured animals for the fun of it, and then we have Onision, who is, by his own admission, a pedophile who used his internet presence to hook up with underaged girls. I know, I've done my share of terrible things, things I regret, things that were worse than what other people would have done, I've lied, stolen, and hurt other people, all knowingly and intentionally, at times, I have thought "am I a psychopath?". I'm saying this because so many shows present people with autism as angels incapable of doing wrong, one particularly heinous episode of CSI even had the main character state outright that a murder suspect with autism couldn't of done it because he was autistic, I founf that insulting. Like it or not, doing evil is an essential element of what it means to be human, and so stating that we lack an essential human quality is literally saying we are less than human. I know it is usually intended to be sympathetic, but it comes across as insulting, by making him the "good doctor", I'm assuming they will do the same as was done in the "good cop" show, that is, place a main character of impeccable moral caliber into a situation where they are surrounded by corruption within their profession. And of course they need to make him a savant, something that has become synonymous with autism despite only comprising an overwhelming minority of autists, and it's often (not always) the retarded that tend to manifest savant syndrome, the majority get jack shit in terms of superpowers, and I hate that these shows say "autism isn't that bad, look at what they can do!" and then show something that most of us can't do, as if the chance of superabilities in one or a few related specific areas is the only thing that justifies us as people (again, dehumanizing). This show hits on all these points, so I wont be watching this show.
Aungkor Wat
Aungkor Wat Dzień temu
Pig Poop
Pig Poop Dzień temu
Daniella Borrillo
Daniella Borrillo Dzień temu
More good doctor please
keno Duganhodzic
keno Duganhodzic Dzień temu
Where do you watch this?!?!!??
MandMs05 Dzień temu
9:27 I'm autistic. I made my own pet. He's outdated now. =P
Alexandra Holtham
Alexandra Holtham Dzień temu
Question: the other day a guy fainted flat on his back and hit the back of his head, the vein in his forehead was enlarged. I checked if he had a pulse while my dad called the emergency line. I instructed people not to move him but I guess because I look like 12 no one listened to me...a woman moved him and laid him on his side although I told her you only do that for a Seizure. The cops took 20 minutes to get there and the hospital was at least 20 minutes away. I know this isn’t much information but do you think anything from the process I described could have hurt him more?
Neetneet Dzień temu
8:54 I agree with this, as a child with autism I think this is true :)
isabella l
isabella l Dzień temu
East coast Boy
East coast Boy Dzień temu
OH NO I TOOK A SPLINTER! Am I Hanna die!? im not funny. 😔
T-Bone Duck
T-Bone Duck Dzień temu
Who would dislike this?
Xavier Ross élève
Show this to your girlfriend when she says to pull out
Eugenius Dzień temu
10:05 they were in that hospital in bird box
Gjali Rollins
Gjali Rollins Dzień temu
my brother has autism. diagnosed at 2, didn't talk until 4. he had therapy for 4 years. he is now 11 turning 12, does high school math, and is thriving more than ever. if you guys know someone with autism, or parents have kids with autism. get them therapy, trust me it will help
Aiden Lavallee
Aiden Lavallee 2 dni temu
Oh yeah
Chris Tine
Chris Tine 2 dni temu
As a diagnosed Woman with atypical on the ASD , i can understand the strugles.I got my results when i was 29 and have ti fight against a society who dont accept we are different but not stupid.
Nora L
Nora L 2 dni temu
Oh, please do this for Royal Pains.
EMWeq 2 dni temu
Well this video made me really happy I didn't need a chest incision when I heard the doctors discuss a potential "pneumothorax" from the time I had a punctured lung...
sihyun park
sihyun park 2 dni temu
can't you just shut up and review the god damn episode and just talk about it later.
Kat Simms
Kat Simms 2 dni temu
I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression September last year. Unfortunately, I never got checked out for autism. I'm 18. If I had been checked at 6 or 7 My chances of being diagnosed with depression and anxiety would have been reduced.
Flourish Omoregie
Only a human this hot can make medicine seem as fun as a roller coaster ride
"Why did you get a girl pregnant?" "Doctor Mike told me to never pull it out." "..."
Paige Beven
Paige Beven 2 dni temu
My sister has autism, 80 hd and dyslexia so yeah
jasmine jaman
jasmine jaman 2 dni temu
what a hot doctor.😍
Harish Harsh
Harish Harsh 2 dni temu
How come a doctor has austism and graduate
Terrance Barrett
Terrance Barrett 2 dni temu
YAY! Let's let this random kid (claiming) to be a doctor play doctor on my precious son!
Kayleigh Trinh
Kayleigh Trinh 2 dni temu
Dr mike i heard there’s a greys anatomy episode where a patient has a fork stuck in her throat and they send her off to MRI!
Nahid Ahmed
Nahid Ahmed 2 dni temu
at 11:47th second, there is a small circle appears on the heart beat line, when that boy says "there" ... that's why most of us missed that...
Mineville roleplays
I have autism,ADHD and I have pets
WormWeird 2 dni temu
Mine's usually 86
Kini 2 dni temu
Go kys
Bob da builda
Bob da builda 2 dni temu
Nothing has to be realistic :/
hopeless andromeda
Everyone I know who watches these medical shows flinch when they see wounds but he just doesn't give a single shit. That's great.
Kyra Mathew
Kyra Mathew 2 dni temu
Watch Emily Owens md, it’s a little more drama based, but it’s really cool.
flim flam
flim flam 2 dni temu
guy puts a tube in a bottle of whiskey "he doesnt need all that technology there" ~ actual doctor.
Avery !
Avery ! 2 dni temu
My brother has autisome he getting better to talk
Sam 3 dni temu
I m at the beginning of this video and love that show I've watched every episode ok he better not talk bad about it dammmit!
311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
Wow you are a very attractive, well mannered, educated, polite doctor.
Zainab 28
Zainab 28 3 dni temu
Someone get dr mike his own tv show already
Emmy Zanetti
Emmy Zanetti 3 dni temu
Do you know how many times I've pulled glass out of my foot when I was a kid? How tf am I still alive😂😂😂
7777777jesus 3 dni temu
Children’s hospital please
World Culture Trip
I agree with you that I appreciate the struggles and characteristics of Autism being showcased, but at the same time the superhuman part is frustrating as well. Someone with savant syndrome specifically has it BECAUSE the Autism is so severe that there is only room in the brain for the textbook stuff and recall. The reason why Autistic people are so intelligent is because if the parts of their brain responsible for social skills is impaired then more of the energy goes to the parts of the brain responsible for vision or memory and therefore it can come out to look like superhuman. Being Autistic I agree that it is a con because then people go from underestimating us to overestimating us. People think that because I'm Autistic I'm either too stupid or smart enough to do impossible things and I need that middle ground. The information you provided at minute 8:30 about eye contact and social skills is a thing I want everyone to hear. The social skills that people take for granted or the things I am able to do are because of hard work and training and people don't realize that. Great episode, Doctor. You actually made me want to watch the show more
Skye O'Leary
Skye O'Leary 3 dni temu
I picked up so many of these words because i have most of them myself XD
onemonkeyboy 3 dni temu
I'm actually autistic and I can tell you keeping eye contact seems weird to me, Look I get this feeling that tells me to look away
Anole The Rainwing
How to die: Commit no chest compressions.
Presh Boyd
Presh Boyd 3 dni temu
This doctor is handsome
Golden Mang-gae
Golden Mang-gae 3 dni temu
watch this kdrama called doctor stranger; its amazing
~Hello Britty~
~Hello Britty~ 3 dni temu
Can you react to the real good doctor? The original korean version of the show 🙃
Jadine Coldheart
Jadine Coldheart 3 dni temu
If you were my doctor i would have had a consistent visit in your clinic though am perfectly healthy. 😂😂
Imaan Gamildien
Imaan Gamildien 3 dni temu
Director of the good doctor: let's make everything true JUST IN CASE an ACTUAL doctor reviews it. Head Director of the good doctor: good idea 😂😂
Joêlle Loutfi
Joêlle Loutfi 3 dni temu
Actually there's no other "Grey's anatomy vibe" in any of the other episodes
AaAaaAaaaaaAAaa 3 dni temu
the good doctor seemed stupid tbh
FuryousD 3 dni temu
You should watch the medical anime cells at work, it follows a red blood cell and a white blood cell the things they get up to, that's the best I could come up with for a description lol
KlapAl0ng 3 dni temu
Autism makes you a good doctor
Kappa 3 dni temu
How does this video gets more views than the "House MD" reaction? I mean wtf
Golden Gaming
Golden Gaming 3 dni temu
I like the korean remake better(the original)
Exo-L Xiumin baby
hey doctor mike this film has a Korean version can u please react to that it more intense that this I hope u react pretty please and they use a lot of medical term we cant understand hope u can teach us
Lydia Grace
Lydia Grace 3 dni temu
Cardiac empanadas, yes.... 😂😂
Rainnielle Venegas
this is another way to learn things
ew what's a name
ew what's a name 3 dni temu
i'm learning so much from this wow
Rachell Fisher
Rachell Fisher 3 dni temu
Love learning about all this stuff but the blood makes me wanna throw up🤢
I lik Don8z
I lik Don8z 3 dni temu
You should watch doctor house next
dipesh khalingrai
he is hot .......
Ellie Peterson
Ellie Peterson 3 dni temu
I have autism
Moritz 4 dni temu
When you think as a parent that your child has autism, don't say he has it, because it makes him nervous. Search a doctor and let it diagnose. As as german doctor i had a lot of people who come to me and said:"My child has autism or ADHS", but 80% of them was shy children. So please don't interrupt your childern be children
Krystian-Nathan Dawson
Hey Doctor Mike please take a look at the quarantine episode of the good doctor it's the last season cliffhanger to the first episode of this season. Really great. Want to know your take.
sub to me so I can buy food to my 69 children
Damn I feel like a 1st grade when he talks about this shit
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard 4 dni temu
No lolligaggin!
Mati Choongo
Mati Choongo 4 dni temu
It's exactly like the Korean drama Good Doctor. Could you also react to that one?
Khadija Tul Kubra
Hi!can you please make a video on acne solutions for women with combination skin? And without the intake of any harmful drugs??thankyou! Love your videos ☺️
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice 4 dni temu
I was talking to my mom last night, and she brought up a youtuber she found who she really enjoyed. "He's a doctor and he was commenting on medical shows! He's so charismatic and smart, and he's also really handsome." She discovered your channel the day prior. I also discovered your channel that same day. I went into my youtube watch history, found one of your videos, and pulled it up. "Is this him?" She freaked out. Turns out we both subscribed to you on the same day, so now we've decided to watch your videos together. Thanks for giving us something to do together, lol! (She's 48, I'm 16, and we've always had similar tastes)
Ephélie Algrain
Ephélie Algrain 4 dni temu
Hello 😊 can you comment on episode 3 season 2 of Chicago Med? 😉
City Guard
City Guard 4 dni temu
I’m incredibly lucky with my case of Autism, as I’m pretty good with social cues and other stuff, but I’m also pretty smart.
The Crowsbown
The Crowsbown 4 dni temu
Where can I watch this
Celine Chen
Celine Chen 4 dni temu
Please watch doctor stranger (TV show)
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu
7 dni temu