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Wow! Thank you so much for supporting the Real Doctor Reacts to series. I said that if you get the grey's anatomy video to 15k likes I'll do another episode and you CRUSHED it by getting it 200k+ likes. I dove into the comments section to see what medical tv drama you wanted me to review next and it seemed like the good doctor was the obvious choice. Get ready TV Doctors, because Dr. Mike is coming for you =]
Full disclosure, I have never watched an episode of the good doctor on ABC so I decided to go ahead and start my tv medical drama review off with the first episode ( good doctor 1x01 ) of the series. I was really curious myself to see if the good doctor is a medically accurate show.
I really did enjoy this medical tv show because I think it did a lot of things well. It gave an interesting look into what life is like a for a surgeon and a resident. Being a surgical resident is not an easy job and to make the situation even more complex Dr. Sean Murphy has autism so they did a great job of breaking down these circumstances.
I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Good Doctor / Real Doctor Reacts to the Good Doctor. If you want me to continue making this series please like the video and leave me a comment on which show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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15 kwi 2018

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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Miesiąc temu
Your requests have been heard! DR HOUSE MD review is now LIVE - Please keep submitting the shows and episodes you'd like for me to review. Love you all!
Samantha Villarreal
Samantha Villarreal 5 godzin temu
Doctor Mike I wanted to know how long it took for you to accomplish your dream because I want to become a surgeon when I grow up and I wanted to know what advice you have for me💕
Bexie'sPlayground 17 godzin temu
I can't watch from Australia :( We have the show so I don't understand why?
Me Superfrucht
Me Superfrucht Dzień temu
Would Love to see a review for 'a young doctor's notebook'
Nana T
Nana T Dzień temu
Its blocked in my country
musicrulez27 Dzień temu
React to ER!
Beth Greene
Beth Greene 41 minuta temu
Looks like a young McDreamy 😍
Sonance 2 godzin temu
13:25 I’m dead😂😂😂
D M 3 godzin temu
So someone with autism can recognize minute details of arms veins swelling, and ribcage movements... But picking up on physical body language is just impossible for them? How is it any different than diagnosing a physical symptom? Sorry, sound like an asshole, but it seems contradictory.
XTN 3 godzin temu
zac efron ?? thats norman bates lol
moondancer295 3 godzin temu
Check out "The Resident." My sister has just started watching it and says it's good.
FROZEN EPICA 4 godzin temu
Please react to Doctor K-Dramas. Thanks :D
chantalleharrison21 4 godzin temu
Do Chicago med!
Lourdes 4 godzin temu
Okay it took the paramedics so long to come 😂
Yewande Koyenikan
Yewande Koyenikan 7 godzin temu
I've never heard of the show before, but it's looks very interesting. Surgical residents would benefit from it. But I laughed so hard when the surgeon left the theatre to look for the "crazy guy" (in his words)😂😂. I'm not a fan of Grey's anatomy becos of some of the cons u mentioned. I just may start off with this. PS: How did d kid from August Rush get so tall?!
Eryn Krebs
Eryn Krebs 7 godzin temu
Queen of K-pop
Queen of K-pop 7 godzin temu
Good doctor korean original ver
Sebastian Rodriguez-mora
Zfor a sec I thought this was buzzfeed but this is way better I subscribed
Mads97415 8 godzin temu
It blows my mind how doctors can remember all of this stuff when I can barely remember what learned in a recent class lol
Kai Tak
Kai Tak 8 godzin temu
This show was originally Korean🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
Jey Meg
Jey Meg 8 godzin temu
React to Doctors (a kdrama) pleaaase
lee Oliver
lee Oliver 9 godzin temu
Ooh I wonder what you would think of Monster!
Samia EXO-L
Samia EXO-L 9 godzin temu
I recommend to watch a korean drama "DOCTORS"
Pandacake28 9 godzin temu
You should do more of the good doctor! And all of your episodes reacting to medical shows, I really enjoy them!
Daria Babin
Daria Babin 9 godzin temu
I recommend reviewing episode 6 "Not A Fake" I personally have loved watching the series and can't wait for season 2. Fingers crossed that you review it
Laura Carvalho
Laura Carvalho 10 godzin temu
Você é um gato !!!!!!
Aamour V
Aamour V 10 godzin temu
Somebody need to make a veterinarian PLvid channel like this !!
omair siddiqui
omair siddiqui 10 godzin temu
How do we know this guy is a real doctor.🤨
HelloItsZiggy 10 godzin temu
I'm actually interested in this show
itendtoflail 10 godzin temu
Can you please react to Nurse Jackie?
shupsta2010 11 godzin temu
I'd love to see a reaction to this video,, a medical rap. I think it'd be cool to here what all the different terms mean because there are a lot of them that get used.
Meianju Naihatsu
Meianju Naihatsu 11 godzin temu
Interesting show, I might watch it now
17R3W 12 godzin temu
I didn't know that Richard Schiff was on the good doctor. It's worth checking out for him Alone.
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen 12 godzin temu
so useful. Thanks
Joshua Cohen
Joshua Cohen 13 godzin temu
It's so weird seeing Toby lol
Laurel Henderson
Laurel Henderson 13 godzin temu
Hey! I really appreciate how respectfully you dealt with the topic of autism, but maybe in the future could you consider not using person-first language? For example, instead of saying that someone has autism, say that they are an autistic person. For most of us autistic people, out autism is an intrinsic part of who we are, not a disease or something that is just altering us from "who we really are" (as ive heard many ableist people refer to it)
Tunerani Wasweißich
Tunerani Wasweißich 13 godzin temu
Would you watch the orginal version of this show? It´s a korean drama of the same name.
Mariel Castro
Mariel Castro 13 godzin temu
This series is based in a korean drama :)
Brookesk1977 13 godzin temu
This was a great video. I've heard the title of this show, The Good Doctor, but I've never watched it or even knew what it was about. I don't even know how long it's been on the air. But from what little I saw of it in this video, I think I would love it. It made me cry. I will have to buy the DVD. On a side note, I think you are a very handsome man, Doctor Mike. I just had to throw that out there.
member this?
member this? 14 godzin temu
Have you considered watching Doc Martin? A good show (pretty certain there isn't any sex....just a romantic hint of attraction 👍)
michael chawang
michael chawang 14 godzin temu
Please watch blackjack it's an anime
Lilly Rosie
Lilly Rosie 15 godzin temu
Kid Phi
Kid Phi 15 godzin temu
react to Doctor Strange a Korean Drama
Frederik Hirche
Frederik Hirche 15 godzin temu
Real Doctor Reacts to Doctor Who :-)
Eenn00bgamer MLG
Eenn00bgamer MLG 9 godzin temu
Frederik Hirche who?
Ashlee Burgoon
Ashlee Burgoon 15 godzin temu
My sons autistic level 2 with many more disorders on top, that scene where the dad was mean to him made me cry...having an autistic son is very hard and sometimes you have to just walk away for bit to regroup your mind and thoughts, but the good moments out weigh the bad by far, and my son is very brilliant he is non verbal and is so so so advanced with numbers, letters, shapes, and is 3.5 and can count to 67, can spell, knows what a hexagon is but wont say sentences or even words 98% of the time haha
Hidan's gaming channel
Hidan's gaming channel 15 godzin temu
heey i love your vids please do E.R. next
Media Mogul
Media Mogul 16 godzin temu
You're so cute!
Jennifer Dietrich
Jennifer Dietrich 17 godzin temu
Dr. Mike! You're awesome! Maybe I'll run into to in NJ sometime! (Or maybe not cause that would probably mean I need a doctor). Maybe you could review "Nurse Jackie".?? Would love yo see that! Keep up the good work :)
Glenn Hasle
Glenn Hasle 17 godzin temu
Scrubs season 05 episode 20...!!! And episode 21 for that sake...!
alitatw 17 godzin temu
I think that korean version is waaay better than this one... and there´s not unnecesary sex scenes.. you should check it! It´s almost the same story..
Elle Jones
Elle Jones 18 godzin temu
This was actually really interesting! The work that doctors do is amazing! Please do- 1) Chicago Fire - they have great paramedic scenes. 2) The original Good Doctor 3) Chicago Med
Anne Kropiewnicki
Anne Kropiewnicki 19 godzin temu
Episodes 11 & 12. Its a 2 parter :)
Enshrine Frias
Enshrine Frias 20 godzin temu
Hey Doc! maybe you could watch the korean version of this next? I suggest you watch the ep 2 perhaps? ^_^ would really love to hear your reaction with it. Thanks!
Katie C
Katie C 20 godzin temu
Can you watch the kdrama 'The Doctors'? Korea has so many medical shows and it would be cool to see your take on the hospital politics (e.g. the corporatisation of the hospital)
Kat Jes
Kat Jes 20 godzin temu
I don't get it when sbd blow into the gloves and putting their hands in. 1) just unhygienic and 2) how do they even can get them on. Normally on. 😂
Nova Dawn
Nova Dawn 20 godzin temu
Awesome video! Love your way of critiquing! Thanks for this 😀
Andrei Frone
Andrei Frone 21 godzinę temu
PLS Doctor Mike see this episode the good doctor S1 E15 Heartfelt
BIGxNxLARGE 22 godzin temu
More scrubs please
jannikrappjr 22 godzin temu
Hi. I really enjoy watching you videos. Have you considered doing a video about er or Dr. House?
aaron trapp
aaron trapp 23 godzin temu
Sometimes I wish we'd have a show with an autistic person who's not a savant, and has something other than Asperger's.
Fiemus9 Dzień temu
*PLEASE READ DOCTOR MIKE* 8:50 no! Please don't advice that. It's very harmful! LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR FOR EVERY PARENT HERE, *DO NOT DO THIS* . ABA treatment has a short run. It works in the start because you force it, but eventually it makes it worse and causes trauma to the victim the rest of their lives. As Demetrious Haracopos says you jam the volume of autism signs up, when you meet autistic people with this. Please look to the works of Theo Peters, Simon Baron-Cohen, Tony Attwod or Demtrious Haracopos instead. Autism should be met where it is. They can't be normal and they shoud not be. Of course you should teach your child values and social rules (like dont barf at the table, and call people fat) but it needs to be carefully explained, because it doesn't come naturally. Most importantly make sure your child doesn't feel wrong, as this can effect them on the long run (autistic people die way sooner because of stress and depression) They can learn stragedies to survive, but NEVER ever force it. Please reemember that because their cognitive imagination is off, i doesn't mean there's no feeling. It means there brain is in constant stress (Dr Zukaroff testament by peter lund madsen) because they can't read. They have lots of feeling and recent science (SIKON 2017 - Tony Attwood) have found that they had extreme levels of sympaty and could be depressed by small things like animals dying or poverty. (Look to these: Tony Attwood, Theo Peters, Simon Baron-Cohen, Demetrious Haracopos. Avoid these: David Wakefield, Temple Grandin)
Fiemus9 Dzień temu
Excuse my text, note that, SOME have extreme levels of sympathy. Autism (though it all has the same bottom line) can exist in many forms and other diagnosis can occur: like schizofrenia, psychopathy or sociopathy. (Note: not borderline though, as it is the opposite (simon baron-cohen))
Ery Throzyt
Ery Throzyt Dzień temu
So Madmax was also doing it right when treating Furiosas Pneumothorax? That's kinda cool.
RedRhett Dzień temu
Can you be my Doctor?
Gabby Dzień temu
he should watch The Knick
UDIT GANDHI Dzień temu
Watch night shift
Michael Reisch
Michael Reisch Dzień temu
8:20 I never knew a bottle of Jack and a tube is "fancy technology"
One Trend
One Trend Dzień temu
Idk how i came to your channel but you got a new sub
David Neo
David Neo Dzień temu
Watch the Korean version of good doctor. The actor "being autistic" in the Korean version does it so much I don't understand why they somehow made it worse after the Koreans showed em how it's done
Joshua Cairns
Joshua Cairns Dzień temu
He's supposed to be based on a combo of two different Drs. My wife was doing some recurrent neuro training where one of the Drs had a part in the seminar.
Phillip Hewitt
Phillip Hewitt Dzień temu
Autism. Do you believe it is a real medical thing? There was a time when super focus was a good thing. Now Autism cast a wide net that everyone is claiming to have it.
Extremer Strike
Extremer Strike Dzień temu
I have a question if a object say like a knife has struck you somewhere and you said don't take it out or remove it because it will save you from bleeding out but what if the object was poisoned and had no time would you take it out or no?
Lizete Beltran Ponce
Maybe Dr. Mike you need to hang out more with autistic people than you can have a better opinion about how real or unrealistic he is. It's a show! Of course he seems unrealistic, but it's more accurate than what you can imagine. I like whatching this show because it teaches me to understand better, situations that I had already seen in real life and I didn't get at the moment. Now I'm more aware.
Bella Karpen
Bella Karpen Dzień temu
“The good doctor strikes again”
Mendez Aguilar
Mendez Aguilar Dzień temu
bru im a surgeon now
Bella Karpen
Bella Karpen Dzień temu
Shouldn’t the paramedics have come sooner....
Isabel Gutierrez
Isabel Gutierrez Dzień temu
breanna carter
breanna carter Dzień temu
Check out night shift
miguel lopez
miguel lopez Dzień temu
dont screw the crew
Andrew Bracero
Andrew Bracero Dzień temu
Could you react to episode 4 of the Good Doctor. Many medical terms and conditions were said. Could you explain it in sinple terms . Thank you
Kyto Dzień temu
I want this for the whole show
Sugar Bliss
Sugar Bliss Dzień temu
What does “spatial ability” mean?
Katrina Tufty
Katrina Tufty Dzień temu
You should review Chicago med
Maryanne Rogers
Maryanne Rogers Dzień temu
Watch shadowhunters or stitchers
Mirror Dzień temu
Marry me, Doctor Mike! :)
Jaden Dzień temu
Wgat he did in the airport saved the boy. So shut up. If shawn were a real doctor he'd be one of the most advanced doctors in the world ✌️
jaffar meer
jaffar meer Dzień temu
I enjoyed too much when I watched this video I hope u will carry on
awesome emmy
awesome emmy Dzień temu
ive had a small piece of glass in my foot three times
Patti - Cake
Patti - Cake Dzień temu
I’d like to see you review more of the same shows, as there are many different scenarios per episode.
mpforeverunlimited Dzień temu
Royal pains!!!
Caleb Christensen
Caleb Christensen Dzień temu
With all of the boards, committees and bureaucratic nature of a hospital its a surprise that there isn't more FUMC/UMC funded hospitals, I can only think of a few.
Kirmi A
Kirmi A Dzień temu
You should watch season 1, episode 6- a lot of medical stuff in that.
Chelsea Mendez
Chelsea Mendez Dzień temu
I think I’m gonna start watching this show
Elijah Ngiendo
Elijah Ngiendo Dzień temu
Analyze the TVseries, PURE GENIUS
Jordan Cheek
Jordan Cheek Dzień temu
Can you continue this show?
Sierra White
Sierra White Dzień temu
Watch the resident
Elle Vallance
Elle Vallance Dzień temu
From an ADA perspective, the first episode of this show was a *nightmare*. You had a room full of people trying to deny a person employment based on his "disability", and speaking unfavorably about that disability, without a lawyer telling them to STFU, because if it got out that it happened at all they could be sued. I'm glad it was pretty good from a medical perspective, but from a legal one--it was infuriating.
krystal shaneil
krystal shaneil Dzień temu
I mean that was the first episode so there wouldn’t be a lot of a medical info cause as u said they were developing the character. Continue to watch !
Aenisha Lampkin
Aenisha Lampkin Dzień temu
I believe you should do the first episode of each show and then watch the that season. Then you'll be able to have a better opinion of the show.
Emmanuel Ponio
Emmanuel Ponio Dzień temu
Hi doc did you know how to i get replay this tv series
William 42
William 42 Dzień temu
I despise eye contact. I even subconsciously never make eye contact, it feels strange to do so. I don’t know why? Kind of irrelevant but you were talking about eye contact there for a sec lol
Megan Lawrence
Megan Lawrence Dzień temu
Could you please react to The good doctor episode 17: Smile. I really would like you to explain about the girl without a smile on this episode. It seems a bit unrealistic
Schiff Ulqiorra
Schiff Ulqiorra Dzień temu
could you try korean hit series "Romantic Doctor Kim?" I can say the show is more inclined in various "medical procedures" than drama, IDK, its a RomCom and it's really good. Let me know.
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke Dzień temu
Recommend to watch the a resident
John Bailey
John Bailey Dzień temu
Dude... Do E.R.
Crimson FireCat
Crimson FireCat Dzień temu
Note on autism: While some may find those early classes helpful, not everyone actually wants to be 'trained' to act like a neurotypical person, or even has access to these things as a child (due to a lack of resources or just not being diagnosed at a young age). Instead we should be more interested in teaching acceptance and allowance of autistic behaviors. We're people, not something to be cured or trained away.
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