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10 sie 2018

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Komentarze 11 018
Ba3lr 27
Ba3lr 27 2 godzin temu
At 20:13 has me dead😂 and 21:30 call this damn man cupid
KumoriOtakuGaming 970
KumoriOtakuGaming 970 4 godzin temu
Mini: "They're cute!" Also Mini:*face of total disgust*😂😂❤
Bmx-_ Clutch
Bmx-_ Clutch 10 godzin temu
But yet mini has silver hair right now in 2019
Shaken Basher
Shaken Basher 14 godzin temu
"We are not here to shame anyone!" Sorry mini, but i'll disagree. I will shame them all
Ezra Cohen
Ezra Cohen Dzień temu
My mom walked in on 15:15
shadow dragon
shadow dragon Dzień temu
Your hair looks greyish mini
Lana Betancourt
Lana Betancourt Dzień temu
That Yu-Gi-Guy
That Yu-Gi-Guy Dzień temu
It's not nuts.. it's beans
Kieran Whall
Kieran Whall Dzień temu
Boo 2 dni temu
Caffeine up your butt... wow....
asmrtrash kas
asmrtrash kas 2 dni temu
gently says *hi* to everyone and i just *-uwu-*
Wade Oakes
Wade Oakes 2 dni temu
I’m addicted to watching mini ladds videos
payton vaughn
payton vaughn 3 dni temu
It's really dangers to eat light bulbs light bulbs have chimceles
AyyAvaa 3 dni temu
Michael Ang
Michael Ang 3 dni temu
They got some coffee flavored ass
NØU_PenguinMaster 118
1,576,800 sniffs of gas... Ok
ItzYaboiJello YT
ItzYaboiJello YT 3 dni temu
1,576,800 times on estimate is how many times she has smelled gas
Jeovanni Andrade
Jeovanni Andrade 3 dni temu
It is
3 head
3 head 3 dni temu
Oh yeah yeah
Rachel Orange
Rachel Orange 3 dni temu
Are you, sir, at all realted to CrankGamePlays? You sound just like him
a ghost
a ghost 3 dni temu
4:06 that one damn wierd fetish
PedroVeterano80 4 dni temu
13:33 GTA Trevor sister
Gaming Fox
Gaming Fox 4 dni temu
美絵流ーちゃん [Mieru-Chan]
I like smelling gasoline especially Diesel gas. But i am not addicted to it like that woman.
GamingCloud 4 dni temu
Im addicted to watching youtube videos
Sport Addicts
Sport Addicts 4 dni temu
I have an electric blanket😩😅😂
Fattyfatfat00 5 dni temu
This may seem somewhat weird but i watch ur vids multiple times because their consistently funny and somehow your 20 min vids feel like 5
Anselmo Cobain
Anselmo Cobain 5 dni temu
When I heard that someone said that they eat toilet paper I felt it in my throat 😫😫😫😫
leahciM namhsaC
leahciM namhsaC 6 dni temu
I wish I was as funny as Mini Ladd
fuck off
fuck off 6 dni temu
I habe an addiction to sleeping with my blow tourch on and dont say nutin about my name
Drew Currier
Drew Currier 6 dni temu
I'm addicted to sleeping
PrimeTF 6 dni temu
I know you want to tell them to "love themselves" before they do plastic surgery, but honestly it's not your decision to make, it's theirs. Any problems they make is on them, not you.
J 7 dni temu
munchin on glass will eviscerate your insides
Average Penguin
Average Penguin 7 dni temu
Wait he is literally pooping glass
Austin Clay
Austin Clay 7 dni temu
"We'll do one more" Sees 15 mins left on video. Seems legit.
TigerBow and Asher
FaithNightmare 7 dni temu
I remember my strange addition.
Stone_ Duplicate
Stone_ Duplicate 7 dni temu
uhhhh she would DEFINITELY go noise blind if she smelt it that much, its undeniable
keysi gomez
keysi gomez 7 dni temu
Hes gay
Wensdee 7 dni temu
“Go sniff gas kids”
Tanner Lancaster
Tanner Lancaster 7 dni temu
He’s not wrong 😂...
AccurateGamer05 7 dni temu
Dyuman Das
Dyuman Das 7 dni temu
She has sniffed gas for 1 576 800 times😂😂😂😂
trey estep
trey estep 7 dni temu
im addicted to watching mini ladd videos
SammoKammo 7 dni temu
Smelling gas causing carbon monoxide poisoning. Dont do it.
ThE_JDM_F8N BO1 7 dni temu
Isn’t sand like 50% of fish feces 😂
Pvo Pop
Pvo Pop 7 dni temu
These people are missing some kind of nutrients or something, they need something, or their mothers didnt get enough nutrients during pregnancy or something.
Pvo Pop
Pvo Pop 7 dni temu
How would you like your coffee sir? Anally please.
Noelle Klassen
Noelle Klassen 8 dni temu
I'm addicted to eating......
fortnite kina god
Nonnie Love
Nonnie Love 8 dni temu
my tummy hurts watching this stuff T~T
Ow3ngaming !!
Ow3ngaming !! 8 dni temu
*Hi Lori!*
Funny caRp
Funny caRp 8 dni temu
I’m Addicted To................water
veron and jack verack
You may not be here to laugh but we sure are
Seth Sollmer
Seth Sollmer 8 dni temu
I like to chew on my thumb
Kelsey Allman
Kelsey Allman 8 dni temu
she likes that gud kush
Jerry Minor
Jerry Minor 8 dni temu
I threw up 7 times
Pretzel Pretzel snack
Slorp snorf
justadude 123
justadude 123 8 dni temu
Just eat rock candy
A Guitarist
A Guitarist 8 dni temu
Silver fox = Gray fox Gray fox = Gray Fox You’re that ninja...
TheDanTMG 8 dni temu
After watching this video I felt better about myself
Mythicalstardust 123
I feel sorry for Peter Parker in infinity war.... 22:00
Dravon Pyle
Dravon Pyle 8 dni temu
The Phantom 0ne
The Phantom 0ne 8 dni temu
I have an addiction to watching mini's videos
conservative millenial
Tucker did it
lil wolfy
lil wolfy 9 dni temu
I'm addicted to drinking coffee and thinking I'm worthless :)
The Bryson Weaver Experience
11:45 Couch Cousins
PatrickIV 9 dni temu
I'm addicted to this new drug It's called air.
gamerfreddy360 9 dni temu
I like eating that 0:52
Troy George
Troy George 9 dni temu
Hi my name's Troy and I'm addicted to eating slim Jim's 🤣😂
The noob of youtube
Funniest part of this video 21:28
Matt Haluska
Matt Haluska 9 dni temu
Neontix 360
Neontix 360 9 dni temu
Why does this guy look like johnontheradio?
Asher Markey
Asher Markey 9 dni temu
what about glass boy's but
OMT_swampysole2 9 dni temu
26 minutes worth of content dammm
David Talbot
David Talbot 9 dni temu
Hmm gas will give u brain dabalage
Anita Høgset
Anita Høgset 9 dni temu
You are so loud please shut up
CrazyFluttershy 10 dni temu
eating toilet paper and couch cushions should get you constipated right?
Tyler Mcdonald
Tyler Mcdonald 10 dni temu
Eat sugar glass
Elijah Roberts
Elijah Roberts 10 dni temu
I like beach sand in salt water But it's that high end sand.
Mythical Angel
Mythical Angel 10 dni temu
I HATE sandpaper it makes my spine crawl and shiver I HATE it
Trident Draws
Trident Draws 10 dni temu
I have an addiction to eating ass
Alex Brind
Alex Brind 10 dni temu
I think cinnamon is griddy
ChannelOfRandumb _
ChannelOfRandumb _ 10 dni temu
If you sniff gasoline you can get carbon monoxide poisoning. Dont do it👿🙅‍♂️
Pretzel Pretzel snack
ChannelOfRandumb _ *SNORF*
Soviet Union
Soviet Union 10 dni temu
MMmmMm couch cusion
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz 10 dni temu
My eyes and ears just got rapped
Cheiko Asami
Cheiko Asami 10 dni temu
Reality is collapsing people are gunna be "addicted" to anything; suckin cuck, eatin hair, eatin babies, eatin jam between dirty toes... Like why society why this path lol..
meme lord
meme lord 10 dni temu
with out sand
Can I get 10k subs with 4 vids.
Fly flies by at 1:28 btw
Owen Schafer
Owen Schafer 10 dni temu
What sucks is I’m about 15 miles away from Williamsport
Undertale Colton
Undertale Colton 10 dni temu
I’m addicted to READ MORE
Undertale Colton
Undertale Colton 10 dni temu
Abra Lewis
Abra Lewis 10 dni temu
I what to die from this xD
Christopher Damant
Christopher Damant 10 dni temu
Eating glass = eating sand
PoisonTGaming YT
PoisonTGaming YT 10 dni temu
Smelling gasoline is normal in PA
Noah Isn't Cool
Noah Isn't Cool 10 dni temu
17:56 😂😂😂😂
Bigg Oofer
Bigg Oofer 10 dni temu
Doesn’t toilet paper have bleach?
Nightmarefred218 Night marefred218
My strange addiction is stealing my moms credit card😂
RAMSY 10 dni temu
How do u clean sand
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu