Polished Foil Ball Challenge, Corinne VS Pin

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Consider our balls polished.
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16 kwi 2018

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Komentarze 4 802
AbbiC3 6 dni temu
yaay refferenses thats my favorite movie (dont judge me)
Elle Ay
Elle Ay 9 dni temu
My carpal tunnel hurts just from watching you lol
Knuffel Miau
Knuffel Miau 9 dni temu
Emmy May
Emmy May 10 dni temu
You know the polish part you can use liquid mirror polish so it is technically not cheating
Emmy May
Emmy May 10 dni temu
1:49 if you can’t solve your problems just tear them off
Carter Freiert
Carter Freiert 10 dni temu
It’s better to get a spoon and rub it down on the other side of the spoon it make it shine
suchi lps 61
suchi lps 61 12 dni temu
A_Nightcore_Fan ?!
A_Nightcore_Fan ?! 14 dni temu
Rob. Explain. Now.
Samuel Pace
Samuel Pace 14 dni temu
No matter what anyone says about your process and the end result, you do have integrity that Rob lacks.
Josie Sanford
Josie Sanford 16 dni temu
Is it just me or is the sound of the hammer in time lapse sound make me relax. ITS SUPER THERAPEUTIC 🤤🤤🤤🤤
unicornSDP Sdp
unicornSDP Sdp 18 dni temu
At least Corrine got some Abbs after this project
pug life#1
pug life#1 18 dni temu
Really Corinne gfy you used nail polish really
Albers Miesiąc temu
You are not as funny as you think you are.
M Alexander
M Alexander Miesiąc temu
You can skip the hammering and shaping by just throwing your aluminum ball in the clothes dryer for a cycle or two. It will be perfectly spherical. Then polish to a mirror finish with Brasso.
Kween A
Kween A Miesiąc temu
Not that kind of polish! Lol
parenttangled11 Miesiąc temu
It's like rob and corinne switched places for this episode
parenttangled11 Miesiąc temu
NVM Rob's just a liar
Richard Torres-Estrada
Rob sometimes knows what he's talking about it's *rare* but it happenes..
ARMY BTS Miesiąc temu
The funny thing is she exposed Rob😂
Why I play fortnite
Why I play fortnite Miesiąc temu
Why I play fortnite
Why I play fortnite Miesiąc temu
Go away
Kendall Cheerleader
Kendall Cheerleader Miesiąc temu
Now I wanna make one but I know I don't have the time for that I
Abe Abe
Abe Abe Miesiąc temu
Who else thought the sped up hammering was satisfying lmao 😂
DSUNAMI🌊 2 miesięcy temu
DIY FUSHIGI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1211땡 2 miesięcy temu
We stan the right ppl
Kim K.
Kim K. 2 miesięcy temu
The camera on the desk at 3:36 and 3:48 tho 😂
Johanna Moore
Johanna Moore 2 miesięcy temu
Corrine can you do a Holo DVD mirror
Max & Lucky
Max & Lucky 2 miesięcy temu
Corinne: " Dose anyone else hate this project as much as I do? " Me: "...Rob..."
Michelle Planko
Michelle Planko 2 miesięcy temu
Anyone that thought rob was serious at the end of his video hasn’t watched this channel before lol
mina gale
mina gale 2 miesięcy temu
you're supose to use a sanding block
Madison Stark
Madison Stark 2 miesięcy temu
Roses are red Violets are blue I came for the thumbnail So did you
Annaliese Chavez
Annaliese Chavez 2 miesięcy temu
You also have to sand it with a piece of sandpaper
Annaliese Chavez
Annaliese Chavez 2 miesięcy temu
Sorry I should’ve finished the video before I left comment saying that you have to sand it
Alma Zarenoe
Alma Zarenoe 2 miesięcy temu
Do a dirtball! It is like a the foilball
hen ja
hen ja 2 miesięcy temu
It takes balls to make one of those
Abby Kimbrough
Abby Kimbrough 2 miesięcy temu
Props to the English caption writers - that shit was funny!
Beca Fleming
Beca Fleming 2 miesięcy temu
You know you could have put it in rhe dryer and it would be quicker
Charlotte Daly
Charlotte Daly 2 miesięcy temu
3:48 the camera 😂
Sarah Mills
Sarah Mills 2 miesięcy temu
Jennifer Loyola
Jennifer Loyola 2 miesięcy temu
Your sopot to fucking sand it bich
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 2 miesięcy temu
Ballsh*t 👏😂 nice one
bianca atmodjo
bianca atmodjo 2 miesięcy temu
corinne exposing rob for 8 minutes straight
Serenity McLane
Serenity McLane 2 miesięcy temu
Do diy halloween drinks
Appro blade
Appro blade 3 miesięcy temu
Wrong polish
Olivia R
Olivia R 3 miesięcy temu
Watch Laurdiy‘s one 😂
yuki nekomura
yuki nekomura 3 miesięcy temu
"This ball is making me sweat I have ball sweat" Me: non stop lmao 😂😂
Helen Ann
Helen Ann 3 miesięcy temu
Corinne’s cheekbones give me LIFEEE
Quacky Doodle
Quacky Doodle 3 miesięcy temu
Did anyone notice that the camera on the table moved everytime she hit the ball? Lmao
Diya Majumdar
Diya Majumdar 3 miesięcy temu
Did anyone noticed the Haunted or moving camera^_^
idk man
idk man 3 miesięcy temu
i made one of these on one of the lunch tables at my school by shaping it into a ball and rubbing it on the table and i did better
Unrealisticallysarcasticavacado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
The camera fucking moving on the table
Dancing Starlight
Dancing Starlight 3 miesięcy temu
Dear me u watched this u may watch again (btw not a hate comment)😜
Dancing Starlight
Dancing Starlight 3 miesięcy temu
Idk why I did it his
wolfy aviles games
wolfy aviles games 3 miesięcy temu
This is irrelevant ,but I've never seen some one dislike a comment so can i get a thumbs down and a dislike
Amber Clark
Amber Clark 3 miesięcy temu
3:39 THAT CAMERA slowly moving forward it wants to be a shiny ball
LPS Starmy
LPS Starmy 3 miesięcy temu
0:30 demon eys
Emma Nott
Emma Nott 3 miesięcy temu
Why didn't she just finish the fucking challenge? Omg
Leslie Gillman
Leslie Gillman 4 miesięcy temu
"feed me, feed me more Seymore'.
Shannon Hansen
Shannon Hansen 4 miesięcy temu
Galaxy sugar cookies please
Lexi Rose
Lexi Rose 4 miesięcy temu
Little shop of horrors is my fav movie
trashh •
trashh • 4 miesięcy temu
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios 4 miesięcy temu
Bella Sophia
Bella Sophia 4 miesięcy temu
Paige Thompson
Paige Thompson 4 miesięcy temu
TrollBall Sports
TrollBall Sports 4 miesięcy temu
Rob is a liar
Meagan Cole
Meagan Cole 4 miesięcy temu
Shale Rodrigues
Shale Rodrigues 4 miesięcy temu
Im a lil confused .. but whats a pin?
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson 4 miesięcy temu
A project found on a site called Pinterest
Loser Lemur
Loser Lemur 4 miesięcy temu
She is doing it completely wrong, your supposed to hammer a tiny piece then keep sanding
Some Blonde Hufflepuff
Some Blonde Hufflepuff 4 miesięcy temu
If anyone sees this as its 4 months later, and you do it again, use the polish rob id on the sander. My dad does that when he is polishing metal....... i know i am late but stilll....
Simi chocolate
Simi chocolate 4 miesięcy temu
1:54 Anybody noticed the camera slowly moving closer?
Nickole Waller
Nickole Waller 4 miesięcy temu
Man vs Corinne vs pin: Cereal shot glasses
Ieva Krage
Ieva Krage 4 miesięcy temu
it wanst soposto be polished whit nail polish
Homelikekey 52
Homelikekey 52 4 miesięcy temu
Lol The Camera Slowwwwwwly Creeping Towards Her.
Sierra 4 miesięcy temu
Your only supposed to hammer until it’s in the shape of sphere. Then you sand and metal polish it
MasterNoob 4 miesięcy temu
Corinne is like a piece of Rob's brain that is missing and it's a large piece
MasterNoob 4 miesięcy temu
do dirt ball there's alot kinds of balls these days
Doctor Raccoon
Doctor Raccoon 4 miesięcy temu
Why was he wearing sunglasses in door?
Sir McSkelobone
Sir McSkelobone 5 miesięcy temu
Corrine has contracted Poundma
A Pretty. Odd. Girl
A Pretty. Odd. Girl 5 miesięcy temu
6:09 the real question is why is rob wearing sunglasses and a hat inside at night
Carmen's Gacha Life
Carmen's Gacha Life 5 miesięcy temu
What's the point of polishing it if there's no holo??
ScorpionDaddy 5 miesięcy temu
re-do this shit
Cat Rolon
Cat Rolon 5 miesięcy temu
DO STRETCHY ICE CREAM !! I'm tired of saying this so please just do it
•Peppermint• 5 miesięcy temu
Hi corrine i havent watched the vid yet, good luck! P.s make sure rob doesnt kill himself doing something like he always almost does
SisterTimeForever 5 miesięcy temu
Do the dirt ball like buzzfeed did its amazing
Allycia Foster
Allycia Foster 5 miesięcy temu
Can you Make a rain drop cake
Happy Cookie
Happy Cookie 5 miesięcy temu
Well you now know that when you speed this up it it sound like a wood pecker
Anjelica Verlin
Anjelica Verlin 5 miesięcy temu
REDO this and watch buzz feeds video like if you agree
teresa guajardo
teresa guajardo 5 miesięcy temu
isn't tis tecnicly a revers
Kalise Latta
Kalise Latta 5 miesięcy temu
little shop, little shop of horror~ DUN DUN DUN DUN omg bringing back my 6 year old memories.. *FEED ME SEMORE*
Maggie Maggot
Maggie Maggot 5 miesięcy temu
*"this ball is making me sweat"* *"I have ball sweat"* ...well That took a turn
Chloe yang
Chloe yang 5 miesięcy temu
Why did she think that watching robs video would be the best tutorial 😂
Yuri Fan
Yuri Fan 5 miesięcy temu
You need to use water base sand paper also you need to use metal polish not nail polish.
Trinity Aulabaugh
Trinity Aulabaugh 5 miesięcy temu
Rob scares me ,I think he’ll kill his self
KIMINKINK ' 5 miesięcy temu
I'm sure it's never a good idea to watch rob's video for a guide.
Midnightrose36 Art
Midnightrose36 Art 5 miesięcy temu
David forrister
David forrister 5 miesięcy temu
Uh yes this show was shit like my sub conscience was trying to argue with me about. Should have listened to my sub conscience. what a waste of time with no real humor and no real results this lady was quite boring and probably not very entertaining to anyone else except her and her ego after she watched her own video
RainbowStriker_600 5 miesięcy temu
Make le fucken stretchy ice cream
a b
a b 5 miesięcy temu
Yall need to have kids
Maya 5 miesięcy temu
Why she yelling
AV Fernandez
AV Fernandez 5 miesięcy temu
I’m watching this again and I think Corrine is the blonde of this video “ polish “ ? No not NAIL polish
Amanda Harker
Amanda Harker 5 miesięcy temu
:0 how could you waste such an amazing top coat/glossy taco on a foil ball?!
Crystal Chagala
Crystal Chagala 5 miesięcy temu
Build your own outdoor cabana lounge
Richard Tellez
Richard Tellez 6 miesięcy temu
Amen on the glasses struggle.
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