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For a 5 person acapella group, Pentatonix has such a full sound to themselves. Without everyone being in check, things may go wrong.
So here's a small compilation to show how each member plays a HUGE role in this group more than we can ever realize.

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Can't Sleep Love (Aviade Remix)
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27 lip 2017




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PTX Updates
PTX Updates Rok temu
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T. Stewart
T. Stewart Rok temu
Yadira Suarez
Yadira Suarez Rok temu
everything about each member,i mean them voices and maybe story of them lives
JediMaster Eth
PTX Updates all I want to see is avi back
Emma Murray
Emma Murray Rok temu
PTX Updates iiiii
Pugneedsviews Loganpauler
Raise the in-ear you guys
Ashley Grace
Ashley Grace Miesiąc temu
My first song from them was "Cant sleep love" ❤❤❤
Broken Basket
Broken Basket Miesiąc temu
For me it was Daft Punk
Dog lover
Dog lover 3 miesięcy temu
Kirstin gets a lot of hate when she stands up for herself, she deal with being slut-shamed, and she doesn't let random fops bring her down. She's a role model for everyone
Juan Cruz Guglieri
Juan Cruz Guglieri 3 miesięcy temu
Name of the song? 0:36
Maurice Harris
Maurice Harris 3 miesięcy temu
It's all about Family. You are all a great example of how we should treat each other. With support and love with respect dignity. You make great role models for our youth. Thank you for that.
Jackattack 6565
Jackattack 6565 3 miesięcy temu
That part where Kevin breaks down I absolutely cracked
I Love Tododeku
I Love Tododeku 3 miesięcy temu
I never thought they would meet?!?!?!
Fiorella Gomel
Fiorella Gomel 3 miesięcy temu
1:43 is the best thing i´ve ever seen
Thomas Ducking Jeffersin
Thomas Ducking Jeffersin 3 miesięcy temu
All parts are important, whether you're bass, tenor, soprano or alto, everyone supports each other. An example would be something like planks leaning against each other. If one plank is uneven, the entire structure would fall apart. It's only when all of them are supporting each other correctly, it would stay balanced, and you feel sense of relief when they don't collapse. Like they said, it was difficult to perform because Kirstine wasn't in her best state. If one of these planks are damaged, it needs to be fixed or it'll snap and things will be much more worse than before. I could probably write an entire essay from this but I kinda dont want to lmao. But yeah, that's my poorly explained way of putting it
Delia Just Sings. and more
I love when you switch parts it was so funny
Adrina Santangelo
Adrina Santangelo 3 miesięcy temu
I think they are equally important, but a few are more crucial to the group. For example when Avi left, they replaced him with Matt. I’m not here to argue who is better because Matt and Avi are different but the point is Avi was replaceable. I also feel like the trio (Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie) are replaceable. Because there are soooooo many singers in the world and a lot of them are really good. So if any of them had to leave, the group would still survive. Their arrangements and music would be different but they would still be good. But I feel like Kevin is 100% irreplaceable because of how unique his talent is. There are select few in the world who can beatbox and there is nobody who can beatbox as good as Kevin can. So I feel like if Kevin ever leaves, the group is doomed.
The Challenger
The Challenger 3 miesięcy temu
Smooth ending on the end bro 👍🤛👌
slippery games
slippery games 3 miesięcy temu
I was chewing on some crunchy food on 1:35 and my chewing went along the the snapping😅😆
Cornelia Lauterbach
Cornelia Lauterbach 3 miesięcy temu
Hey, der Vorfilm war toll! Vaganstart. Liebe alle Tiere. Ok, dann mal ran und keine Mücke wird mehr erschlagen und keine Laus getötet und Flöhe können ruhig in den Häusern leben und dann noch die tollen Bakterien. Alle sollen sie leben hoch. Blöd bloß das die Menschen am Anfang ihrer "Karriere" am Ostafrikanischen Grabenbruch soviel Fallwild gegessen haben, das sie auch davon ihr Riesenhirn entwickeln konnten, nun können die Vegis ihre tollen Filme machen mit ihren Riesengehirnen. Ich finde Reklame einfach schau, da wird die Welt auf eineZweidimensionalität zusammengestaucht mit einer eindimensionalen Story. Einfach Klasse. Ich gebe mein großes Hirn wieder ab.
Anderson Crews
Anderson Crews 4 miesięcy temu
So much for that
Easton Tao
Easton Tao 4 miesięcy temu
If we're missing a person, we're missing Pentatonix." Avi: ... Time for me to go!
SibuyasMalunggay 4 miesięcy temu
Kevin's laugh sounds like mickey mouse HAHAHAHAHHA
Savage_Inside 4 miesięcy temu
go miranda! 😂
Patrick Jane, consultant
Patrick Jane, consultant 5 miesięcy temu
Well bye bye avi
Leticia M
Leticia M 5 miesięcy temu
*Esse vídeo está muito engraçado em "I need your love"* 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍
djoo boop
djoo boop 5 miesięcy temu
Lol when whe already know
Sarah Ontiveros
Sarah Ontiveros 5 miesięcy temu
When the mics cut out and the fans kept on singing was so beautiful that it gave me actual chills
PTX Updates
PTX Updates 5 miesięcy temu
AWH!! that was actually the show that I was atttt!!! it gave me chills when I was in the audience
andrew_ becker6
andrew_ becker6 5 miesięcy temu
jarrod matthews
jarrod matthews 5 miesięcy temu
kevin at 2:38 omg he loses it :P
Geomikoh Maghari
Geomikoh Maghari 6 miesięcy temu
Them switching roles,I was laughing the whole time
Chris 6 miesięcy temu
what's the song on the first clip?
ynot 123122
ynot 123122 6 miesięcy temu
What music is it called your intro
Nathalia Syafira
Nathalia Syafira 6 miesięcy temu
what's the title of the song at 6:50?
Meh TheTableGoat
Meh TheTableGoat 7 miesięcy temu
When ever their mics go out out of no where I die a little inside cause I LOVE THEM AND I HATE IT WHEN THE MIC RUINS IT!
Lyrical Miracle
Lyrical Miracle 7 miesięcy temu
Isaiah Covington
Isaiah Covington 7 miesięcy temu
what was the song on the intro
Duncan Ellett
Duncan Ellett 7 miesięcy temu
This is more like a compilation than showing the individual importance of each member
PTX Updates
PTX Updates 7 miesięcy temu
that's the actual intent of this video. a compilation video show different occurrences where they needed a group member and how important each person is. I also mentioned that in the description!!
Kaitlin Athanasakis
Kaitlin Athanasakis 7 miesięcy temu
This didn't really show the importance of each individual member well.
Ilovetospeedpaint 7 miesięcy temu
Mitch: Very important Scott: Also important Kevin: Pretty important christin: Uber important Avi: I CRI EVERYTIM
Andréa Artesanato
Andréa Artesanato 7 miesięcy temu
I love kevins laugh
Pj Latu
Pj Latu 8 miesięcy temu
Intro song pls
PTX Updates
PTX Updates 8 miesięcy temu
can't sleep love (aviade remix). the link and info for the song is in the description box
Mina 8 miesięcy temu
Where can I find 6:39 ?
Sans Gaster
Sans Gaster 8 miesięcy temu
1:55 they still sound perfect
shit fuck
shit fuck 8 miesięcy temu
5:32 damn scott that popped my speakers
Lps willow tree Panda
Lps willow tree Panda 8 miesięcy temu
I subbed and turned on notifications
Thō Hō
Thō Hō 8 miesięcy temu
they definitely should kick kristin and add miranda, shes waaay better!
Soumya Kujur
Soumya Kujur 8 miesięcy temu
Raise the in-ear you guys.
Patrik Josefsson
Patrik Josefsson 9 miesięcy temu
Oh how I miss Avi...
Hyunjins dimple
Hyunjins dimple 9 miesięcy temu
I miss avi :((
bean 9 miesięcy temu
miranda and kristie honestly 😂
Úśęrñåmę Mãłfúñçtįøñ
Those dislikes are the people that are mad about avi leaving
Paulo Pleb
Paulo Pleb 9 miesięcy temu
What song is that on the intro?
Babadook? More like BabaSHOOk
And then Avi leaves and is replaced white a guy almost as good as him.
y tho
y tho 10 miesięcy temu
Raise the in-ear you guys
Adventures With Sarah Jessup
purplekawaii85 10 miesięcy temu
1:40 - 1:43 XD
Tato Chan
Tato Chan 10 miesięcy temu
"If we're missing a person, we're missing pentatonix" Why ;^;
AudreyHJ DIY
AudreyHJ DIY 10 miesięcy temu
Gosh, i miss Avi already
AudreyHJ DIY
AudreyHJ DIY 10 miesięcy temu
Oh my gosh! Is Kristin sick!?!😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢
Natalie Peterson
Natalie Peterson 10 miesięcy temu
AudreyHJ DIY no. That was when they were on this singing show years ago
Mondimations 10 miesięcy temu
avi :(
Krystenna Womack
Krystenna Womack 10 miesięcy temu
I miss Avi.....
Vocaloid Media
Vocaloid Media 10 miesięcy temu
The new guy?
No Name
No Name 10 miesięcy temu
2:35 his laugh is amazing lmao (what are the names of all the members?)
Zataya Jenkins
Zataya Jenkins 10 miesięcy temu
R.I.P Jonghyun SHINee Black guy- Kevin- beatboxing tenor Tall blonde- Scott - baritone Low voice- Avi - bass Girl- Kirstin - mezzo soprano High voice male - Mitch - counter tenor
Emily Kalunga
Emily Kalunga 10 miesięcy temu
R.I.P Jonghyun SHINee the one with the laugh that can cure the world of all illness is Kevin
Pearl Remedios
Pearl Remedios 10 miesięcy temu
♥ !!
blacklittleprincess 11 miesięcy temu
Kevin looking like jesus at 3:30
Darren Barnes
Darren Barnes 11 miesięcy temu
omg omg
omg omg 11 miesięcy temu
5:30 What? Why? ;-;
Livvy 11 miesięcy temu
Sometimes they just seem like really talented really young kids😂😋❤️
Beau H
Beau H 11 miesięcy temu
Iris West-Allen
Iris West-Allen 11 miesięcy temu
Can anyone tell me what the song was at the intro and the song they were singing?
T. Stewart
T. Stewart Rok temu
my son loves it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mush
Matteus bioh
Matteus bioh Rok temu
Sjhyunblue Rok temu
Whats that song you were singing im the beggining
NeonBrownPear Rok temu
None of them are important
NeonBrownPear 10 miesięcy temu
ur granny tranny
Kirstin Boots
Kirstin Boots 10 miesięcy temu
You're not important.
NeonBrownPear Rok temu
Ava IsNotHere
Ava IsNotHere Rok temu
2:38/2:39 THE SAAAAAME
hillels kai games
Pentatonix really shows the value of teamwork
Jameson Rok temu
Avi's leaving how do they function without the very low voice? It's pretty much as important as everything else
Galaxykitten :p
1:19-1:38 PURE CRINGE ( not in a bad way in a nostalgic way)
Kiiara Rok temu
Avi 😭
guess they never miss hUh
Miranda and you tho..
Ellie The Fujoshi
Kevin's laugh gives me life. XD
Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01
1:24 Where was she?
Zataya Jenkins
Zataya Jenkins 10 miesięcy temu
Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01 she had a doctor's appointment
Lex_DIY Rok temu
Where can I find the video at 3:35
Xavier Fernandes
Guys u r awesome I just want that the cheerleader song must be just go on and on.... I love u all guys.
delaney m.
delaney m. Rok temu
Captain Gigglez
Damn that guy in the back on the right looks awful.. I mean it's okay if you want to loose weight but christ man
NifePlays O
NifePlays O Rok temu
"Beatbox thing"? Come on, have some respect it's hard to that sometimes you need to think about what your saying
Tyler Furrison Tech
Raise the in-ear you guys
ᴍᴀxx —
ᴍᴀxx — Rok temu
This video was put on PLvid on my sister's birthday
Ashleigh Lorentz
I think Mitch killed the beat boxing!
f i s h
f i s h Rok temu
Raise the in-ear you guys
What is LIFE
What is LIFE Rok temu
3:11 they look like their in a school auditorium
Keima Kun
Keima Kun Rok temu
i miss avi...
Elijah Alvarez
If the girl was gone couldn't Mitch replace her. I mean they are basically the same person
Zataya Jenkins
Zataya Jenkins 10 miesięcy temu
Elijah Alvarez no he can only even sing higher because of whistle notes he can hit B7 and she hits B flat 7 but that doesnt really mean anything and u need at least 5 so u can harmonize Scott can't harmonize with himself
I love how Mitch started jumping at 1:30 XD he is just to adorable to handle
Why do people think Kevin and Avi aren’t important because they play just as big a part as Mitch Scott and Kirstie
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Rok temu
Kevin's laugh has cured my depression
PinkieDashPlaylists XD
1:30 ok i know the importance of Kristin Edit: Nvm its Kirstin/Kirstie
infecti0us Rok temu
kevins laugh its awesome
Claire Zhao
Claire Zhao Rok temu
Poor Kristin..
Bissan HD
Bissan HD Rok temu
they replaced Avi 😭😭😭
cheri Endli
cheri Endli 10 miesięcy temu
Bissan HD I don't think it's easy for them too but they definitely need a bass
Sophia Luo
Sophia Luo Rok temu
I miss Avi ;-;
VR_No_ Rok temu
Maranda should be in the band. It would add some how should I say this? Pop? Idk XD I love yall anyway
Regunation Gaming
I miss Avi 😭
Petty Girlfriend
Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
3 dni temu