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Pentatonix Reaction | Say Something (Official Video)

Rob Reactor
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Pentatonix Reaction | Say Something (Official Video)
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4 maj 2016

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Komentarze 269
Chuck Brogan
Chuck Brogan 17 dni temu
Beautiful reaction! Love your videos!
Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson Miesiąc temu
It's okay we will cry together😂😢
rainwaterbym Miesiąc temu
“She looks so sad!” AWW BABYY
Chuck Brogan
Chuck Brogan 2 miesięcy temu
I love your reactions. I've just started watching tonight and it's so funny that I cry at the same times.
Ronaldo Campher
Ronaldo Campher 2 miesięcy temu
Rob please react to incomplete from backstreet boys
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica 3 miesięcy temu
I subbed the moment you first said Aww... ❤️❤️❤️
Ruth Anne Garcia
Ruth Anne Garcia 6 miesięcy temu
Amazing. I really love your reactions.
George Isaak
George Isaak 7 miesięcy temu
That was simply magnificent ! They were all great , I loved it ! That was as if I was in the church !
benito ganal
benito ganal 7 miesięcy temu
This reminds me of my...Dead grandpa .😖😩😭.But i know he is in a better place now...I feel him hugging me i just wish he could still be alive tho💀😇
Vickie Hitch
Vickie Hitch 8 miesięcy temu
what a beautiful song.
nowvoyagerNE 8 miesięcy temu
i appreciate it when you shed a're a sensitive guy...what's not to love here? :-)
Realmasterorder 9 miesięcy temu
They are amazing very nice reaction video
Charlotte Rhubottom
Charlotte Rhubottom 9 miesięcy temu
You seem to be such a kind man. I’m so happy I found your channel. I was always afraid that beautiful, sad music affected me too deeply. It’s nice to know there are others out there. I’m not alone.
Naida Biller
Naida Biller 10 miesięcy temu
You sir give me such pleasure watching your reactions to beautiful music.
Man Pes
Man Pes 10 miesięcy temu
Tell me why I was like omg “say something “ ehhh heard it a million times, but this was my first time listening to this version!! Omg totally different!!! My reaction was practically the same !
jasmine hammel
jasmine hammel 10 miesięcy temu
ash 19
ash 19 11 miesięcy temu
Loved your reaction it was so genuine.. you seems like a beautiful person❤ Love from India
Paul Prichard
Paul Prichard 11 miesięcy temu
So good Rob
Sheresa Lindsey
You Are So Beautiful. Your Reaction Was Heartfelt. God Bless You, Rob.
Linda Baldwin
Linda Baldwin Rok temu
Are you rich?
Austin Rok temu
You are amazing. You made my day ❤❤❤
Jimmie Stankovic
Would be cool if you did a reaction to “ Aaron Encinas - I can’t make you love me / falling”, Aaron is so underrated and I think you’ll agree with me! This cover ^ blew my mind, Aaron and the lady in it just killed it
I Q Rok temu
Just a suggestion for a wonderful video, Rob -- Uncle Jed RENDITION of P!nk's "Just Give Me A Reason"
Melrose Onyechi
PTX is my fav accapella band
MaggieWongg Rok temu
your tear ducts had no chance lol
Ifane Saro
Ifane Saro Rok temu
Aaaawwwww he's crying 😢
Connor Burnett
scott looks like keifer Sutherland in the lost boys...who agrees
Bárbara López
So glad to had found this channel after seeing your reaction to Kelly Clarkson piece by piece, I kept on viewing! Amazing... You have a new subscriptor!
Shea Taylor
Shea Taylor Rok temu
Shea Taylor
Shea Taylor Rok temu
The video to the actual song will have you bawling like a baby
Delpierro X
Delpierro X Rok temu
Beautiful reaction😿
traog Rok temu
I've probably listened to their cover of Say Something a couple hundred time,s it still doesn't fail to make me react, sometimes just goosebumps other times a few tears. It's the sound a of a heart breaking.
I just want to hug Avi and say it will be okay....I want to cry too!!......
Taylarr Angel
Taylarr Angel Rok temu
Kevin has an amazing voice
Mary Mullane
Mary Mullane Rok temu
This was the first PTX music video I saw in early 2014, & I've been a huge fan since!
RoyalOutcast Rok temu
You should make a reaction to some of lana del Rey's music
this still not better than the original it got no sadness or feeling in original is more silent and raw less music more emotional raspy voice
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Please react to give me love cover by demi
Andsty Rok temu
your reaction is just so cute! 😍
Bo Daggit
Bo Daggit Rok temu
This was he first video I watched of yours. I cried. Last night my husband had said he was done with me. This song brought me to tears. We talked and he said we will talk and he will try. We have been married 16 years. Have kids. 25,20,17,14,13,10. We have to try. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 I really get moved by music too.
Bo Daggit
Bo Daggit Rok temu
Imagine by Pentatonix originally by John Lennon. Please watch this one, it just came out.😮😬😮😬😮😬😮😬👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Mk Epically
Mk Epically Rok temu
every time I listen to this it reminds me of my dogs that passed away few years ag😢😖😔😪
Tara Moore
Tara Moore Rok temu
Rob remind of cam from modern family he even sounds like him
Sebastian Romero
Why i'm crying, i don't know, the song its so beautyful god
Femtastico Rok temu
Brice Voyles
Brice Voyles Rok temu
Anyone else have goosebumps?
Aqila Ali
Aqila Ali 2 lat temu
He's reactions are so genuine, ty xx
Patrike Sk
Patrike Sk 2 lat temu
ThesePistolsOnly 2 lat temu
I respect you. Rob Reactor
Mackenzie Heidenreich
It's ok we all cry to pentatonix
Anna Kot
Anna Kot 2 lat temu
The sweetest comment at the end of the video :)
Kiwi of the Bird
Kiwi of the Bird 2 lat temu
Never thought I'd cry again to this song, but his reaction triggered the flows again :')
batista bear
batista bear 2 lat temu
Jamie Myrick-Duckett Cubing his reaction plus PTXs amazingness. I hate crying. but I would let the world see me cry while I watch this 100000 times over
John Lau
John Lau 2 lat temu
Months and months later, I had to listen again. Goosebumps. Again.
Meine Bunte Welt
Meine Bunte Welt 2 lat temu
ein mann der die Musik spürt .... Ich mag Männer die ihre Gefühle zeigen wenn sie Musik hören😙
camila hernandez j
new subcriber☺
Kimberly T
Kimberly T 2 lat temu
Brian Justin Crum Creep full cover
Stacy H.
Stacy H. 2 lat temu
You react like I do. You are just adorable. :-) So open and free. Keep being you sweetie.
HeyThatsSara a
HeyThatsSara a 2 lat temu
нeѕ ѕoo cυтe
4 2
4 2 2 lat temu
you should react to fifth harmony who are you
Leo 2 lat temu
Your reactions to Avi and Kevin was my same reaction hearing them sing for the first time
jordyn maldonado
jordyn maldonado 2 lat temu
the most pure channel on youtube
Sie Atmen
Sie Atmen 2 lat temu
my favorite part is when Avi sings
Sie Atmen
Sie Atmen 2 lat temu
i love this song
Lisa Lowery
Lisa Lowery 2 lat temu
Aww, sweetie! I know just how you feel when hearing Avi sing in his upper register! It definitely brings on the tears it's so beautiful! Please do a reaction to their newest video "Hallelujah"!
Vanessa Robledo
Vanessa Robledo 2 lat temu
Rob!!! Amo tu canal, saludos desde Colombia!!!!
odd adult land
odd adult land 2 lat temu
you are the cutest man I've ever seen wow you're reactions to when Avi and Kevin sang really just made me want to scream. you always make me cry Rob cuz your reactions are so simple and pure aw!
Dorothy Carson
Dorothy Carson 2 lat temu
Hey rob
pinoeshair 2 lat temu
this man is so pure
Lewis Antell
Lewis Antell 2 lat temu
I never knew Avis voice went that high lol
Jerica Holman
Jerica Holman 2 lat temu
Watch his a Capella audition video. The scales are amazing.
Jerica Holman
Jerica Holman 2 lat temu
it goes much higher
Juanita Williams
Juanita Williams 2 lat temu
I know right! Sometimes I spend the majority of the video watching his facial expressions, such an honest and beautiful appreciation for music.
Kacey Wood
Kacey Wood 2 lat temu
the authenticity of your reactions is the best part
Egypt Davine
Egypt Davine 2 lat temu
React to Brian J Crum- Creep
Fish Lady
Fish Lady 2 lat temu
L♥ve you!!!!!!!!!
JøshDunWithLife 2 lat temu
Awwww Rob don't cry but it is a really great cover isn't it?
JøshDunWithLife 2 lat temu
I didn't know Avi could sing like that woahhh!!!! I thought he was just the deep base
RoseOfTheNight4444 Miesiąc temu
Such an angelic voice, right?!
CleverFawn 2 lat temu
This is no official video wtf
Kassandra Ragsdale
I just love your reactions! I just searched, and could not find reactions to any of the Pentatonix Christmas music. I would love to see that if you ever have the time! you clearly love music and I have similar reactions, so I know you would love their holiday stuff too!
Flufferx 2 lat temu
One of my faves. Thanks so much for the reaction :))
jack cutts
jack cutts 2 lat temu
Your reaction was absolutely amazing, I don't know why you don't have more views... Your reactions are genuine and not forced, only person deserving of a reaction channel!
ash 19
ash 19 11 miesięcy temu
Der DieterHD
Der DieterHD 2 lat temu
jack cutts so true I share your opinion 100%
Omegalul 2 lat temu
jack cutts I agree, but there is another amazing reaction channel called UltimaAlmighty.
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman 2 lat temu
great video sir, beautiful song, awesome reaction!
syd elizabeth
syd elizabeth 2 lat temu
Please react to Phil is not on Fire 7! :)
임주혁 2 lat temu
Thank you for you're wonderful reaction :)
Black Out
Black Out 2 lat temu
u look cool
jessica king
jessica king 2 lat temu
I needed tissues the first time I saw that video...
sophia magness
sophia magness 2 lat temu
jessica king same...😢
SolarTraX 2 lat temu
Just one word can describe this... WOW. What a heartfelt reaction Rob, thank you for sharing with us...
lawrence norris
lawrence norris 2 lat temu
new subscriber
Rob Reactor
Rob Reactor 2 lat temu
Awesome! Thanks!
Matthew !
Matthew ! 2 lat temu
Thank you rob for reaction to this video May Jesus be with u
Rosey678 2 lat temu
I really appreciate this reaction. I really loved it!
Ionut Balan Cristian
react to Pentatonix - Mary, Did You Know :)
Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson 2 lat temu
Hopefully Avi doesnt pull a Zayn.
Moesha Dunn
Moesha Dunn 10 miesięcy temu
He did 😕
Anthony Sedillo
.... well, I I’m here to tell you, past Joseph Peterson, that he does. So buckle up hunty.
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman 2 lat temu
Don't you dare!
trashyee livvyee
trashyee livvyee 2 lat temu
Don't hurt me like this pls
ira. 2 lat temu
gotta zayn :')
Jade McKenna
Jade McKenna 2 lat temu
OMG! I don't cry often but seeing you tear up made me tear up! Thanks for this beautiful reaction.
Ariel Scherry
Ariel Scherry 2 lat temu
Can I just say that your reaction to my top favorite group is amazing! Thank you!
Emily Anzivino
Emily Anzivino 2 lat temu
this song gives me chills
KIEL Tuli 2 lat temu
harold bernardino
pls react to 4th power currently known as 4th impact audition here is the link its awesome bro with 55million views.
garnet19 garcia
garnet19 garcia 2 lat temu
try to react darren espanto chandellier
Izzy Vulaki
Izzy Vulaki 2 lat temu
Awesome reaction man...👍
Jackie 2 lat temu
I love how everyone has the same reaction when Kevin sings: "aaw" isn't his voice just the loveliest?
Rayna Martinez
Rayna Martinez 2 lat temu
That was probably my same reaction to their songs... I was like: WHERE ARE THE TISSUES!
S. Lawrence
S. Lawrence 2 lat temu
I want this played at my funeral like oh my god it's so somber but beautiful all at the same time
T. Jackson
T. Jackson 8 miesięcy temu
S. Lawrence well it will be ironic. Seeing as it's too late to say anything at that point.
Shelsy 2 lat temu
+Ava Smith Your comment made me laugh way too hard!😂😂😅
Captain ChickenMcNugget
You would come back alive
Petty Girlfriend
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