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PENTATONIX - Music Evolution

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I own none of the music. Every song is owned by Pentatonix . This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.
Hope you enjoyed that video ;)




29 cze 2017

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Komentarze 1 124
Minha Vida Comum RJ
Minha Vida Comum RJ 5 godzin temu
Brasil aqui! 🇧🇷
Livia Mariah
Livia Mariah 6 godzin temu
I Love Hallelujah
niezellzyrah zambrano
niezellzyrah zambrano 7 godzin temu
Goosebumps 😳😳😳 Two thumbs up
all in one ben
all in one ben 8 godzin temu
2:1 my favourite song
Yoloman Mecha
Yoloman Mecha 12 godzin temu
I like the guy who has a high pinch hairstyle in 2014-2015
Son Naruto
Son Naruto 19 godzin temu
Kirstin is sexy and so talented 😍
Donna Rowe
Donna Rowe Dzień temu
Normally, I pay the most attention to Avi when I watch Pentatonix, but Mitch's voice is so pure and lovely. I'm falling in love with the sweet child (in a motherly way; I'm old enough to be his grandma).
Jezreel Ric Lacia
That guy in the middle @0:27 thought they
Oleg Kljuchnikov
Oleg Kljuchnikov 3 dni temu
*Hi! Look here: ***
Ao Naga
Ao Naga 4 dni temu
Its not the evolution Pentatonix but technology😂
Inne De Lafaille
Inne De Lafaille 5 dni temu
Where is Mary did you now
Sydney Theo
Sydney Theo 6 dni temu
Love this guys so much😚😚😚😶😚😶😚☺
Daii Nahir
Daii Nahir 7 dni temu
6:42 💖
Super Mojo
Super Mojo 8 dni temu
Time flies sooo fast!!
Victor Lesage
Victor Lesage 9 dni temu
Daft punk isn’t the name of a song but the name of the band... the real name is get lucky
Megan Esp
Megan Esp 12 dni temu
Pentatonix is so good unlike me!
RONALDO RHUSSO 13 dni temu
1,2k jealous...
Sean Kelly De Torres
Mitch's beard are the one that evolve
Evan Weiss
Evan Weiss 17 dni temu
Been a fan since they first were on the sing off
PA BT 21 dzień temu
Tatyana Syrenova
Tatyana Syrenova 23 dni temu
Kaffeejunkie 24 dni temu
The young lady is so sweet and beautyful
Martyna J
Martyna J 28 dni temu
And 6:49 of course
Martyna J
Martyna J 28 dni temu
6:21 and this was one of da best in the world
Martyna J
Martyna J 28 dni temu
3:50 one of the best scenes😍❤
rachel mcnight
rachel mcnight 29 dni temu
Watching this and remembering that i knew them for 7 years now wow They are actually my reason in learning English I love them so muchhhhhh
Cayden Mot
Cayden Mot Miesiąc temu
Cayden Mot
Cayden Mot Miesiąc temu
Cayden Mot
Cayden Mot Miesiąc temu
So 2017+
Cayden Mot
Cayden Mot Miesiąc temu
Cayden Mot
Cayden Mot Miesiąc temu
Papu Jeffer
Papu Jeffer Miesiąc temu
Pentatonix vs spiralmouth
Oracle cykŁus
Oracle cykŁus Miesiąc temu
I like the part where they sing.
hannah Jones
hannah Jones Miesiąc temu
Anyone else realize that 2016 was all Christmas?
Just Me
Just Me Miesiąc temu
I miss Avi
John Catalino
John Catalino Miesiąc temu
If you are a hater you are dead am i understud
gabriella patterson
gabriella patterson Miesiąc temu
남나장호 Miesiąc temu
현실판 피치퍼펙트 ㅋ
Margo Kim
Margo Kim Miesiąc temu
Afiqah Yahya
Afiqah Yahya Miesiąc temu
bohemian rhapsody is my fav
Afiqah Yahya
Afiqah Yahya Miesiąc temu
and papaoutai
Karina Miesiąc temu
Não conhecia e achei incrível!!! Parabéns ao grupo!!!
Татьяна Ворожко
Почему я раньше не знала о вас? Вы восхитительны!
Colin Grantz
Colin Grantz Miesiąc temu
2013 was the year they started looking really weird
Phitou L
Phitou L Miesiąc temu
6:10 I play piano
Первов Miesiąc temu
Different TV
Different TV Miesiąc temu
6:16 - 6:39😍😍😍😍
Dusty Newman
Dusty Newman Miesiąc temu
For the full "ear candy" effect, use headphones.
Бэд Слайм
Бэд Слайм Miesiąc temu
The old group is much better than this new one. The old group is just a bomb. But who is also considered to be👍
Бэд Слайм
Бэд Слайм Miesiąc temu
Старая группа намного лучше чем сейчас старая группа просто бомба а новая такое, кто так считает то ставь👍
Annabel Nguyen
Annabel Nguyen Miesiąc temu
kedyer 03
kedyer 03 Miesiąc temu
I love Sing💞
Nádia Ribeiro
Nádia Ribeiro Miesiąc temu
Lindo! !!!! São meus favoritos!😁😁👏👏👏👏👏
Geminium Ralte
Geminium Ralte Miesiąc temu
i cringe so bad at the GANGNAM STYLE
김성훈 Miesiąc temu
강남스타일 ㅋㅋㅋ
i teach music
i teach music Miesiąc temu
Gangnam style was the cringiest one so far
Gabriela Cezar
Gabriela Cezar Miesiąc temu
who missed the time that Avi was still on Pentatonix
Lilly O
Lilly O Miesiąc temu
Literally been a fan since 2013 and every since I’ve dedicated my life to them. I love them. I’ve been to 6 concerts too and I LOVE THEM. They are bomb and killing it’s always 🅱️💞
Juanxii Official
Juanxii Official Miesiąc temu
Que Emocion :´)
Marco Meni
Marco Meni Miesiąc temu
*2018 ? 2019 ?*
Numerator TM
Numerator TM Miesiąc temu
I never knew that harry potter was a member if pentatonix
Ayati Bhatnagar
Ayati Bhatnagar Miesiąc temu
Gangam Style 😂😂😂
Justin McCleary
Justin McCleary Miesiąc temu
I used to hate petatonix cause my therapist used to play it all the time but now that I’ve actually watched them they are really talented the vocals on them are angelic
adriel _
adriel _ Miesiąc temu
2k18 where is pentatonix ??? :)
Rosane Umbelino
Rosane Umbelino Miesiąc temu
Lindo demais! Descobri esse grupo há 2 meses e estou apaixonada! Mostrei para meus alunos de 4 anos que se apaixonaram pela música Haleluia!!!!!!! Parabéns Pentatonix, o grupo agora ganhou mais 25 fãs!!!!
Faith First
Faith First Miesiąc temu
Watching this made me go through every single one of Pentatonix's music videos AND HELP IT'S 3 AM I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THEM THEY'RE ADDICTING
PortaDraun Miesiąc temu
I really miss you Avi
Study With Me Mary
Study With Me Mary Miesiąc temu
Evolution of Mitch
Under Mask
Under Mask Miesiąc temu
They are amazing
Zana Music
Zana Music Miesiąc temu
Rody Rody
Rody Rody Miesiąc temu
Without Avi is not the've been together from the begging ..i don t understand this change.....
Hlybhen Miesiąc temu
The evolution of Kristin’s hair ( she looks good in anything )
SYeNellEs LifE
SYeNellEs LifE Miesiąc temu
I just love that they dont really do autotune they use their real voices thats what makes them so great!
Steven Mangum
Steven Mangum Miesiąc temu
super natural talent! thanks for blessing us with your raw talent
favourite soccer
favourite soccer Miesiąc temu
sofia hernandez
sofia hernandez Miesiąc temu
who knows what 2019 has for ptx
Nani? !
Nani? ! Miesiąc temu
Where the fuck is mary did you know kurwa!!!!!!!!?
karolina Izdebska
karolina Izdebska 2 miesięcy temu
Ale fajne bum cyka bam bam bam
BALAMUTrus 2 miesięcy temu
Негр-губошлёп исполняет всю музыку или ещё кто-то?
SophiaDaSofa Woman
SophiaDaSofa Woman 2 miesięcy temu
Might have to update this, bud!
KaRen LizaRdo
KaRen LizaRdo 2 miesięcy temu
you forgot 2018
Masha Vlogs
Masha Vlogs 2 miesięcy temu
кто руский
Junior Puppy
Junior Puppy 2 miesięcy temu
Rip PTXAvi
Fransisca Panggabean
Fransisca Panggabean 2 miesięcy temu
That voiceeeee... How come you guys can sing this awesome??? Waiting for other songs....
Ducky Life
Ducky Life 2 miesięcy temu
This just proves that she dyes her hair a lot
IkaramTheCyborg 2 miesięcy temu
First of all, Daft punk and evolution of music, but no Beyonce or Michael Jackson!? SECOND OF ALL, Sing and Can’t sleep love, BUT NO LOVE AGAIN!!!??? You gotta remake this!
The Odd Ones 01
The Odd Ones 01 2 miesięcy temu
Mitch’s high notes give me chills and avi’s low notes👏🏻, man imma mis avi
acw102574 2 miesięcy temu
Bostyn-Rych M.Porter
Bostyn-Rych M.Porter 2 miesięcy temu
One thing I dislike about groups is that they break up in the end... I hope these guys all stay together, forever!!
Bostyn-Rych M.Porter
Bostyn-Rych M.Porter 2 miesięcy temu
How can anyone, NOT like these guys an lil lady??? They are simply amazing!! My 12 year old introduced me to this group, and I love them!
travel machine
travel machine 2 miesięcy temu
Guys lets not forget they won a grammy!!
Yang Lovitos
Yang Lovitos 2 miesięcy temu
I was PTX fan since I was 2nd year high school ❤️❤️
Brynn Chapman
Brynn Chapman 2 miesięcy temu
where is little drummer boy? not to be mean but that was the song that got them into the christmas business.
Joel Isaias Arteaga Giler
Joel Isaias Arteaga Giler 2 miesięcy temu
¿were is the song I NEED YOUR LOVE
McKenzie Rezendes
McKenzie Rezendes 2 miesięcy temu
This way really bad you forgot most of there songs and you suck because they have more good songs that you forgot
Brass Jake
Brass Jake 2 miesięcy temu
Props to these guys for their sweet covers. Props to whoever does the makeup, too (especially Kirstin's).
Amy Vann
Amy Vann 2 miesięcy temu
Wow your band is beautiful
Althea and Audrey bff Banguis
Why you forgot white winter but its ok
Laiza Lluisma
Laiza Lluisma 2 miesięcy temu
From natural voice to autotune
hola hola
hola hola 2 miesięcy temu
the daft punk remix still kills it tbh
George Styka
George Styka 2 miesięcy temu
I love your singing
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