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Introducing Matt Sallee - the newest member of Pentatonix! Watch as Matt shares his story of how he fell in love with a cappella music, the first time he saw PTX perform live, and much more!
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6 mar 2018

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Komentarze 230
JoHoney 7 dni temu
Awww Matt is so cute inside and out
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
How do these beautiful people find an even more beautiful person it’s like a magnet, Matt is an amazing addition to the group I love him so much he so chill I just wanna hang out, I love how he was a fan and now he’s in the group ICONIC!! 😍👏🏾😂
sure ok
sure ok 18 dni temu
His high school teacher ( TC O’brien) who helped him start his love for a cappella was the director for our all-county this year! she’s full of energy and a joy to work with. can’t wait to see him in may!
Yasinta Mayestika
Yasinta Mayestika 27 dni temu
Matt is such a sweet :)
Don’t go Bacon my heart
He went to my school and my high school I'm going to! (I didn't go to school with him tho bt my chorus teacher knows him)
Taylor Chevelle
Taylor Chevelle 28 dni temu
I like Avi better the band looks better with him AAAAAAAVVVVVVVIIIIII I MISS HIM EH YOU ARE A LITTLE BIT GOOD
GachaQuake Miesiąc temu
Matt is slowly becoming my favorite. Not just because he danced with my teacher in one of the concerts. But that helps
RILLA MAN Miesiąc temu
I had to see what Matt is all about. Very talented young man. I love the heck out of this group. It’s nice to know that he’s a Christian as well.
Keira Turner
Keira Turner 2 miesięcy temu
listen to their new song, “Making Christmas” is that low voice him?🙏🏼😌
Playmate Surprise Toys
Playmate Surprise Toys 2 miesięcy temu
compition in virgina?! my fav place and i live there!
Ellie Goldberg
Ellie Goldberg 3 miesięcy temu
Wow. I performed on the stage behind him like two weeks ago. Small world
will obrien
will obrien 3 miesięcy temu
He kinda looks like labyrinth too
Flick flock
Flick flock 4 miesięcy temu
Edmund Jacob Del Rosario
Edmund Jacob Del Rosario 5 miesięcy temu
It’s Kylian mbappé. It looks just like him 😂
Mrs. Fahrenheit
Mrs. Fahrenheit 5 miesięcy temu
No one can ever replace Avi :,( But this guys still really cool. I can always appreciate basses.
bellatamara 5 miesięcy temu
6:27 that laugh makes me laugh
niyorugira jackson
niyorugira jackson 6 miesięcy temu
I think he has a great bass than Avi,
Ally Bandy
Ally Bandy 6 miesięcy temu
So happy Matt fills the space so well. Gives a whole new set of abilities and direction for PTX. : )
Novi Jauwalatta
Novi Jauwalatta 6 miesięcy temu
You look like Noah from the youtube channel Nej d'lux
syed firdaus
syed firdaus 6 miesięcy temu
Is he the new bass singer? Is Kevin also the bass singer for Pentatonix too?
Jess_ALDC Miesiąc temu
Matt is the new bass. Kevin is the beatboxer
Hunter Stewart
Hunter Stewart 6 miesięcy temu
I do miss Avi but this new guy is really great
Charles Farno
Charles Farno 7 miesięcy temu
Shawn Matthews
Shawn Matthews 7 miesięcy temu
Oh he sings gospel
Ciara Fowlkes
Ciara Fowlkes 7 miesięcy temu
oooooh I like him!!!!! Baltimore ravens fan oooh shit!!!!! Welcome dear fellow Baltimore fan😘😘❤❤❤😘
Alphatrion 001
Alphatrion 001 7 miesięcy temu
I just can't listen to this group without Avi, it just doesn't sound right any more.
Dianne Adair
Dianne Adair 7 miesięcy temu
Well its about time we got You fantastic!
Kim Jonghyun
Kim Jonghyun 7 miesięcy temu
ok matt is great but i'll never like him as much as i like avi :(
Home Planet
Home Planet 7 miesięcy temu
Matt has a naturally higher voice than Avi, but he can still sing just as low :)
Darlena Dickson
Darlena Dickson 7 miesięcy temu
Gary Burns
Gary Burns 7 miesięcy temu
Congratulations, Matt! Looking forward to hearing new music with you on board.
Ako Si Malunggay
Ako Si Malunggay 7 miesięcy temu
Anyone watching in April 2018? :3
Me Duh
Me Duh 7 miesięcy temu
Kevin is hot
Unusual Person_me
Unusual Person_me 7 miesięcy temu
I'm shook because he was singing one of the most popular church songs
alyssa bruce
alyssa bruce 8 miesięcy temu
He was singing one my fave songs in this vid.. automatically love him !!
Kristen Koch
Kristen Koch 8 miesięcy temu
The fact that he was already such a big fan and saw them live just makes it so much better!
ebok98 8 miesięcy temu
Awe, he is adorable. He looks like a great fit for your group. Love and miss Avi but happy to welcome Matt!
Norman Scott
Norman Scott 8 miesięcy temu
Welcome Matt...
ana peñarete
ana peñarete 8 miesięcy temu
I love this guy
Music 4eva
Music 4eva 8 miesięcy temu
WELCOME!! 😄 we're happy for you. I didn't know you were a new member until now, I'm late... Sorry!
Jimmy Burgos
Jimmy Burgos 8 miesięcy temu
He is soooooooo cool.
Dakota G Music
Dakota G Music 8 miesięcy temu
"I went acapella for my life" *proceeds to play a clip with him singing with a piano*
Nola Girl
Nola Girl 8 miesięcy temu
“Life is a highway” is definitely one of my top fives too! What a great new member! So excited to see more of him
Chloe Keene
Chloe Keene 8 miesięcy temu
I don't usually say this about celebrities because I think it's kinda weird when people do, but here I am saying it... I think Matt and I could work. He's my type of guy ;)
Shaun Duquette
Shaun Duquette 8 miesięcy temu
i'm real concerned his bass isn't strong enough.
Gabrielle Johnson
Gabrielle Johnson 8 miesięcy temu
ohh he's a Christian?? cool😆
Dean Mark Cirilo
Dean Mark Cirilo 3 dni temu
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 3 dni temu
Dean Mark Cirilo they aren’t the same at all
Dean Mark Cirilo
Dean Mark Cirilo 12 dni temu
+broken heart did i? i searched ya know and its True i didnt get mad or irritated ya know
broken heart
broken heart 12 dni temu
+Dean Mark Cirilo i never disrespected your comment but you misunderstood me have a nice day 😊
Dean Mark Cirilo
Dean Mark Cirilo 12 dni temu
+broken heart Ok,like ma comment cause i liked urs
Bailee S
Bailee S 8 miesięcy temu
I live like 15 minutes away from Elon University! that would be cool to have a future PTX member so close to me!
Yang Andrew
Yang Andrew 8 miesięcy temu
Welcome, Matt!
Emma Tastesen
Emma Tastesen 8 miesięcy temu
People! STOP. COMPARING. MATT. WITH. AVI!! Matt is NOT avi and he will never be like him. You can’t expect him to come in and sound exactly like avi and it will all go back to normal. Pentatonix WILL have a new sound because they have a NEW member. It breaks my heart that people hate on Matt because he’s not as good a bass as avi. Again, you can’t expect him to fill Avi’s shoes, that would be a near impossible task and I’m pretty sure Matt knows this already. Just imagine how nerve racking it must be for him. For god’s sake just give him a break! Matt is an amazing singer who can deliver a solid bass line, so really what’s the problem? AND the rest of band loves him and they picked him for reason - please just respect that. Why can’t you just appreciate Matt for who HE is and enjoy the wonderful music pentatonix continues to give us? Sorry this was a way too long post, but it’s really been bothering me for a while!
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
Sky Porter That’s what makes him unique, HE’S HIS OWN PERSON his low and high notes are incredible
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
Moormores, you really don’t get it 🤦🏽‍♀️
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
ZackPlays Roblox Yes that was fine for that moment but Avi would want us to move on and except Matt not bash him and say he “isn’t good enough” just sayin 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!! Honestly it hurt me when Avi left but when I saw how amazing, wonderful, and talented Matt was I immediately fell in love, he’s his own person and he brings so much to the group I’ve never seen or heard a Bass that can do high and low notes!!! He’s incredibly talented, it’s ridiculous how many people hate on him because he’s “new” or “not filling Avi’s shoes” please if you were really a Pentaholic you would welcome him with open arms and give him a hug and a chance
ZackPlays Roblox
ZackPlays Roblox 20 dni temu
Noel Rocha
Noel Rocha 8 miesięcy temu
Omg singing “Lord you are good “ in the background Love it!!!! 😻
I hate dust
I hate dust 8 miesięcy temu
his range is incredible
Mari Kawaii
Mari Kawaii 8 miesięcy temu
I miss Avi, but let's give Matt a chance
Photoshop 2 miesięcy temu
There's not evne one comment complaining about him, what are you talking about?
Internaut 8 miesięcy temu
Sorry to not give you the chance, but pentatonix was pentatonix because the chemistry with Avy. Sorry. Good work by the way. I think that pentatonix has to burry the name and create another new name
hunTEA 7 miesięcy temu
Internaut cool but no.
April Boros
April Boros 8 miesięcy temu
What part does he pay
Sparklemotion101 8 miesięcy temu
He is supposed to sing bass (the lowest parts)
Gary XHLC 8 miesięcy temu
TVTROPE: "Ascended fanboy"
The ProdiG13
The ProdiG13 8 miesięcy temu
He’s very very talented. Great stuff
Arthur Streeter
Arthur Streeter 8 miesięcy temu
Why are we back to 360p? What year is this?
Lalaine Garcia
Lalaine Garcia 8 miesięcy temu
Avi is better than matt because he can do lower voices
Lucky Kambale
Lucky Kambale 8 miesięcy temu
Yaas, welcome to the family, Matt
Laura N.
Laura N. 8 miesięcy temu
Welcome Matt!!!
Kre8or333 8 miesięcy temu
I feel like this was a PR decision. #Unimpressed
Sage Moonchild
Sage Moonchild 8 miesięcy temu
Baltimore ravens as his favorite team???? I love this dude already!!!!
D Heyes
D Heyes 8 miesięcy temu
I know that we all miss Avi and wish him the best in his new endeavor. Matt, you have big shoes to fit but you know what, you were actually born with those shoes and you wear them well.
Therone Dawson
Therone Dawson 5 dni temu
Well said
Jack82 3 miesięcy temu
What size shoe are they?
Kyle Eagle
Kyle Eagle 8 miesięcy temu
I appreciate Mitch’s honesty😂😂
Roger J
Roger J 8 miesięcy temu
PTX has changed so much since the beginning and not in a good way. Best of luck to them but that isn't the real PTX anymore.
Anastasia Bourassa
Anastasia Bourassa Miesiąc temu
You're right
DATo DATonian
DATo DATonian 8 miesięcy temu
Good choice. I like this guy already.
freakin cool
freakin cool 8 miesięcy temu
Proof that God can do wonders 😊
Rachel Frasure
Rachel Frasure 8 miesięcy temu
Matt looks like Kevin
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
I don’t disagree 😂 they could be brothers
Fe Bravo
Fe Bravo 7 miesięcy temu
thats racist its like saying scott looks like the lead singer of imagine drago..... oh wait he does look like him
Rachel Frasure
Rachel Frasure 8 miesięcy temu
sterries my 6 year old son made this comment. He is not supposed to be on here obviously. My apologies
sterries 8 miesięcy temu
HOW? They don't look similar in any way. What do you mean? SMH...wypipo...
miilktee 8 miesięcy temu
*I. LOVE. MATT. SALLEE.* *HE IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING AND TALENTED AS AVI. HE IS A PENTATONIX MEMBER, AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. get over it you childish fools, its 2018 - and its bringing along a new member so you'd better get used to it or leave.* ❤❤ 𝙬𝙚 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙩! ❤❤
why you sad?
why you sad? 17 dni temu
+XxAbsolLoverXx Wtf ?
XxAbsolLoverXx 26 dni temu
Please kill Matt
Jonathan Mayhew
Jonathan Mayhew 4 miesięcy temu
He is good, and ago will be missed. Excited to see where they go from here. I was scared of when avi left there would be no more PTX, SO GLAD THAT ISN'T THE CASE.
ecchi god
ecchi god 5 miesięcy temu
He is indeed talented ToT we just miss avi
angel cakes
angel cakes 7 miesięcy temu
Your profile pic matches your comment lol
rwest1833_MGTOW 8 miesięcy temu
Not Avi....not interested
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
hunTEA 7 miesięcy temu
You are not welcomed to the fandom :) leave pleasr
M Fost14
M Fost14 8 miesięcy temu
rwest1833_MGTOW Well looks like your not a pentaholic anymore🤷🏾‍♀️
Margie S
Margie S 8 miesięcy temu
I like Matt, but definitely miss Avi too. Along with his beautiful voice, Avi came off as a pretty down to earth type of guy.
rwest1833_MGTOW 8 miesięcy temu
miilktee you disappointed...awww.....does someone need a fucking hug because they didn't get enough from mommy? poor poor thing....
LitolPepe 8 miesięcy temu
s u c h O P
SeptemberAngel 8 miesięcy temu
So glad to learn about who the "new guy" is. Matt you have some big shoes to fill but so far so good!
shorty_cake _
shorty_cake _ 8 miesięcy temu
Matt has a RANGE
Swagger Do
Swagger Do 8 miesięcy temu
Is Christine a coal burner?
Susanne Roth Haick
Susanne Roth Haick 8 miesięcy temu
Win-win ;)
Brian McHaney
Brian McHaney 8 miesięcy temu
3:30 I just learned what a rider is in Intro to Music Business, and now I'm happy.
L J.
L J. 8 miesięcy temu
He had me at Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers. Love him! 🙌🏽😊
JoyMarie201 8 miesięcy temu
L J. Yasssssss i love him! Jonas brothers for life.
Kenneth K Cabuso
Kenneth K Cabuso 8 miesięcy temu
I play a little bit of drums *plays drums like a professional freestyle drummer*
Justin Pickard
Justin Pickard 8 miesięcy temu
This is off topic but, Kirstin looks SO different now!
RiRi Mars
RiRi Mars 13 dni temu
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed!!! It kinda looks like she got a boob job and lib injections, if you look at a old photo of he and then look at he know you can really tell, I’M NOT JUDGING HER I LOVE MY DISNEY PRINCESS!!!
Rob Hodge
Rob Hodge 8 miesięcy temu
Justin Pickard What happened tho??
Izzie 8 miesięcy temu
Ah I love Matt so much!! He’s literally a male version of me haha
Laurel Iloani
Laurel Iloani 8 miesięcy temu
But ain't bass at all.
I hate this.
I hate this. 7 miesięcy temu
Quincy TOLBERT That’s harsh bro. But a brotha ain’t gonna let a roast like that slide, so get yo big ole’ trash mouth talking ass outta here. 😂😂
Quincy TOLBERT 7 miesięcy temu
Thatdude101 this shit was a month ago.. 🤔🤔🤔.. so why the fuck u even bringing it up... The fuck out if here and go be "That Dude" on somewhere else. 😂😂😂
I hate this.
I hate this. 7 miesięcy temu
Y’all over here arguing about some dude in a band who I’m pretty sure you’re not even concerned about, and it’s not ur decision. Cmon guys. Man, everyone is such a stubborn keyboard warrior nowadays
M Fost14
M Fost14 8 miesięcy temu
Quincy TOLBERT I literally said “it’s your opinion say what you want” 🙄 Did you even read my comment before getting triggered?
Quincy TOLBERT 8 miesięcy temu
Plus this isn't my original comment like the fuck I'm not the only one who is mad he isn't a bass. Lol. #staywoke people
Pandagirl 101
Pandagirl 101 8 miesięcy temu
His voice is not even that low #missavi
Pranav Ajay Warrier
Pranav Ajay Warrier 5 miesięcy temu
Wait. He can it a G1. That is low as fuuuuck.
Moormores 7 miesięcy temu
What is so special about Avi?
Tannya Deleon
Tannya Deleon 8 miesięcy temu
Pandagirl101 Panda doesn’t mean you have to publicly hate on him! Matt is doing the best he can and believe it or not he will get better his voice is just beginning to evolve and will get deeper Avi’s voice got deeper as he got older. And if you don’t like Matt then that’s fine but don’t do it here. Just remember if it wasn’t for Matt, there probably wouldn’t be anymore pentatonix...
Pandagirl 101
Pandagirl 101 8 miesięcy temu
+miilktee True but when avi talked it was lower. I will get used to Matt tho
miilktee 8 miesięcy temu
damn you dont have to be so childish. grow up already, we all miss avi but now he's on his own! he has a new group and his music is wonderful. in fact its even better because we get to hear that soothing voice we all know avi has as a solo, not a bass! matt is great and nice as well. *avi's voice isnt **_that_** low when speaking either. i hope you get used to him being around soon and just get over avi leaving. he was great, but now we have someone equally awesome.*
a n i m e o u s
a n i m e o u s 8 miesięcy temu
All the more reason to love Matt Sallee :)
miilktee 8 miesięcy temu
Margoil 8 miesięcy temu
Actually, every member of Pentatonix is living their dream! This is just part of (The Evolution of Pentatonix) sit back and enjoy!
Bernetta Morton
Bernetta Morton 9 miesięcy temu
So great to be introduced to Matt. Now I feel like his personality is out here for us. We have some background info and this is important for us. Matt is blending into PTX nicely and I wish you all continued success. We love your music!
Lua Bleah
Lua Bleah 9 miesięcy temu
Welcome, Matt! God has given you so much! Thank you for contributing to PTX!
MJKFanatic 5 miesięcy temu
Disagreeing with you about something and pointing out that disagreement does not amount to being offensive. Telling someone to "just leave us alone" after they just expressed sympathy for you and your family over the heartache you went through dealing with childhood cancer is offensive. You are confusing a questioning of your beliefs with an attack on you personally - I don't know anything about you other than the fact that you are one happy momma of a child that, due to the skill and dedication of a team of doctors, is now in good health. Thank the doctors that cured the disease, not the god who caused it.
ebok98 5 miesięcy temu
MJKFanatic don’t feel sorry for me. I’m one happy momma. My child is well now. And we are happy. We choose who we want to worship. It isn’t forced. My life is better because of it. Why can’t you just live in peace with my existence without having to lash out against my beliefs and be offensive? When you say something about my personal beliefs I will defend it. I’m not coming after you? I will defend my beliefs and my God. Just leave us alone.
evergreenpenguin 6 miesięcy temu
MJKFanatic Indoctrination.
MJKFanatic 6 miesięcy temu
I am very sorry that you had to go through the experience of having a child with cancer - NO parent should have to endure such pain. I must admit that I am extremely sad that you cannot see the irony of praising and worshiping a god who, according to your own mythology, is omnipotent, omniscient, and has a divine plan for every single human life, and therefore responsible for your child's unnecessary agony in dealing with cancer. A person being honest with himself or herself would be forced to admit that this "loving and benevolent" god went out of his way to ensure that your child having cancer was a part of his divine plan. If this god existed, his actions with regards to your child and countless other suffering people around the world would deem him unworthy of any recognition or praise, and indeed worthy of condemnation and revulsion.
ebok98 6 miesięcy temu
MJKFanatic my own child HAD CANCER! And I and he believe 100% in the one and only true God and have trusted in his one and only son Jesus and have his Holy Spirit within us. This isn’t imaginary. The reason we have sickness and death in this world is as a result of sin. It goes back to the beginning. Read the story and you will find out how this is truth. I pray that you will not discredit something you don’t know anything about. I don’t know you but it is not my place to judge you or your beliefs but I am held accountable to share with you this good news. Blessings my friend. I hope you will consider checking it out.
jessica perrone
jessica perrone 9 miesięcy temu
Congratulations to Matt Sallee for actually playing a part of the group. Looking foreword of hearing him rap in a Pentatonix song. Avi is always remembered, and missed by all of the fans out there. He is very talented.
Teacher Inspiration Station
Little did Matt know he would actually be a part of the group. Excellent!
Olong Ruziana
Olong Ruziana 9 miesięcy temu
i can't wait for matt to performe rap in ptx song
Jess_ALDC Miesiąc temu
He's the new bass tho
Rima Wibowo
Rima Wibowo 9 miesięcy temu
His speaking voice is not as low as Avi :") but it's okay, i still love him being in Pentatonix 😆😆😇😇
Jess_ALDC Miesiąc temu
It doesn't have to be. What was the point of mentioning that? Stop comparing
PeRfEcT- SuIcIde
PeRfEcT- SuIcIde 4 miesięcy temu
Davide Palazzi Yeah, I think he's a bass-baritone with a very impressive low extention (down to C2 or B1 I think, his Bb1 in "Stay" doesn't sound chest) . But all his notes below E2 aren't powerful and sound very airy , so he's probably a bass baritone.
Novi Jauwalatta
Novi Jauwalatta 6 miesięcy temu
Me too
Davide Palazzi
Davide Palazzi 7 miesięcy temu
Rima Wibowo He’s a Bass baritone while avi is more of a bass
Home Planet
Home Planet 7 miesięcy temu
He has a higher speaking voice but he can still sing just as low which is great :)
wesley moraes
wesley moraes 9 miesięcy temu
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington 9 miesięcy temu
Chamex X
Chamex X Dzień temu
Grow up
M Fost14
M Fost14 8 miesięcy temu
Every PTX fan
miilktee 8 miesięcy temu
Bonbon Castro
Bonbon Castro 9 miesięcy temu
Justchillin'inthisuniverse *
He's so cute
Gyaradocyclitis 9 miesięcy temu
100th like!
Jensen Zadra
Jensen Zadra 9 miesięcy temu
Is it just me, or does Kevin sound like Olaf from Frozen
kerrylee boucaud
kerrylee boucaud 4 miesięcy temu
ecchi god
ecchi god 5 miesięcy temu
Jensen Zadra holyshit i just realized that now
Johanna Marie
Johanna Marie 9 miesięcy temu
the second he said "Burnin Up" I knew I was in love
Carôle Ceres
Carôle Ceres 9 miesięcy temu
I had to search for this... I can’t yet find the ‘official’ post by PTX Official! Weird. Thank you.
Carôle Ceres
Carôle Ceres 9 miesięcy temu
TithiR 9 miesięcy temu
Carôle Ceres me too
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