Pentatonix Can't be serious at all times(Try not to laugh)

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24 sty 2017

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My Neighbors
My Neighbors 2 dni temu
I’m a piece of garbage send help
0:51 what was Kirsten singing?
DominusSpxrk 3 dni temu
imagine you scared them as they sing
Kate Tjuhtina
Kate Tjuhtina 3 dni temu
1:49 can't stop watching this
Sophie Leigh Sings
November 2018?
Ralu Ioana
Ralu Ioana 4 dni temu
Amelie Mary May Gifford
I'm smiling like an idiot
MISHKA MOUSE 6 dni temu
I need a full version of 2:12
Marissa-LLAMA Stewart-LLAMA
There just like me and my friends, when we sing we can't keep our composer most of the time😜😂
Derpy Chihuahua187
Derpy Chihuahua187 12 dni temu
Kirstie is confused on what Kevin is doing
Derpy Chihuahua187
Derpy Chihuahua187 12 dni temu
Kirstin and Kevin are laughing so hard but I love her laugh
Oh Boi Lin
Oh Boi Lin 13 dni temu
Where is 5:00 from?? Please helpp
Gabs. Mrs.Thang.LatinaQueen
November 2018 anyone??
Gabs. Mrs.Thang.LatinaQueen
LMAO Who is watching After Avi left anyone
Rayyan San
Rayyan San 15 dni temu
No i know why avi left they just hard to seriuous
Maulidia Aulia
Maulidia Aulia 16 dni temu
5:00 what's video?
3:37 I laugh a lot
31 Michael Jackson
Crystal Vance Loquellano
Ohh the old Scott and Mitch 😱😱 I forgot they looked like that
Crystal Vance Loquellano
I miss Avi in Pentatonix
Hi my name's Catrina
1:49 got me... I was not expecting that
Thomas kilts
Thomas kilts 22 dni temu
1:50 💀
CheshireMar 22 dni temu
Kevin’s laugh is so contagious 😂
Blueboy 15
Blueboy 15 22 dni temu
Kevin’s laugh is the greatest thing ever
Camila Denisse Romero
1:51 Fav moment 😂
bangtantalize 24 dni temu
uh huh ok ok uh huh ok uh huh ok ok ok uh huh ok uh huh ok ok uh huh yeah
Julian Potter Music
Domis Life
Domis Life 29 dni temu
3:01 Poor Kirstie :D
*Beautiful Mess*
*Beautiful Mess* Miesiąc temu
Crystle Presson
Crystle Presson Miesiąc temu
It's hard to not laugh with them, God-fucking-dammit.
The Kidd Channel
The Kidd Channel Miesiąc temu
Did you have to add Michael Jackson Seriously I almost Broke my foot dancing
Yamini Matthews
Yamini Matthews Miesiąc temu
If you laugh you have to restart the video
Kelly Chapman
Kelly Chapman Miesiąc temu
1:49 is me every day
Ultimate Llama2004
Ultimate Llama2004 Miesiąc temu
3:27 wow,sm,w,s
Subby Altamirano
Subby Altamirano Miesiąc temu
Anyone else think the first time they laughed it sounded like Shane Dawson’s laugh 😂
Buggy Buggina
Buggy Buggina Miesiąc temu
Avi is is so serious tho
Anya Chaput
Anya Chaput Miesiąc temu
Kevin’s laugh is the best thing in the world😂😂😂😂
Peri Dot
Peri Dot Miesiąc temu
1:49 when ur mom makes u wanna scream but you can't. 😂😂😂😂
Tais Vv
Tais Vv Miesiąc temu
What was the name of the last song when they are doing some kind of choreography in 5:07?
Susan Sue
Susan Sue Miesiąc temu
I miss avi sooo much
v JJR v
v JJR v Miesiąc temu
Kevin’s laugh cleanses people
Kelsey JoneLLe
Kelsey JoneLLe Miesiąc temu
3:34 Shhhhurrrfffboardddddd 😂😂
Mara Fry
Mara Fry Miesiąc temu
They’re such dorks
Blu YT
Blu YT Miesiąc temu
I love this lol
ILuvAllThungsSU Miesiąc temu
MITCH WITH HIS HEAD!! OMG IT FITS HIM RIGHT???(I couldnt say hair bc hes bald)
Arianne Aranda
Arianne Aranda Miesiąc temu
Jam Paper
Jam Paper Miesiąc temu
Judith Veronica Aguirre Villarroel
I miss you aviii in the group, and think i meet in the year 2014 with avi and i miss you aviii❤❤ pentatonix the best group of voices❤❤❤😍😍
Yvette Maldonado
Yvette Maldonado Miesiąc temu
They have problems! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sanchema Bartley
Sanchema Bartley Miesiąc temu
Kevin took laughing to different level
nurse major
nurse major Miesiąc temu
Omg Kevin's laugh!!! 😂😂
ShannonNoel Hittie
ShannonNoel Hittie Miesiąc temu
Kevins laugh is the best❤❤❤
Yo Queen
Yo Queen Miesiąc temu
Omg, Kevin singing is ma lifeeeee
U Awkward Akari
U Awkward Akari 2 miesięcy temu
Me and my friends are just like pentatonix... We sing together and we are always laughing all day..
Gloria Draws
Gloria Draws 2 miesięcy temu
Kevin’s reactions were so pricelessss!
Rachel Chih
Rachel Chih 2 miesięcy temu
kevin’s laugh is the best thing i’ve ever heard
Lalita O.
Lalita O. 2 miesięcy temu
This makes me sooo happy XD
Aliyah Pega
Aliyah Pega 2 miesięcy temu
0:48 little girls sorry . That made my day hahhahahaha
Elise Thompson
Elise Thompson 2 miesięcy temu
I can only look at this and miss Avi😭😭😭
Sharetheworld 2 miesięcy temu
3:11 "Well I nailed it, pretty much".
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt 2 miesięcy temu
5:17 😍
Doodle Time
Doodle Time 2 miesięcy temu
When someone ate the last piece of cake 1:50
Bree W
Bree W 2 miesięcy temu
Kevin's laugh is everything😍😂
Carly Jones
Carly Jones 2 miesięcy temu
2:18 Killed me! They're all so cute and Kevs laugh is so precious
Michelle Garcia Martinez
Michelle Garcia Martinez 2 miesięcy temu
okay, but Kirstin at 2:51 is hilarious. She's just done with their shit
Iam Vikk
Iam Vikk 2 miesięcy temu
1:49 😂
racer 83
racer 83 2 miesięcy temu
3:33 surfboard
SibuyasMalunggay 2 miesięcy temu
This is the most non racist acapella grp ever I love em
Suga Cookies
Suga Cookies 2 miesięcy temu
“Alright, I’m done” *Laughs again*
SliCeouT 2 miesięcy temu
Kevins laugh is so contagious x'D
Restine Vergara
Restine Vergara 3 miesięcy temu
Thank you and God bless
racer 83
racer 83 3 miesięcy temu
racer 83
racer 83 3 miesięcy temu
2:22 LOL
[Firstname] [Lastname]
[Firstname] [Lastname] 3 miesięcy temu
I love these dorks
Kittenfight_ 326
Kittenfight_ 326 3 miesięcy temu
1:51 Kevin’s laugh was the best thing ever 😂
Missy Pooh
Missy Pooh 3 miesięcy temu
Tara Lally
Tara Lally 3 miesięcy temu
They're so freakin cute!! 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍💗💗💗
Cheyenne is the derp
Cheyenne is the derp 3 miesięcy temu
IDK if anyone heard Avi's laugh at 2:02 OMG that killed me he's like "HEHEHEHE"
Wolfs Chibi
Wolfs Chibi 3 miesięcy temu
Avi is the only serious one here lollll
Kezia Webber
Kezia Webber 3 miesięcy temu
Kevin's laugh is my favourite thinggg
lorean 3 miesięcy temu
Whenever my friends and I sing in "harmony", I always have this habit of smiling to the point I laugh.
i want to write you a song
I love Kevin omg
Good Philosophical Morning
1:49 is the best part in the video and you cannot convince me otherwise
Bi Ni
Bi Ni 3 miesięcy temu
1:49 😂😂😂
Josh Davey
Josh Davey 3 miesięcy temu
Kevin just high pitched squeaking makes me die xD
Icehyper123 3 miesięcy temu
La uh huh SURF BORED
Everleigh Fawzi
Everleigh Fawzi 3 miesięcy temu
4:25 *I got a.... BIG FLAP*
Miss Slappy
Miss Slappy 3 miesięcy temu
1:49 that reminds me of "I love you b I will never stop you b"
Lauren Shymanski
Lauren Shymanski 3 miesięcy temu
" dadadada THE SAAAAME!" I'm sitting here laughing so hard there's no noise coming out, I'm crying, and clapping like a seal!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Leighann L.
Leighann L. 3 miesięcy temu
1:50 was perfect.👌
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 3 miesięcy temu
Chelsea S
Chelsea S 3 miesięcy temu
Honestly me and my friends
Stella Rametsteiner
Stella Rametsteiner 3 miesięcy temu
At 2:47 everyone is laughing, only Kirstie is like: „I don‘t care,Lol“😂😂
Doreen 3 miesięcy temu
Never fails Kevin's laugh always cracks me up
shawn ringor
shawn ringor 3 miesięcy temu
The awkwardess "hello" ever 1:52
- إيفا -
- إيفا - 3 miesięcy temu
1:26 I love that sound that Kevin does so much XD
Cb& Bc
Cb& Bc 4 miesięcy temu
Don’t really like pentatonix
whhhaaattt? 4 miesięcy temu
Kevin's laugh I can't 😂😂
Ana Nicolae
Ana Nicolae 4 miesięcy temu
When a chewbbaca and t-rex met 1:49!!
sam k
sam k 4 miesięcy temu
Kevin's laugh has me dead
3 lat temu
4 lat temu