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Perfect - Pentatonix [Official Video] - My first Pentatonix reaction. What did I think? I am beginning to really love this group. Comment the video you want me to react to next. Consider subscribing if you like what you see!
Pentatonix information: Go get their stuff if you haven't.
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"Perfect" originally performed by Ed Sheeran. @ptxofficial @ptxofficial




30 kwi 2018

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janetranslates 3 miesięcy temu
This was your first PTX song, huh? How long did it take to admit to yourself that you're now a Pentaholic? Don't expect to recover anytime soon, BTW. (And we're so glad you joined us!)
Susan Sisson
Susan Sisson 5 miesięcy temu
This is Scott the Superman, at his very best! Nice reaction, and I certainly agree with you, Scott was superb, and everyone else will be, well, you know! Perfect.
Alexandra 5 miesięcy temu
Pentatonix has a great fanbase. We are glad for this reactions
TexasTigerDigs Tech Van Life and Metal Detecting
Kevin in his youth was a competitor in international cello contests...including Yo Yo Ma's (perhaps the greatest cellist of these times) where he came in 2nd doing his cello boxing. He has also performed at Carnegie Hall playing the cello and saxophone..
Mia Fourie
Mia Fourie 6 miesięcy temu
Please react to pentatonix cheer leader😁
Donald Parlett jr
Donald Parlett jr 6 miesięcy temu
Matt is the new guy that Avi chose.
DancingIn Daydreams
DancingIn Daydreams 7 miesięcy temu
Goodbye from lonely by superfruit??? One of my all time favorites! The whole future friends album is amazing
kikimo57 7 miesięcy temu
Scott has one of the most soulfull voices out there maybe that's the RnB feel or vibe you get. As a rule of thumb I think you should react to songs you already the original versions cause it allows a better appreciation of their originality and simply doing what few artists are doing in an era of auto-tune.
Dan Bunch
Dan Bunch 8 miesięcy temu
You guys should hear Kevin play saxophone as well.. you can find 1 vid on his website.
MJ Bartholomew
MJ Bartholomew 8 miesięcy temu
bright window behind you is a problem. blinds, curtains?
tgcheerbaby40 8 miesięcy temu
Love your reactions so far! Please react to rise by superfruit it features a few other singers in it as well. It's just stunning!
John Courtright
John Courtright 8 miesięcy temu
Great reaction! PTX is so talented! Scott and Kevin were really highlighted on this song! Matt is doing a great job at bass. And Mitch and Kirstin are always perfect. Kirstin (2:53 "She's pretty ... That's not fair"), is a little too perfect at times.
Dorothy Carson
Dorothy Carson 8 miesięcy temu
Scott my favorite always has been.
Dorothy Carson
Dorothy Carson 8 miesięcy temu
Love them
RLH CAT 8 miesięcy temu
Love your reaction! I saw another one where you mentioned that you were a performer, and that can make the reaction deeper because you understand what they are doing. New sub! I also saw that you have reacted to a few of the Sing-Off performances. Can't wait to see them!
Marla Hudgins
Marla Hudgins 8 miesięcy temu
Can you a reaction to KEVIN OLUSOLA (KO) doing SIGN OF THE TIMES
Vickie Hitch
Vickie Hitch 8 miesięcy temu
Jarod, if u get hooked on their music (and u just might), I heard in one of your reactions that u live close to where Kirsten, Scott and Mitch grew up. there r 3 concerts in Texas. one is in Dallas, not far from u I gather.
Vickie Hitch
Vickie Hitch 8 miesięcy temu
This song is so beautiful. They did it justice. have u listened to Havana yet? amazingly done too. Scotts voice sounds so sultry in that one.
Emma Hanson
Emma Hanson 8 miesięcy temu
Great reaction!!
an1231Ancy 8 miesięcy temu
please do old videos of pentatonix...u will be a pentaholic soon...thats what we call for ptx ur new subscriber....❤❤❤❤
Diana D
Diana D 8 miesięcy temu
Great reaction, love that you actually say what you actually think in terms of their harmonies, tone, how it makes you feel, etc. So many reactors forget that part in telling viewers what they actually think of the song and why rather than just say it was "great". Keep it up 😀
alankadair 8 miesięcy temu
I will tell you a secret. If you start PTX reactions, get ready for many comments. Pentaholics flock to reactors in droves. this was a great start and you seem to totally get into it. very nice job
Electric Heart
Electric Heart 5 miesięcy temu
I don't know what you're talking about. <.< >.> Lol
miqoto 8 miesięcy temu
Great reaction! Please do more!
Lurdes Ferreira
Lurdes Ferreira 8 miesięcy temu
I loved your reaction, i enjoyed it a lot, thanks
webigrator 8 miesięcy temu
If you're interested in Kevin and the cello check him out doing improv playing:
Theresa Marion
Theresa Marion 8 miesięcy temu
This would be the "PERFECT" wedding song......just saying. I am definitely a Pentaholic. New subscriber as of today. Could you please react to my favorite PTX song...."Run To You". It is an original with no beat boxing just pure vocal harmony.
Jean Caldwell
Jean Caldwell 8 miesięcy temu
Yeah-we’re Pentaholics, they’re really that addicting. There are so many great videos to watch; Bohemian Rhapsody, Hallelujah, you really can’t go wrong with any of the ones they’ve recorded. Some day when you want a taste of how this all began, watch the videos from the Sing Off season 3. You can watch just their performances, and keep watching until the end to hear the judges’ comments as well as any additional comments from PTX. They were good even back then, and that was in 2011.
Jean Caldwell
Jean Caldwell 8 miesięcy temu
Nice reaction to a beautiful video. The new bass is Matt Sallee (suh-LEE)
David Wilbur
David Wilbur 8 miesięcy temu
Their new bass is Matt (Sallee). Kevin has been doing solo looping covers (he calls them KOvers) that you would love since it showcases his cello, voice, beatboxing and keyboard work all by himself constructing a song. And as a Scott voice lover, I recommend his version of "All of me" and I also love his collabs ("Lost on you" maybe my favorite).
Rachael Romine
Rachael Romine 8 miesięcy temu
The new bass is Matt Sallee. Kevin's cello is named "Beyoncé" ... LOL! Since Scott is your favorite PTX member and you love his riffs & runs .... have you heard his solo cover of "I Should Tell Your Mama on You"?? [ ] ....... It will BLOW YOUR MIND! I'd love to see you react to more PTX, as well as some Superfruit (Scott and Mitch's PLvid channel with vlogs & music videos, as well as Kirstin Maldonado and Kevin Olusola's solo projects. Since you love the R&B stuff, I'd recommend "Can't Help Falling in Love" and "If I Ever Fall In Love" feat. Jason Derulo.
User:Horologium 8 miesięcy temu
+ subscribe. Without knowing what you have seen, it's a bit hard to make recommendations, but you should react to the other videos from their new EP--"Havana", "New Rules x Are You That Somebody", and (especially) "Attention". These videos are all with Matt Sallee, the new bass for the group. For the older stuff, I'm assuming that what you have seen is their covers. I'd suggest looking at their original songs--"Love Again", "Run To You", "Sing" and "Can't Sleep Love" are all very different from each other, and provide nice examples of the dimensions of the group. You can also seek out some of their live (one-take) performances of songs such as "Cracked" (there is a wonderful performance of this song from the Honda Stage at iHeart Radio) or "Light In the Hallway" (a showcase for now-departed bass Avi Kaplan). If you like Christmas music, all of their Christmas videos, without exception, are stellar, from "Carol of the Bells" (their first Christmas video) to "Deck the Halls" (their most recent, and Matt's first video with the group). Especially noteworthy tracks would be "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" (they won their second Grammy for the arrangement of this song) and "Mary, Did You Know", which is (IMHO) the most beautiful rendition of an often-covered song. It may not be the Christmas season, but PTX Christmas music is gold, regardless of when you hear it.
User:Horologium 8 miesięcy temu
All of their performances from "The Sing-Off" are available on PLvid. Most of them are available in HD, but the 480p recordings are better, because the guy who recorded them in 480p also included the introductions to the songs and the judge's reactions at the end, as well as the outro reactions from the groups. (You have to watch those videos all the way through, because the outro reactions are after the announcement of the commerical break.). If you're curious, you can check them out. A lot of PTX reactors have done a full set of reactions to all of their performances. (Two of the reactors I follow are currently working their way through the whole set, and I know of at least a dozen others who have done the same.) YMMV, but most people agree that the best reactions are 4, 5, 7, 10, and 12 ("Video Killed the Radio Star", "Love Lockdown", "Born To Be WIld", "Let's Get it On", and "Dog Days Are Over", but a lot of people also like 1 ("ET"), with Avi's amazing overtone singing, and 6 (Britney Spears medley), which is the first time they show off their knack for mashing up songs, rather than just transitioning from one song to another. And (FWIW), their 13th performance ("WIthout You", performed on the live finale, after the winner had been determined, but not announced) was their worst by a considerable margin. Scott had trouble finding the right key, and they couldn't hear each other, which is a disastrous combination, and they were seriously out of tune. Thank God it didn't happen earlier, or they might have been eliminated.
Jerod M
Jerod M 8 miesięcy temu
User:Horologium I saw Mary Did You Know. It's how I was introduced to the group. And I've seen them on awards shows. I think I saw one performance from the Sing Off a LONG time ago. I used to watch that show, but not so much their season.
Eric 8 miesięcy temu
If you want to know a little bit more about Pentatonix I suggest watching this video: They started on a TV show called the Sing-Off. The video also shows their first live performance as a group. And I completely agree with MrTuGa, Kevin's solo videos are awesome! Are you brand new to Pentatonix? If you are there are SO many great videos you could react to... I don't know where to begin
Jerod M
Jerod M 8 miesięcy temu
wow. quite a list. Subscribe and I will be sure to get some done soon! Also check out my reaction to KO Friends cover I just uploaded.
Eric 8 miesięcy temu
Here's some of my favourites (in order from most recent to their oldest videos), don't worry about getting to all of them: Dancing on my own Imagine O come, all ye faithful Gold Cheerleader Evolution of Michael Jackson Mary, did you know? Problem Daft Punk Can't hold us As long as you love me/Wide awake
Jerod M
Jerod M 8 miesięcy temu
Eric not brand new, but I haven't listened to nowhere near all of their stuff I gather. Let me know which you want and I will do what I can.
MrTuGa 8 miesięcy temu
nice react can u react to kevin olusola- friends?
Jerod M
Jerod M 8 miesięcy temu
MrTuGa Thanks for the request. I will post soon.
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