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Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks (Official Video)

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Directed by WeWereMonkeys
Music video by Of Monsters and Men performing Little Talks. (C) 2012 SKRIMSL ehf Laekjaras 1, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




2 lut 2012




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Komentarze 74 665
SHENG LONG 8 godzin temu
What game is that??
ADN Garcia
ADN Garcia 9 godzin temu
OMG I was 8 when I heard this song I'm 12 now and still in love with this song
Martin Skywalker
Martin Skywalker 10 godzin temu
Its year 2095, im using the deep web to find this song. PLvid has been banned and tik tok has taken over. Help.
Dawid Kokoszka
Dawid Kokoszka 15 godzin temu
A Smash Brother
A Smash Brother 19 godzin temu
#65 Song of 2013. Classic tunes.
Legolas Odinson
Legolas Odinson 22 godzin temu
It’s almost 2019 and..
Elísabet Alexía Jónsdóttir
I'm Icelandic and I have never listened to the lyrics or thought about what they are saying but now I have.. the only thing I can say is WOW
Choose Happiness
Choose Happiness Dzień temu
35 B.C. anyone?
Eduardo Ovando
Eduardo Ovando Dzień temu
Alguien que venga por el robot ese atarantado aún despues de 3 años :")
optimistichorizon Dzień temu
*2019 ANYONE?* just getting a head start
Tatyana Wong
Tatyana Wong 2 dni temu
I love this song
Reading Raven
Reading Raven 2 dni temu
Honestly, I think this song is more about PTSD than depression. That's just me, though. I mean, the lyrics could work for both I suppose.
dood poop
dood poop Dzień temu
sounds like a song about the 'imminence' of life.
Aiyana Yeshurun
Aiyana Yeshurun 2 dni temu
Anthony José
Anthony José 2 dni temu
December 2018 anyone??
Tobias Langenberg
If this does not make you happy that I don't know what would ...
dood poop
dood poop Dzień temu
happy?... sounds like a message of imminence to me. :^ l ... sh!t is grim, my boy. great woke-ness about it.
Verónica Orozco
Verónica Orozco 2 dni temu
Anyone listening in 3019????
Verónica Orozco
Verónica Orozco Dzień temu
+Melvin Clemente Soto I know, it´s just a joke since everyone comments the same things about listening to the song in 2018
Melvin Clemente Soto
2018 -.-
UniversalMSP1234 MSP
I did karaoke of this in a school thing I'm more known in my school I love this song way too much and my best friend Kingston people ship us lmao I'll ask him out
Härpôôñ Qûèëń
Minerva garay
Minerva garay 3 dni temu
Like si ablas español Like si te gusto la música
nina; 3 dni temu
i first listened to that song when i was 7, i think so, and it showed up i my explore page today. i'm so greatful to that song bc it was my first contact with a band besides arctic monkeys. what a good song wth a beautiful video
Nayeli Sartorius
Nayeli Sartorius 3 dni temu
Adriana Lombardi
Adriana Lombardi 3 dni temu
I just can't believe it's been 6 years since this piece of art was released ❤️ It's December 2018 and I still love it so so much! I hope you have a great December and I wanna recommend you another amazing song for your playlist: Alex Bayly - Love ain't cheap Love from Italy
Sterling Wilkins
Sterling Wilkins 11 godzin temu
I just love that the song is so timeless were here 6 years after still showing love
David Coelho
David Coelho 18 godzin temu
I was just thinking that... 6 years since I first heard this music... Damn, how the time flies.
huge gorilla
huge gorilla 3 dni temu
+Bonnie jerry definitely not
Bonnie jerry
Bonnie jerry 3 dni temu
I thought I was the only one listening 😂
Georgina Thomas
Georgina Thomas 3 dni temu
A nice, upbeat song! Good vibes.
luis parra
luis parra 4 dni temu
6 years ago omg
Francis DeBettencourt
youtube tortures my lips then breaks their video
Francis DeBettencourt
so this video is ruined. the video itself has been ruined by youtube. so much for making a point with it.
Francis DeBettencourt
at the end it looks like another monster above the monster. you may be angry cuz they threatened to stalk your girlfriend and cut your lips.
rob yam dam
rob yam dam 4 dni temu
Sounds upbeat but secretly depressing *Like my live*
Kaylum Johnson
Kaylum Johnson 4 dni temu
2k18 December anyone
Loki Finnigan
Loki Finnigan 4 dni temu
Who’s here from kill me dj
Jack 5 dni temu
2012 - 2014 were great years for music.
exceed in dreaming plus eating
Hell yeah 2019???
Maria Valdés
Maria Valdés 5 dni temu
Pufff hermoso
FNAF Adventures and more!
Is this the continuation of KING AND LIONHEART?!
J B 5 dni temu
Anyone 2018??
New Youtuber
New Youtuber 5 dni temu
For a long time i've been searching this songz and now i found it!!😵😅😍
scott lewson
scott lewson 6 dni temu
Lyrics: *D E P R E S S I O N* !HEY!
scott lewson
scott lewson 6 dni temu
I love the animations
emo? yes
emo? yes 6 dni temu
holy ffuc k i forgot abt this song
Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia 6 dni temu
I fell in love with this song ever since it was featured in MTV ❤
Maria Escobedo
Maria Escobedo 6 dni temu
My favorite song 2009-2018
Ultimately MochaMochiYUKIE
This song makes me picture a depressed couple. They both love each other but cover themselves in lies of other people. They think their partner doesn't realize anything, but they do. They think they are taking on all their suffering alone. 'Don't listen to a word I say' All they say to each other are lies they make up to prevent the other from finding out about their scars. But in the end, they confront each other about everything they know. They come to a conclusion: 'Though the truth may vary this, ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.' In other words 'Though the truth in what we say may vary from reality to fantasy, from pain to wealth. This life will carry our bodies safe to the end (heavens) together.' They both die together, hugging. As they strongly believe the promise they made... Their resolve (conclusion). Because they believe they can be happy in their next lives, together... forever.
Krissy Broas
Krissy Broas 6 dni temu
Listening in 2019 anyone ?
Lily the Pretty Kitty
its 2018 LMAO
Sr Nikito
Sr Nikito 6 dni temu
Sari Breeze
Sari Breeze 6 dni temu
Abandoned15 6 dni temu
Most op character
Andy Lopez
Andy Lopez 7 dni temu
can someone tell me what's going on in this video?
Lorna k.M
Lorna k.M 7 dni temu
It's our Classic
Brian L.
Brian L. 7 dni temu
Who else found this song when it was free on iTunes like 5 years ago!??
Ford Quaintance
Ford Quaintance 8 dni temu
CGI in the early 2000’s be like
Troy Baker
Troy Baker 7 dni temu
nibba it was 2012
ch1m 8 dni temu
I love this!! :))
Niamh Huggies
Niamh Huggies 8 dni temu
My teacher in my primary school played this song all the time. Then I moved country and now anytime I hear this song it makes me cry. I love this song
Dax Tax
Dax Tax 8 dni temu
Can't help but think Of Samurai Jack with this
LANKY DANKY 9 dni temu
A litte revisit
Ludovico Grassi
Ludovico Grassi 9 dni temu
The video confused me a lot, but...
Nakiganda 10 dni temu
Is that a Capricorn at 3:26. More reason this song gives me so much peace. What happened to music?
Shop Foster
Shop Foster 10 dni temu
2030 ?
Cornelius 210
Cornelius 210 10 dni temu
Anyone else think of the movie Mr.Bean's holidays?
Felicia Camacho
Felicia Camacho 10 dni temu
This reminds me of the video for Tonight Tonight.
CopyCat :3
CopyCat :3 10 dni temu
I can't get this song out of my head
storkstalker 10 dni temu
This video makes me so uncomfortable but the song is great :””))
thais oliver
thais oliver 10 dni temu
Sumit Mishra
Sumit Mishra 10 dni temu
The man at 2:44 looks like Ronda Rousey.
John Andrews
John Andrews 10 dni temu
It's 2018 and so many of you act like 2012 was soooo long ago. Only 6yrs folks. seesh! But then I'm 50yrs old. Maybe the passage of time is also in the eye of the beholder.
meh amv's
meh amv's 10 dni temu
This song brings back so many memories for some reason😅
Amara  Jordan
Amara Jordan 11 dni temu
Wow, the bridge, the words. Wow.
Stephen V
Stephen V 11 dni temu
Song made me wanna cry and idk why?
Bleach Cleansing
Bleach Cleansing 11 dni temu
"Some days I can barely dress myself" best lyric mistake ever 😜
Bleach Cleansing
Bleach Cleansing 6 dni temu
+PapayaWolf that's what I was making the joke about
PapayaWolf 6 dni temu
It's actually "Some days I can barely trust myself"
Robin A
Robin A 11 dni temu
Very strange video
Cesar Doño
Cesar Doño 11 dni temu
Emilia Banasiak
Emilia Banasiak 11 dni temu
Beautiful song
wootwoot 11 dni temu
I almost cry for the happiness when i listen to this song :D amazing song.
MicahDike 11 dni temu
Loved this song as a child at the age of 4... never thought of it... But here I am... 10 years old... Still happily listening to this song C;
Nukachief 11 dni temu
Damm this song brings back some crazy memories
Chicken chaser
Chicken chaser 12 dni temu
1:27 anyone best part?
UR MOM GAY 12 dni temu
Though the truth may vary this ship may carry our bodies safe to shore. Don’t listen to a word I say HEY The screams all sound the same. though the truth may vary this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
Amina Al-Ghythy
Amina Al-Ghythy 12 dni temu
I was listening to this over and over back in 2012 on mtv but i forgot the title of the song and didn't remember the band's title! It was so crazy trying to explain to google so i basically searched for " creative band music videos story of a monster" and here i am ! So thankful ♡ good music
Amina Al-Ghythy
Amina Al-Ghythy 12 dni temu
I was listening to this over and over back in 2012 on mtv but i forgot the title of the song and didn't remember the band's title! It was so crazy trying to explain to google so i basically searched for " creative band music videos story of a monster" and here i am ! So thankful ♡ good music
Moshpitbabyy 12 dni temu
Nostalgia overload 🤯
NEKO CHII 12 dni temu
Such an amazing song.. Such an amzing videoclip! Awesome song!! :3
Tab3y 12 dni temu
I loved this song when I was younger...I still love it xD
alyaan 12 dni temu
this reminds me of How To Train Your Dragon. anyone?
mebaker tmung
mebaker tmung 12 dni temu
Nice song
Jay 12 dni temu
marco rossi
marco rossi 12 dni temu
I still listen to this song in December 2018, it' s fantasic!!!
R o s i e 85
R o s i e 85 13 dni temu
Veronica Powell
Veronica Powell 13 dni temu
I want this song played at my wedding .
llena rs
llena rs 13 dni temu
2019 ae.. musica linda, amo.
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix 13 dni temu
So when this song came out, all you heard was this song. Everywhere, in school, tv and radio. I heard it so often that I startet to dislike it but now with the new musicstyle I can’t get enough from all these old songs I heard when I was younger.
Conrad Wolf
Conrad Wolf 13 dni temu
Nanna is clearly a musical daughter of Bjork.
_ SlimeTrees _
_ SlimeTrees _ 13 dni temu
Comment on here in 2020
Saphire Ninja
Saphire Ninja 13 dni temu
this is the first song i ever heard,when i was 6
Anton Moretti
Anton Moretti 14 dni temu
45k pepole have no childhood =(
Salome Dreewes
Salome Dreewes 14 dni temu
Great song, VERY wierd video
Hayley Kirkpatrick
Hayley Kirkpatrick 15 dni temu
The nostalgia is real.
Hard 15 dni temu
Bosco Jean
Bosco Jean 15 dni temu
To understand the video read revolution 💯😞
14 Jähriger Pb-loser hater
didididididödödö HEY!
JWG Fishies
JWG Fishies 15 dni temu
When the song came out “Eww you listen to lame music!” 2018 Now my friends be like “Such great music!”
Steve Work
Steve Work 16 dni temu
My favorite song until today
Lorde - Team
5 lat temu