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Yellowstone, Wyoming. In spring 2003, strange things began happening in America's most famous national park. The tallest geyser in the world, which can go 50 years without erupting, burst into life. Spraying columns of superheated water, 100s of feet into the air. There were new cracks in the ground, the ground heated up to the point where the National Park Service had to close some trails. Not long after, a group of bison collapsed and died, victims of poisonous fumes from below the ground. Satellite pictures revealed that something ominous was happening beneath the earth. On the internet, unfounded rumours spread that a super volcano, an eruption so large, that it only occurs on average every 700,000 years, was about to blow. These things happen, you can look at the earth and see the scars. They happen, and they're going to happen again.
A million times more powerful than Hiroshima, super volcanoes are real events. Over 20 have been recorded in the history of the earth and over half of these happened in the USA. For the last 30 years scientists have been investigating where the next super volcano could erupt. Their research has revealed that an active super volcano exists under Yellowstone National Park. Naked Science follows these scientists and investigates the vital question, if the Yellowstone Caldera erupted today, could we survive? This documentary includes a Yellowstone timeline of past eruptions, how Yellowstone would affect the world, and what impact will it be for the United States.

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29 cze 2013




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Komentarze 2 262
Queen Savege
Queen Savege 14 godzin temu
I got one thing to say we need to get to a new state we're in danger
David Brogan
David Brogan Dzień temu
And here I thought it was Sun Rust caused by damp and salty photons. Boy, do I feel silly now.
Kaga Dzień temu
*laughs in east coast*
paul smith
paul smith Dzień temu
The geothermal electrical generation potential in both Yellowstone region and east/ central african nations (Rift valley) is greater than anywhere else on the planet, yet goes unmentioned. Can volcanic potential pressures/temperatures be relieved by exploiting their turbine turning potential on a super scale? The amount of heat within 10,000 meters (about 33,000 feet) of Earth's surface contains 50,000 times more energy than all the oil and natural gas resources in the world. Wonder why it is so potentially dangerous and simultaneously so potentially profitable $$? Why are the paleontologists/students in Ash Falls, Ne. not wearing protective filter masks when they excavate/handle fossils from ultra fine volcanic ash? I mean if it killed their fossils one might think it hazardous to be digging in it unprotected.-
Old dont work..
Ya!! Americans you guy are gone.
Its all you NASA NAVY.....
This one America Land ..Not UNITED STATE NoT United UNIONS.....STOP PRETENDING
Nope ..Scar the MINING Colorado sure..Why You wanna blowed this Yellow stone...Be careful not never...Blowed it laser guidance from SATELITES...MARS THIS WEST TEXAS I DROVE 12HRS TO FORTWORTH DALLAS ....
greenfingers gardener
They need to build the worlds largest prison in Yellowstone park. Then when it does blow, it takes out all the scum of the earth, quick as a flash. Cheap &
Patti Zayas
Patti Zayas 3 dni temu
ur all on a wild goose chase
Shaniki Smith
Shaniki Smith 3 dni temu
I think they should start moving are equipment and supplies in a different place if these things hit try moving it oversea American might want to start talking to these foreigners.
Tamara Hickman
Tamara Hickman 3 dni temu
Tamara Hickman
Tamara Hickman 3 dni temu
WHAT IS GOING ON...??!?!?!?!?!FEEL IT...
Jeffrey Gergen
Jeffrey Gergen 3 dni temu
Don't worry unles your liberal duoce bag it's not going to happen
William J Greklek III
So volcanos are basically the Earths version of a pimple hehe.
Gecko Dude
Gecko Dude 4 dni temu
It will take nature to correct the wrong that has ruined everything that was once a beautiful planet. People!!
Nicolas Reyna
Nicolas Reyna 4 dni temu
we are gonna die
MrMedukneusha 4 dni temu
When i first saw the vid, "ohh how interesting!!!!" Then "dang, i already watched it."
elenthora 4 dni temu
Hell's Bell's! that pyrotechnic blast sounds like my boss on a typical Monday
Yolanda Moffitt-Santiago
R.I.P we love and miss you so much
Diane Newman
Diane Newman 5 dni temu
Well I lived in western nebra a la so will b e among t he first to go won't have to worry about nuclear winter ha ha ha
sbarnett37tiger Barnes
For some reason reminds me of the movie Armageddon. Remember when Steve Buscemi enthusiastically announces "It's all wrong man. We shouldn't even be up here!" hahaha one of the best lines in any movie ever.
michael fisher
michael fisher 5 dni temu
8-12 thousand years is my guess. I looked up some stuff about it like aerial views and measurements taken of the magna chamber etc... and looks to me like it is cutting a path through the mountain range and when it is completely under it the pressure builds up and blows entire mountains into the air. The plume isn't totally under the mountain yet at this point in time, and there is pressure release through things like old faithful, and the ground can move up and down with the pressure at the moment soaking up the pressure a little. I did a quick rough calculation given that tectonic plates move at a bout three inch's a year and came up with about 8-12 thousand years before it erupts again .
Dennis Ridner
Dennis Ridner 6 dni temu
Matthew 24:7 kjv For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. Luke 21:11 kjv And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. These times are now and yet to come. We enter into the beginning of sorrows and tribulation
Val Heike
Val Heike 6 dni temu
Theres an anxient volcano near lake Superior will that erupt again?
ichigo lit time
ichigo lit time 6 dni temu
Revelation 9:18:" 1/3 of all the people on the earth were killed by these 3 plagues- by the fire and smoke and burning sulfur that came from the mouth of the horses. "
Val Heike
Val Heike 6 dni temu
Do not tell trump he will Never believe you!
Val Heike
Val Heike 6 dni temu
Is it possible to look at the tonic plates?
Val Heike
Val Heike 6 dni temu
swilsonmc 6 dni temu
Narrator Ray Suarez?
Randolph Alderette
Derrik Murphy
Derrik Murphy 7 dni temu
Lake of fire anyone? Durrr. So the earth has to fart every so often. I crapped about an hour ago. It's really quite normal. Don't fret. Everythong is shit anyway lol.
Mr Hankey
Mr Hankey 8 dni temu
do super volcanos wear red capes?
Rob Roberts
Rob Roberts 8 dni temu
If man kind spent the revenue we spend on creating weapons of mass destruction. We would already have people creating a new home for man kind in space. No we are to busy creating our own death.
Joseph 9 dni temu
Рикардо Карденас
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John  D. Leo
John D. Leo 10 dni temu
This is alot of fear mongering, There is no way to predict when nature decides to purge itself of the cancer that is modern man.
clare stubbs
clare stubbs 10 dni temu
Oh shoot! I thought we were relatively safe in the UK as we are not near any faults that cause earthquakes and volcanos. Looks like if an eruption in Iceland doesn't get us, then an eruption in the Canary Islands will cause a 160 foot tsunami which will hit us! And we have just moved to the South coast of Cornwall... :o :(
live free
live free 10 dni temu
why do they always say..unknown to them they are walking on a sleeping volcano?? umm its 2018---im pretty sure people that go to yellowstone know its a dang volcano...and another thing..we arent so stupid to not look to see where others are either..ummm is anyone awake out there?? really???
TheVineRhyme 10 dni temu
America is Babylon the Harlot according to the Bible...and God declares that He will destroy the Harlot in a single day, in less than one hour, by fire and literally she will become desolate and only a habitation for demons. And God's Word will not return to Him void.
INF1D3L010 11 dni temu
What a lovely pile of fear-mongering bullshit. I no longer trust "documentaries" that use ominous sounding music in the background, and I haven't for a while.
Perfectspare 300
Perfectspare 300 12 dni temu
25:22 I don’t think there are Texaco gas stations in Monserrat...
Kat Hipps
Kat Hipps 12 dni temu
Wouldn't the explosion be much much bigger than 60 miles?! Not only that, but wouldn't the force of the explosion upset all the other active volcanoes around the area? You know, Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainer, Mount Hood, just to name a few? Did volcanic scientist forget about the ring of fire?! Sorry, I'm not trying to sound like I know more than a scientist, but it just seems to me that they are down playing the destruction a tad bit.
holy crab
holy crab 13 dni temu
it will happen .. soonday :-) i started packing.. pa pa..ufo is taking me now.. bye humans..
Rob Bleeker
Rob Bleeker 13 dni temu
Mind you....This is not the only super volcano on Earth....There are a number more....visible on land.......Since the earth oceans cover a larger area, God knows what may be lay hidden under water
Rob Bleeker
Rob Bleeker 13 dni temu
I watched Krakatoa earlier today.(03-10-18). When that volcano exploded in 1883, it had a global influence and the shock wave went around the earth, 7 times.. It blew so much material in to the atmosphere, it cooled the Earth temperature into a mini ice age.. This event would be nothing compared to what Yellow stone will do, i can imagine
Tim Hunt
Tim Hunt 15 dni temu
Monsanto is ready...smh
Solo Bleh
Solo Bleh 15 dni temu
Who’s the narrator in the AllState are?
Frank Bowne
Frank Bowne 15 dni temu's happening!
MrVasja46 15 dni temu
Kdor z mečem ubija, bo z mečem pokončan, kdor to počne z ognjem in eksplozijami ...
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers 16 dni temu
I thought they were pretty light on how dead we'd be. One aspect they didn't mention is that once it blows it could keep erupting for years
Ben Z
Ben Z 16 dni temu
Is it me or do they replay the same eruption scene more than a few times?
SwissRoll Otaku
SwissRoll Otaku 17 dni temu
people then: oh wow I hope this doesnt happen people now: *puts on sunglasses* yeah *dabs* guess its *does the floss* time to *whips* yeet out of existence *falls off a cliff*
SwissRoll Otaku
SwissRoll Otaku 17 dni temu
Better you than us here in NZ.
Morgenne Deathwalker
F**k the USA the rest of the world is far more important !.... we going to be ok ??? :P
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 17 dni temu
Was the editor on crack when putting this together!!??
aussie oi oi oi
aussie oi oi oi 18 dni temu
Mike Vorhees lol like jason vorhees the horror flick.
M Chambers
M Chambers 19 dni temu
34:13 "Every single bone they found...." So much for "science." Dino bones are gone gone gone tens of millions of years ago!!! NO ONE HAS EVER FOUND DINO BONES!!! There are dino fossils NOT bones!
Paul Goodrich
Paul Goodrich 19 dni temu
Began watching this, then Bill McGuire shows up. I moved on before I had to hear his mantra - "Its not a question of if ..."or, "The smoking gun.." According to Bill, were all going to die horrble deaths from mile high tsunamis, or be swallowed up by erathqakes and burnt to cinders by volcanoes. Theres good business in predicting doom and gloom, even better business shaping science to promote books and getting on the telly. I'm outta here.
Cidermannz 20 dni temu
Very interesting but it's strange that there is no mention of the Taupo eruption in New Zealand in AD186. Effects noted in China and the Mediterranean.
MrWombatty 20 dni temu
The CGI of the eruption really irritates me, not just because they keep repeating it, but because it's so inaccurate in it's depiction! From what I've read about volcanoes & especially these extremely massive eruptions like Taupo in NZ, is that while the sequence of eruption may have several stages it would begin with a large momentous explosion possibly ejecting all the material of the bulging dome outward in all directions as well as vertically. Then the sides of the caldera will collapse into the the magma-chamber possibly producing an even greater eruption ejecting kms of tethra & lava high into the stratosphere! The graphics in this video look more like that of blasting seen at an open-cut mine!
jstrahan2 20 dni temu
There's serious doubt as to whether there was a 'bottleneck'.
Vienn Peridot
Vienn Peridot 20 dni temu
"This volcano in New Zealand" clearly none of the production team had half a minute spare to look up TVNZ news and figure out how to pronounce 'Ruapehu'. Typical.
matt smith
matt smith 20 dni temu
I drove through Yellowstone last summer and I was scared of death the amount of power under the ground is really intimidating
Eang Thai Ngov
Eang Thai Ngov 21 dzień temu
Merry Christmas, Please understand transparency about the animal mass grave that was created by a super volcanic eruptions... The scientists mentioned a rhino,horse,camel, and other animals in the mass grave in the United States. Please understand transparency and mention all the other animals that were found in the mass graves. Camels are suppose to be from the Middle East and the Rhino suppose to come from Africa. Both were found in mass graves in United States from a super volcano eruption. Who transported these animals in ancient times in order to have these animals here in the United States mass graves of animals? What was the mode of transportation? ETN 🐣..
Vicky Whitesell
Vicky Whitesell 2 godzin temu
The volcanic ash in Royal Nebraska was from 50 million years ago. It piled up 60 feet. I know, i was born 40 miles from the site. Have seen it myself. Thousands of prehistoric animals lived there. Google it!
Josh Collins
Josh Collins 21 dzień temu
I think with the vast number of geysers around Yellowstone National Park, enough gas and pressure is realeased from the geysers to keep the super volcano from exploding so violently.
HighStreet Killers
HighStreet Killers 16 dni temu
Watch it again. The gas is bubbles trapped in the melted rock, magma. A geyser is ground water turned to steam from the heat being near the magma dome. Common dude basic geology you should know. Must be american born after 2000
Mike Hoster
Mike Hoster 21 dzień temu
Krakatoa did just recently without warning..
DieFlabbergast 21 dzień temu
"All volcanoes warn us they are about to erupt." Oh, really? By email or snail-mail letter? "Dear inhabitants, this is to inform you that I have recently not been feeling well, and could erupt at any moment. Have a nice day."
sl33per1 22 dni temu
And now they're fracking in the park....
Mike Hoster
Mike Hoster 21 dzień temu
Could be the reason for the up tick in tremors and geyser blasts.....
Nick Waddle
Nick Waddle 22 dni temu
Far FAR weirder things have been happening in our national park systems for decades. Someone go and read David Paulides, and tell me that weird shit hasn't been happening in the parks for decades. People go missing in those parts every single day whilst in a giant group of people and are never ever seen again. More needs to be told about THIS Oddity
westtexasbaja 23 dni temu
Jesus, take it easy with the zooms.
Kevin Kealy
Kevin Kealy 23 dni temu
What's to stop north Korea or China or Russia to nuke yellow Stone to activate it's energy into the American atmosphere European countries like Ireland Iceland greenland get massive ash fallout. So how is NORTH AMERICANS protecting yellow Stone.
Mike Hoster
Mike Hoster 21 dzień temu
I would be more afraid of our own government doing such..
Do you realize that we might be able to solve two major problems on this planet at once? We can begin by putting thousands of geo-thermal pipes down into the ground pulling huge volumes of heat from under the Earths blanket, then using that heat to compress air, then piping that air all around the country so we can use the compressed air to generate electricity so cheap that your entire electric bill for the year would be less then $200!! I can show you exactly how you can do this! And if your state is located over this caldera, you can offer free electricity to companies who want to locate in your state! Your cash cow just might be what you see as being a possible threat to the end of your state! see here and like the page, and tell your friends!
Collab Comm
Collab Comm 25 dni temu
This is nothing compared to the force of the nuts I bust, I'm talking the ceiling, I'm talking stalagmites. I came here just to check the competition and yes I am victorious.
doug frank Hopaluk
doug frank Hopaluk 25 dni temu
Hey morons lava kills everything it touches. So whoever wants to be a complete morons go ahead.
Danielle Symons
Danielle Symons 25 dni temu
Cool... if the USA was to disappear the world would be a better place lol
Dini SCH.OUTEN 26 dni temu
( Naked Science) Naked Science--- Super Volcanoes! Categorie Mensen & Blogs! Licentie Standaard! PLvid---Licentie!
John Oneill
John Oneill 27 dni temu
Utter Bullshite the percentage of magma with others gas’s, is still very low for ANY. Eruption so the guys actually in charge of Yellowstone say.nothing for thousand s of years.passed our lifetimes. ., this blokes talking panicking crap.
Keith Demarrero
Keith Demarrero 29 dni temu
The Russians caused the ice to start cracking and warming with their atomic bomb, own it!
IM4 Change
IM4 Change Miesiąc temu
Jim Nunyabizness
Jim Nunyabizness Miesiąc temu
I'm not getting the math here. They said a supervolcano would be 1000 times Mt. St. Helens, which itself was something like 500 Hiroshima bombs. So wouldn't that be 500,000 Hiroshima bombs for a supervolcano? Yet they said it's only 50 times bigger than the biggest bomb the Russkies set off. So does that mean the Russian nuke was 10,000 times stronger than Hiroshima?
john godwil
john godwil Miesiąc temu
stop putting religious comments on science if u want to post religious comments post it under religious topics not Science!!!!!
JD Miesiąc temu
the Russians have drilled a couple miles down, ask about that tech Naked Science!
Moe Joe
Moe Joe Miesiąc temu
John Brooks
John Brooks Miesiąc temu
Very interesting video, but extremely repetitive graphics.
Vex T
Vex T Miesiąc temu
I pray to the Super Volcano gods to blow up when A.I. tech finally kill off the last human, why, cause fuck A.I.!
Bill Padilla
Bill Padilla Miesiąc temu
Think I'll have a beer
Youssef Houaoui
Youssef Houaoui Miesiąc temu
could the united states survive really ? what a stupid question to ask USA Canada and Mexico will all collapse the better question is could some Americans survive yes those who are in Hawaii and other places far from that volcano
audberto diazdiaz
audberto diazdiaz Miesiąc temu
LEIGH BARTON Miesiąc temu
The Earth's recovery mechanism might just lead us to a tool that might be used to reduce the effects of a volcanic eruption. The detonation of large quantities of inert, supercooled gases might reduce the amount of ash ejected into the atmosphere. Gases such as liquid helium or liquid nitrogen might cause the ash to become too heavy to remain airborne and drop back into the caldera or close to it. Somewhere around the world there's always a volcano spewing clouds of ash into the air. Find one and dump a planeload of dry ice onto it and see what happens. If you get a clear sky you've got your answer.
Kilroy was here
Kilroy was here Miesiąc temu
On the plus side... All us white people would know what it's like to be "Ashy".
Larry Booth
Larry Booth Miesiąc temu
I disagree with not drilling a hole in Yellow stone. The challenge is where do we vent all that magma.
MrLeading Entertainment
Sorry to ask, but knowing their track record... Isn't the Socio-political- military industrial complex of the states are more likely to blow themselves or the world up than wait for this 'super' volcano?
Alan Garland
Alan Garland Miesiąc temu
Woo Hoo, lots of explosions and stuff
Tiger. Miesiąc temu
God call this Great Babylon God doesn’t call this America the beautiful !!!
Tiger. Miesiąc temu
700 Thousand years such bullshit say it again such bullshit How in the fuck do they know that how the fuck do you know that 74 Thousand years ago
Brent tripp Thomas
Brent tripp Thomas Miesiąc temu
God set up the United States to fail one day
Brent tripp Thomas
Brent tripp Thomas 19 dni temu
Douglas Harbert what’s your real name that’s the real question
Brent tripp Thomas
Brent tripp Thomas 19 dni temu
Douglas Harbert that’s some pretty good names you think of ?
Douglas Harbert
Douglas Harbert 19 dni temu
And it will probably be because of something you did...
Anonymous Maximus
Anonymous Maximus Miesiąc temu
*Anyone else been having extremely vivid dreams about yellowstone erupting lately ?*
Anonymous Maximus
Anonymous Maximus Miesiąc temu
AN I HOPE UR *ALL* watching dutchinsince and Mary greeley. Cause shit has been goin down an somthing is about to happen...
Steve Horn
Steve Horn Miesiąc temu
This is what we need actually... Kinda like a reset button...
Julianthgamer888 Boi
Julianthgamer888 Boi Miesiąc temu
0:36 I guess u could call it naked science