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Yellowstone, Wyoming. In spring 2003, strange things began happening in America's most famous national park. The tallest geyser in the world, which can go 50 years without erupting, burst into life. Spraying columns of superheated water, 100s of feet into the air. There were new cracks in the ground, the ground heated up to the point where the National Park Service had to close some trails. Not long after, a group of bison collapsed and died, victims of poisonous fumes from below the ground. Satellite pictures revealed that something ominous was happening beneath the earth. On the internet, unfounded rumours spread that a super volcano, an eruption so large, that it only occurs on average every 700,000 years, was about to blow. These things happen, you can look at the earth and see the scars. They happen, and they're going to happen again.
A million times more powerful than Hiroshima, super volcanoes are real events. Over 20 have been recorded in the history of the earth and over half of these happened in the USA. For the last 30 years scientists have been investigating where the next super volcano could erupt. Their research has revealed that an active super volcano exists under Yellowstone National Park. Naked Science follows these scientists and investigates the vital question, if the Yellowstone Caldera erupted today, could we survive? This documentary includes a Yellowstone timeline of past eruptions, how Yellowstone would affect the world, and what impact will it be for the United States.

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29 cze 2013




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Komentarze 1 694
Venkatesh babu
Venkatesh babu 18 godzin temu
What is volcano it is the concentration of nuclear material at a specific point in the globe and explosion inside and they trigger other earth quake in Japan.
Venkatesh babu
Venkatesh babu 18 godzin temu
Sometimes meteorites of nuclear materials from distant asteroids planet.
NoName 19 godzin temu
I don't think they showed the eruption simulation enough times...
Rafall Lachmising
Rafall Lachmising 23 godzin temu
Judy boucher
Steven Hough
Steven Hough Dzień temu
It will blow like a large volcano just spew like Kilauea
Rosanne Kunzler
Rosanne Kunzler Dzień temu
Roger Bratseth
Roger Bratseth 2 dni temu
Well i am in norway so rip you guys
Dennis Admiraal
Dennis Admiraal 2 dni temu
Seattle will ,well not just THE BIG S, but VANCOUVER, Terrible scenario! s.u b d.u.c.t.i.o.n. Z.O.N.E. ?? BEWARE FOLKS I LOVE BRITISH COLUMBIA..............GOD BLESS ,PEACE OUT !!!
Leanne Cannon
Leanne Cannon 3 dni temu
usgs cannot be trusted they are down grading earth quakes and worse than that they are taking earthquakes off the feed entirely as if they never happened. they know the plates are on the move and what could happen and there hiding it putting peoples lives in danger don't be fooled by them they are run by military not the scientists .
Urraca de Chiflo
Urraca de Chiflo 3 dni temu
They need to stop this stupid volcano from blowing its top before we all die off from extinction.
Alberto Abolafio
Alberto Abolafio 4 dni temu
You Americans should have blasted the world during the cold war, cause you are gonna get blasted anyway by yellowstone xD At least know that US hegemony will sadly die that day..
Ryan B
Ryan B 5 dni temu
I’d rather endure the damn volcano than another minute of watching that irritating ass camera shaking and fast forwarding everyone walking back and forth. Ugh. Makes me wanna punch a baby.
Thomas Lightningbolt
If man doesn't stop raping the earth it will blow. Thats just what the Deep Sate wants! SCUMBAGS!
maxx 7 dni temu
Michael EL M
Michael EL M 7 dni temu
I hope you cunts blow up before you blow up the world.
Geri Rivenell
Geri Rivenell 7 dni temu
I believe the current eruption in Hawaii should be a serious warning to what could happen in Yellowstone but on a massively larger scale. Fissures will open up and lava will pour out. Look to Hawaii as a warning indicator.
Gernailis Ignacio
Now i hate my life
pete craig
pete craig 8 dni temu
We're just the ant Hill on the surface. Man has a 100% mortality rate
Rob Lee
Rob Lee 8 dni temu
It seems as ice caps melt water moves to the lowest point always. That would be coast of Japan and coast of Porta Rico. As these spots get take on more water the tectonic plates get pressed down by the weight displacing magma beneath. This increases the "Ring of Fire" activity to relieve pressure from this water weight /magma displacement. It also sends magma to pockets we know as volcanoes until they reach their bursting point. BOOM Eruption.. Also this water weight pressing on tectonic plate produces earthquakes as off the coast of Japan when one plate being forced down under water weight slips against the plate butting up to it. Which In turn creates a magma wave beneath that can trigger Eruptions from the extra push of magma. The setting off of super volcanoes ejects ash, which is only thing to give a Revaluations scenario 1/3 day gone 1/3 ocean turn black, which destroys 1/3 animal, plant, human population from ash. Also blood sun and blue moon from ash in atmosphere. Also start a nuclear winter which creates next ice age thus restarting the cycle where once again polar caps melt water heads to deepest point until BOOM RESET.... a cycle measured by space between Hawaiian islands, between craters at yellow stones and other such volcanic sites..... JS
Noel Bryant
Noel Bryant 8 dni temu
its always about america
FalconGXL 9 dni temu
Naked Science is clearly highly dramatizing the matter, but of course, why wouldn't they. It's for money.
FalconGXL 9 dni temu
Guys guys calm down. Do your research first before you start crying. Visit this site: - It's a government site, (.gov, National Park Service), and they state the following: **Will the Yellowstone volcano erupt soon?** Current geologic activity at Yellowstone has remained relatively constant since scientists first started monitoring more than 30 years ago. Another caldera-forming eruption is theoretically possible, but it is very unlikely in the next thousand or even 10,000 years. Scientists have also found no indication of an imminent smaller eruption of lava.
Aldebaran 369
Aldebaran 369 11 dni temu
If all of that goes, along with the west coast sinking right under the earths crust, then there will be scattered islands left
Jack of all motards
Id die of laughter if after the narrator said "if this super volcano blows, will America survive" some guy pops up and bluntly says "no" and cuts to black 😂
Shinigami 11 dni temu
5:48 Offtopic as hell.. but wtf kind of aircraft is that.. it's props are almost set up like a race drone.. It can probably haul ass when it's nose dips down.
Lord Byron
Lord Byron 12 dni temu
That wall Trump is building may be a blessing in disguise for Mexico. I don’t think Mexico is gonna want American refugees storming their borders when Yellowstone erupts. Karma is a bitch.
thangquocnguyenmdp 12 dni temu
74,000 years ago....the mankind calendar now standing at 2018, 74,000 years ago? Let talk something about another planet far way about few hundred million light years....
thangquocnguyenmdp 12 dni temu
Stop bs
Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs 12 dni temu
I won't care any ways after tomorrow night I'll be gone
Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs 12 dni temu
Why don't they just bomb it and be done with it
J Martin
J Martin 12 dni temu
Wouldn't an explosion that big have an enormous impact on our atmosphere?
Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs 12 dni temu
After they are done with my truck tomorrow. I just might. End my life
Henry Jacobs
Henry Jacobs 12 dni temu
I think I just might end my life before it goes off I don't want to see it
Sister Mary Clements
Mainstream fear mongering video lol Load of sci fi scrap. Making claims but never telling you or showing you how they got that conclusion. So sick of this propaganda. Super volcano. The only super volcano that I know of is the destruction caused on a daily basis by news media and television. You don't need to wait for a volcano to erupt to destroy your life. All you have to do is turn on your bank owned tv set. Peace
Joe Weeks
Joe Weeks 13 dni temu
I reckon all this fracking has got the planet upset their changing the weight distribution of the planet
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins 13 dni temu
Super Volcanoes were God's backup plan when he promised not to flood the earth again. If human stupidity (which we all know now is limitless because of what we've observed in comments sections) gets on God's last nerve, He can always unleash a bunch of Super Volcanoes and start over. The first symptom that His last attempt hasn't been going so well is Kim Kardashian, so if you have any brains, you'll be storing extra wheat starting this season.
CARLIN FORTE 13 dni temu
Even if you did survive the initial eruption who cares life will basically suck balls afterwards planet 🌏 will be all jacked up people going nutts I'd rather be killed immediately then live threw the horrific aftermath smh 🤦‍♂️
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins 13 dni temu
I take it you won't be the guy storing extra wheat this year. :)
katman3900 13 dni temu
Ah, just drop one of those Russian 50 megaton nukes on Yellowstone. That should vaporize much of the threat.
LB CA 14 dni temu
Im thinking Africa is NOT where life originated. Meerly where it survived after the last super volcano errupted, think about it
Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore 14 dni temu
Have to disagree with alot of this information, looking at Hawaii scientists didn't call that and still can't figure that one out,might erupt again bigger might not
Popart 2015
Popart 2015 14 dni temu
On the bright side...
C W 14 dni temu
What about Canada!?
C W 14 dni temu
I would keep and I on the animals in Yellowstone and surrounding areas if they start to bail out we should do it too
C P 15 dni temu
What level of intelligence does a person have to have to purposely live on, or near, a volcano? Common sense ain't that common. You should be saying, "You fools, why would you live in a dangerous disaster area?" ...and the equally brain dead uncaring government allows people to live in such places. They are all completely nuts!
Stricq 15 dni temu
wouldn't one of the lung diseases be pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins 13 dni temu
OMG - Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the most dreaded disease in history!
Stricq 15 dni temu
just use a volcano as a nuclear bomb since they're obviously more powerful
Pre-Wrath Prepper
Pre-Wrath Prepper 16 dni temu
USGS recently stated that they will NOT alert anyone that Yellowstone is about to explode. The reason: you can’t do anything about it anyway. You can not get far enough away from it to be safe, survival of the blast just means death by starvation. Have a nice day
Jerald Collins
Jerald Collins 13 dni temu
I plan to eat dead squirrels if it happens.
quietone748 16 dni temu
PLEASE...make the video without all the jumpy weird graphics in between. At 4:45 this guy is being interviewed and it is exhausting watching the camera shots zoom off here and there and everywhere. The material is exciting enough. Less is more in this case. Thanks.
Driver Nephi
Driver Nephi 17 dni temu
I find the music at 31:20 really scary
misterfunnybones 18 dni temu
2:49 This was his answer to the question, "What will happen if Trump is president?"
David 18 dni temu
Ok, you lost me with the location of the arrow heads and the rise and fall of the lake. I'm sorry but there is absolutely no correlation between these two finds.
Prim Lopez
Prim Lopez 19 dni temu
These Scientists don't know everything about Volcanoes. They are now trying to predict the end of the world.... Like they are god. Hahahahaha
Joe USA 19 dni temu
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ronald pellet
ronald pellet 19 dni temu
hey just like the chem trails....which i think they realized they over did it and now we are all getting so much rain and cloudy days and cooler temps
Meow Mixer
Meow Mixer 19 dni temu
If you go too far out into the ocean you will fall off. I call bull shit./
Konaalii Alohaohana
Phonicks 19 dni temu
Even if it ever were to happen, I don't think they would broadcast it due to mass panic. They would probably down play it and say they didn't know it was going to happen.
Mary Gugliotta
Mary Gugliotta 20 dni temu
Imminent danger..take heed west coast doomed
GamePlayKid/GPK 20 dni temu
they mentoned kiloeah (i dint know how to spell it the one in hawaii) they said it was inactive... bitch where
Gordon Jenkins
Gordon Jenkins 20 dni temu
Halides!! VOG has steam, CO2, Sulfur dioxide and Halides. Halides are dangerous and include Hydrofluoric Gas and acide that causes Fluorosis. HF attacks Calcium and magnesium in the Human body. In the halises of VOG there is HF, (Hydrofluoric Acid), HCl (Hydrochloric Acid,) HS -(Hydrogen Sulfide) and Calcium Fluoride. In addition, HF can an does attach itself to volcanic ash and can be carried for hundreds, if not thousands of miles.
kartasik 21 dzień temu
What a croc. They have known about Yellowstone super volcano before the 1970s at the very least. Watching this video crap makes it look like it was just discovered since recently. This volcano has never exploded suddenly. It always followed a lead time of several thousand years of lesser activity first. If you have several thousand years of life maybe you can see it explode. Rots or ruck.
Remilou 21 dzień temu
So... Nuclear winter created by a national park, i guess?
SpAceX Fan
SpAceX Fan 21 dzień temu
Great documentary
Ian Allen
Ian Allen 22 dni temu
You had ONE job, National Geographic.
norman madden
norman madden 22 dni temu
I believe that this volcano contributes to lunar mass each eruption.
tom hood
tom hood 22 dni temu
COMPASSION2611 22 dni temu
Wow! Amazing and terrifying at the same time.
Jennifer Hayes
Jennifer Hayes 22 dni temu
Extinction of humans- no big deal, extinction of animals and plants, now that's a biggie. All we do is destroy, the planet would be better off without us. And for anyone who might ask would I volunteer to be the first to go...I've been waiting for the invitation.
xL1GHTBR1NG3Rx 20 dni temu
Jennifer Hayes I'm sorry you feel this way. I hope, one day, you change your mind.
John Treggett
John Treggett 22 dni temu
Who knows... maybe that would be a good thing. We humans haven't done much good since the 1800's. WAR war war war, police action...etc etc. Nsa, Cia Secret societies. A lot of bad stuff.
Huddinge Army
Huddinge Army 22 dni temu
Move to Scandinavia and you will be safe
MARTHA N S'LM s 22 dni temu
MARTHA N S'LM s 22 dni temu
john silcox
john silcox 23 dni temu
Earth ; a ball of rock with tubes releasing deadly gas . Intelligent design my ass .
cinnamongirl3121 24 dni temu
Could the United States survive? Holy crap, I don't think the entire continent of North America would survive. Not sure why scientists in these shows act like the United States is the only country on the continent.
Dan Lewis
Dan Lewis 24 dni temu
You have 1000's of questions but no answers none at all
greg halliwell
greg halliwell 24 dni temu
No fun
mark milton
mark milton 24 dni temu
Patricia Burns
Patricia Burns 24 dni temu End-time conversations on Twitter @BibleProphecy
Charles Clements
Charles Clements 24 dni temu
Naked Science: Thank you for the information. The constant repeating of the same scenes does get quite annoying, though. Personally, I do not like the jerking of the camera that was done in the beginning.
Hannah n Mariah Gotay
When I heard north America I was done.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 25 dni temu
bullshit the magma under yellowstone is just like the lava in in hawaii so it is not explosive . if it does erupt it would be on the scale of hawaii no pyroclastic flow no explosive eruption just some local fires. damn doomsdayers are so full of shit
videodudetv 25 dni temu
I'd take this with a very small grain of salt. Recently, it's been proven that science is not all that accurate; such as carbon dating. These are hypothesis' based on assumptions that are based upon further scientific hypothesis'. The volcanos mouth is gigantic, while it may erupt there wouldn't be enough back pressure to shoot elements far up into the atmosphere. Sure, there will be consequences but not to the extent the fear mongers say. Most reports are laced with drama; with overreaction; with doomsday outcomes to drive adrenaline; excitement. If they do that what will you do? Watch the program etc. That's not to say it's a lie or that it can't or won't happen but it's certainly quite a bit of drama laced embellishment. If you listen closely to what the narrator is saying "it can"; it will spread to Colorado in 24 hours; it can dessimate everything within 60 miles - from east to west it's over 3,000 miles etc. If ash can reach high enough into the atmosphere the layer will carry over land dropping some but not all - much of the ash will also be dumped into the oceans. The ash is so fine which is what will fall? I think it's the opposite, the finer the ash the further it will be carried away making the layer thinner where it falls aside from being carried away to the oceans. When you factor in Mt. St. Helens eruptions estimated to be as powerful as 20 or whatever amount of A bombs how many people died? How much devastation did it cause? I mean - it did blow 25-50% of a mountain apart no? C'mon, this is all just hype.
CE ThreeNinetyNine
CE ThreeNinetyNine 25 dni temu
Like all these videos, no evidence is presented for these fictional stories. None of this is science. It's dramatic pseudo science. Stop funding these idiots!
22vx 25 dni temu
edylc nostrebor
edylc nostrebor 25 dni temu
if it dose happen ,just Pray to Heavenly Father And Mother .to keep you safe ,,for me let it come time to Rock and Roll
bill blyth
bill blyth 26 dni temu
why is science telling us what we already know
Chris Stratton
Chris Stratton 26 dni temu
Nonconstructive fear mongering garbage.
John Callahan
John Callahan 26 dni temu
Taupo in NZ is the most active caldera on earth
Killroy WasHere
Killroy WasHere 26 dni temu
due to all the natural disasters, that all planets have aliens build their own planet. NASA has a alien planet on film that is intelligently controlled. It can turn, stop, go in any direction. this planet is the size of Jupiter. In due time we will have our own man made planet that can travel to stars millions of light years away. we won't be around to go for a trip to new stars but in time we will have the technology to do just what i described.
Allen TKO
Allen TKO 27 dni temu
We could use a one or two of this explosion. Homo sapiens is a plague on earth
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 27 dni temu
If Yellow Stone blows then Wyoming, Oregon and Washington are all fucked
misty howell
misty howell 27 dni temu
There is going to be some earthquakes soon
WatDaMattaForYou 29 dni temu
This is a lying bunch of shit. It's all to scare the whole world into displacing all the populations all over the whole world= propaganda of a NWO. And it's just about the time the pope wants to unite the whold world without borders.
Frank Latorre
Frank Latorre Miesiąc temu
You are a superstar, spot on, loving your videos 👍
Sy Wy
Sy Wy Miesiąc temu
@ 37:00 is that the beetlejuice movie bridge? Lol
joseph Michael
joseph Michael Miesiąc temu
Yellowstone is a bad thing but it is only the top corner of the caldera that stretches from yellowstone to Albuquerque n.m.and the one in between is much larger than yellowstone west of denver.thats the one that going to destroy america.yellowstone is just the fuse to the destroyer .but they cant tell you the truth cause it would be total chaos and they couldnt handle it.
joseph Michael
joseph Michael Miesiąc temu
The goverment knows exactly whats going to happen and they know its gonna be a lot worse than yellow stone.but if they told the public there would be mass confusion and they couldnt handle they are going under ground and clean up the mess when its over.but its not going to turn out like they think.they will be destroyed right along with every body else.when this happens people america will come to ashes in one hour.she will cease being a nation and turn into a waist land for thise house has been filled with dogs and every unclean know a nation needs tobe judged when even there dogs are treated better than hungry children.america has become an abomination in the eye of God.
IPad Addictions
IPad Addictions Miesiąc temu
A super volcano is hidden under a lake in New Zealand.....How settling....
gousmc1983 Miesiąc temu
I love how they keep asking "would America survive?" Yet explain that a super volcano errupted 70 thousand years ago in Indonesia and nearly wiped out life in Africa... Let's not worry as much about "will America survive" we don't know if ANY government will survive. And if they do, they may just find themselves kings of nothing and nobody to rule.
inhisfootsteps Miesiąc temu
I think this Naked guy is trying to scare us! ... I mean Naked Science! ... just leave it alone. If it blows, there is nothing to stop it. Have you seen anyone trying to stop Hawaii? ... if we die we die! ... I just feel sorry for the animals living there now. We are in the last days. it blows it will be after the church has left. It will be during the Tribulation. not before, The earth is already groaning to be set free.
Manamals Mayo Sandwich
inhisfootsteps this is Evolution.
10 miesięcy temu