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Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare...
Yellowstone, Wyoming. In spring 2003, strange things began happening in America's most famous national park. The tallest geyser in the world, which can go 50 years without erupting, burst into life. Spraying columns of superheated water, 100s of feet into the air. There were new cracks in the ground, the ground heated up to the point where the National Park Service had to close some trails. Not long after, a group of bison collapsed and died, victims of poisonous fumes from below the ground. Satellite pictures revealed that something ominous was happening beneath the earth. On the internet, unfounded rumours spread that a super volcano, an eruption so large, that it only occurs on average every 700,000 years, was about to blow. These things happen, you can look at the earth and see the scars. They happen, and they're going to happen again.
A million times more powerful than Hiroshima, super volcanoes are real events. Over 20 have been recorded in the history of the earth and over half of these happened in the USA. For the last 30 years scientists have been investigating where the next super volcano could erupt. Their research has revealed that an active super volcano exists under Yellowstone National Park. Naked Science follows these scientists and investigates the vital question, if the Yellowstone Caldera erupted today, could we survive? This documentary includes a Yellowstone timeline of past eruptions, how Yellowstone would affect the world, and what impact will it be for the United States.

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29 cze 2013




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Joe Truth
Joe Truth 3 godzin temu
phontex 17 godzin temu
Erupt already, Yellowstone. Mama wants to witness the greatest show the planet has to offer.
amanda shenay
amanda shenay Dzień temu
I'm gonna go to Yellowstone and taunt the volcano ..yell at it an shit.
James Brozik
James Brozik 2 dni temu
I have many face masks, but if you don't then use a wet towel wrapped around your head (mouth and nostrils) + the wetness cools hot air significantly. Don't be an Ostrich.
Carl Barron
Carl Barron 2 dni temu
Just pump large volumes of water into the base to power Industry and homes.
jaylove5555 4 dni temu
All we need is a little unobtanium and a few nukes. Easy peasy
Romhert Alteza
Romhert Alteza 5 dni temu
How about a drinking game. Whnever the animation of the eruption is played everyone drink 😒
Jerry Rose
Jerry Rose 6 dni temu
Huh... Well sounds liike exactly how they put the chemtrails in sky rainig sulfuric acid on us here in indiana and we dont have a volcano!!! I noticed by what he said and the photo of the white sun not yellow sun but whikte sun. I hope all the pilots making chemtrails get put in the hottest place in Hell. They are nuking our families. They deserve what they get when they leave earth. Notice the sun is so much hotter amd white. I wish i could meet just one of those pilots!!!!!!
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats 7 dni temu
Woody Harrelson on that hill watching Yellowstone caldera blow 👍
Raymond Mathews
Raymond Mathews 7 dni temu
Let's hope this will never happen in our life time.
bryan gomez
bryan gomez 7 dni temu
Karma is comeing for all the evil things all the leaders did
Michael McHugh
Michael McHugh 7 dni temu
I was thinking of moving to Cheyenne. This doesn't deter me, I have to die sometime and after I'm dead I'm sure not to care about who or what is left of this planet. In 5 billion years the sun will run out of fuel, who or whatever is on the earth will experience a very uncomfortable death.
ROBLOX DA TING 8 dni temu
Bc if not i will kill my self and if it dose erupt wont it set off all the active and dormant volcanos in the world and there is a super volcano in new zeland so if that dose happen basicaly the hole world will be dead .-. ;-;
ROBLOX DA TING 8 dni temu
If u live in australia tasmaina would u live?
Rob Rosen
Rob Rosen 8 dni temu
Save Jimmy Buffet. Evacuate Livingston first!
no use for a name
When Yellowstone blow's... we're going to all be screwed
Mary Ellen Peterson
I first heard of these things on television but I'm curious about in all these things.
MrJesusdoesntsave 10 dni temu
We are permafucked.
Faye Brown
Faye Brown 11 dni temu
I fail to understand WHY the people, who were, supposedly, experts about volcanoes, did not realize that they were too close to Mt. St. Helens, when observing its "behavior," so much so, that they were killed. I would think, with all that is known about volcanoes, they would have known to get further away, AND that they would have known to INSIST that ALL residents, campers, and workers in the area ALSO evacuate. I think about that older man on Spirit Lake and his cats. They should NOT have been allowed to stay there.
Tom Turbo
Tom Turbo 11 dni temu
Good documentation, even if it is at least 5 or 6 years old. But, what they did not tell is, that the Yellowstone area has one of the largest groundwatter reservoires of the US. The problem is, that if this water comes into contact with super hot magma in a reaction chamber, here the old calderas, there will be a massive build up of pressure, because the water becomes steam in milliseconds to seconds. This steam increases the inner pressure under the dome and makes the explosion even bigger, much bigger as shown here. Geologists call that a phreatic eruption. We had this kind of eruption some 12.500 years ago in the mountain range of the Eifel in Germany. The remaining caldera is called Laacher See near the abby of St. Maria Laach and is still acrive. This, in comparison tiny eruption threw tuffites up to 70 km away from the epicentrum.
nopochki 11 dni temu
i just farted so loud it was like a volcano
Thomas Watkins
Thomas Watkins 11 dni temu
Libnut salivate at the thought of America"s demise. Poor dumb creatutres.
Kebz Thegreat
Kebz Thegreat 12 dni temu
it should erupt now. mankind should end. lets see who gets what he/she sow in this planet. heaven or hell.
Katrina Thorsvik
Katrina Thorsvik 13 dni temu
Katrina Thorsvik
Katrina Thorsvik 13 dni temu
Katrina Thorsvik
Katrina Thorsvik 13 dni temu
Katrina Thorsvik
Katrina Thorsvik 13 dni temu
jds hempfarm
jds hempfarm 13 dni temu
@8:52 bury Wall Street in 55' of debris? Make America great again!
mike Wolfe
mike Wolfe 13 dni temu
Ash. Ashash ashash ashas bla bla ash and ash choked by ash drown in ash fine ash extinction of the human race pyroclastic ash your all doomed. Dont go to Yellowstone the most beautiful place you will die
今井誠司 13 dni temu
Gone Fishin"
Gone Fishin" 14 dni temu
The general population will NEVER BE TOLD in advance, even if USGS KNEW with 100% accuracy, that Yellowstone was about to blow. Why? It would panic the people and THAT would create an economic crisis all by itself and THAT would be a threat to "National Security". What would we have in the days or hours before an actual explosion at Yellowstone? Rumor and speculation---*just like TODAY!*
Gone Fishin"
Gone Fishin" 14 dni temu
If we want to know Yellowstone is about to blow, watch the scientists around Y'stone. If THEY run, WE should run. For me? I would run TOWARD Y'stone. I wouldn't want to face the aftermath of that eruption!
hyeok lee
hyeok lee 14 dni temu
Do-not go to ups or western union or walmart or any company that operates business with these crooked evil roach companies, they are operated by made up devil warshippering roach's. Just by going to these crooked companies, you could end up in hell. If you work for these companies, quit immediately or your life will be more miserable working there. These roach's are using electronic gang stalking, microwave weaponry to spy to perv and torment and torture with a very pathetic device. These retarded devil warshippers are nothing more then a infestation of filthy pathetic roach's, who are all going to hell to be punished for their evil doing. The only reason to go to those companies are to rid the owner, who operates a crooked evil roach company or to burn down that evil place..
Katrina Thorsvik
Katrina Thorsvik 14 dni temu
janie costabile
janie costabile 14 dni temu
DubiousTrain58 15 dni temu
The "na*ed science." I don't trust ya.
Martin Whalley
Martin Whalley 15 dni temu
74,000 years? He must have meant 740,000 years ago
Supralobe 15 dni temu
That volcano ain't kidding, earth's solution to climate change I spose :)
潘卓Pan_Cho 16 dni temu
It's not so bad.
Josh Ryan
Josh Ryan 16 dni temu
What if we nuked the centre of the volcano?
BlueLP Diamond
BlueLP Diamond 17 dni temu
I’d probably be blinded from the amount of flashing white screens when introducing somebody.
Mat Cas
Mat Cas 17 dni temu
(@ 45:05) " In 2003 Geologist's saw unusual signs that Yellowstone was becoming more active ". ie Steamboat 2003 - Mars closest approach in 60 000 years.. 2018 -2nd closest approach in 60K years.. but with Venus on inside. ...Not that it has anything to with Quakes &Volcs.. ...just saying that's all..
davcbow 18 dni temu
The Dr. looks like he and Pauley Shore could be related...
Tahoe Jones
Tahoe Jones 19 dni temu
Money would be instantly worthless. Only water, food and tools, of any value. How many neighbor's would you have to kill, or be killed protecting those?
jaddy540 14 dni temu
Keep all your money in $1 bills. Toilet paper will not exist.
NEM Blockchain
NEM Blockchain 19 dni temu
The Earth wouldn't survive because you have too many nuclear power plants
rossdaboss1959 20 dni temu
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JTuaim 20 dni temu
What are the peripheral results of this eruption? Tsunami? Disrupted weather patterns and effects on the trade winds and ocean currents? Extensive volcanic winter? Micro life and loss of species? Breathable air? Total collapse of the infrastructures and satellite communications. Don't forget, we know nothing of the caldera's effects on the electro/magnetic environments. Chaos and insanity? Harsh martial law mixed with harsher local whatever? There won't be many left to figure it out, because most of the experts will be too close to the event. But don't worry: I have primitive clubs for sale. PS: this is total snark on my part. Volcanoes traditionally rumble a good while before erupting. A caldera probably scare things away for gooood while longer. We won't likely see this event in our lifetimes. If we do; throw the snark out.
JAM BS 20 dni temu
There are so many Volcanos going off on the planet, what is the collective effect as we know, when one goes off, changes are a CME sent enough energy for most, dormant, to go off
lupus 20 dni temu
"74,000 years ago a supervolcano erupted on the island of Toba" Don't you mean Sumatra. The residual caldera is Lake Toba.
Vegas Sims
Vegas Sims 21 dzień temu
Naked Science should be "Stupid Science." Documentaries they produce are always doomsday scenarios with information they cannot verify or know, but still love to tell you as if fact.
I Hate the Party
I Hate the Party 21 dzień temu
Someone tell the followers of Donald Trump that they are all MISTAKEN (!)...for they all JUMPED THE GUN on the REAL " D A Y OF THE L O R D ". That day is YET to come, and it will be announced by a horrible GAMMA RAY BURST STRINKING EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE, I O N I Z I N G IT, so that the oxygen and nitrogen molecule is the air on high begin to UNITE CHEMICALLY, forming a red-brown SMOG, which will make th sun appear to go down [ on a clear day! Read the prophecy of Amos 8:9-12, or Joel 3:15 "sun & moon darkened, stars not seen at night" (due to the smog of NO2 on if the ENTIRE PLANET WERE WEARING DARK SUNGLASSES ... so you think you won't need yours, ha-ha...but you will be DEAD WRONG, for one molecule of NITROGEN DIOXIDE catalyses the destruction of a THOUSAND MOLECULES OF O Z O N E (O3) . . . the only thing that protects living things on earth's urface from our sun's D E A D L Y U L T R A V I O L E T "B" RAYS. People will enter caves or HIDE UNDER ROCKY OVERHANGS to avoid being SCORCHED by those killer rays. UVB will then slowly start to K I L L O F F A L L T R E E S in lower latitudes of this planet. UVB can also penetrate up to FORTY FEET OWN INTO OCEAN WATERS, killing off the green P H Y T O P L A N K T O N floating there (the base of the oceanic "food chain" folks --- and important oxygen producers for all life); The Holy Bible spells it out for you DUMMIES! Namely this entire planet will become a "brown marble" when viewed from the moon, since all green things died off. And that spells D O O M for all living things that crawl about on earth's surface --- GET IT NOW, R E V E R E N D ? You cannt eat your Toyota, Cadillac, Buick, Lotus, or Bentley. Rather that GAMMA RAY BURST was the thing that triggered the famed A P O C A L Y P E (a.k.a., The DAY of the LORD --- the great equalizer). Here are a few biblical references for you to study --- and PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS ALL "DOVETAILS" with ASTROPHYSICS. Only a GRB is powrul enough to trigger such an ecological EXTINCTION EVENT (i.e., the "release of the Biblical "Four Horsemen" of the Apocalypse (Rev. 6). A WORLDWIDE FAMINE will arise (after all the trees and crops die off), causing a "time of trouble" like humans have never seen on earth before (Matthew 24:21, 27*-29, Isaiah 17:1-4*, 12-14, Jer, 8:11-13* & Habakkuk 3:17 (the leaves will wither:) "No bud on the fig tree, no grapes on the vine, NO LAMB IN THE PASTURE ... NO CALF IN THE STALL . . Get it NOW, Reverend? And Habakkuk 3 is a chapter that describes the A P O C A L Y P S E. PS: Tell Donald Trump that Psalm 82 is Jesus' Psalm, and if he wants to muder me for QUOTING A B IBVLE VERSE, THEN . . . G OI D D A M M I T . . . HERE I STAND, TAKE ME OUT ... for my GOD WILL RECEIVE ME AS I HAVE SET ALONE UNDER THE WEIGHT OF HIS HEAVY HAND [ all my life long ] and STUDIED H I S W O R D > [ I did not sit with the drunks or the "party makers", Jer. 15:15-17 ] We are in " GOD'S COURT ", SIR . . . so I musr ask: Isn't GOD'S WORD (uh) PLEASING TO HIS "SAINTS"? Don;t you think it would've been better if my mother had AN ABORTION. Well, WHY did I have to be born and experience only pain and suffering for so many years? Was that ALL FOR N O T H I N G ? [ Ref: Jeremiah 5:1-12* ]. Pay attention, you "Judges" [ Psalm 58 ]. I am taking out an AFFA-DAVID against you who "shoot arrows in the dark" and then say you've "done nothing". See for yourself, I'm LEADING YOU ALL TO JUDGEMENT (that's because you said you did "nothing", Jer. 2:31-37 & Hosea 11:5). Don't rejoice over me when I fall, for my God will A V E N G E M E (and he'll place that "cup of his wrath" in YOUR HAND [ Isaiah 49:17, 21-23* & 66:4-6 ]. PS: ylur ded bodies will NOT be buried, bujt your bones will be SCATTERED ABOUT AT THE MOUTH OF H E L L itself. (have a nice trip!, Psalm 9:15 & Jeremiah 23:17-22 condemn you, asshole)
I Hate the Party
I Hate the Party 21 dzień temu
As when you are in a undertow in the ocean, go NORTH to escape the ashes blown EAST by the WESTERLY Winds --- get it, Reverend? It will not travel NORTH, to Canada.
I Hate the Party
I Hate the Party 21 dzień temu
DAMN! Gd is going to smear ashes on your faces [ all you asaholes who shoot arrows in the dark at somone better than you yourself, Psalm 11 says it does Psalm 120:2-4 "embers of the BROOM TREE will scorch your toupee, Reverend. Who are you going to call on for help then? Well, go, call to those little "gods" (the ones you made for yourself) and see if they will GIVE YOU AN ANSWER). In my haste, I said "ALL MEN ARE L I A R S " [ Psalm 116:11-15 ].
pellman87 21 dzień temu
Stupid Americans, lol. Replays, replays, flashes, new camera angles, hollywood trailer voice, dramatic music. They could make paint dry sensational. turned this shit off after 2 second. Btw, image Planet Earth being produced like this? lol Gold Rush/Ice Truckers style or some other Trumpvoter shit
pellman87 21 dzień temu
Stupad Americans, lol. Replays, replays, flashes, new camera angles, hollywood trailer voice, dramatic music. They could make paint dry sensational. turned this shit off after 2 second. Btw, you image Planet Earth was being produced like this? lol Gold Rush and Ice Truckers style or some other trumpvoter-shit.
Wade Raney
Wade Raney 22 dni temu
jnorth1000 23 dni temu
Don't worry. If this any of this happens, President Trump, his family, the Clintons, the Obamas, Putin, Kim, all of the politicians will be fine, miles below the surface of the Earth in their nice facilities. They'll have everything they need and there are even golf courses. They know this is a real possibility as well as the possibility of a nuclear war and the loss of the power grid. So we be assured that they'll be ok. I mean, we will still need politicians after it's all over, right? What would we all do without politicians?
gouldbj 23 dni temu
I question who produced this. It's like a propaganda film against volcanoes. LOL (fear incorporated)
Casey Lane
Casey Lane 23 dni temu
every time he says Naked Science, take a drink...
Khannea Sun Tzu
Khannea Sun Tzu 24 dni temu
In other words - a terrorist group might not be able to detonate a several kt nuclear device in a major uS city - but burying one in a key place in the yellowstone (or the unstable slope on the island of Tenerife), bam you devastate infidel civilization.
Benjamin Wayland
Benjamin Wayland 24 dni temu
Dry Blood of Jesus still Alive, So is He.Ask Him to forgive your sins while U still have breath. Not to is Blasphemy.Don't gamble with your eternal SOUL.
Merri Ann Groves
Merri Ann Groves 24 dni temu
Not much we can do but go with the flow.
Andrew N
Andrew N 25 dni temu
Who wants to move to the west coast with me? Or england?
Blessed Man877
Blessed Man877 26 dni temu
So another ice age?
Chilly Willy
Chilly Willy 26 dni temu
Actually the last known VEI 8 eruption was about 26,000 years when when Taupo, in New Zealand, went off with an eruption about 12 percent bigger than the last Yellowstone eruption, and in 1258 there was an eruption in Indonesia that just missed being a VEI 8 when Lombok went off. Even if Yellowstone does not have a super eruption for 100,000 years, another supervolcano could go off somewhere else.
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 27 dni temu
Please go to dutchsinse channel and help and support him! He is trying to spread the truth with earthquake forecasting, and let people know when there is going to be an earthquake so people are aware, he does updates everyday at 10 PM Central Time God bless, let’s try to save the world from less deaths in the future.
Mr.Baofeng 27 dni temu
I’m just gonna let it kill me immediately instead of slowly suffocating from sulfur dioxide. I’m gonna go to the volcano just a week before it erupts and stand right at the mouth of it. Just to look like a queer, I’m also gonna shit in the volcano
Eric Crews
Eric Crews 27 dni temu
Joe Billielo
Joe Billielo 27 dni temu
These people are full of pride and false bravado and dont have a clue!!! Everything out of their mouth is pure speculation, nothing more, this is more lies and fear-mongering by the powers that be as a means of control!!!
Joe Billielo
Joe Billielo 26 dni temu
Palm Trees and Rum
Palm Trees and Rum 26 dni temu
Control what? stfu
Abbath 28 dni temu
Patrick Brumm
Patrick Brumm 28 dni temu
the best thing about this all? we're doomed
Juji Grace
Juji Grace 28 dni temu
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox 28 dni temu
More magma has been found in 2017 / steamboat has erupted more times in 2018 than the last 20 years previous
MsJinkerson 28 dni temu
the jet stream would be the worst
MsJinkerson 28 dni temu
A past eruption at mount St.Hellens a guy was sent out to get photos he son had a feeling and asked his dad to move and it saved his life
MsJinkerson 28 dni temu
A super volcano would be a world event
Balfour Wheatley
Balfour Wheatley 28 dni temu
Every read or seen "the Road?"
Alex Reyna
Alex Reyna 29 dni temu
Finally a news channel i can rely on to report the news
Goobye USA
Goobye USA 29 dni temu
Trump's going to build a wall.
Frank DiMeglio
Frank DiMeglio 29 dni temu
The geophysicists don't understand physics. F=ma AND E=mc2 prove that ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. "Mass"/energy is gravity. ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. ALL of SPACE is NECESSARILY ELECTROMAGNETIC/GRAVITATIONAL (IN BALANCE), AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. ACCORDINGLY, gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL RESISTANCE; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Outer "space" involves full inertia, AND it is fully invisible AND black. Great !!!! By Frank DiMeglio
gabriel gagne
gabriel gagne 29 dni temu
I know how to be 100 percent sure when it will erupt. The very second. You only have to do one thing. Launch a nuclear weapon in it.
gabriel gagne
gabriel gagne 29 dni temu
I know how to be 100 percent sure when it will erupt. The very second. You only have to do one thing. Launch a nuclear weapon in it.
Seti Michael Maxwell
I took a geology class in college so I'm pretty sure I know that super volcanoes are all spent out. They are dead. They didn't say that in the coarse, that's my shining knowledge.
Seti Michael Maxwell
It's ok. If she blows (not very likely) the world will help America get back on our feet. I mean we helped them.
Howie Shea
Howie Shea Miesiąc temu
were lookin with knew eye ,CGI.
Elizabeth Nichols
Elizabeth Nichols Miesiąc temu
Elizabeth Nichols
Elizabeth Nichols Miesiąc temu
Calvin Mills
Calvin Mills Miesiąc temu
All this is scary.....but good news is I saved a bunch of money switching to Geico while staying at Motel 6 with Flo.
Kaizaro123 Miesiąc temu
Who says the allegations at the beginning of the video that Yellowstone would erupt again were baseless? "Strange things began happening". Ground heated up and parts of the park were closed off. A geyser came back to life. Bison died. Satellite imagery started showing startling differences in the topography for crying out loud. Is there a set criteria for telling when an explosion will occur that I'm missing? Those claims may have been premature, wrong or even just sensationalist in hindsight, but it's not like the scientific community has a set date and time when the eruption will occur. I think those symptoms were as good as any to put anyone on their guard. I stand to be corrected.
Kaizaro123 Miesiąc temu
As for the gentleman at 12:15 who's excited that Yellowstone Is a live supervolcano... Why would anyone be excited at that discovery?
steven herrold
steven herrold Miesiąc temu
krakatoa eruption in august 1883 was a big explosion it had to be to kill over 36 thousand people but a super eruption would dwarf that yellowstone might take out 50 or 60 million in the U S immediately more would succumb to ripple effect weeks or months after the event
Jaster Andy
Jaster Andy Miesiąc temu
Why does everyone compare thing to Hiroshima atomic bomb called little boy which is 15 kilotons when castle bravo is 15,000 kilotons.........
Tony Davies
Tony Davies Miesiąc temu
Anyone think the steamboat is getting more active and ground movement and fissures are getting worse
6Kmm killer 6
6Kmm killer 6 Miesiąc temu
dont worry Trump will move Yellowstone somewhere else
Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett Miesiąc temu
Get Mr. Spock and his volcano freeze device.
Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar Miesiąc temu
2 dramatic 5 me
Bullettube Miesiąc temu
Lots of scary possibilities here, but no probability scale. Any thing is possible, but the probability of it actually happening within our lifetime is very, very low. While increased geyser activity may seem to be a warning sign, it's also more probable that pressure is being released, rather then being confined by the crust. Yellowstone sits over a hotspot and the North American plate is moving westward over it, so don't look under the old caldera, look to the west for any new eruption.
Wolfchacer Miesiąc temu
100 years ago yes we could have survived, would have been bleak and rough but in the end we'd come out the other side stronger. As of 2018? No way. Social and political media have made sure should any catastrophe befall us now our numbers would be all be up. People these days just can't do or comprehend something simple as Gender, just being a Boy or a Girl is debilitating for them. Best thing you can do when not if Yellowstone ever does go off is head straight for it and let it get you quickly. The aftermath will be horrendous, and the crying you will hear nonstop as millions of iPhones stop working is gonna drive you nuts anyways lol
Edward Kyle
Edward Kyle Miesiąc temu
Paul Davison
Paul Davison Miesiąc temu
answer no it could not
southern stingray2
southern stingray2 Miesiąc temu
Getting ready for the EARTHQUAKE /eruption!Now or in 100000 years,it will ALWAYS be a 4 .9 Magnitude quake,you can count on the USGS 4.9 society for that
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Miesiąc temu
Yellowstone geyser keeps erupting.. signs of earth lifting.. earthquakes.. and the usgs is not saying anything