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Michael Cera is best known for playing George-Michael on the hit show Arrested Development, and for his award-winning roles in films like Juno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. But how is he with hot food? Find out as Cera swats off the Scovilles and navigates his way through a Sean Evans-led interrogation covering everything from Superbad lore, to farmers market pet peeves, to his feelings on Jonah Hill Day. If you want to see him act on a million Scovilles, stick around until the end. If you want to see him act for real, check out The Waverly Gallery, premiering on Broadway this fall.
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9 sie 2018

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Komentarze 14 085
First We Feast
First We Feast 2 miesięcy temu
Michael Cera Goes to the Farmers Market should be a show. Agree/disagree?
Rainbowveins79 17 godzin temu
Yes, I agree.
boss tycoon
boss tycoon 2 dni temu
AlzateFilms 24 dni temu
Chelsea Matteoni
Chelsea Matteoni 24 dni temu
if you guys need some ladies that know food im available ;)
a Bin Diesel
a Bin Diesel 2 godzin temu
I don't know why, but I kinda want this dude to tell a story on my nipples.
Alex Rhodes
Alex Rhodes 6 godzin temu
Invite ninja!
WhatTheHeckHalo? 6 godzin temu
I like spicy food! *i think*
Helpless Kittens
Helpless Kittens 8 godzin temu
i have a hard time with micheal cera.... he always looks either 13 or 35 never in between hahah
Shef 8 godzin temu
That fantastic planet shout out was on the spot. My first trip on Shrooms on watching that movie. I just want to shake Cera's hand now.
Shep One
Shep One 9 godzin temu
Hands up if you waited for the loop ... Love these guys
Little Pif
Little Pif 10 godzin temu
I know I'm not the only OCD person on this planet but when you guys present the next spicy sauce it always messes me up when I see the bottle being misaligned from the row behind it if i were to have a say into all of it i would film the front bottle as always being nicely aligned with the spot it came from behind it and the scovile scale just on the left as it's most probably intended great show awesome guests love wings they dug me out some of my darkest thoughts all love for hotness and hot ones
Krum Valkov
Krum Valkov 11 godzin temu
A good drinking game! Drink every time Michael Cera says "That's weird"...
Kyle A. Scarborough
Kyle A. Scarborough 11 godzin temu
I'm baffled. How do over 2,000 people thumbs down this? What were you expecting?
Sarah J
Sarah J 12 godzin temu
what a pleasant man
Camille L
Camille L 16 godzin temu
Rainbowveins79 17 godzin temu
Finally, we get to see Scott Pilgrim on the show!!! 😀
Nate Garcia
Nate Garcia 20 godzin temu
Big ups for Fantastic Planet shout out
ba am
ba am Dzień temu
Michael Cera wheres the cocaine at
Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams Dzień temu
Micheal cera voice actor Brother bear ... Berenstain Bears Josh Spitz ... Braceface
Els Rulmyn
Els Rulmyn Dzień temu
I hear Jesse Eisenberg
Buddy Foster
Buddy Foster Dzień temu
Damn I’ve been watching quite a few of these lately and Michael Cera was the last person I expected to just destroy this. So awesome
Kayla Skye
Kayla Skye Dzień temu
I love Michael!!! His personality is the cutest. I feel like he’s the kind of person who can’t make enemies bc he’s so nice and friendly :)
David Kelley
David Kelley Dzień temu
Michael cera getting angry with a lady selling soup at a farmer’s market but not actually confronting her because she was a little old lady is the most michael cera thing ive ever heard lmao
Double D
Double D Dzień temu
Spirited Away IS great on mushrooms 😂
m starfish
m starfish Dzień temu
Just discovered this channel like.. 2 days ago. Love it!
Ryan Crooks
Ryan Crooks Dzień temu
Will Ferrell and John c reily
Lloyd Griffiths
Lloyd Griffiths Dzień temu
Every time I watch an episode I just want wings.
David Bruce
David Bruce Dzień temu
did not age well. LOL
Saint The Barber
Saint The Barber Dzień temu
Even the questioner looked non comfortable compared to the usually awkward cera
Saint The Barber
Saint The Barber Dzień temu
He murdered it! Not one person has done that good. Fuck yes!
Zane Hamilton
Zane Hamilton Dzień temu
Joe Rogan should do a podcast with Michael cera
Love Mike, can't tell if he's acting of just being himself.🤣
jule Bla
jule Bla 2 dni temu
This is one that I genuinely feel he wanted to be there. So much easier to watch. Thank you Cera.
SilvernBlack Cracker
Michael Cera wingin it like an absolute boss
Cobalt136 2 dni temu
I wanna see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki on here. That'd be great.
Aphantastica 9 godzin temu
Cobalt136 and Mischa.
Svahn 2 dni temu
19:29 Gorilla Girl - In theaters Mars 2019
Paul Gaittens
Paul Gaittens 2 dni temu
I have watched Spirited Away with all of the children the only Hayao Miyazaki film that I have found that the children actually are scared of interestingly is My Neighbor Totoro for some reason Totoro when he does whatever he does with the trees it makes the kids scared
Mr. E
Mr. E 2 dni temu
10000% LESS of a doooosh bag than I had anticipated. Handled the wings like a fuckin CHAMP!! He set the bar pretty high. You should make a new measurement of tolerance: Ceras. 1-5 Ceras. 1 cera being unable to handle 10k SVU. 5 Cera= ALLL the SVU!!
GRAV 2 dni temu
Why the pic of the little girl when he said Spirited away and not a pic from the actual film?
Penny Haskell
Penny Haskell 2 dni temu
He’s a lizard
J. Coe !
J. Coe ! 2 dni temu
John Caparula would be fun on here.
tjwright 2 dni temu
Sean looks like Dana White's younger, thinner brother
WiseLaura 2 dni temu
I fkn love Michael yass
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 dni temu
Peprika will blow you’re mind if you stroll down mushroom lane
mrtalkative91 2 dni temu
where was Michael Cera? this whole video is just you talking to some weird shaved monkey thing
Duall Elite
Duall Elite 3 dni temu
So are we just gonna pretend that we didn’t see a picture of some kid with grizzly arms?
diego canoo
diego canoo 3 dni temu
Can you guys get mozzy on hot ones??
William Cruz
William Cruz 3 dni temu
Shit this dude finally looks his age.!
Kia Moore
Kia Moore 3 dni temu
What does he even look like? He looks like someone put two halves of two different peoples faces together...
James Graham
James Graham 3 dni temu
You guys should get ice cube
John Torres
John Torres 3 dni temu
That was radd
MarcasswellbMD 3 dni temu
I'm the same way with the dental floss.. Have it on me all the time!!!
Wet Willy
Wet Willy 3 dni temu
19:28 that girl has hairy arms.
nic sharp
nic sharp 3 dni temu
Wow, he made an ugly ass adult....
luisf2400 3 dni temu
Does anyone know if any of these sauces are hotter than wasabi?????
K for the Win
K for the Win 3 dni temu
i have the feelin that kinda all big stars has this one part in them which is a really really arrogant piece of shit, also when they are as nice as them!
Misu Satriyo
Misu Satriyo 3 dni temu
Has Chuck Norris appeared on the show yet?
Bettyboop Bish
Bettyboop Bish 3 dni temu
The flea market story is ME
SgtHydra 3 dni temu
Watching this made me feel less human. How can anyone live up to this high standard of awkwardness?
Quinn 3 dni temu
lololol spirited away is bomb tho
charles mclean
charles mclean 3 dni temu
That Eminem fact is ill
Emilio Octavio Vázquez Flores
he's a puss
leighton hathaway
Can we get a hot ones episode with bill the computer carrier
Jabria Styles
Jabria Styles 4 dni temu
Is it just me or does he just remind anyone of snot from American dad????
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 4 dni temu
I will admit. Michael Cera handled this like a champion. Super cool guy.
MrsKocher26 4 dni temu
Such a kind guy-obviously a Canadian!! Good guest. Enjoyed him commenting on the sauces.
Kelly Borup
Kelly Borup 4 dni temu
“I like chipotle” 😂 made me think of the I love chipotle kid
KennyKC 4 dni temu
Miss Michael Cera
Saint JP
Saint JP 4 dni temu
I never liked Michael Cera, at all. He's the male equivalent of Kristen Stewart. He can't act, for shit. He can only play one type of character and he's horrible at it. He is, however, a genuinely cool guy and down to earth. He has a great personality but he can't act for shit
SitDown Dusty
SitDown Dusty 4 dni temu
Hes a BOSS!!!! took it better than any of these than ive seen
James Rx
James Rx 4 dni temu
Michael cera is the indie movie king. Long live scott pilgrim!
Del Schmerks
Del Schmerks 4 dni temu
That thumbnail... Killed me😁😂
pr0phet714 4 dni temu
He and Jonah and Seth are the realist dudes in Hollywood.
Adam Greek
Adam Greek 5 dni temu
does anyone think this episode is quiet
Darth Sabbath
Darth Sabbath 5 dni temu
@19:30 damn those arms tho! 😆
Elis Coelho
Elis Coelho 5 dni temu
I love this man.
_coma_ 5 dni temu
The editing after the consumption of the final wing Hahaha
killer51 5 dni temu
The guys that can handle really hot and spicy foods are always skinny scrawny dudes, or just really fat guys
brudzool 5 dni temu
he confirmed something I suspected, da bomb is for real hot, the next two are some kind of promotional placements, definitely their own sauce at number 10, never seen anybody react at all. I like how straight this guy is.
Jarrod Turner
Jarrod Turner 5 dni temu
He’s not a vegan? And dropping a fantastic planet. He’s so kewl 😎
peachy druggie
peachy druggie 5 dni temu
this is the only battle scott pilgrim ever lost
Tor Kellett-Smith
What a legend! I've never seen anyone handle this challenge so well!
Manny Fuentes
Manny Fuentes 5 dni temu
He was so nonchalant about it all. True kink of the show 🔥🔥🔥
Gum Dealer
Gum Dealer 5 dni temu
I’m binge watching these and I really want some fucking hot wings now
will hall
will hall 5 dni temu
Michael Cera is more Michael Cera than I thought even Michael Cera could be.
DR G 5 dni temu
Mikey is a gud boy
Auto Modding
Auto Modding 6 dni temu
Katherine Parys
Katherine Parys 6 dni temu
Chris Brown 😃
Eric Wilsey
Eric Wilsey 6 dni temu
Don’t dab me, bro!
Geo 6 dni temu
You should have “DEAD HEAT SAUCE”
uzcategui421 6 dni temu
Michael Cera, the softest badass everyone needs
Irish Blood
Irish Blood 6 dni temu
Easy fix to heat is rootbeer and lemon. Sounds weird but works
Cas 6 dni temu
Bi Polar
Bi Polar 6 dni temu
16 out of 10? what kinda logic is that? are you stupid? haha That was the most Cera thing for me.
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis 6 dni temu
He looks 15 but also 40 and i want to give him a high five and maybe a kiss
vasedans 7 dni temu
Can confirm Fantastic Planet on shrooms is trippy as balls.
YeastInjection 7 dni temu
Hes totally a lizard person....
Vince G
Vince G 7 dni temu
Had no idea he was such a genuine dude... respect.
Kate Minney
Kate Minney 7 dni temu
Michael Cera is a puss!!!
Maressa Lane
Maressa Lane 7 dni temu
Omg!! I remember I fell asleep at the end of SuperBad & waking up like wtf why is the menu screen STILL GOING ?!? #IFinallyKnow 😂😂
M H 8 dni temu
"youre so expressive" - shows a shot of cera with the same expression from 3 diff movies
Eric Santarsiero
Eric Santarsiero 8 dni temu
There's some sadness behind those eyes at 8:01.
Leighanna Green
Leighanna Green 9 dni temu
I'm a little buzzed and more inquisitive to this Pillsbury commercial. Imma have to look it up, also talks text is nice when your inebriated. And now it understands me seriously this is hilarious. I like this kid. I love hot ones