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23 cze 2018

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Komentarze 4 996
TheRussianBadger 7 miesięcy temu
Yo chief, the audio/video is perfectly synced in the video file itself and on my end while watching on desktop/mobile. If for some reason your audio/video sync is goofy, let me know what you're watching on and what quality - IMMA SOLVE THIS CASE LIKE KIM POSSIBLE.
Steamloco 9 dni temu
got the last comment you fucking casuals
Zachary Gagné
Zachary Gagné 16 dni temu
TheRussianBadger ....
Yeeter Meter
Yeeter Meter Miesiąc temu
3:10 what my my marriage?
Sealy Special
Sealy Special Miesiąc temu
I'm watching on my iPod nano on 180p
Samuel Wall
Samuel Wall 3 miesięcy temu
I’m gonna be the 500 comment
silver wave
silver wave 26 minut temu
Ammar Siddiqui
Ammar Siddiqui Dzień temu
*Roberto "Maestro" Mussolini*
PewPewTron Dzień temu
Ahhhh my favorite gun mg3 that's nasty
Benjamin Raskin
Benjamin Raskin Dzień temu
Tachanka is the Lord Maestro is the fuckin Pope
Gabriel Villareal
Gabriel Villareal Dzień temu
R.I.P The ACS12s’ fire rate
markhegatron _
markhegatron _ 2 dni temu
Ur vids actually cheer me up so much
Lord Darklight
Lord Darklight 2 dni temu
0:56 That’s where you’re wrong kiddo. The dictator does what the banker does, except you can’t do anything about it this time.
Boss Bonsai
Boss Bonsai 2 dni temu
His lmg has like no recoil
Ajc 7575
Ajc 7575 4 dni temu
19:11: Small Asian women takes nasty hipfire load on face. Sorry but not really.
casual noob r6
casual noob r6 6 dni temu
Gabriel Villareal
why do you use the lazer sight? It reveals when you aim
TheElite 44
TheElite 44 8 dni temu
You can also torch it with maverick
Liam Mechling
Liam Mechling 9 dni temu
The dead mute on the ground in the first 10 seconds gets domed again
mac chez
mac chez 10 dni temu
How do you lean in hipfire?
mac chez
mac chez 10 dni temu
Bro I just got a clutch with the Evil Eye
ThaDevilsJester 11 dni temu
3:12 What my my marriage?
de kd
de kd 11 dni temu
Roses are red The intro is no more I'm sad that the hip fire is still no more (Pls give me back the hipfire)
Fungi Videos
Fungi Videos 11 dni temu
He's not stealing the stuff The evil eye does because it's evil.
Nick Long
Nick Long 11 dni temu
In Maestro’s bio it says that his Evil Eye was made by Mira and Twitch
JarenAngels 12 dni temu
you sir, are the only reason i still play this game anymore >.< i thank you good sir
Caiden Hawks
Caiden Hawks 12 dni temu
The LMG reminds me of that one LMG from Titanfall 2 where it’s slow but gets faster
Christian Rios
Christian Rios 12 dni temu
Italy has changed teams.
Brandon Mixter
Brandon Mixter 13 dni temu
Why does mastro's shotie have the exact same iron sights as bandit's other gun??
xxTheLegendPurpl3 xx
How does russianbadger only have 1.9 subs? He deserves more
Braxton McCrary
Braxton McCrary 14 dni temu
I picked up my maestro cam and brought it to the injured ying and shot her to death with it
God Of Games
God Of Games 14 dni temu
His profile pic is level: 100 mine is crook level one
blackalpha007 15 dni temu
"I sawed this Nation is half." So basically... Panama. LoL
ants storch
ants storch 16 dni temu
Blowtorch destroys it to
ants storch
ants storch 16 dni temu
Do I get clash or meatball
Matt06Plays 17 dni temu
I like at 2:05 how he referenced memers delight’s top 10s
Trusty Patches
Trusty Patches 17 dni temu
why does badger look like a meet the Robinsons family member
TheAlphaGaming550 18 dni temu
Hey, is there any reason I keep getting matchmade with lvl 3s despite being gold 4 and lvl 87
David Barbosa
David Barbosa 18 dni temu
19:45 when the server starts speaking Spanish
TOXIC GAMER 18 dni temu
21:57 WHATS UP FUCKER parden my french it was to tempting
Michelle Cassens
Michelle Cassens 18 dni temu
badger: bang'em bang'em
Orlando Siqueira
Orlando Siqueira 19 dni temu
Here in Brazil the voice actor that voices Kratos also voices Maestro, so here he actually is Kratos...
Chev_man _13
Chev_man _13 19 dni temu
You look like jimmy neutron
Waleed Gaming and More !
*F O O K I N L A Z E R S I G H T S*
Jack Berg
Jack Berg 19 dni temu
12:37 is the same clip from the doc video
OpG Skittl3s
OpG Skittl3s 20 dni temu
Does eekajj have a PLvid or twitch Chanel?
Your mom
Your mom 20 dni temu
Rip maestro hipfire
jimthecat 20 dni temu
yo chief i got an ad for meatballs on this video
Cooter Kid
Cooter Kid 21 dzień temu
If you make a vid about nomad call it “normie nomad”
When Life Smacks You In The Face
To this day, I still mourn for the hipfire removal
MARSHAL SCHRAM 21 dzień temu
Have you ever shot a drone due to being on defense so much that you've shot your drones while attacking. I have
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 21 dzień temu
Thatcher and twitch can disable it?
thangnoose :/
thangnoose :/ 22 dni temu
19:26 ash's head confirmed
Freddy Cadtillo
Freddy Cadtillo 23 dni temu
Should I get lion or maestro comment ple
Ray Tallarini
Ray Tallarini 23 dni temu
Wait, who's the voice that's in pink?
UnevenerVenus7 23 dni temu
3:12 You fucked up
Otaku_God_777 23 dni temu
Just a little fact the irl version of the kratos actually has less recoil than in game the design is made to push the recoil back into your hand and not made the gun go upwards
LTWalker2006 Walker
If we could lean on Xbox or PS4 without aiming I would get meatball boi and main him instead of Frost lol
Pancake Cream
Pancake Cream 23 dni temu
Personally, I’ve found that if you get a full squad of semi auto shotguns, they’re pretty darn good, same thing goes with lmgs when you can literally light up a whole room with near 600 rounds in just 30 seconds
Aidan Lucas
Aidan Lucas 24 dni temu
2:30 "laser boi"
Praestes 25 dni temu
Did anyone else notice the typo at 3:11 or is it just me?
TheCahlab86 25 dni temu
Im a maestro main, YOU MAKE ME SICK THAT YOU DIDNT SAY *h i p f i r e* after getting that triple.
Just your Boi
Just your Boi 26 dni temu
I saw”what my my marriage?”
AB B 26 dni temu
My name is Adriano
I I 26 dni temu
Ok nearly a year later, but I just realized Maestro's LMG is literally just an MG42 chambered in 5.56. The RoF should actually be over 1000 and the box he has on it could be holding 200 rounds as opposed to the 80. Fucking hate real life getting nerfed but still one of the coolest weapons in the game
Feed Me
Feed Me 26 dni temu
When he said 2k I was not paying attention and thought he was saying toucan
Under Games
Under Games 26 dni temu
Mobile Tachanka is here Oh no...
Michelle Cassens
Michelle Cassens 27 dni temu
i played jc3, and i pre ordered jc4, both really frickin fun
XxKrla521 27 dni temu
I have lion capitao ying echo and maestro what should I get next I was thinking frost cuz of the discount or maybe mira or maybe dokkabei what do u think and another question did I choose whong dlc op cuz I bought echo and maestro two drone ops
KoruGaming 27 dni temu
If badger got a penny for every time he got called a hacker from all of the Hipfires headshots he got, he'd be rich.
Stuckterror8067 Ohh yeah yeah
KoruGaming true
TheMadPigz 27 dni temu
Star Platinum ZEH WORLDO
ya one taped all you taped and didnt let go so technicly its a one tap
TheChillRoom 28 dni temu
@19:44; is that a Halo scope magnification sound effect?
Star wars Is dad best
How stupid can people be to walk into badgers bullets and am i the only person who thinks the evil eye looks like a astronaut helmet
Battlecat 347
Battlecat 347 29 dni temu
I got mvp with Mario with 1 kill and 6 assist
S T E A M Y 29 dni temu
He reminds me of Mario
Jeffrey Arnold
Jeffrey Arnold 29 dni temu
Maetaba Unica, not the Rhino
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 29 dni temu
lol i got maestro from a holiday alpha pack xD like if u did as well
ttv nicktanic
ttv nicktanic Miesiąc temu
Sicko mode
Travis Bessey
Travis Bessey Miesiąc temu
Maverick can blow torch it and destroy it
crazyboy0605 Miesiąc temu
Kane Mcleod
Kane Mcleod Miesiąc temu
Rip the nerf to his lmgs hip fire
TheMystery63 Miesiąc temu
Is nobody going to talk about how at 3:12 its says "What my my marriage"
Tre Icy
Tre Icy Miesiąc temu
When you see that Russian badger beat Cross archon
Can't Killean the Zilean
I refuse to use that fookin shotgun purely because if its capability to literally liquify any target and anything next to it...
The master marksman
The master marksman Miesiąc temu
Maestro, aka, Mario the meatball mongrel
shivas brother
shivas brother Miesiąc temu
rico rodriguez has „gunshot“
Paul DeNovo
Paul DeNovo Miesiąc temu
If you say that he is anyone but Fidel Castro, your wrong
Aven Preston
Aven Preston Miesiąc temu
and the rino is still in .357
BlueShineKB Miesiąc temu
So like it shoots like that in irl right? U wanna know why? Cuz the barrel is on the bottom, not the top so instead of the recoil going up,it goes into ur hand. Demo ranch bois
a dissapointment
a dissapointment Miesiąc temu
11:30 Hyperion much
TheGrayBear Miesiąc temu
*What my my marriage* 3:11
sloth demon
sloth demon Miesiąc temu
Maestro reminds me of Fidel castro
Yuki _
Yuki _ Miesiąc temu
Big Chungas
Big Chungas Miesiąc temu
I will trade my black ice for a *Mountain Foliage*
Shorter Miesiąc temu
Its SNIPZEY Miesiąc temu
I was a little pissed about not getting the John Denver country roads since I’m from West Virginia
Austin Ward
Austin Ward Miesiąc temu
anyone else watching in 1776?
Austin Ward
Austin Ward Miesiąc temu
best youtuber
__ Scythe
__ Scythe Miesiąc temu
“Nobody expects 2 claymores” - Dragonrage21😂
Marilena Garnica
Marilena Garnica Miesiąc temu
Mute can't breath cuz i hit him in the throat with a nitro cell
Razer 9458
Razer 9458 Miesiąc temu
I've clutched 5 games with turret alone and his turret needs buff to be overpowered
Felipew sampaio
Felipew sampaio Miesiąc temu
9:55 yal high
gh_3_2 Miesiąc temu
He's wearing a pimax 8k lmao 11:13
doit ranch
doit ranch Miesiąc temu
I thought I was alone with that bethesda disappointment but nope :)
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Dzień temu
Apple Be Like
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