MEATBALL MAESTRO | Rainbow Six Siege

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23 cze 2018

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Komentarze 4 839
TheRussianBadger 4 miesięcy temu
Yo chief, the audio/video is perfectly synced in the video file itself and on my end while watching on desktop/mobile. If for some reason your audio/video sync is goofy, let me know what you're watching on and what quality - IMMA SOLVE THIS CASE LIKE KIM POSSIBLE.
Samuel Wall
Samuel Wall Miesiąc temu
I’m gonna be the 500 comment
The Angry Capybara
The Angry Capybara 4 miesięcy temu
TheRussianBadger I'm running it at 360p other than that awesome vid hope ur having a nice day
kdestruct1 4 miesięcy temu
Tablet at 480 is bugged, chief.
22cyberdude 4 miesięcy temu
Sync done goofed watching on a phone a 360p
BaileyS 4 miesięcy temu
I’m watching on an IPhone 6+ and the audio is off sync
Star Wing
Star Wing 24 minut temu
Wow, thank you for showing me these clips, I’m never gonna get this game XD if the ppl in it are so bra. Dead and always walk to your line of sight then...that’s not a challenge. The only semi smart person I saw was the guy with 2 claymores.
You Slumber, Cucumber
You Slumber, Cucumber Godzinę temu
Who's that new operator? Yeah, the one zapping his nuts in the corner.
ICoolBustHeal 11 godzin temu
Rip hipfire
Brent Ramsten
Brent Ramsten 21 godzinę temu
so you are saying they used "country roads" for the fallout 76 trailer. fitting, considering it was a disaster.
Brent Ramsten
Brent Ramsten 22 godzin temu
omg,they actually do look like plasma TVs... they even have the buttons on the side.
Benjamin Venegas
Benjamin Venegas Dzień temu
Not gunna lie the drive by doc stim in the beginning
KnackrackG Dzień temu
How can twitch temporarily disable it? ~ 5:50
SNACK DOOM Dzień temu
Thicc boi Thighstro
Julio Palacio
Julio Palacio 2 dni temu
I thought you were ganna say Castro lol
j j lolz
j j lolz 2 dni temu
you sound like bagon candaion
Miss Dee
Miss Dee 2 dni temu
Zavier Price
Zavier Price 2 dni temu
They need to update lord chanka to be able to just walk around with his lmg and just have both him and the meatball mobile and have chanka take the mounted out of "LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cloudy 3 dni temu
If tachanka could move with his turret = Maestro
chckplz 111
chckplz 111 3 dni temu
15:15 one big fucking hole comin right up
Isaac Wickens
Isaac Wickens 3 dni temu
Try the video to 19:18 them slow down the play speed to the lowest one
TOBY HEWITT 4 dni temu
you look like older goob from 'meet the robinsons'
Crosby The Wolf
Crosby The Wolf 4 dni temu
Captions: *What my my marriage* Badger "What about my marriage?" Me: "HMMMMM"
4chan Man
4chan Man 4 dni temu
I keep focusing on the ring lights in his eyes
S.I.X. 5 dni temu
Catch the fade on 2k
Kevin Heo
Kevin Heo 5 dni temu
To show you the power of flex tape I sawed the decleration of independance in half
Kevin Heo
Kevin Heo 5 dni temu
RIP Maestro's hipfire. 4/11/18
Maestro Rage
Maestro Rage 6 dni temu
16:14 damn right i dont
Basically John
Basically John 7 dni temu
Had to watch the intro again cause rip hipfire.
J . B
J . B 7 dni temu
Who is the girl badger plays wid?
Silent 7 dni temu
Why is maestro roaming a viable strat
Alex Sherer
Alex Sherer 7 dni temu
i got my first ace with p90
Brody Portwood
Brody Portwood 7 dni temu
R.I.P. hipfiring Edit:on ya boi he now has normal hipfire
Avekade 8 dni temu
Rip Alda's hipfire
Antispiral 8 dni temu
F for hipfire.
supreme awesomeness
Why people call it the death star? it should be the *MEATBALL*
Ashton Hundt
Ashton Hundt 9 dni temu
How noobs say boi: boi how pros say boi: 🅱️🅾️ℹ️
Grape 9 dni temu
Maestro is EXTRA THICC!
reLik 11 dni temu
RIP Maestro's Amazing Hipfire
jetmaniacs63 11 dni temu
8:06 is Ying.... T posing?
RogueReaper0290 11 dni temu
IQ hard counters maestro
pro gamer 990
pro gamer 990 11 dni temu
Everyone that has played or knows payday 2 rememberes the judge shotgun
Dankisouris Rex
Dankisouris Rex 11 dni temu
One time rook and maestro fell at the exact same time and now we have the San Andreas fault
Mr_MaskedSecret 11 dni temu
Why does it feel like every single nerf in R6 is Badger's doing? Maestro Fire Rate: GONE! Italian backstory: GONE! His father: GONE!
Dylan Moberly
Dylan Moberly 12 dni temu
i have only been watching for a little over two weeks and i just cant get over your videos. keep doing what you do love i love it
Steven Farlands
Steven Farlands 12 dni temu
I think that LMG is made with Hyperion technology. If anyone gets the reference
GhostDude 94
GhostDude 94 8 dni temu
I gotchu
Maleficent Dolphin
Maleficent Dolphin 14 dni temu
Graped - The act of squeezing one or both of someones testicle(s) like a grape as a means of interrogation, or punishment. Popular amongst females and homosexuals.
ScrewedUpGaming 14 dni temu
Oh yeah btw Maestro means musical master
Impossible eatable
Impossible eatable 15 dni temu
You may be able to disrupt my drone, but I am able to disrupt your face
sombernicco on games
Italy has left the game
sombernicco on games
Guys I have a plan
ILikeGamesToo - King of Discord
I had to burn a cup cause their was an ant wearing a fucking potato chip for protection. What the fuck is wrong with ants.
MysticaReych 17 dni temu
Its incredible how unique you are, I cant name one other person who has humour like you, I cant explain it but your humour is just on a whole other level. Keep being you man. c:
Airborne592 17 dni temu
Is anyone gonna talk about the typo? “What my my marriage?”
Soap Mactavish
Soap Mactavish 18 dni temu
Maestro are to much spaghetti for recoil
Montreal Man
Montreal Man 18 dni temu
He really looks like Di Ravello.
Literally Nothing Daily
3:12 my my marriage
Assassin Mudkip
Assassin Mudkip 18 dni temu
Nobody expects the Italian inquisition
Isaac101 Gaming Vlog
I have the same mask as cassel
Georgey 19 dni temu
I was kind of suprised when you said "like a small african child getting his hands on a bootleg ak-47" Why specificly african??? Thought it was pretty racist
Matthew Castles
Matthew Castles 19 dni temu
*maestro hits head shot I JUST GRAPED U IN THE MOUTH
Ronald Huffman
Ronald Huffman 21 dzień temu
Why is it that in the background clearance is pretty much banging the Mike wazowski thing
Wobaly woba
Wobaly woba 21 dzień temu
Spicey meatballs
Thekentuckyrebel 22 dni temu
Got a Rhino 60ds IRL, I can not tell you damn fun it is.
CephalonSadistic 23 dni temu
pls ubisoft- ,make a mode where defenders and attackers can play on either side. i wanna see a chanka on attack
CephalonSadistic 23 dni temu
put the evil eye.... in the toilet
Fungi Videos
Fungi Videos 23 dni temu
Tachankas VR Maestro's Revolver looks like a flare Gun
Callum Oshea
Callum Oshea 23 dni temu
Lmg + compensator + grip × holographic site = banned for toxic behavior
Finian Salas
Finian Salas 23 dni temu
Add a public comment...
ak gaming
ak gaming 24 dni temu
Mute is from South Yorkshire
Jared Maddison
Jared Maddison 25 dni temu
TY For these videos, they're all really well made and fun to watch in between rounds :D
lone wander
lone wander 25 dni temu
The hipfire is fucking retarded
Hudson Shotts
Hudson Shotts 25 dni temu
Yeah I was gonna pick between getting lesion or alibi, but now there’s no doubt on getting Maestro #chunkydefence
Bavo Nyffels
Bavo Nyffels 26 dni temu
Why is it that the casuals in the vids have the response time of a sloth, but when I play myself I get peeked like jäeger still has his ACOG?
That Dude
That Dude 27 dni temu
To show you the power of the infinity gauntlet, I sawed this universe in half
Nerf Me Ubi
Nerf Me Ubi 28 dni temu
Evil Eye is by the band fu Manchu
Dqrksid3 28 dni temu
Outro rocket league summer music lol
that one guy
that one guy 29 dni temu
Hm which one man?
AgentAri 8
AgentAri 8 29 dni temu
Maestro or echo?
Edoardo Ferrari
Edoardo Ferrari 29 dni temu
7:30 dumbass we won the 1st world war. idiot.
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro Miesiąc temu
Hip ire Maestro is over powered I get so many headshots
Fredrik 189
Fredrik 189 Miesiąc temu
It's official badjur got them aimbots
Robert HUN
Robert HUN Miesiąc temu
for some reason my account has 400% accuracy , is it just me or does it happen to other ppl too ?
HellonEarthXD Miesiąc temu
CHEZEBURGAH Miesiąc temu
I like to play around hatches with maestro reflex LMG and the bailiff. You forgot to mention that the bailiff can smash hatches open like a punch buggy on a Sunday afternoon brother.
Sirm00setache Miesiąc temu
Why did they give him an MG 42?
Sergeant Skillz3
Sergeant Skillz3 Miesiąc temu
I SAWED KOREA IN HALF! (Has a Korean war flashback) now that's a lot of damage.
Connor3HaloGaming Miesiąc temu
A fortnite ad came on midway through the video and ruined my day
Hotel? ?letoH
Hotel? ?letoH Miesiąc temu
It is I the roles thief
So_hyper321 S.
So_hyper321 S. Miesiąc temu
Bill nye?
Wilhelm 1002
Wilhelm 1002 Miesiąc temu
Is that a Hitlers Buzzsaw I see right there. Ouch
Anime Boi 101
Anime Boi 101 Miesiąc temu
His name should be instead of maestro it should be meatball marinara
Coby Lastimosa
Coby Lastimosa Miesiąc temu
Some people call it the rhino he calls it the Kratos but I call it the KEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERATOS
Reese Miesiąc temu
Icrazychicken hd
Icrazychicken hd Miesiąc temu
One word: P R E F I R E
Ciaran Hunter
Ciaran Hunter Miesiąc temu
何がファック? (use google translate)
PraiseMako Miesiąc temu
9:56 y’all niggas hiring
Joey Gerace
Joey Gerace Miesiąc temu
At 3:12 it says “ what my my marriage”what the heck
IIv Snagz vII
IIv Snagz vII Miesiąc temu
In that first clip, did he even get the ace.?
Deutsche Hierarchie
Deutsche Hierarchie Miesiąc temu
18:55 "behold the might kratos! Son of Thor!" - Makulah
TheEpicPwner1 Miesiąc temu
Mountain Foliage
DeadlyPlays MC
DeadlyPlays MC Miesiąc temu
3:13 my my marriage
muffin mudkip
muffin mudkip Miesiąc temu
Did you see Jackle T pose
Frozen Scales
Frozen Scales Miesiąc temu
I got his talent😃🤣🤣😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
jim kohn
jim kohn Miesiąc temu
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