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Nathaniel Hopf
Nathaniel Hopf 17 minut temu
He looks like a guy but sounds like a girl...?
Heyper playzz
Heyper playzz 17 minut temu
I LOVE this ♡
That Guy
That Guy 18 minut temu
Just sucks that most of the girls on here are actual whores smh great song tho
MARISA 11 19 minut temu
#2 en trndecia xd
SEUNGHA SEO 19 minut temu
Ellen!😛❤️ love this ver.
Lily Maria Athanasopoulos
Why is this on trending after the pete and ariana breakup?? This is so much better
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 20 minut temu
Travis Scott better
aMie Beckz Jr ✔️
aMie Beckz Jr ✔️ 20 minut temu
Lily Maria Athanasopoulos
Gerson López
Gerson López 23 minut temu
Ow god
Nico G.B.
Nico G.B. 23 minut temu
If it has Lilly Singh, I'm disliking it
GD Theory
GD Theory 23 minut temu
Wait this is actually a thing now.
Arsalan Ahmad
Arsalan Ahmad 23 minut temu
At 1:45 did i just see Ellen
Ryan Lav
Ryan Lav 25 minut temu
Who else is her before 1 mil
Katra 26 minut temu
Most def better version
Niyonsenga Denise
Niyonsenga Denise 27 minut temu
D F 27 minut temu
Song ruined 2:53
It's Maya
It's Maya 32 minut temu
This one is moreee fun with all those moves he he . I love her Wife, Ellen and yeah Everyone ! Hey you and yeah you too :)
Miranda 32 minut temu
Woah there another one
Malach Daniel
Malach Daniel 33 minut temu
I LIKE TATERS 33 minut temu
Ellen did better this time lol
kpb2025 34 minut temu
I didn't think this music video could be any cuter, loooove it.
G C 34 minut temu
Tiffany haddish got me dead asf
Italo Lesione
Italo Lesione 35 minut temu
gosh, this one is even better than the first one. I feel closer to them.
Jaiyhana Hale
Jaiyhana Hale 35 minut temu
Leave it to Tiffany Haddish.😂😂💁🏾‍♀️
Cheriuki Chan
Cheriuki Chan 35 minut temu
This version better
Lui 35 minut temu
Here before 1 mill!
Connor Baker 2
Connor Baker 2 35 minut temu
Ellen is to funny
who likes BLACKPINK?
who likes BLACKPINK? 35 minut temu
GAL GADOOOT!!. Why so hot?. How to be you?😩😩.
Jake butt
Jake butt 36 minut temu
Today’s version of despacito 2
Wafa Ali
Wafa Ali 36 minut temu
Loooooove u
Mythic 36 minut temu
Before 1 Mil views
It's Viola
It's Viola 36 minut temu
This is my second favorite song of theirs right next to "misery"💖
MDM Michaud
MDM Michaud 36 minut temu
And I thought that there were many versions of despacito.
Rylan Cristobal
Rylan Cristobal 36 minut temu
Version 3 should be behind the scenes😀
Chris Peri
Chris Peri 36 minut temu
Ayyy Ellen !
maxwel alves
maxwel alves 37 minut temu
TOP so achei que á voz esta muito parecida com a do AKON
Kendall Greeg
Kendall Greeg 37 minut temu
Lo mismo pero mas barato
Kawaii Avocadoz
Kawaii Avocadoz 37 minut temu
*Whos here before 1 million views!?* ❤️
Merric Cereska
Merric Cereska 37 minut temu
It's so good but he probably was uncomfortable holding her
Yvonne Angulo
Yvonne Angulo 37 minut temu
Cardi is just so much fucken garbage she just she just ruins this fucken song
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee 37 minut temu
What’s the difference between Volume 1 and 2? Oh I see it.
Maude Gameuse
Maude Gameuse 37 minut temu
Français ?? Y sont ou ? 😭😂🙄
Maude Gameuse
Maude Gameuse 37 minut temu
Français ?? Y sont ou ? 😭😂🙄
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 37 minut temu
V A 37 minut temu
Look how beautiful America people are all nationality...
Ariana Torres
Ariana Torres 37 minut temu
another one
So Pretty
So Pretty 37 minut temu
Ellen is so cute. 😂
Svarzbleed Mendezluciano818
Fuck i clicked on the wrong vid bye
Brandon 38 minut temu
here before 1 million.
Major Drew
Major Drew 38 minut temu
Essa música MDS💞💓
Jonah Pamolagan
Jonah Pamolagan 38 minut temu
They are so cute.
Amira Saleh
Amira Saleh 38 minut temu
I’m dead😂😂😂
SKYKILLER15 38 minut temu
it fells like I've seen this before. hmmm
Amira Saleh
Amira Saleh 38 minut temu
U know why I love this song because 0% dumb lyrics 0% body and self image 10000000% *ICONIC*
Lizeth C
Lizeth C 38 minut temu
3:43 @tifanny hadish 😂 Love this version.
Mark Cherry
Mark Cherry 38 minut temu
Holy molly lily singh
Unhindged 38 minut temu
Now all we need is milli Bobby brown to rap cardi’s part
Chaloe Kim
Chaloe Kim 39 minut temu
this video valume 2 is really bad i felt bad beacuse of there no sarah silverman and alex morgan?
princesalunaazul 39 minut temu
muuuucho mejor
Jayden Sage
Jayden Sage 39 minut temu
Me too
Sabrina Santillan
Sabrina Santillan 39 minut temu
Me gusta si sos de Argentina🇦🇷
Jeremiah Wormly
Jeremiah Wormly 39 minut temu
song was always dope... this video was better than the first lol...
Aztec Drag
Aztec Drag 40 minut temu
Rylan Cristobal
Rylan Cristobal 40 minut temu
I know this will go viral again🙏🙏TBH this one looks more funny and they are all having fun😊😊😊
nature lover
nature lover 40 minut temu
Okies ❤️
Fuppy Ko
Fuppy Ko 40 minut temu
ellen isn't depressed in this one
Mikaela 41 minuta temu
here before 1 million !
Readersheart 41 minuta temu
I Loved the first one so much that I was hesitant to watch this. What FUN! I laughed out loud in spots. So glad you guys released this relaxed, silly version for us to see. 👏🏼
Mia 101
Mia 101 41 minuta temu
Who’s here before 1 million views?
Tofeeta Jamal
Tofeeta Jamal 41 minuta temu
Cristella :3 R-J
Cristella :3 R-J 41 minuta temu
las dos versiones son buenas
Faze Kicu
Faze Kicu 41 minuta temu
he just wants more money like if agree
SKS Gaming
SKS Gaming 41 minuta temu
Ellen is actually singing
emmanuel pierre 2.0
emmanuel pierre 2.0 41 minuta temu
Same thing im i tripping Edit:commented to early my bad
IKIDEMAIS 42 minut temu
Rubik Guru
Rubik Guru 42 minut temu
Who is here before Million
Reckless& Relentless
Reckless& Relentless 42 minut temu
Not a big Adam fan, but the song isn't half bad..
Amira Saleh
Amira Saleh 42 minut temu
Here before a million views ✌🏽
Manik Basha
Manik Basha 42 minut temu
Joseph Juarez
Joseph Juarez 42 minut temu
Before 1 million Gang 😎😎😎
Rnold Astr
Rnold Astr 42 minut temu
Where is Avril lavigne?
Gizem Bal
Gizem Bal 42 minut temu
This video so sweet.! I love it!!!
SomeSeriousCat 42 minut temu
Here before a million, who else?
L vilo
L vilo 43 minut temu
whom else saw Ellen as one of the girls.
Valentina Ivimas
Valentina Ivimas 43 minut temu
cero cachapeo but estoy enamorada de gal gadot maaal😍
Rohan Turner
Rohan Turner 43 minut temu
Ha here before 900K
Marco Licea
Marco Licea 43 minut temu
I don’t like Maroon 5 is pop
Sadie Beam
Sadie Beam 43 minut temu
This video makes me super emotional for some odd reason....
Alpha Foxtrot
Alpha Foxtrot 43 minut temu
Why’d you make a 2nd music video
KNIGHT MASTER 44 minut temu
Camilla has a nice ass
NaFlirpADurp 44 minut temu
Before 1 Million?!
Carol Apaez
Carol Apaez 44 minut temu
Cardi ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lps Violet
Lps Violet 44 minut temu
Smiley Halima
Smiley Halima 44 minut temu
Lily and Millie 😍❤️
edaí ?
edaí ? 44 minut temu
N sabia q o Adam ainda era do Maroon 5
KNIGHT MASTER 44 minut temu
The songs not different...just the video?
Meniya Person
Meniya Person 44 minut temu
I'm here before 1 mil that's crazy
Jackito Beltrán
Jackito Beltrán 44 minut temu
Me encantó
ZEBRA 44 minut temu
Ahora quien lo baja del #1 en los Billboards 😂
11 godzin temu
UpTown Spot
15 godzin temu