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Male Singers Hitting Female Singers HIGH NOTES!!

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Mais arrêtez d’hurler enfin !
Greg Bledsoe
Greg Bledsoe Godzinę temu
Bet they still cant do I'll never let you go by steelheart
Edreien Mission
Edreien Mission 5 godzin temu
I can do the this is me songs and I'm a boy
D Isaac Faddis
D Isaac Faddis 6 godzin temu
One name goes above everyone else, Minie Riperton....
Groot The Dog
Groot The Dog 8 godzin temu
The guy in the beginning singing bang bang sounded the same as jessie j
Lubna HM
Lubna HM 9 godzin temu
I'm here for Mitchie
Luke Street
Luke Street 11 godzin temu
I could hit these notes if someone was trying to kill me
Fatima Zohra
Fatima Zohra 11 godzin temu
6:30 If you wanna see Mitch. You're welcome.
Hey Moon
Hey Moon 11 godzin temu
*cough* brendon boyd urie *cough*
maeva ckr
maeva ckr 13 godzin temu
1:50 i think I’m in love
silver sama
silver sama 21 godzinę temu
oops si jake zyrus yata yon
Trixia Ilagan
Trixia Ilagan 21 godzinę temu
omg Charice :((
Chriscool084 Dzień temu
4:33 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Luke James
Luke James Dzień temu
4:40 only dogs be hearing him
Anna Wishes
Anna Wishes Dzień temu
Where Panic!At The Disco? Brendon Urie and his AMAZING voice?
rwiersema Dzień temu
The dude doing Mariah's whistle singing was awesome
club dore
club dore Dzień temu
1:01 AUTO TUNE! 4 the audio nerds run a vocal tuner, look at the flatline ^^ Auto tune mark!!!
Cupcake CutiePie
Cupcake CutiePie Dzień temu
M Dzień temu
Not quite. Still a little lower than the original. But it’s normal, guys can’t sing exactly like girls. The rest is just tweens and guys with naturally high pitch voices. They have a little step ahead to those with manly voices, lol.
Amanda Ackerman
Amanda Ackerman Dzień temu
I only came here for Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix
K3Y Dzień temu
Puberty's going to be a bitch to some of these kids
Abhiram P Lal
Abhiram P Lal Dzień temu
The intro song is Kesha-praying chase holfelder
Ayse 2 dni temu
Vitas' Adagio Italian version is pretty awesome too!
Taylor Massey
Taylor Massey 2 dni temu
Mendes Army 4Life
These aren’t female notes these are notes for anyone
Polina P
Polina P 2 dni temu
What is a song in intro?!!
мила доценко
Where’s Vitas Opera 2?
김지은 2 dni temu
와우 이혁나와서 완전 놀람
이한샘 2 dni temu
혁이형이 여기서 왜나와...?
Johnna Marcus
Johnna Marcus 3 dni temu
In alive that kid was doing a actual form from the style of tang suedo called pione 3
Lizzie Otome
Lizzie Otome 3 dni temu
Their voices look like all the same lol
nexxy nene
nexxy nene 3 dni temu
damn...some of them are even better than the original
******** ********
Guys Do you to me a cover some high note song?
Panda Crazy boi
Panda Crazy boi 4 dni temu
I can do this high notes, but my voice is kinda bad sadly, lol... And im also here because Mitch was on the thumbnail.
Eugenio Contreras
That moment when these guys hit the notes even better and clearer and quite possibly higher than the females
Ellink Clarye
Ellink Clarye 4 dni temu
Maybe u should listen to candil's voice from indonesia... . . I dont mean to overproud about singer in my country...but just listen to him
Agniva Sharma
Agniva Sharma 5 dni temu
Worthless. All these people should try not doing it in their second voices..
Wesley Btunned
Wesley Btunned 5 dni temu
Some of them's voices still sounds a woman's voice
typical samara gamer redway
Most of the male singers just uses head voice.. they are not hitting it with chest voice just like the female singers so. Just saying
ItsRhian •///•
That whistle tho
우석현 5 dni temu
add eaguri plz!
TNTstroyer 0521
TNTstroyer 0521 2 dni temu
It’s a male portraying a transgender in a show
i eat ass
i eat ass 2 dni temu
FØFOTv1 مكافحه شحاتين اللايكات―,.― transgender
Kaley Vlogs
Kaley Vlogs 6 dni temu
Corvyx had me shook💝
Audrey L
Audrey L 6 dni temu
Holy shit that guy has whistle notes
Lords of death 708
You should really change the title of this video.
Jane Cristina de Oliveira
When I saw Adagio I though "no, it can't be, no human being but Lara Fabian can reach those notes", and, then, the guy just blew me away! Fair play, Dimash!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Caekouu 6 dni temu
Comments are about : 89% Mitch Grassi 8% i can make these notes when ... 2% the guy sing Beyoncé song was a girl 1% the first guy was incredible
Galaxy_JellyFish 6 dni temu
Alex newell looks like a girl (no offense)
Mr Kim
Mr Kim 7 dni temu
이혁.. 자랑스러운 한국인..
thelittleEmoGurl _____
Brendon Urie??????
Gaming Kind
Gaming Kind 7 dni temu
On emotions nah it's fine be cause I'll do worse 4:27 lol or maybe I'll do better On 0:55 when somebody shot you and they missed 1:34 my bff used to sing this and I said hey if you don't stop your grade will be never enough
panaprem tanmanee
The third one isnt aman
Marvel Hill
Marvel Hill 8 dni temu
auto tune number two-_
fransina rahajaan
does Alex Newell look like a man ?
sarah indomy:v
sarah indomy:v 8 dni temu
I came bc i saw mitch at the cover lol
Sylvestre Right
Sylvestre Right 8 dni temu
Lee Hyuk Even can sing She's gone
eat me bitch
eat me bitch 8 dni temu
Camz Banana
Camz Banana 8 dni temu
Omg abraham mateo ❤
Gray Cigi
Gray Cigi 8 dni temu
Omg that guy singing bang bang is goooooooooooooooooooooooood
Eren M
Eren M 8 dni temu
where is Axl rose from guns n roses man he can sing higher than even Freddie mercury
João Lemos
João Lemos 8 dni temu
6:08 Omg! It's elsa!
João Lemos
João Lemos 8 dni temu
6:08 omg! This is Elsa!
Su zach
Su zach 8 dni temu
What’s the introsong?
Linda Raab
Linda Raab 8 dni temu
Brendon Urie is missing
madie17 SP
madie17 SP 9 dni temu
I wished the tnt boys were included :3 singing bang bang
King Infamous
King Infamous 9 dni temu
1:06 *when you step on a lego*
ParkMinMin 9 dni temu
*I liked because I saw Caleb Hyles*
rain Perez
rain Perez 9 dni temu
Bang bang is not very high for me
William Ventura Martinez
4:32 that note im shooketh
Meleni Puentes
Meleni Puentes 9 dni temu
*sees the name Lara Fabian* "NO FABIO!"
안아안 9 dni temu
any korean see this video?
macky121 9 dni temu
No Chester Bennington rolling in the deep?
SM놀이터의 행복한 SM도토리
이혁 취한다...
Sabi 4B
Sabi 4B 9 dni temu
형이거기서 왜나와
김성언 9 dni temu
Mattsome and louis
Mattsome and louis 10 dni temu
Darren espanto...
Eve Ijah
Eve Ijah 10 dni temu
I’m confused about the Beyoncé song it was a girl that was singing that song not a guy can someone explain that to me
Sister Tango
Sister Tango 10 dni temu
Miguelstyles 10 dni temu
Lain 10 dni temu
Song in the intro? What is this? Who sing this?
Eve Ijah
Eve Ijah 10 dni temu
I’m confused the one for Beyoncé was singed by a girl tho not a boy can someone explain that for me
Wendy Valdivia
Wendy Valdivia 11 dni temu
If I were a boy the person singing was a woman not a man
Mason Whitcomb
Mason Whitcomb 11 dni temu
My voice hurts just watching this
Ashton Heilman
Ashton Heilman 11 dni temu
I totally support that there is nothing wrong with being gay but lesbianest every guy on here is gay
Elisha White
Elisha White 11 dni temu
I can hit Jesse j in bang bang
Frosted Gamer
Frosted Gamer 11 dni temu
I didnt know darren would be here #Filipino4life
Lydeliz Figueroa
Lydeliz Figueroa 11 dni temu
Dang that first one though
hyuna 11 dni temu
damn they hit notes higher than my grades
Anderson Luciano
Anderson Luciano 12 dni temu
Charice one moment in time ❤
italia pagaja adrianna
The one with the Mariah Carrie one OMG I never knew there were guys who could hit whistle tones 😂😂😂 actually I’m dumb
Scarlet San
Scarlet San 12 dni temu
While everyone is talking about being scared or hitting their toes, I'd only be able to hit those notes if someone told me we had a test and I responded with "test?"
Bonds 12 dni temu
The Official Industrial Static
As a person with a 6 octave range I call these low notes.
Christian Glenn Padilla
Charice - one moment in time Best bet to imitate that is Jake Zyrus
Emily Hall
Emily Hall 13 dni temu
3:07 he cute asf and killed it
Trâm Nguyễn
Trâm Nguyễn 13 dni temu
Shookith Queen
Shookith Queen 13 dni temu
When your a female and males sing higher notes that you.
Baby VeEEeeEeE
Baby VeEEeeEeE 13 dni temu
There’s a girl at my old school that can hit the high notes for defying gravity
ĂŁĘKØŃŤŘÅ 13 dni temu
*I saw Mitch Grassi in a thumbnail, now I'm here.* 💫
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Just started watching better be beebo here
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