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MAJOR. - Why I Love You

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From the project, "I Am MAJOR.". Out Now!
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Directed by: Ali Zamani @AZfilmz
Video Producer: Zeus Zamani | @nowthatsMAJOR
Official music video by MAJOR. performing Why I Love You. 2016 BOE Music Group
#MAJOR #WhyILoveYou #Vevo #RandB #VevoOfficial




20 maj 2016




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Komentarze 18 037
Simone Hunter
Simone Hunter 10 godzin temu
Almost 2 years ago my ex sung this too me i had never heard it ...until we broke up i wish we where still together .. it takes courage to sing this to a woman word for word i will ALWAYS💖💖💞💞 YOU JD
Double Dee
Double Dee 10 godzin temu
I can't wait to get married one day💖
Yolamda Kelly
Yolamda Kelly 12 godzin temu
Those words captivated my Heart, and brought tears 😢 to my eyes 👀. Beautiful song. Thank you.
cecilia martins
cecilia martins 13 godzin temu
Love this song :)
Alex Boro
Alex Boro 14 godzin temu
I love you moños ☹️
Heather Southard
Heather Southard 15 godzin temu
I love my husband so much i wish he was out
Sapry Capry
Sapry Capry 18 godzin temu
Wallahi i do miss my habibty😢😢😢😢😢😢
Elmyra Harlan
Elmyra Harlan 20 godzin temu
GOD loves everybody and every thing
Reechin Keur
Reechin Keur Dzień temu
This song made my day the first time I heard it 😢❤️
Binta Diallo
Binta Diallo Dzień temu
Dawn Griggs
Dawn Griggs Dzień temu
This is why I love you my King!! #3yrsstrong
Cody Hicks
Cody Hicks Dzień temu
This song is so beautiful, I been with my wife for 16years married for 4 years come 2020 I plan to ask her to marry me again and I want this to be my wedding song, it's a must....
Toneshia Simmons Huff
Still listening in 2019
Jessica Cervantes
Jessica Cervantes Dzień temu
Thank you I just love you you and only you god first Xoxox
Charmaine, Ms Mbatha
Try listening to this song while looking in the mirror. Thank you Coach Samareh for showing me how to love me!
Alexander Schestag
Alexander Schestag Dzień temu
This is an AMAZING song! The best I have heard in ages!
Orquídea Flores
Orquídea Flores Dzień temu
Desde que eu te conheci, eu já sabia que seria amor... te amei! Te amo! Eu sempre te amarei! E, #portodaminhavidaeuvouteamar
Ericha Flagg
Ericha Flagg Dzień temu
I found the song I'm walking out to in my wedding
Ivanilson Ngunza
Ivanilson Ngunza Dzień temu
2007 who listening 👂
Bongiswa Dlamini
Bongiswa Dlamini Dzień temu
I am going to marry to this song
Am in a complicated relationship this song just reminded me that😭😭 such a touching song I wish one day I can find a soulmate and be able to sing it for him❤️❤️
Mahatmas Gandhi
Mahatmas Gandhi 2 dni temu
you awakened the love in me for you and it will always remain there. i love you babe
Akho Riri
Akho Riri 2 dni temu
dedicated to my lovey single mother 😭❤🌍
RaineStorm Studios
I love this song. I was wondering if I could use the audio for a video I'm doing?
Shaundel Hinds
Shaundel Hinds 2 dni temu
Quatarra Ntchrw
Quatarra Ntchrw 2 dni temu
GG boyz YOLO
GG boyz YOLO 2 dni temu
Your song sucks
Madison and Jade
Madison and Jade 2 dni temu
Angeline Delisca
Angeline Delisca 2 dni temu
OmG i love this song and it's me feel relax.😥
Steve Manasseh
Steve Manasseh 2 dni temu
That is a wedding song😍
Ebonye Wooten
Ebonye Wooten 2 dni temu
My supermen love me
Kenya Amina
Kenya Amina 2 dni temu
wow...the song and video just came together perfectly....the silhouette of Major was spot on...just excellent
Nich Nizel
Nich Nizel 2 dni temu
Johnny Parrott
Johnny Parrott 3 dni temu
Just got married tonight to the love of my life n this is the song I chose her to come out too. My baby was so fucking beautiful yall. God is freaking so god.
Jeanne' Cameron
Jeanne' Cameron 3 dni temu
Omg I'm hearing this song for the first time Feb 17 2019.. I just balled my eyes out so hard, bc not only did I hear this for the first time today, my guy told me he loves me for the first time... 💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kathrine Obe
Kathrine Obe 3 dni temu
Never knew a song so beautifully existed 😭😭😭😭😭 I thought All Of Me & Say You Won't Let Go was it for me but this song just broke me down
marie lane
marie lane 3 dni temu
Nilly Bee
Nilly Bee 3 dni temu
One day, someone will feel this way about me. I can wait until it's the right time for me, but I can't stop picturing it. I'll be dancing to this with my husband for our first dance. Oh, I can see it now.
Empress Sarjie
Empress Sarjie 3 dni temu
My eyes are filled with tears whenever I hear this song 😢
Gayvonn Turkēy
Gayvonn Turkēy 3 dni temu
I could relate to this song
Orquídea Flores
Orquídea Flores 3 dni temu
#du #teamo #rak #amoremio #duh #miamore #duk #duak
Torya Shipp
Torya Shipp 3 dni temu
I have fallen in love with this song
Loraine Coley
Loraine Coley 3 dni temu
I dont y i love u . but i do.
Jessica Cervantes
I love you Xoxo 👄
3 dni temu
I will sing it for my husband in my wedding in march 17. I love you baby. You make me so special I want to be with you for the life. I love you Arnaud I love you. I can wait to be your husband, best friend, wife, to be submitted and to satisfied you. I'm crying now because of you. I promise you to be here to you al the time. I want to be with you baby. I love you
petrice dobson
petrice dobson 3 dni temu
I know it’s weird but sing this to my son’s as much as I can! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Odane Watt
Odane Watt 3 dni temu
Who listening in 2019?
Goddess Lee
Goddess Lee 3 dni temu
After 2019 Valentine's 😭😭😭😍😍😍😍💓💓💓💓
Aa-ron 3 dni temu
This song dropped on my birthday 🎁
Krystal Powell
Krystal Powell 3 dni temu
So this is not John Legend singing? … Wow!
커피롱고 3 dni temu
넘 좋네요~^^
Kay Squad videos
Kay Squad videos 3 dni temu
Sinelisiwe Shange
When uve found love that's makes u wanna be a better person... Love that's unlocks doors that u closed some tym ago... Love that's makes u find urself again.. Love that's makes u c life differently.. Love that's heals wounds that u never shared with any1 except urself... When love is love💕💕.. Such a good song🌹🌹
So much regret is going through my body while listening to this song
TDT TV 3 dni temu
I wonder how much it will cost for him to sing at my future wedding
Nasir Carter
Nasir Carter 3 dni temu
I don’t know what true love is like, I never found true love, and I don’t think I ever will. But I do know that true love is probably the most amazing best feeling in the world!
Maria Buckmire
Maria Buckmire 4 dni temu
I play this song for my mom funeral service and it bring comfort to me knowing dat she luv me and I luv her too
Iszy F
Iszy F 4 dni temu
who is here after valentine feb 16
FLIGHT MAN 4 dni temu
Real Talk Doctor
Real Talk Doctor 4 dni temu
This is an all time hit. I played it and my 15months daughter can't stop hamming to this song. Pure bliss
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis 4 dni temu
This is to my unborn child! Due August 15th! I LOVE U!!! 💖👑😘
Laura Hill
Laura Hill 4 dni temu
Great song
Spoiledporsh 4 dni temu
2019 and still playing it over and over like it’s the first time I’ve heard it. This is definitely one of the songs my husband and I are playing for our 10 year vow renewal
Ghirmay Habteghaber
I love this song so much unfortunately when I listen to it now, it makes me uncomfortable. Nothing is predictable in relationship we just have to cherish the beautiful experience we have gone through.
Terry Brandy missing you Brunson
Last night I safe my best friend Life last night he almost died in his home God is so good🙏🏾💚💛💜💞 I so glad he still here tonight 💏💏💏💏💏💏💏
Leo Tani
Leo Tani 4 dni temu
15.02.19 22:20 time now 😘 I love this song
shishine madina
shishine madina 4 dni temu
Parfait pour les mariages ! !!! a vous les Zamoureux tous mes voeux à vous Luv is All we Need
Bohlale Chantelle
😭💕🌹can I get just 2 minutes of your time ..... wanna give you a bear hug for this song ❤🍕😭
Lakiesha Coudray
Lakiesha Coudray 4 dni temu
Sweetness 2019
Mannasseh Kuria
Mannasseh Kuria 4 dni temu
She's knows I really do....
Salimata Koné
Salimata Koné 4 dni temu
I love you😘❤❤🍫🍫🍫
Chrystal Speed
Chrystal Speed 5 dni temu
Indeed my wedding song so beautiful...
Bright Onyemata
Bright Onyemata 5 dni temu
It has been though.I am giving up.My dad is down with kidney problem and we are considering India for transplant but getting a donor and also the finance is crazy.I am giving up but I dont want to give up.
Latoya Nelson
Latoya Nelson 5 dni temu
I'm still here and I love you , I love you , I love you 😗😗😗
D'Ann Denise Does It!
😍😍😍 2.14.2019
Kris A
Kris A 5 dni temu
No other love will do 💞
Kenann Hoare
Kenann Hoare 5 dni temu
Valentine's Day 2019 on repeat
Zion Campbell
Zion Campbell 5 dni temu
Klarity brought me here
2019 viewers gather here for a short meeting😍❤!!!
Rebecca Edmond
Rebecca Edmond 5 dni temu
A love you💜💋💓
Phillip Lieb
Phillip Lieb 5 dni temu
Him and Zayn Malik need to make a Song together😍😍😍😍2 fucking nice high notes😍😍😍😍😍💍💍💍
sithenkosi xako
sithenkosi xako 5 dni temu
Who is listening to this song on Valentine's day Who's single but still not feeling lonely
Alex Creigh
Alex Creigh 5 dni temu
I can’t wait to love someone this much😫💕
Nunzio Angelo
Nunzio Angelo 5 dni temu
Mmabatho Mputhi. If you ever see this...just remember that this was our moment once.? Remember when you thought it was a John Legend Song?
Esther Muthoni
Esther Muthoni 5 dni temu
Listening to this song on a Valentine's 2019😭😭😭
Byg Tee
Byg Tee 5 dni temu
I fine peace each time I listen to this song. It reminds me that love is still possible am sure I won’t be single for ever,
beinghuman0722 5 dni temu
Found this one on 14th Feb, i hope everyone is having a great time with their loved ones.❤🙏
Ntando Nxumalo
Ntando Nxumalo 6 dni temu
Thank you Cindy Ndlovu D-section Umlazi for sharing this song with me today. Happy Valentines day everyone.
smanga Xulu
smanga Xulu 6 dni temu
Thanks to Cindy Ndlovu from D Section that introduced me to this song. Happy valentines day everyone.
Haitian Prince
Haitian Prince 6 dni temu
Sometime I looked up the sky n skin to my baby u Sydney
Jean noel Motee
Jean noel Motee 6 dni temu
Fred the Kıng Mukansi
Dedicated to the one dedicated this to me 😢
Pfumelani Agnes
Pfumelani Agnes 6 dni temu
14 February happy valentine's Day 😍😍
Lost N Yah's Glory
I truly thank the creator for allowing this fella to bring us back to how love should be an music should sound coming from a man to a woman especially us of color. This is how our people should feel love and respect one another in the music that's made.... Just my opinion..... make more man and never sell out major no matter what's offered....
tumelo mothoa
tumelo mothoa 6 dni temu
This song 😍😍😍😍
Miss Jenn
Miss Jenn 6 dni temu
2020 anyone ? 😆
bimbo latina
bimbo latina 6 dni temu
Kendra Cadet
Kendra Cadet 6 dni temu
My wedding song💓🔥
Lakelle Celestine
You love me l love me
Family Feud: Oscar Nominees - SNL
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