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MAJOR. - Why I Love You

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From the project, "I Am MAJOR.". Out Now!
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Directed by: Ali Zamani @AZfilmz
Video Producer: Zeus Zamani | @nowthatsMAJOR
Official music video by MAJOR. performing Why I Love You. 2016 BOE Music Group
#MAJOR #WhyILoveYou #Vevo #RandB #VevoOfficial




20 maj 2016




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Komentarze 17 381
Simone Lee
Simone Lee 2 godzin temu
If this isn't my marriage proposal song, I don't even want it💍😍😍🙌
Gaush Alam
Gaush Alam 3 godzin temu
chris kelly
chris kelly 10 godzin temu
Damn this song makes me wanna get my ex back
Caceus D.Rolex
Caceus D.Rolex 10 godzin temu
Jamie Rooks
Jamie Rooks 12 godzin temu
Wish my guy would feel this way about me 😢😢
Marika MMc
Marika MMc 15 godzin temu
One day ❤
Jason Davis II
Jason Davis II 16 godzin temu
Wow i seen this guy at a play sing and i said dude was going to make it and NOW I SEE HE HAS... GOD IS GREAT..
Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell 17 godzin temu
This my wedding song Aug 10th 2019 with the love of my life
HKT 12
HKT 12 17 godzin temu
Holy sh*t all this time I thought this was John Legend🤦‍♂️ this dude is amazing
Bernice Garvin
Bernice Garvin 18 godzin temu
My future wedding song..the words touches my soul! ❤❤❤#theseLilboysNeedtositSomeWhere
Adreanna Schriner
Adreanna Schriner 19 godzin temu
This song is dedicated to a truly amazing women I love so much!
Adja Mbacké Jey
Adja Mbacké Jey 19 godzin temu
Who dare be here ?
Bisaso Sheila
Bisaso Sheila 19 godzin temu
Sooo fab
Lucia el Ecco
Lucia el Ecco 22 godzin temu
Umm no no... I love you regardless....whether you love me or not!
Monique Desiree Tarrant
This song is absolutely beautiful! 💚
WILLAM DMM 23 godzin temu
I can't get enough of this song. Beautiful music.
Leila Lewis
Leila Lewis 23 godzin temu
This song makes me think of my wife ah how I love you so much ms prashad 😭😘😘😭😘
Alina _n.g.
Alina _n.g. Dzień temu
ITS sooo beautiful 😭😭😭❤
cookie cookie
cookie cookie Dzień temu
My wedding song! I love u baby so much...Now and forever ...this is why i love u💋💋💋 because u love me❤❤❤❤❤
NS SINGH Dzień temu
I love you
C Obryant
C Obryant Dzień temu
One of the most beautiful songs EVER! Thank you MAJOR.
Marian Busch
Marian Busch Dzień temu
asiimwe robert
asiimwe robert Dzień temu
been having unstable relationship with my GF... when I listen to this song, it gives me courage and energy to pursue on and fight for my love of life...
kelly sayce
kelly sayce Dzień temu
Well I've found my wedding song !!!!!
Mykndra Taylor
Mykndra Taylor Dzień temu
my wife of 15 years and thus is how I still feel miss lashonda taylor this why I love you because you love me
Jazmin Gonzales
Jazmin Gonzales Dzień temu
I wanna find someone and be truly happy, But who still listening in 2018?❤️
David M. Daniel
David M. Daniel Dzień temu
I don't care how long it takes. I'm going to learn how to sing and play this on the piano for my girl when we get married.
Te-Shawn Lewis
Te-Shawn Lewis Dzień temu
A guy who was proposing to his girlfriend
Veronica Bryant
Veronica Bryant Dzień temu
Wedding song for real
Deboràh Horton
Deboràh Horton Dzień temu
Marissa, God never makes a mistake, children may come not planned but God knows what is best , continue to put strive toward your goals and you will make it
Wilner Giraud
Wilner Giraud Dzień temu
J'étais entrain de regarder une vidéo sur Facebook où il y a une mère qui chante pour son enfant et je suis venu sur PLvid pour voir la version originale. Wawwww....
Rondecia Benjamin
Rondecia Benjamin Dzień temu
to my future husband 😙😍
Miko Jackson
Miko Jackson Dzień temu
I’m here because of that beautiful boy💙
Dyanna Dzień temu
Single as hell - No man - No fiancé - No ring - But I have a wedding song lol
Tamipiriye E.
Tamipiriye E. 4 godzin temu
Hope Imoh
Hope Imoh 6 godzin temu
I can be that man...😊
Rita Montminy
Rita Montminy 11 godzin temu
Yes Queen! Same here! Single AF!
Danna Dennis
Danna Dennis 11 godzin temu
Dyanna it's coming girl..
Aaliyah Taylor
Aaliyah Taylor Dzień temu
L O L🤣🤣
Aaliyah Taylor
Aaliyah Taylor Dzień temu
tonisha Williams
tonisha Williams Dzień temu
The exact song will be at my my wedding 👰🏾 some day 😘😍😘😋
Ruthy Davis
Ruthy Davis Dzień temu
This my wedding song
Miriam Cummins
Miriam Cummins Dzień temu
If I get 2K subs I’ll do a cover 😂 (worth a try guys)
Linet Kazungu Linet
This dong remind me to lost the most person that i was love him so much
Lyah KIAA 2 dni temu
Like Like 👍🏻 Major super I like 👍🏻🥰 i this love song sooo Beautifulllll Relaxing romantic🌹❤️🍾🥂 Lovely m’y friend 😘🌹 Thank you so much for song love I'm listening to her at my place In the Car In my shower This wonderful song And perfect, I love it🌹🌹❣️❣️🌹🌹
Prudent Knights
Prudent Knights 2 dni temu
A love that god of israel bless is a example of this (abraham and sarah)
fortune murapa
fortune murapa 2 dni temu
One day you will bump onto this text babe, just know l love you too. The day you will show me this that would be our weddin song.
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 2 dni temu
This song is off the hook
itsme christy
itsme christy 2 dni temu
I ❤ you, Miss R.
April 26
April 26 2 dni temu
mulugeta kebede
mulugeta kebede 2 dni temu
Love is so powerful and beautiful but dangerous when we fall in love with a wrong person
Clarisse clarisse
This song is so perfect 😍
Lucy Figueiredo
Lucy Figueiredo 2 dni temu
I ment 2018
Lucy Figueiredo
Lucy Figueiredo 2 dni temu
Im listeing in w0q8 on december the 17th
Lucy Figueiredo
Lucy Figueiredo 2 dni temu
I ment 2018
Tania M. Morgan
Tania M. Morgan 2 dni temu
Major helping Diva Faith up the steps on the Soul Train Awards and him dancing with Ledisi brought me here.. #Gentleman
Abubakar Sadik
Abubakar Sadik 2 dni temu
2018 to 2019
zeynep atayewa
zeynep atayewa 2 dni temu
Pinkangel007 2 dni temu
Aleisha Young
Aleisha Young 2 dni temu
Aleisha Young
Aleisha Young 2 dni temu
Pamela beles
Pamela beles 2 dni temu
This was my niece wedding song on dec 11, i cried the whole ceremony, song was just so beautiful
Mykii Don
Mykii Don 2 dni temu
ouu congrats❤
Faizul Kassam
Faizul Kassam 2 dni temu
This guy can SING!
jackie holmes
jackie holmes 3 dni temu
Omg never heard of this song or artist .looking at the news and seeing this mother singing this song to her baby son that was being bullied it took my heart away couldn't stop crying . I thank GOD for this song .this song is so beautiful . And for the mother you have touch so many lives with your love for your son. You have a beautiful family and tell your son all the way from b.ham Alabama he is adorable. What the devil meant for bad GOD TURNED IT FOR GOOD.MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THIS FAMILY IN THE NAME OF JESUS NO WEAPON FORM AGAISNT THIS FAMILY SHOULD PROSPER.
Kendrah 3 dni temu
Oh when I heard this song when a mother was singing to her son cause he was getting bullied by the colour of his skin, this j broke me 💗 I luvv this song sm!
zooman 054
zooman 054 3 dni temu
22k dislikes how sway ?
Spread Love
Spread Love 3 dni temu
Who is watching this while being single 😭😂 🤚🏽
NEESH NEESH 3 dni temu
Beautiful song... does anyone know who makes the glasses she was wearing in the scene with the computer?
Chelsi Brooks
Chelsi Brooks 3 dni temu
The guy proposing to his girl brought me here 🥰
Lucques Makaea
Lucques Makaea 3 dni temu
1 like = helping the little boy get through bullying! 💙
Prince Radio Ra Fan Page
Saaturii 3 dni temu
My Mom Sent Me This Lol
oberia pierce
oberia pierce 3 dni temu
I Love you DAD
Hulisani Netshiavha
This song make my cry... Like srsly am an ass and this just a song that deffine my wife, mother of my kids... And i seems to forgert it and when i listine to this song eish
Monica Kassi
Monica Kassi 3 dni temu
Love in return is Amazing thing, but had to get.
Racy R
Racy R 3 dni temu
This.........🔥nothing like this song right now and his voice😘💝
Dawncarol Melius
Dawncarol Melius 3 dni temu
The best song ever
Sasha Mashapa
Sasha Mashapa 3 dni temu
😢 Where is my Mr right 😔
MS ANW 3 dni temu
Sasha Mashapa he’s coming, don’t worry 😘
Rev Darius Randle
He sounds a like lot John Legend. I thought it was him
adorejadaaTV 4 dni temu
I came from the mom singing to her bullied child because his skin was too dark and the kid was crying😪
Joi Sims
Joi Sims 13 godzin temu
KvngE 2 dni temu
Same it was soooo sad
MS ANW 3 dni temu
adorejadaaTV ❤️❤️❤️
Sincere The Traveler
love this song
_Dinisha 4 dni temu
i feel like this is a song basically saying love yourself but also could for your gf /bf
lakistarr 4 dni temu
Praises lord! And thank you Major for this song🙌💞
Hope Imoh
Hope Imoh 4 dni temu
Damn.. this is a good song period !
shaquinter shaniece
Cynthia Sunday
Cynthia Sunday 4 dni temu
Who listening in December 2018 😩💗💗
itrat zara kaleem
itrat zara kaleem 6 godzin temu
Alaiysha XxDaisha
Christmas 2018
Kylein Mullins
Kylein Mullins 4 dni temu
( Who is listening to this 2019)👍🏽👍🏽
Daina Seymour
Daina Seymour 4 dni temu
My wedding renewal song in 2019
Richard Arnold
Richard Arnold 4 dni temu
My girl sent this to me, I'm planning on making her the happiest woman on earth.
Katrina Gardner
Katrina Gardner 2 dni temu
Richard Arnold 😍❤
Sam Ofori
Sam Ofori 4 dni temu
I'm listening in 2018
mensah fabrice Dogbeda
Woww, good
Miss Taylor
Miss Taylor 4 dni temu
My mom loves you so much her name is jasmin
Miss Taylor
Miss Taylor Dzień temu
Skylar Celestia
Skylar Celestia 4 dni temu
Beautiful song, songwriting as well.
Lea Bouchard
Lea Bouchard 4 dni temu
I am in tears beautiful song 😭😭
Wildhoney 5 dni temu
More of this, less crap!
Lani 5 dni temu
This will be my first dance song at my wedding!!!!
Turrell Mcdaniel
Turrell Mcdaniel 5 dni temu
In going to sing this to my fiancee on our wedding day
Genesis Bryan
Genesis Bryan 5 dni temu
Chretha Ballard
Chretha Ballard 5 dni temu
Been trying to find out who sings this man ...wheres my husband???time to come out of hiding 😢
Kalise Bruce
Kalise Bruce 5 dni temu
I'm a whole child crying to this what the heck 💀💀.
michlou2 5 dni temu
I saw a vidoe on Instagram of A women who was singing this to her son who is being bullied in school because of how dark his skin was. The video of her doing that and the little kid crying as his mother sing this to him brought me here. It was beautiful I cried!! Man
michlou2 5 dni temu
Its beyond beautiful
Anaria Chisolm
Anaria Chisolm 5 dni temu
Beautiful beautiful voice and song! 😍😭
Mike Bowens Motivates
First time hearing this wow is all I can say on repeat in my house!
Joy ToTheWorld
Joy ToTheWorld 5 dni temu
Best wedding song