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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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3 wrz 2018

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Komentarze 469 972
Meh 1 sekundę temu
“I already fucked one rappers girl this week, don’t make me call Kim”! 😳 DAMN!
Hevin 7 sekund temu
Look eminem is a rap god but mgk is good as well uk
Teitur Eysturtun
Teitur Eysturtun 9 sekund temu
An attempt was made. Decent song, but Em rips MGK apart any day of the week.
TheFlamingZombie6 9 sekund temu
Tbh MGK looks way fucking scarier than Eminem
MLG only M8
MLG only M8 17 sekund temu
He die of the best way possible.
Teen titans go
Teen titans go 43 sekund temu
Turn the caption on read 0:48 It says rat devil
AG AZ 49 sekund temu
Seriously for MGK this is really good. Em fucking destroyed him after but he had good lines nonetheless. Like real slim shady cant stand up, or yoy stam yourself. But he had shit roasts. Like "youre old and small and im named after a gun". Em destroyed him with every fucking line with Killshot. Next level shit from Em
Michelle Emeraldo
Michelle Emeraldo Minuta temu
Man bun
King Elvisp
King Elvisp Minuta temu
Slave Knight Bass
Slave Knight Bass Minuta temu
Machine Gun Kratos!!! The ghost of Cleveland!
Broc Becker
Broc Becker 2 minut temu
Jonny Lawrence
Jonny Lawrence 2 minut temu
hahaha Eminem predicted Stan
Austin Mahlum
Austin Mahlum 2 minut temu
Eminem will eat his ass up in rap
Bradz1 yung
Bradz1 yung 2 minut temu
If ur da rap devil n Eminem da rap god dat make u his son fam🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
WavingSeeker 2 minut temu
Thats why the god always wins. Woops
John Jones
John Jones 3 minut temu
how he still not done with dhat cereal?
Carl Schem
Carl Schem 3 minut temu
Am I the only person that, after hearing MGK and being a big fan of Em's lyrical genius, all I could think was. Holy shit! this new guy is actually pretty good!!. Just Imagine what they'd be capable of if they were working together! 🤔.......
Techno Sky
Techno Sky 3 minut temu
rat devil.
Your Daddy
Your Daddy 3 minut temu
R.I.P Water Gun Kelly
Emma Ogorman
Emma Ogorman 3 minut temu
Ohhhh gggg just another white rapper tryna get the spotlight!!!😂😂😂👆👆👆 some good lines but use that shovel and go bury a grave prick 👇👇👇👇
jarjarlove22 4 minut temu
I think he needs to write a 4th step
Your status kru
Your status kru 4 minut temu
Vivaan 117
Vivaan 117 4 minut temu
This is actually good.
Darshan Adhikari
Darshan Adhikari 4 minut temu
Who is the best rapper Like = Eminem Comment = Eminem
AC '
AC ' 4 minut temu
So rOod
Link Zeppeloyd
Link Zeppeloyd 4 minut temu
When a kid in class stares at
Lol "ur fucking beard is weird" this nigga mad cause he cant grow one
Darshan Adhikari
Darshan Adhikari 5 minut temu
He is done bravest thing ( dissing Eminem )
Adish Karki
Adish Karki 5 minut temu
Auto tuning lil' goof
Falcon Boi
Falcon Boi 5 minut temu
Why tho?
Needheart Ranken Obeñita
Day 14 rap devil can't still find man bun on kelly what the fuck is Eminem's smoking
jeff14597 5 minut temu
Thiago Tresch
Thiago Tresch 5 minut temu
"When ur fans become ur haters"
Aleser Macam
Aleser Macam 5 minut temu
is this supposed to a be a diss track or a video of his last words
Roasty Mctoasty
Roasty Mctoasty 5 minut temu
MGK makes music for people that have RANCH flavored vape juice 💀😂
Ashley Longobardi
Ashley Longobardi 5 minut temu
Not bad but kill shot better
Róbert Neubrandt
Róbert Neubrandt 6 minut temu
So this is whats like when FIDDLESTICKS wanna be rapper 😂😂
Dandun Han
Dandun Han 6 minut temu
I love that kinda of man who sounds same like him
When a kid in class stares at
Lol all these dislikes
Rico Francis Narra
Rico Francis Narra 6 minut temu
Rap devil 2 weeks, 98million views, 1.5million likes Killshot 4 days, 80million views, 3.1million likes Damn kelly, I can get the views but the likes and dislikes its a big difference
Kimberly Ann
Kimberly Ann 6 minut temu
Lol But Eminem gave Mgk what he wanted 😂 And Mgk did Eminem a favor by helping him "bring back his old self" as people are saying. Mgk don't look like a loser to me. He played the game well lol And props cause no one else has done what he did. No losers here in my opinion. They both gained from this. Does it matter that I'd rather listen to rap devil though? I mean its 🔥🔥🔥
Needheart Ranken Obeñita
I'm like 20million times viewin this still can't find the man bun on MGK who's dumb lul
hippypanda 6 minut temu
BIGEST MISTAKES IN THE WORLD 1.Blowing Up The World 2.Cuasing 911 And 3. Dissing Eminem
Jakub Nr1
Jakub Nr1 6 minut temu
Its good that u tried it..dont look at the results..u end up like shit..but anyways u tried. But u cant even thinkin that this is better than..Eminem
Insightix 7 minut temu
This boy has guts
Predictable_ Gaming
Predictable_ Gaming 7 minut temu
This gun sucks
Stale 7 minut temu
Stale 7 minut temu
so much autotune btw get a life plz
Brandon Lee Ressa
Brandon Lee Ressa 7 minut temu
Thank you for sayin it
Azamat Iskindirov
Azamat Iskindirov 7 minut temu
Fuck you
blackyoshi58 8 minut temu
Guys yes em did take the cake and was better lyrically and diss wise. But you can't deny this was ballsy and a great diss had some pretty good points. But They both can do so much better than what they did I cant wait to see where this beef goes. MGK vs Eminem the rap game needed this #letstalkaboutit
Chillpop 8 minut temu
HA beard is weird
Tanny all109
Tanny all109 9 minut temu
Mgk might not win MNM but no one did it like he did
Sanidhya Sood
Sanidhya Sood 9 minut temu
Em- Cause he knows, long as I'm Shady he's gon' have to live in my shadow. 🖕🏻 MGK- 😶😭
l Kombat l
l Kombat l 9 minut temu
I mean.... at least u tried🤷‍♀️
Francesca Liv
Francesca Liv 9 minut temu
I don’t know but he’s damn hot
Shawn 10 minut temu
All these people are saying MGKs career has ended but if he responds to Killshot which he will he's still gonna get another 100 million views and make tons of money, people are so dumb lol
- Time
- Time 10 minut temu
Does he want to bury himself?
Björn Hermann Hermannsson
Think about the fact that it took him 1 day to come with a diss while eminem responded to this diss after 2 weeks
top boi
top boi 8 minut temu
Rap Devil was released 6 months ago on sound cloud - dumb kid.
Drew Hixon
Drew Hixon 10 minut temu
This fuck lil boy with that man bun and shit, he looks like a restroom stall in a truck stop all that chicken scratch written all him from bottom to top. MGK might 6’4 but EM is 3 foot 6 with a 9 foot dick he just slipped down MGK’s throat and then MGK THANKED him for it. Talking about another mans daughter what are you a child molester at the time she was 16 you over 19 see you on how to catch a predator next thing you know you’re going to be stalking. You may be a “rap devil” but EM is a demon slayer prissy lil bitch boy carrying around a shovel like it’s a toy you don’t even know what it’s for do you? it’s flat and used to scoop up piles of shit just like you!! I’m 6’ but I’m always going to look down on you because you slob on the knob pretty good like your momma do.
EL LOCO Officiel
EL LOCO Officiel 10 minut temu
rip kelly
xSky_hyperX 10 minut temu
Fuck mgk
Larry Granger
Larry Granger 11 minut temu
Is bad that I know the lyrics
Jess & Tess
Jess & Tess 11 minut temu
Awww baby Listen to killshot Come on bitch Eminem is way Better then you dont even try to copy him Jesus Rap devil? Wow of devils hear this they will Laugh at cha 😂😂😂🙄FUCKYOU
مح مد
مح مد 11 minut temu
Mgk kill shot 🤯🤯
TheFrazIta 11 minut temu
Eminem joined the lobby. MachineGunKelly has left the lobby.
Jack 11 minut temu
In before 100m views #original
Angel Southall
Angel Southall 12 minut temu
Am I the only one that thinks he’s eating a pot pie? Lol
motherfucker jones
motherfucker jones 12 minut temu
R.I.P. Man bun
Jean 13 minut temu
I get logan paul vibes from this🤮
Ameroi Roi
Ameroi Roi 13 minut temu
hahaha lil pistol kelly.......ur just a broke nigga who never made it....u diss Em with Rap Devil hahaha can u come up with a different name like lil pistol devil...:D
Shayshay 916
Shayshay 916 13 minut temu
What is a machine gun without any ammo
KidInkFC 13 minut temu
im saying
Hillard Liggins
Hillard Liggins 13 minut temu
Mgk did his thing ppl really need to let em go he was str8 he only famous cause he white. Em never diss no real mc benzino ja rule a pop rapper and who cannibas who did good as well. Facts
Chase Pennington
Chase Pennington 14 minut temu
Never knew the name...but MGK killed this.
Shayshay 916
Shayshay 916 14 minut temu
Kelly is a girl name
ROHIT SINGH CHIB 14 minut temu
DEX 14 minut temu
yah mgk you are good very good But you messed to the wrong guy, bro..
Shayshay 916
Shayshay 916 15 minut temu
You suck Kelly
Kostas Lazaridis
Kostas Lazaridis 15 minut temu
Guys like you need some serious help 😂😂😂😂
Whole Lotta Sauce
Whole Lotta Sauce 15 minut temu
Beards weird yelling at the mic fucking beards weird mic yelling weird beard yelling mic beards weird
Christian Gallardo
Christian Gallardo 15 minut temu
Mgk getting views just cause killshot .Or is it just me,?
Jacob Jordan
Jacob Jordan 15 minut temu
Kill shot was shit... period.
Soju Dekaron
Soju Dekaron 15 minut temu
Autotune rapper lol failed azz.
Ramuta Leti Manu
Ramuta Leti Manu 15 minut temu
As long as I hear proper lyrics and non of this shitty az mumble shit then damn im on both MGK and Eminem side.. They both bringing back the lyrical hiphop MUSIC....
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 16 minut temu
Who's here before 100 million?
Bobby Garrafa
Bobby Garrafa 16 minut temu
Haha mgk was singing eminem on youtube with drums on a sidewalk ahaha n you wanna diss em ? i will hit you over the head with that shovel n use it to dig your hole, mgk if you see this hmu i wanna fight you
shenn mikee
shenn mikee 16 minut temu
this is fiikiing lit
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 16 minut temu
Stepped in most disliked videos on youtube😂😂🖕🖕🖕
Supreme Kaneki
Supreme Kaneki 17 minut temu
Killshot...kill yourself bro haha
breezy 17 minut temu
Anyone here after mgk got punched?😂
The Brown Bros
The Brown Bros 17 minut temu
R.I.P MGK! Subscribe to my youtube channel if you think Eminem destroyed MGK
herbluemoonlight 17 minut temu
im bursting😂 did he really this eminem?😂 damn somebody choke him with their dick
Big V !
Big V ! 17 minut temu
Mgk : believe in yourself even if it means destroying your career Eminem : believe in your beard even if it's wierd
rup sarkar
rup sarkar 17 minut temu
kill shot defeated you , and yeah u r right we got it em is the greatest rapper alive
ZacYT 18 minut temu
Whats good about a machine gun if it ran out of ammo?
Dean 18 minut temu
Why y’all dissing mgk at least he had the balls to respond to em
Vegan Marine
Vegan Marine 18 minut temu
Im sorry man, the more i listen to them both, the more i feel this song went harder.... I know Em will still smash him, but this....
Jillian Bachez
Jillian Bachez 18 minut temu
he came for him damn
Jason Lu
Jason Lu 18 minut temu
I heard he prepared this diss 6months ago, and he had the audacity to mock Eminem using two weeks to respond back with Killshot
N I G H T M A R E 18 minut temu
The end of your career, we can talk about it
Eminem - Fall
15 dni temu