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Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (Official Music Video)

Lost Frequencies
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Taking his already astounding career to the next level in helping champion new music via his own avenue, Lost Frequencies is proud to announce Found Frequencies, his own, debut label distributed by Armada Music that will release its first track ‘Crazy’ with Zonderling, an energetic combination coming from these two artists great creative arsenals.

A sunshine-ready track to warm up the winter months with a new twist on Lost Frequencies’ adored house sound, ‘Crazy’ is individualistic and captivating with a sing-a-long chorus that enchanted at its debut live Tomorrowland debut. With lyrics including “I don’t care what the world says” and asking “so what if I am crazy?”, that wrap around bouncing synth lines, ‘Crazy’ is a future classic that is sure to stand the test of time amongst some of Lost Frequencies biggest back catalogue hits, and the perfect anthem to inaugurate the Found Frequencies venture.
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Vocals by David Benjamin
Music video by Soulvizion




24 lis 2017

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Komentarze 7 016
Damir ViK
Damir ViK 3 godzin temu
Felix May
Felix May 5 godzin temu
January 2019 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Sanne Vander
Sanne Vander 6 godzin temu
Milán Koncz
Milán Koncz 10 godzin temu
Paola Coppini
Paola Coppini 12 godzin temu
My favorite song ❤️
Rudi Novem
Rudi Novem 18 godzin temu
Luana Daga
Luana Daga Dzień temu
Da quando me la fatta sentire un amico mi piace moltissimo
enduro rideur
enduro rideur Dzień temu
IT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GG
Larry Njoku
Larry Njoku 2 dni temu
There is so much Joy in this song and video. Much Love !
LIAN GAM3r 2 dni temu
alguien juega fortnite?
Keep Clan
Keep Clan 2 dni temu
Si bebe <3
Lucie Dvorská & křeček
I like this song😁
the nightmare
the nightmare 3 dni temu
where is this place plss?
the nightmare
the nightmare 3 dni temu
where is this place plss?
Paúl Sarango Lalangui
My daughter loves this song 🇪🇨
Thiago Terassi
Thiago Terassi 4 dni temu
Apaixonado pelo moço do clipe!!!
Stop Off
Stop Off 4 dni temu
Mustapha Chekroun
I still love this song♥️
Sara Castellani
Sara Castellani 4 dni temu
Excelent sing
XXxRORSCHACHxXX 4 dni temu
Where was the video filmed? 😍
+Adriana Webb Thank you very much! It is really beautifull! 😍👍
Adriana Webb
Adriana Webb Dzień temu
It was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. Such a beautiful place.
mister cabouli
mister cabouli 4 dni temu
👀👌c👌👀 👀👌cr 👌👀 👀👌cra 👌👀 👀👌craz👌👀 👀👌crazy👌👀 👀👌craz👌👀 👀👌cra👌👀 👀👌cr👌👀 👀👌c👌👀 👀👌cr👌👀 👀👌cra👌👀 👀👌craz👌👀 👀👌crazy👌👀 👀👌craz👌👀 👀👌cra👌👀 👀👌cr👌👀 👀👌c👌👀 👀👌2👌👀 👀👌20👌👀 👀👌201👌👀 👀👌2019👌👀 👀👌2019?👌 👀
PιɳFყƙ - 『H』『a』『x』
Lasci like chi è italiano
Błażej T.
Błażej T. 5 dni temu
Poprawność polityczna musi być....
Johanna Persson
Johanna Persson 5 dni temu
I always listen to this song if I have to move forward and to not care about other's opinions about me. I love this song so much and I'm always a bit more confident after hearing this. Thank you so much for such a great song ♥️♥️
Giuliet 04
Giuliet 04 5 dni temu
Summer 2018!!!☀ I really miss it!☀
Patrick Soares
Patrick Soares 5 dni temu
BRAZIL! 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Nic Six
Nic Six 4 dni temu
Patrick Soares Brazil??? Are you serious??? That’s Cape Town, South Africa.
Greatest song EVER! My song!
Мурад Фатуллаев
☀️☀️🔥🔥🔥☀️☀️🔥🔥🔥☀️☀️ ☀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☀️ ☀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☀️ ☀️☀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☀️☀️. Не дождётесь!
Kid Buu
Kid Buu 7 dni temu
I wish to go there. Name of the place?
Gerdda Kägu
Gerdda Kägu 7 dni temu
I love this song😍😍
Heaven on Earth is Love
listening now........................
LIAN GAM3r 9 dni temu
Erica Benatti
Erica Benatti 9 dni temu
Peach 9 dni temu
Where was this recorded?
Samuel B
Samuel B 7 dni temu
Peach Cape Town, SA
Maja 9 dni temu
the small guy like Leo Valdez, the girl with blonde hair like Annabeth Chase, the dancer guy like Sammy, next to him, the girl like Hazel Levesque and... Coach Hedge!! xdd HoO fandom, where you are??
Aleksey Spirida
Aleksey Spirida 9 dni temu
Sophie Matzke
Sophie Matzke 9 dni temu
I love this song! Lyrics and music are perfectly balanced and it gives courage to open up and set our heart free! Love and Peace
Esmée de Kruif
Esmée de Kruif 9 dni temu
De zus van mell
Payal Mehta
Payal Mehta 9 dni temu
This song is so meaningful
Fridge & Appliances Fridge & Appliances
Our mother City, Cape Town. How I Iove the Cape
mokate56 marrus
mokate56 marrus 10 dni temu
blonde is horny af
Bruno Dos Santos Barbosa
Bianca N Brianna
Bianca N Brianna 10 dni temu
This song makes me want to travel and see the world 🌎❤️. This song makes me happy🥰.
Josip Vidovic
Josip Vidovic 10 dni temu
Which city is this ?
Fridge & Appliances Fridge & Appliances
Cape Town South Africa.
Oliwia Kra
Oliwia Kra 11 dni temu
i love their joy of dancing.
Harshad Kondalkar
Harshad Kondalkar 11 dni temu
Lovely 💘
Sam kamb
Sam kamb 11 dni temu
cape town 😱 beautiful song
theAbhi- eYe
theAbhi- eYe 11 dni temu
define me
Abdi Wahid
Abdi Wahid 11 dni temu
Anyone 2019
Andry Jose  Sanchez Colina
Violleta Canale
Violleta Canale 12 dni temu
Crazy 📷
Ash !
Ash ! 12 dni temu
Beautiful Cape Town and beautiful table mountain and especially beautiful Song. So lucky to live in cape Town
Nawaj Tube
Nawaj Tube 13 dni temu
Hey man nice vid can you come check out some of my vids?
Pia Hunnenmoerder
Pia Hunnenmoerder 13 dni temu
LoL 😎
Romina Castañeda
Romina Castañeda 13 dni temu
Beautiful song 💕😃
Julie Klikarová
Julie Klikarová 13 dni temu
What place was this shot at?
Adel Alamri
Adel Alamri 13 dni temu
Cape Town ❤️...I have to visit the cape again
Madina margaron
Madina margaron 14 dni temu
Nicolas Pasqualini
Nicolas Pasqualini 14 dni temu
Fantastic music!!!🌟
boyondabike9 14 dni temu
Is it copyrighted
Deni JANDOVA 15 dni temu
I would like to know,how many young people know what walkman is :)
Toxic Sebra
Toxic Sebra 15 dni temu
I Love his hair
CS- IsKu
CS- IsKu 15 dni temu
That blonde chick ... not my poudest fap
CS- IsKu
CS- IsKu 13 dni temu
+Samuel Lord pls like my comment
CS- IsKu
CS- IsKu 13 dni temu
+Samuel Lord Memes
Samuel Lord
Samuel Lord 13 dni temu
avijit das
avijit das 15 dni temu
Haechan is a sunflower
I can’t be the only one who thought he was saying “hola~” lol
Roy van Wensen
Roy van Wensen 15 dni temu
@Lost Frequencies your music gives me a smile and tears in my eyes!
Rommel Silva
Rommel Silva 16 dni temu
This song is "CRAZY"
Darius Cinpean
Darius Cinpean 16 dni temu
Where is this filmed?
Samuel Lord
Samuel Lord 13 dni temu
Cape Town- South Africa.
Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 16 dni temu
Wish this song was longer.. lol
Yen Pham
Yen Pham 17 dni temu
2019 ?
Miki Sims XD
Miki Sims XD 17 dni temu
Serendipity.x Forever
love this song more and more as time goes by... :)
валерий рябцев
заебись _песня улет
Ola Ola
Ola Ola 18 dni temu
Kto z Polski, daje like, podliczymy nas 😀😀😀 (piszę takie komentarze pod fajnymi piosenkami, z którymi będę tworzyć playlisty 😘😉🙂)
vlad104 Merlini
vlad104 Merlini 18 dni temu
What city is it?
Makemade306 Vattela a pescha
wonderful song
Gigi Cat
Gigi Cat 20 dni temu
Alex klar ?
Alex klar ? 11 dni temu
Ok , than is it so
Gigi Cat
Gigi Cat 12 dni temu
+Alex klar ? of course they will do, cause this is great
Alex klar ?
Alex klar ? 14 dni temu
I donˋt know
Magixx Snake
Magixx Snake 14 dni temu
Gigi Cat i’m here
Gigi Cat
Gigi Cat 15 dni temu
+Alex klar ? But you thing that people lisent at this forever?
KOMORNÍ ČEK 21 dzień temu
ConCrafter Jonathan
ConCrafter Jonathan 21 dzień temu
Best Summer Song😃😃!!!!! #crazy #zonderling #lostfrenquis
BMW M Fans
BMW M Fans 22 dni temu
Bruh it’s 1.1.2019, I hope I’m not alone 😉
Sekhar Sekhar
Sekhar Sekhar 22 dni temu
Jawe 22 dni temu
JPXFRD Mammoth
JPXFRD Mammoth 22 dni temu
cobra stit
cobra stit 22 dni temu
happy 2019!
Aljaž Ferenčič
Aljaž Ferenčič 22 dni temu
Happy new year 2019?
Lara Chris
Lara Chris 22 dni temu
01/01/2019 🎧🎶🎶🎶❤️
Somraj Bhowmick
Somraj Bhowmick 22 dni temu
Who dislikes this shit???....I wanna meet em
Deepak Negi
Deepak Negi 23 dni temu
2019? Who els?
Fuzy 23 dni temu
Lets make this year mine
eponine scandal
eponine scandal 23 dni temu
Qui a capodanno
Jojo Mindar
Jojo Mindar 23 dni temu
like👍👍,hapyy song
Jojo Mindar
Jojo Mindar 23 dni temu
En moins d’une minute
Aww that's hot that's hot
En moins d’une minute
Aww that's hot that's hot
karukera PROD
karukera PROD 23 dni temu
More views for this amazing song
Ronaldo Christiano
Ronaldo Christiano 23 dni temu
You Are Underrated Artist 😭😭😭
Gamer XY
Gamer XY 23 dni temu
Elian Camargo
Elian Camargo 24 dni temu
Bom demais Uoooouuuu 👊👍👏
Michele Dal Maso
Michele Dal Maso 24 dni temu
The best song 2018 🔝🎶🔊
David Ganz
David Ganz 24 dni temu
Best Actual Music Video... Dance Freely Everywhere... Go!
The Corinne
The Corinne 24 dni temu
Czech Republic🇨🇿😍
Petty Girlfriend
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