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Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (Official Music Video)

Lost Frequencies
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Taking his already astounding career to the next level in helping champion new music via his own avenue, Lost Frequencies is proud to announce Found Frequencies, his own, debut label distributed by Armada Music that will release its first track ‘Crazy’ with Zonderling, an energetic combination coming from these two artists great creative arsenals.

A sunshine-ready track to warm up the winter months with a new twist on Lost Frequencies’ adored house sound, ‘Crazy’ is individualistic and captivating with a sing-a-long chorus that enchanted at its debut live Tomorrowland debut. With lyrics including “I don’t care what the world says” and asking “so what if I am crazy?”, that wrap around bouncing synth lines, ‘Crazy’ is a future classic that is sure to stand the test of time amongst some of Lost Frequencies biggest back catalogue hits, and the perfect anthem to inaugurate the Found Frequencies venture.
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Vocals by David Benjamin
Music video by Soulvizion




24 lis 2017

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Komentarze 6 564
Kimi Paniz
Kimi Paniz Godzinę temu
Ma quanti italiani ci sono 😅
jime rojas
jime rojas Godzinę temu
so great *-*
Blue Wave
Blue Wave 6 godzin temu
Manuel Pennacchio
Manuel Pennacchio 7 godzin temu
Commento in inglese per fare like...anzi no, ci sono più italiani
Liz Naomi Sierra valencia
Adoro esta canción es una de mis favoritas 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Royal Royal
Royal Royal 23 godzin temu
Serena Ruggiero
Serena Ruggiero Dzień temu
Io grazie a questa canzone mi sento libera e ho anche scritto una poesia
Finding Hope3.00
Finding Hope3.00 Dzień temu
I love this song thank you for make happy so much when I listen 🥰
Typisch Funny
Typisch Funny Dzień temu
i love the song
Monica Libretti
Monica Libretti 3 dni temu
the bets
Joel Koffi
Joel Koffi 3 dni temu
He hit tha gwara tho 🕺🏾
MARTA Zajkowska
MARTA Zajkowska 3 dni temu
The best 😙😙😙
The Sabertooth
The Sabertooth 4 dni temu
Is that sommer ray?
Papama Mbombi
Papama Mbombi 4 dni temu
holy shit this is south africa. cape town to be exact
Ture Kihlstedt
Ture Kihlstedt 5 dni temu
Is that in Cape Town? Sure looks like it.
Adredor Reis
Adredor Reis 5 dni temu
Burada Türk yokmuş demesinler😀
Arga Polo
Arga Polo 5 dni temu
woy nek woy
spindlerlavit 23
spindlerlavit 23 6 dni temu
Dieses Lied macht mich glücklich
Gulşen Keskin
Gulşen Keskin 6 dni temu
Çocuk da erik gibi maşallah kütür kütür
Jonas Müllner
Jonas Müllner 6 dni temu
This song is wonderful
fencyte 6 dni temu
Which city is in video? 😍 And how to learn these amazing steps? 😍👏
Анна Лисичкина
Песня классно поднимает настроение )))
crow12123 6 dni temu
Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities I ever visited in my life
ericrp 02
ericrp 02 7 dni temu
Jip.GamingNL 7 dni temu
Onno Verschuuren
Onno Verschuuren 7 dni temu
my cousin died a week ago and this song reminds me of him ;)
tokamiss manitowabi
This is life chase your dreams
Victor Pliego
Victor Pliego 8 dni temu
I wish I would be as happy as the old young-spirit man when I reach his age
Alba B.
Alba B. 8 dni temu
Last nen like da!! 😂🤒🤢🤮😷☠️
Jakub Jeż
Jakub Jeż 8 dni temu
Pozdro z Polski kto z Polski like
Jakub Tverdik
Jakub Tverdik 9 dni temu
L Lo Lost LostF LostFr LostFre LostFreq LostFrequ LostFreque LostFrequen LostFrequenc LostFrequenci LostFrequencie LostFrequencies
Stefan Rauch
Stefan Rauch 9 dni temu
Peter Fenwick
Peter Fenwick 9 dni temu
Beautiful Cape Town as the backdrop = SPECIAL!!!
Familie Hotzenwald
I I l I Il I Ilo I Ilov I Ilove
Familie Hotzenwald
ruminmusic 10 dni temu
The music after "crazy" is ORGASMIC!!!!!!!!
Avalos 408
Avalos 408 10 dni temu
Cihat Kalkan
Cihat Kalkan 11 dni temu
0.41 what is writing on the wall?
J& K
J& K 11 dni temu
Why TF does 11k people disliked it , I mean why ? This song is so damn good , and it has only this much views , this song should deserve better , like if you agree with me ...
Len Rom
Len Rom 8 dni temu
Unbelivers in all forms!
btc shop
btc shop 11 dni temu
Avicci Vibes?
Pascal Schild
Pascal Schild 11 dni temu
NOVEMBER 2018 ?!
Esther Vermeul
Esther Vermeul 11 dni temu
LOL GAMES 11 dni temu
Kleek976 -17
Kleek976 -17 11 dni temu
Lo genial de todo es que se divierten mientras hacen la grabacion ♥
Muriel Krüger
Muriel Krüger 12 dni temu
The song is so crazy 😉
Federico Fatti
Federico Fatti 12 dni temu
Non si sente una pizza però i ritmo è bello
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 12 dni temu
ScratchyMan_yt 12 dni temu
nice video! +
Jörg Rost
Jörg Rost 13 dni temu
Edy Tokoz
Edy Tokoz 13 dni temu
Super písnička pohodová
Mishka Samsodien
Mishka Samsodien 13 dni temu
Our City looks amazing! #kurus #languageandculturediscovery #capetown #kurusenglish
Arkham Blade
Arkham Blade 13 dni temu
Margaux 13 dni temu
is that in greece
Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo 11 dni temu
Cape Town, South Africa.
7000ironman 13 dni temu
they need to play this with a bullhorn in front of the white house!!!
xCompvCann 14 dni temu
xCompvCann 14 dni temu
2 20 201 2018 201 20 2
Jaro Martan
Jaro Martan 14 dni temu
Best summer hit, the memories from this summer are CRAZY❤
Błażej Błażej
Błażej Błażej 14 dni temu
Lmsld. L Bfg u hijbbg u guo guigui guo giu
Julia Babanka
Julia Babanka 15 dni temu
miss_ longhair
miss_ longhair 15 dni temu
Best song ever!!!
AJ SD 15 dni temu
Makes my day
AshradYa 15 dni temu
I am crazy :)
A a
A a 15 dni temu
Cadê os br?
xFlightplan /\ 2168x
Best of Lost Frequencies with Are You With Me :)
Hanna Brzeczek
Hanna Brzeczek 16 dni temu
Toooooooooooooo jessssstttttt superrrrrrrrr:) pozdro
Hanna Brzeczek
Hanna Brzeczek 16 dni temu
Yes Yes Yes love music
MARCIツ 17 dni temu
Best 😍😮
Alejandro Zevac
Alejandro Zevac 17 dni temu
ѕhít wíth dαncєѕ tríєѕ tσ hчpnσtízє
Young Uknown Artist
New Avicii?
thien tran
thien tran 17 dni temu
Now in 2018?
Devil Lit
Devil Lit 17 dni temu
Future Bass
Le Lennyface
Le Lennyface 16 dni temu
Future House
Orkun Çelik
Orkun Çelik 18 dni temu
Take this video's speed 0.5, you will see better than the first one !!
Rangerous 18 dni temu
Daniele Nassuato
Daniele Nassuato 18 dni temu
October 2018?
CyBerNiX9 18 dni temu
Love you Lord, even tho im different
Ian Melia
Ian Melia 18 dni temu
I’ve played this song so many times it makes me happy am I crazy
rafael farias
rafael farias 18 dni temu
Minha música preferida
rafael farias
rafael farias 18 dni temu
Melhor música
Islombek Abdullaev
Islombek Abdullaev 18 dni temu
Mood lifting music. It's crazy!
Maurício da Silva
Maurício da Silva 19 dni temu
Rasaad Adams
Rasaad Adams 19 dni temu
South Africa! Got so much love for you!
Juli Nguyen
Juli Nguyen 19 dni temu
Someone could tell me where is this place?
Ridaa Ismail
Ridaa Ismail 9 dni temu
Cape Town, South Africa
GregoryPaulSmith 19 dni temu
🌈 #PLUR(Peace Love Unity Respect) 💓
TheBlackKiller89 20 dni temu
Good job. Just good job. This song is beautiful ❤️
Tereza Chebenová
Tereza Chebenová 21 dzień temu
They can Call me what ever you whant but that wount change me
Lee Denson
Lee Denson 21 dzień temu
Honey ..gosh... you be free a long time now... How you didn't know that I don't understand, so in touch with your feelings and all. u es crazy times...I'm trying to ignore as much as possible ...Unless it presents..clear and present Danger....I'm letting them ..Rolllll-on-by.. Lol. I have to ...much love and wish you the Best as always... God is a promise keeper.. Life is better Everyday..😊..😎
Zahra Serfontein
Zahra Serfontein 21 dzień temu
my home town 💜 this 👌 david benjamin👌👌👆👆
Zahra Serfontein
Zahra Serfontein 21 dzień temu
GucciGirl 12
GucciGirl 12 22 dni temu
*Direkt schon ohrwurm*
Vl L
Vl L 22 dni temu
Это где такое место?
ДЮХА БУНД 10 dni temu
это кейптаун - город в ЮАР
Cat 01
Cat 01 22 dni temu
I love this song it always makes me dance!😇❤️💃🏻
Teodora Mincheva
Teodora Mincheva 22 dni temu
le amiche cuginette kawaii
Io sono quella a sinistra
Telimena Koralewicz
I love it 😍😍
NightStar 23 dni temu
Loïc Time
Loïc Time 24 dni temu
WOWscope! BD
WOWscope! BD 24 dni temu
Who's the first girl??? She's really cute!!!
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem 24 dni temu
I love u lost frequency 😘❤👍🤟
Helena Pávková
Helena Pávková 25 dni temu
Emma Olivier
Emma Olivier 25 dni temu
Cape Town
ZimeZzi T
ZimeZzi T 25 dni temu
Autotune is SO crazy.
Siphamandla Siphamandla
this is difinetely south africa in cape town in the cape flats