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Lil Peep - 4 GOLD CHAINS ft. Clams Casino (Official Video)

Lil Peep
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"4 Gold Chains" out now on iTunes, Spotify and more:
Featuring and Produced by Clams Casino
Directed by Lil Peep & Heavy Rayn
Shot by Heavy Rayn
Edited by Mezzy


She's trying to find the words
I'm trying to find this girl
But it's so dark and I was under club lights

Call me on my iphone
I don't pick it up much
I've been losing friends, I don't feel right

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
Fame bring pain, but the pain make money
Keep it 100 baby girl what's your number?
Girls numb the pain and the drugs get me numb-er

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
I need 4 whips so I can give em to my brothers
I need 4 cribs so I can give em to my mother

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers




14 maj 2018

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Komentarze 38 154
Эля Ким
Эля Ким 3 minut temu
У густова ,как всегда глубокие темы😏)это мне нравится♡Его песни- мое лекарство🙈💕💖☝ и мое успокоение от сдешнего мира)😌💦♥♥♥♥💧🌚🌌🌌🌌🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌐🌐🌐🌐
Эля Ким
Эля Ким 6 minut temu
swagyguy 101
swagyguy 101 8 minut temu
zip show
zip show 12 minut temu
земля пухом братан
flip 21 minuta temu
Он жив..
Mohit 26 minut temu
Thank god you're alive god is good But fr tho RIP peep
Marissa Ramsey
Marissa Ramsey 28 minut temu
I can’t stop crying I miss you Gus
Vg Talent
Vg Talent 31 minuta temu
Damn why you 😭😢
TryingThingsWithJoe 35 minut temu
Forever rest in piece... I love you peep.
Mr.Lololoshka V2
Mr.Lololoshka V2 40 minut temu
KUBA OFFICIAL 43 minut temu
moshingmonster 43 minut temu
0:47 his eyes love you forever, gus.
рэйпл. 44 minut temu
Artem ShoKing
Artem ShoKing 49 minut temu
Lil Peep жив,можете мне не верить но посмотрите на бок его головы,там новое тату,что вы на это скажете?Можете не верить но вы можете пересмотреть клипы Save That Shit,Awful things,вы не найдёте такой тату с человеком у него на голове,можете не верить,дело за вами.Даже нет точного видео там где его хоронят,вы скажете ну ведь даже это показывали в новостях,а я отвечу,думаете он бы не смог подговорить друзей и новости? максимальный лайк что бы выбить в топ коммент мой,что бы хоть у каждого была маленькая надежда что пип жив
Hannibal Rexoxy
Hannibal Rexoxy 50 minut temu
Saykiller Bear
Saykiller Bear 58 minut temu
Too soon 😴😔💯 party hard up there man
Nikodem Boski
Nikodem Boski Godzinę temu
alexander piña
alexander piña Godzinę temu
pues vale... "LI PEEP" , es un grande.... asi sin mas que decir... es un gran refugio mental para mucho, quizas tendra muchos haters muchas criticas etc, pero eso no cambia el gran PUTO talento y el gran puto apoyo que nos dio, este hombre fue un gran cantante , y apesar de que lo conosco hace poco fue una gran ayuda, y si, diganme que soy un topo o lo que quieran, no por conocerlo por moda , significa que lo estare escuchando por moda , sino porque es un grande y lo apoyare con todo siendo moda o no ,SE TE APRECIA LIL PEEP.
__Nexgemes__ Godzinę temu
сука русские где*???*
Гуттер Густафссон
Только преданные фанаты здесь :)
вадим богданов
~Lil Peep. R.I.P We All Love You ❤️
purplecorn1234 Godzinę temu
Love you bro
Mikhalenya Twins
Mikhalenya Twins 2 godzin temu
Сука жалкооооооо 😭😢😞😖
Гараж 56
Гараж 56 2 godzin temu
Да живой он
John Galt
John Galt 2 godzin temu
I don’t even do drugs and I feel high just watching 😍
Faha faha
Faha faha 2 godzin temu
Он не мертв
Faha faha
Faha faha 2 godzin temu
Он скривается
СВятослав Игнатенко
steven castiblanco
steven castiblanco 2 godzin temu
Quien habla español??? Q.E.P.D lil peep
Имя Шубин
Имя Шубин 2 godzin temu
We love you ♥
Gamer Bloger
Gamer Bloger 2 godzin temu
R.I.P. lil peep
TheBaller Blue
TheBaller Blue 2 godzin temu
He's not dead he's never dead he may be dead physically but emotionally he's not long live peep.
Umraan Syed
Umraan Syed 3 godzin temu
He ruins this song
Obey Who
Obey Who 3 godzin temu
дима озеров
дима озеров 3 godzin temu
Lil Peep 🙁❤️
Maks Borgula
Maks Borgula 3 godzin temu
i love you R.I.P lil peep[*]
Kamil Przewodowski
Kamil Przewodowski 3 godzin temu
Jednak yje ???
SiloSara 3 godzin temu
RIP PEEP. We miss you.
3 godzin temu
тк ты здох или нет?
typa ggaming
typa ggaming 3 godzin temu
Когда пишете земля пухом или что то подобное пишите не Lil peep а густав
Cyrus 3 godzin temu
Long Live Peep
Alexandrea M
Alexandrea M 3 godzin temu
missing your sweet and kind soul everyday, more and more ❤ rip
Yooheidie Kms
Yooheidie Kms 3 godzin temu
i keep coming back to this i miss you rip legend :(
Marixyana GAMES
Marixyana GAMES 4 godzin temu
Jake Boii
Jake Boii 4 godzin temu
This man here, this legend inspired me to start a career in rap it'll be a few months but look for the channel Lil Mazk or Lil Mazk Official. Lil bo Peep man I'd do anything to hear that in a new song and he be alive and well. We all know that can't happen regardless of how much we want it. But to every Peep fan like me I'm gonna try to keep his message and his achievements in life show through my music. Gustav if I make it then thank you so much for inspiring me to make this leap of faith. The way I see things Peep will live forever through us his fans. Thank you all for supporting Peep throughout his come up. Rest In Peep
LiL Oatmeel
LiL Oatmeel 4 godzin temu
Rest In Peace you fucking legend
lord peña v:
lord peña v: 4 godzin temu
the flags in the head insth there
lord peña v:
lord peña v: 4 godzin temu
why dont have tatoos on the head?=
kacper wesołek
kacper wesołek 4 godzin temu
No smoking pls
Pikmin88 5 godzin temu
Not as good as some of his other work IMO, but good.
monique 5 godzin temu
This is so sad to me he’s so beautiful such a beautiful soul truly
omegarhy 5 godzin temu
Miss you peep R.I.P. 🐥❣️
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 5 godzin temu
Shits sad that mainly all of his fans r bandwagons ever since he dies 😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️
Айбл 5 godzin temu
RIP ** (((((((
Xbro Oficial
Xbro Oficial 5 godzin temu
Como assim vei ? He died yes, no?
Aye Jake
Aye Jake 5 godzin temu
It feels weird now when a song by him drops. I wonder if we’re going to get a album?
soot 5 godzin temu
come over when your sober pt 2 was finished before he passed so im guessing yeah
Haley Akers
Haley Akers 6 godzin temu
even after death he is a legend. RIP peep :( miss u forever and always
eyeCanucK 6 godzin temu
My idol
alyssa west
alyssa west 6 godzin temu
I love you baby
BIG T 6 godzin temu
i miss him so much
BIG T 6 godzin temu
my lifes changed since hes been absent from the world
Миша Товт
Миша Товт 6 godzin temu
Миша Товт
Миша Товт 6 godzin temu
BIG T 6 godzin temu
lil peep issa legend love ya dawg r.i.p
BIG T 6 godzin temu
i miss this guy :(
SoulHunt 6 godzin temu
Gabriel Gaming
Gabriel Gaming 6 godzin temu
Lil peep i thought you dead 😢❤️
Hayleigh T
Hayleigh T 6 godzin temu
he’s so beautiful. we all miss him so much💔. can’t wait to see you again peep. meeting you and taking pics with you was the best thing ever and i look back at the pics every day. till we meet again💔🐣
Andrew Levites
Andrew Levites 7 godzin temu
listen to it at 1.25 speed omg it sounds so much better.
SG9000 LIKEANDSUB 7 godzin temu
Milo Spiridigliozzi
Milo Spiridigliozzi 7 godzin temu
why drugss
names01 7 godzin temu
We miss you lil peep
Leu 7 godzin temu
Cry ☹💜
angel 7 godzin temu
i can't listen to him anymore without getting emotional
Rusty Dog
Rusty Dog 7 godzin temu
Duanmau 7 godzin temu
I believe death is what you think it is. I think Peep is living his best memories over again. What y'all think?
TheFive Friends
TheFive Friends 7 godzin temu
Fuck the pain☹️
Bringmetheshrews2000 7 godzin temu
Why couldn't it be lil pump...
sergio barrios
sergio barrios 7 godzin temu
I always cry when i listen to this song.
denzelYujiro 8 godzin temu
he’s still here😌
Rameses Garcia
Rameses Garcia 8 godzin temu
prefer him more than lil pump
James Harden
James Harden 8 godzin temu
I die u come back to life deal
S7VEN 8 godzin temu
this came out on my bday. best present ive received
Bob Henry
Bob Henry 8 godzin temu
This music trash though
Adam Fitz
Adam Fitz 8 godzin temu
We love and miss you gus ❤️
Theey 8 godzin temu
R.I.P We All Love You
Sevy ‍
Sevy ‍ 8 godzin temu
Cocaine Padre
Cocaine Padre 8 godzin temu
or not
Cocaine Padre
Cocaine Padre 8 godzin temu
lilpeep how u ALIVE??
Be Muntein
Be Muntein 9 godzin temu
For ever in my life
FoxyyPlays 9 godzin temu
Rest Easy, Beamer Boy! We love and miss you so much! ❤️ You’ve created so much music we can all enjoy as much as we’ve enjoyed you! Your music will live on forever! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Д а р ь я
Д а р ь я 9 godzin temu
Я скучаю💔🖤💔
Joey Davis
Joey Davis 9 godzin temu
i can’t believe he still poppin pills.. you think he would have learned his lesson😥
Larissa Dias
Larissa Dias 9 godzin temu
R.I.P lil peep
Max sewell
Max sewell 9 godzin temu
You all just jump on his dick now he’s dead but u didn’t fuck with him b4
cubanmila 9 godzin temu
miss u my boi
KtosDobry _
KtosDobry _ 9 godzin temu
Lil peep😭❤️
Bambeast77 9 godzin temu
He’s chillin with Tupac right now in Cuba🤙🏽
F30 9 godzin temu
Clams Casino x Lil peep, this shit crazy.
Adam Sitnik
Adam Sitnik 9 godzin temu
Rip to a legend ❤️
ONYX 9 godzin temu
Lil Peep - The Brightside
10 miesięcy temu
Lil Peep - Leanin'
5 miesięcy temu