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Lil Peep - 4 GOLD CHAINS ft. Clams Casino (Official Video)

Lil Peep
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"4 Gold Chains" out now on iTunes, Spotify and more:
Featuring and Produced by Clams Casino
Directed by Lil Peep & Heavy Rayn
Shot by Heavy Rayn
Edited by Mezzy


She's trying to find the words
I'm trying to find this girl
But it's so dark and I was under club lights

Call me on my iphone
I don't pick it up much
I've been losing friends, I don't feel right

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
Fame bring pain, but the pain make money
Keep it 100 baby girl what's your number?
Girls numb the pain and the drugs get me numb-er

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
I need 4 whips so I can give em to my brothers
I need 4 cribs so I can give em to my mother

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers




14 maj 2018

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Komentarze 48 755
vanilapapi Godzinę temu
I miss you sooo much we will never forget you I promise.
vanilapapi Godzinę temu
Rest in peace legend. We love you.
bang bang
bang bang Godzinę temu
Drugs get me *number*
Саня Дятлов
Саня Дятлов 2 godzin temu
Lil rip
Jim 2 godzin temu
Feeling like peep is forgotten everyone is on xxxtentacion death idk witch 1 is sadder xxxtentacion or lil peep
Паффка 3 godzin temu
ッNigaTI V
ッNigaTI V 3 godzin temu
*_Последний его трек(((_*
zombie gamer
zombie gamer 4 godzin temu
Rest in Paradise 😭😭💔
Elin Smit
Elin Smit 4 godzin temu
😭🍀😣💜no 2k18 is the hell😑🙄😥R. I P BRO
Kari Prieto
Kari Prieto 8 godzin temu
Rip Lil Peep 😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢❤❤💔💔💔
P4FYT Vlogs
P4FYT Vlogs 8 godzin temu
I miss you more and more everyday
Kelsey Henderson
Kelsey Henderson 10 godzin temu
How is this possible tho..? I'm so confused
evil ­
evil ­ 11 godzin temu
you made it Gus, you showed us all that u was chosen
Amy Bergeron
Amy Bergeron 13 godzin temu
i miss you peep
Official Players Tm
Official Players Tm 14 godzin temu
*WHY LIL PEEP?* 😭😭😭😭😭
The Baddest Bitch
The Baddest Bitch 15 godzin temu
rip lil peep
Booger Wolf
Booger Wolf 15 godzin temu
To my brothers...
Mackenzee Richardson
Mackenzee Richardson 15 godzin temu
we miss you
Александр Бавыкин
Rest in peace,Legend.
Musica sad y ella
Musica sad y ella 16 godzin temu
lil peep is perfect ;')
LYRICS KAIK 17 godzin temu
💔Peep is god bitches💔♥🗼😭
uglyboyzclub 20 godzin temu
Hey, I'm a bit ashamed for advertising here, but if anyone needs to talk to someone about certain things, then I just wanted to say that I'm always here for you I created a new Instagram account today and my DMs are always open 24/7. I try to answer as quick as possible because *I* care about u
Ruben Castillo
Ruben Castillo 20 godzin temu
Trainer Black
Trainer Black 21 godzinę temu
Still Love you❤️❤️❤️
Cool Bro
Cool Bro 21 godzinę temu
Clubbblights 🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂🖕🖕🖕🖕
Chillin Gate
Chillin Gate 23 godzin temu
I miss you so much peep So fucking much
_ItZRaiN 23 godzin temu
rest my man wish you stayed longer
Gay Negroid
Gay Negroid Dzień temu
Rest well, Gustav :(
Black Soul
Black Soul Dzień temu
i miss u.
Scarecrow Beats
Scarecrow Beats Dzień temu
Ece Alaboğaz
Ece Alaboğaz Dzień temu
I can’t. I miss you so fucking much
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin Dzień temu
Where are you Peep?
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin Dzień temu
Pink 💜✌
Archimedes Legion
Archimedes Legion Dzień temu
i miss you so much it hurts
HenriqueSC 14
HenriqueSC 14 Dzień temu
Alguém me responde se vai ter mais alguma música do Peep pra lançar??
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Dzień temu
4 gold chains gave 2 to my brother same brain pain but the pain made money
doggy man 1919
doggy man 1919 Dzień temu
We have one but lost are tommy gun And peep is are legend and Xxx
Juan Esteban Castañeda Torres
RAZOR Dzień temu
Ana Alexandre
Ana Alexandre Dzień temu
Rykrdo Juarez
Rykrdo Juarez Dzień temu
Aneatrice Woods
Aneatrice Woods Dzień temu
I thought he was dead?
Fernando Rosales
Fernando Rosales Dzień temu
Ws Johnston
Ws Johnston Dzień temu
So sad.
• Nøthing •
• Nøthing • Dzień temu
RIP Peep, RIP X 😭
Xxxtenciaon VEVO_
Xxxtenciaon VEVO_ Dzień temu
Rip lil peep born to young dead to young
Maxos Cz
Maxos Cz Dzień temu
Perhaps you are upstairs.
Worst Generation Records
Looking for music somewhat similar to Peep's music. Check out the music on my channel. Let me ROCK Y💔 W🌎RLD! 🎸
Seigeplayer 19
Seigeplayer 19 Dzień temu
prisoner Panda
prisoner Panda Dzień temu
You are still alive in my heart lil peep
Shantelle Dymond
Shantelle Dymond 2 dni temu
RIP xxx
Simon Holm
Simon Holm 2 dni temu
god damn i can barely fucking watch this. this is so fucking sad
Александр Ростехник
Слушаю Лил ПипА и хочется сдохнуть ... ахахХАХАХ как то двусмысленно получилось :)
paul bag
paul bag 2 dni temu
Ill always love you bro
Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams 2 dni temu
Amelia Odrowąż
Amelia Odrowąż 2 dni temu
My Angel 💔
00charlesxgame00 2 dni temu
Adrien Orosz
Adrien Orosz 2 dni temu
Rest in pleace💔😭
Ivan Canete
Ivan Canete 2 dni temu
Goosebumps😱 always
VennyS CZE
VennyS CZE 2 dni temu
rest in peace peep we are love you !!
aaron cheto:3
aaron cheto:3 2 dni temu
Lil peep xxxtentacion Why? this is crazy, a legends
lil Daniel
lil Daniel 2 dni temu
his own friends killed him
John Heddon
John Heddon 2 dni temu
I just got 4 gold chains
anes zamox
anes zamox 2 dni temu
Rip bro
marceu 2 dni temu
Øffįçįäł Çärtįqxėėñ
We love you peep💗🖤🔥😔
Saint Juana
Saint Juana 2 dni temu
your a legend brv
Daibez 2 dni temu
Queria tanto ver um show dele de 4 gold chains, infelizmente não vai ser possivel ;( Rest in peace Peep
thatguy 2 dni temu
when i think in peep i remember cobain and jesse pinkman
SKIRMS 2 dni temu
ur still here brotha
a jay
a jay 2 dni temu
the video is so raw i love it
Martin Steppán
Martin Steppán 2 dni temu
Peep and X are making now a feat
deadly nightshade
It's been months and I still can't believe that he's dead.. Rest in peace, Gus. You deserved a good life.
Fuckmy Life
Fuckmy Life 2 dni temu
I miss you so much my beamerboy💜😭 ~crybaby🕊️
Groobas 2 dni temu
ouu man
Joona Keto-oja
Joona Keto-oja 2 dni temu
Evert Guzman
Evert Guzman 2 dni temu
I thought this was animated tbh
Astral 2 dni temu
We love you,bro
Dennis Jose
Dennis Jose 2 dni temu
rip lil peep x_--
Dani Balog
Dani Balog 2 dni temu
most meg halt vagy nem
Yannick Sad
Yannick Sad 3 dni temu
Why are you die ? Why.. I love your song :3.. Why..
Tommy Sherlock
Tommy Sherlock 3 dni temu
Iris Lepic
Iris Lepic 3 dni temu
R.I.P peep...Babey dead now he in heaven.He ish teh best
Panos132gr_YT 3 dni temu
R.I.P legend
John Torres
John Torres 3 dni temu
So many people die from overdosing its horrific.
Lalipa Uli
Lalipa Uli 3 dni temu
fuck i love it
aot tapood
aot tapood 3 dni temu
L☹VE Lil Peep
Matus Kral
Matus Kral 3 dni temu
hype milion likes ❤️❤️ forever
DONARD TRUMPA 3 dni temu
drogado de merda ainda bem que morreu lixo humano
v8fan _
v8fan _ 3 dni temu
Daigo228 3 dni temu
631Honeybun 3 dni temu
R.I.P peep🖤
Ricardo Oliveira
Ricardo Oliveira 3 dni temu
Só no Baseado
I u t a
I u t a 3 dni temu
Mgamer1502 mady
Mgamer1502 mady 3 dni temu
valeis verga putos lil peeprestinpeace#
Josip Varjacic
Josip Varjacic 3 dni temu
Rip. My friend !!!!!!!
This is why I live right now for this man
Felicity Renee
Felicity Renee 3 dni temu
listening to this high is sum else 😍😩
old pump
old pump 3 dni temu
Miss u...❤
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