Lava surfaces in Kilauea volcano crater, Hawaii

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A lava lake was seen in the Halema'uma'u crater of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Monday (May 7).
The video, release by the United States Geological Survey's (USGS) Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, shows bright red lava spewing in the lava lake.
According to the USGS, the "agitated lake surface" is caused by "intemittent rock falls," which "are common since the lava lake level has dropped quickly and exposed the walls."



9 maj 2018



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Captain Nerd
Captain Nerd 27 dni temu
Imagine dropping an egg in there.
Pug-nisher Gaming
Pug-nisher Gaming 7 miesięcy temu
looks like my stomach after eating extreme spicy taco ahhh!!!!! the burn.
Al MelMo
Al MelMo 8 miesięcy temu
La tierra tiene demasiado calor interno los Ceres humanos somos la causa demasiado petróleo gas ⛽️ y contaminación de fábricas explotaciones de la tierra. Nos grita y nos da señal que nuestra vida no es larga . 🙏 Dios anuncia
bamigboye olabamiji
bamigboye olabamiji 8 miesięcy temu
A warning that hell is so real accept Jesus Christ today before is too late
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 8 miesięcy temu
bamigboye olabamiji Run along now and play with yourself....the grown ups are talking....
Valarmorgolis 8 miesięcy temu
Complaingel 8 miesięcy temu
D Harrell
D Harrell 8 miesięcy temu
Throw Hillary in and it will appease the angry gods
PatrioticBiker 8 miesięcy temu
who we sacraficing boys
John L
John L 8 miesięcy temu
I think it's safe to say the audio wasn't necessary.
ralexlu 8 miesięcy temu
I'd throw death row inmates in there
Rodrigo Torres Galleguillos
Woowww! Si sigue así (bajando el nivel), un muy gran desastre sucederá!
HustleGang 8 miesięcy temu
Trump should jump in there
Pug-nisher Gaming
Pug-nisher Gaming 7 miesięcy temu
not trump. hillary
Liz Wynaco
Liz Wynaco 8 miesięcy temu
Notice the profile of a face on the right side of lava?
gaming time
gaming time 8 miesięcy temu
This is so bad
Patrick Sawyer
Patrick Sawyer 8 miesięcy temu
Keep in mind... that lava is 700 FEET down.
Ethan Lawless
Ethan Lawless 8 miesięcy temu
The lava in the lake looks like a skull
Jess Fulbright
Jess Fulbright 8 miesięcy temu
First who the hell is VOA News and second who wrote the title? Lave did not surface at the Kilauea volcano, the lava at Kilauea has been "surfaced" in this pool for like ever; the pool of lava has actually receded down the tube over 700' during this event. The lava is now coming out of fissures miles away from the summit pool. Get a clue.
Sailing Blue Steel
Sailing Blue Steel 8 miesięcy temu
Al Gore should be all over this!! His Global Warming
paige sargent
paige sargent 8 miesięcy temu
That is so scary!! Sending so many prayers for the island and islanders🌴🙏.
Uncle Deadly
Uncle Deadly 8 miesięcy temu
What is the current safe distance to bury a pig for cooking?
emmay ar seeyu ess
emmay ar seeyu ess 8 miesięcy temu
That's just a close-up of my hemorrhoid.
Olly 8 miesięcy temu
Throw a virgin in!
King Snowman
King Snowman 8 miesięcy temu
Didn't go anywhere liar. T's dwn for Click bait.
Neethish Ravindran
Neethish Ravindran 8 miesięcy temu
Odee Dillon
Odee Dillon 8 miesięcy temu
Looks like a giant demon skull. Or the inside of the mind of a Liberal... wait, that's the same thing. 🤣🤣🤣👍🤜🤛️🎖️
Deurys 8 miesięcy temu
How the world will end...
Jason Bristol
Jason Bristol 8 miesięcy temu
This is deceptive, the lava lake has been there for some time now, the problem is that the level is dropping rapidly.
jared Ó Súilleabháin
jared Ó Súilleabháin 8 miesięcy temu
one of the most fascinating things ive ever seens just hope everyone over there is okay
righk 8 miesięcy temu
Pause at 0:33 to see the side profile of Pele’s face on the right side.
Pug-nisher Gaming
Pug-nisher Gaming 7 miesięcy temu
it doesn't
Sol 8 miesięcy temu
The lake of fire in the ring of fire.
Vic amore
Vic amore 8 miesięcy temu
Q hermosa es la naturaleza lo q mi sr DIOS hace aveces se ve q se forma un cráneo
teNNy __
teNNy __ 8 miesięcy temu
Looks like the lake of fire
ICU Motors
ICU Motors 8 miesięcy temu
Jump in there take one for the team
Debra Shindeldecker
Debra Shindeldecker 8 miesięcy temu
It looks like a evil skull 💀no mercy. Pray for you all👏, be safe.
Daryl Leckt
Daryl Leckt 8 miesięcy temu
the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers are doing renovation to their cities. the above ground authorities know what the C.H.U.D. are up to and force evacuations to keep surface dwellers from getting eaten.
christie dobbs
christie dobbs 8 miesięcy temu
It look like a face scary sad
Blanca Garza
Blanca Garza 8 miesięcy temu
Evil faces appear
D p
D p 8 miesięcy temu
D p
D p 8 miesięcy temu
Irish Mule69 MAKE ME🤡
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 8 miesięcy temu
D p Shut up
NB Channel
NB Channel 8 miesięcy temu
Looks like the pit. of. Hell.
Yolanda Chavarria
Yolanda Chavarria 8 miesięcy temu
It looks like big brain!
Oh Lawd
Oh Lawd 8 miesięcy temu
Only 42 seconds? 😠
pale horse
pale horse 8 miesięcy temu
That actually looks like a skull face and head💀
Mr Swamp Gass
Mr Swamp Gass 8 miesięcy temu
The Organic Hologram
The Organic Hologram 8 miesięcy temu
Global extinction event
NCDProductions 8 miesięcy temu
What if they fell in.
Yedid 8 miesięcy temu
Pero que infierno
Dak Attack
Dak Attack 8 miesięcy temu
Your butt after eating at Taco Bell
Timothy Perdue
Timothy Perdue 8 miesięcy temu
Bruh...I'm not even high but damn do I want some fucking taco Bell now. Sounds to fucking good Hrrrgghhn...but Imma broke ._.'
4 ever
4 ever 8 miesięcy temu
bird Pájaro
bird Pájaro 8 miesięcy temu
It may be getting ready to erupt again, hopefully not though.
Kathy Huestis
Kathy Huestis 8 miesięcy temu
No what I thought more than likely, Yes it's not done yet. Remember what Mt St. Helena's did. And it has spit out Ash of and on for years. I know I live in between three Mt,s . Two have been having some earthquake,s. Ranier is one of those Mt,s. And My. St Helens. Have a plan. The animals have been leaving Yellow stone for years now.
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez 8 miesięcy temu
Where the hell is Frodo when you need him. Someone call he's agent $$$$$$$
Astrid Garcia
Astrid Garcia 8 miesięcy temu
Nou entendeishon ni madreishon 😁
V BABII 8 miesięcy temu
The day you wish it would pore raining!!
pammie lue
pammie lue 8 miesięcy temu
Looks like a skull and scary faces in it.....praying for them....
StONEDiLESO 8 miesięcy temu
Maluhia808 are you on heroin or something?
Maluhia808 8 miesięcy temu
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StONEDiLESO 8 miesięcy temu
do you understand how language works?
StONEDiLESO 8 miesięcy temu
Maluhia808 what the fuck you on about?
Maluhia808 8 miesięcy temu
you atheist had done enough damaged to the west your bring migrants and you atheist are become the most soy boys I ever seen in my life. Most of SJWS are atheist and you guys are really supporting dumb gay parades. Also thanks atheist fro feminism -_-. So i recommend you get it together. At least have some honor.
I.G. O.M.
I.G. O.M. 8 miesięcy temu
Great, now you gotta throw the whole island away.
Debra Shindeldecker
Debra Shindeldecker 8 miesięcy temu
I hope not. You know how GOD works. Out of ashes comes great beauty, even a little green sprout.😐
Maluhia808 8 miesięcy temu
I.G. O.M. Chill it's one small part of it in fact
Apprentice 8 miesięcy temu
That lava is sinking! There looks like a big hole under the volcano! Question would be where is the lava going & what chambers is it filling the most?
Amante da estrada
Amante da estrada 8 miesięcy temu
Muito bom seu canal da uma passada lá no meu canal para dar uma olhada beleza
raf 1
raf 1 8 miesięcy temu
Your brain on drugs
Rudy Hicks
Rudy Hicks 8 miesięcy temu
put your d!€k in it
Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride
thumbnail looks like an xray of Homer Simpsons head
Chadwick Doyle
Chadwick Doyle 8 miesięcy temu
This little clip is a wonderful reminder of awesome Heaven will be. I'm glad I'm a Christian saved by the king of kings and lord of lords in the name of the one and only savior Jesus Christ.
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 3 miesięcy temu
Chadwick Doyle Once again , Your fairytales are plagiarisms from other myths... did I say a thing about evolution??? Did your pastor fill you in on evolution???
Chadwick Doyle
Chadwick Doyle 3 miesięcy temu
+Irish Mule69 Fairytale?? Really?? Evolution: Nothing created everything can't imagine a more ridiculous fairytale.
Chadwick Doyle
Chadwick Doyle 3 miesięcy temu
+Willy BillyBoB.B Who's said anything about end time?
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 8 miesięcy temu
Chadwick Doyle Leave the discussion to the grown along now the big people are talking... your fairytales are not important here
Boomer 8 miesięcy temu
Willy BillyBoB.B - lol thank you
claudinei florentino
claudinei florentino 8 miesięcy temu
Das profundezas do inferno o fogo ardente.
John Brown
John Brown 8 miesięcy temu
Anybody got any marshmallows ?
Copenhagen dip
Copenhagen dip 8 miesięcy temu
John Brown 😂😂😂
erikk77 8 miesięcy temu
I got hot dogs. Need beer in a heavy duty insulated cooler...
Matthew Simpson
Matthew Simpson 8 miesięcy temu
John Brown best year round bonfire
TheLegend27 Gaming
TheLegend27 Gaming 8 miesięcy temu
This is an extremly good sign right?
7royaly 8 miesięcy temu
TheLegend27 Gaming oh no that can't be good.
TheLegend27 Gaming
TheLegend27 Gaming 8 miesięcy temu
royal p Just saw the news its still decending
7royaly 8 miesięcy temu
TheLegend27 Gaming I wonder too
Sea Bass
Sea Bass 8 miesięcy temu
Matt Everett
Matt Everett 8 miesięcy temu
Romans 10:9 (KJV) 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 8 miesięcy temu
StONEDiLESO That’s hilarious...that’s exactly what that dildo deserves
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 8 miesięcy temu
Matt Everett Leave the grown ups alone....your childish fairytales are getting a bit along now and play with yourself
Gail Gray
Gail Gray 8 miesięcy temu
amen matt.
StONEDiLESO 8 miesięcy temu
Mat everest can you recite that while gagging on my throbbing cock?
Timothy Perdue
Timothy Perdue 8 miesięcy temu
Get out of here with that shit! Those people wouldn't have a damn island to live on if things like THIS didn't happen. FFS.
Dank Sinatra
Dank Sinatra 8 miesięcy temu
All you religious zealots can eat dicks, stop hopping on the doomsday train at the expense of the Hawaiian property lose and life danger. REAL people are in REAL danger. Pray for safety and sanctuary for those affected.
Zulu Charlie
Zulu Charlie 8 miesięcy temu
Looks how my stomach feels after eating day old taco Bell.
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
True Atheist forgot to mention that i dig your name as i am one too! ✌☮
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
True Atheist this i know but i dont eat fast food in general either! Havent touched McDonald's since the '80s! I live just outside Atlanta where there is a very diverse culture of mostly Mexican, Korean, Chinese, African and middle eastern but lots of others too! I love the variety as i am from Germany myself and love that food too! ✌☮
JW Skeptic
JW Skeptic 8 miesięcy temu
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German To their credit, Taco Bell does not claim to be "authentic Mexican", they claim to be "Mexican inspired fast food"
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
Zulu Charlie hahaha! I haven't touched that shit in 20 years! I would much rather have authentic Mexican than that bullshit and luckily i live in a city that is mostly Mexican and has all the great Mexican restaurants! ✌☮
Zulu Charlie
Zulu Charlie 8 miesięcy temu
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German not anymore haha
Outghost 8 miesięcy temu
The Tool of Destruction controlled by God almighty
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker 8 miesięcy temu
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German you're Definitely not handling this very well are you, having a hard time letting someone be them Self? i never hurt you in any way here so that makes You the disease.... hatred is the disease of the hour here. i love you and yours and you are a scared inexperienced soul who may need rehab. Remember, hate and pollution are the two most important things to get out of your living room before having guests over.
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
+MYthic Gamer I'd ask him why he made billions of sinners for the express purpose of burning them forever and why I'm clearly better than him. (Hint: it's because he's from the imagination of primitive desert goat herders.)
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
+Michael Gutierrez You understand that if we don't believe in yhwh, we don't think he created anything at all, as he is fictional and hence in no way deserves any more respect than Harry Potter, right? Naw, no you don't. You think that a god created billions of people knowing for a fact that almost all of them would burn for infinite time in infinite torture for finite crimes he created to to do. If god is omniscient, then he knew the outcome of everything before he created anything at all. Life isn't a test either. The purpose of a test is to find out something you don't know. This is impossible for the god of the bible. There are no tests, only pre-programmed scripts. If the god of the bible is real, he is worthy of nothing but contempt as lowly apes have far better morals than he.
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
+Outghost That's all you've got to defend your fairy tale? A "nuh uh, you are"??? What a pathetic attempt and total failure at argumentation and at fulfilling 1 Peter 3:15. You know your buybull ghosty, why don't you follow it? Further, you show that you don;t even understand basic definitions. To say that atheism is a religion is to say that not collecting stamps is a hobby. Also, by suggesting that atheism is a religion in a negative light, you reveal that you yourself think that religion is horeshit that cannot be trusted. Well self-rekt kid, excellent.
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
+Chad Crockett Actually, I used to be a Christian and I am infinitely thankful others did not respect my ridiculous unfounded beliefs and freed me from my mental slavery to the most disgusting figure in all of fiction. Peacefulness doesn't mean that you don't fight against ignorance that kills billions.
Romulan2469 8 miesięcy temu
Plenty of geothermal energy to tap there.
Tony S
Tony S 8 miesięcy temu
Dam you got burned son.
Romulan2469 8 miesięcy temu
The only retarded one here is you. There is plenty of geothermal energy that can be retrieved from Kilauea and there is already a geothermal station called Puna Geothermal Ventures! Whilst there is always the possibility that lava flow can disrupt or destroy the geothermal station, it's not a case of "anything they made would get destroyed". There have been no fatalities or serious injuries reported by the current eruption, so your statement of "guaranteed fatalities" is complete nonsense. There are no guarantees of anything. They have plenty of safety systems in place to protect the station and the people. There is obviously geothermal potential there otherwise they wouldn't have built a damn geothermal station! My God, you really are stupid aren't you?
Blake W.
Blake W. 8 miesięcy temu
Governor takes action to mitigate risks at Puna Geothermal Venture during lava eruption
dan k
dan k 8 miesięcy temu
Chtoff 333 wrong
Phyllis Arrington
Phyllis Arrington 8 miesięcy temu
So what's the significance of lava surfacing in the crater? Anyone know?
The Talented Mr Ridley
The Talented Mr Ridley 8 miesięcy temu
Initially it appeared that the eruption on the lower flank might have been from the lava lake draining. If the lava lake is starting to refill it probably means fresh magma is coming from below.
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker 8 miesięcy temu
i would say it's getting ready to spew.
Fireinthehead29 8 miesięcy temu
As one of the other commenters mentioned, that lava wasn’t there at the surface of the crater 13 years ago. It may signify that the pressure is building and possibly leading to a full-scale eruption maybe? 🌋
DOUGLAS GILLARD 8 miesięcy temu
I was there in 2005 and there was no lava in the crater. It looked like it had a large brownie at the bottom of the crater.
xoRosi Liv
xoRosi Liv 8 miesięcy temu
My precious!!
MegaTriumph1 8 miesięcy temu
Everything going back to normal?. I hope.
Epic Journeys Britain & Ireland
Going back to normal? far from it....once that lava pool drops to sea level the magma will explode due to cooling air...
xoRosi Liv
xoRosi Liv 8 miesięcy temu
Watch the first few seconds, it shows the outside of the entire volcano before it zoomed in. And also, this video was on May 7th.
Moneynvrsleeps 8 miesięcy temu
Hummm, this is now? I just seen that u cant see ANY lava in this pool its so low. This says the 7th
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
This is normal. They live on the world's most active volcano. It would be odd if it wasn't erupting. They're getting more real estate actually.
Wael Ali
Wael Ali 8 miesięcy temu
so I remind you about the visitors of prophet Ibrahim the Angels peace be upon them who just follow the orders and never ever look back or doubt or hesitate who were sent to the criminals and are sent back to your people now again
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
I'm sorry, but which specific mythical fable would you like me to pick up? There's so many gods and denominations of each that I want to make sure I've got it right. You've clearly got the right one since you were born into and mommy and daddy told you it was the right one. BTW, if you can prove your completely insane claim that you can magically heal others like a wizard, why not prove it? It would be the simplest thing to do it over and over in a scientific setting to confirm it's true and magical if your mythical sky daddy is as powerful as you say and has imbued you with super powers like spiderman. Did he have to bite you? Was he radioactive? Do you even read what you write? You have magical powers? Are you 5 years old? LMFAO!!! I'm off to pornhub to love myself, ta ta!
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker 8 miesięcy temu
filonin is scared folks, he can't stand on his own and has not one clue that he speaks with GOD on a daily basis. All he knows is hatred and that's nowhere and he knows it, a complete failure to his Self. Maybe pick up an ancient book on wisdom and open it anywhere and read is a great start to realization. Do one thing and fast, love your self to know better.
filonin2 8 miesięcy temu
+Stuart Walker DSo what you;re saying is that you're a raving lunatic who sees hallucinations? Yeah, that's still not proof of god, retard. Is it proof when any other madman spouts madness about other religions? What makes your babblings and hallucinations so much more convincing than those of others? You're not thinking because *you can't.* Sad.
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker 8 miesięcy temu
TannerMiller, so sorry to hear you missed your boat, must be a little lonely knowing you are all alone in your life.
Stuart Walker
Stuart Walker 8 miesięcy temu
filonin2 sure i saw a light ten times brighter than the sun and it lifted me two feet off the ground, sure that light lives in the center of my chest and gives me the ability to heal others, sure it can never be denied, sure as i type to you there is a lot more going on in this life that society doesn't deal with either because they don't know or don't want others to know... you should be careful playing with the ultimate power in this universe. you are what you give.
Wael Ali
Wael Ali 8 miesięcy temu
the peoples of prophet lot peace be upon him who were warned from aggression and from homosexuality but did not listen think and reflect repent and correct them selves then they became losers and regret so be prepared for the hour of sorrow and regret for the criminals fake liars losers
Irish Mule69
Irish Mule69 8 miesięcy temu
Wael Ali Run along now the grown ups are talking...take your fairytales and go play with yourself
Adrian Burke
Adrian Burke 8 miesięcy temu
You commented 2 times. You only get one. Into the lava pit with you.
Potassuim_Cation 8 miesięcy temu
thank you
Willy BillyBoB.B
Willy BillyBoB.B 8 miesięcy temu
+Wael Ali Yes, this is a sign, I can see it clearly now. It's a sign that volcanoes have been erupting for millions of years before humans and will continue to do so long after humans. Now bugger off while gobble this knob to completion.
Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
Wael Ali religious freaks hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ✌☮
Wael Ali
Wael Ali 8 miesięcy temu
the helfire presented for the losers criminals the brothers of prophet Lot who were gangsters aggressors criminals losers like your people now if you are aware
Alex Axon
Alex Axon 8 miesięcy temu
Petty Girlfriend
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Apple Be Like
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