Lauv - Paris in the Rain [Official Video]

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Listen to Lauv’s latest single “There’s No Way” featuring Julia Michaels here:
I met you when I was 18. is a collection of songs, a story. about making a big move, falling in love for the first time, and figuring out your own identity while being with someone else. listen to the entire playlist at:
"Paris in the Rain" available now:
"I Like Me Better":
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Director: Chase Smith
DP: Chase Smith
Produced by: Contrast Films
All I know is (ooh ooh ooh)
We could go anywhere we could do
Anything girl whatever the mood we're in
All I know is (ooh ooh ooh)
Getting lost late at night under stars
Finding love standing right where we are your lips
They pull me in the moment
You and I alone and
People may be watching I don't mind ‘cause
Anywhere with you feels right
Anywhere with you feels like
Paris in the rain
Paris in the rain
We don't need a fancy town
Or bottles that we can't pronounce
Cause anywhere babe
Is like Paris in the rain
When I’m with you
I look at you now and I want this forever
I might not deserve it but there's nothing better
Don't know how I ever did it all without you
My heart is about to about to jump out of my chest
Feelings they come and they go that they do
Feelings they come and they go not with you
The late nights
And the street lights
And the people
Look at me girl
And the whole world could stop
Anywhere with you feels right
Anywhere with you feels like
Paris in the rain
Paris in the rain
We don't need a fancy town
Or bottles that we can't pronounce
Cause anywhere babe
Is like Paris in the rain
when im with you
Girl when I'm not with you
All I do is miss you
Come and set the mood right
Underneath the moonlight
Paint you with my eyes closed
Wonder where the time goes
Come and set the mood right
Underneath the moonlight
Anywhere with you feel right
Anywhere with you feels like
Paris in the rain
Walking down an empty street
Puddles underneath our feet




17 lis 2017




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Komentarze 8 213
ana Clara
ana Clara 10 godzin temu
maravilhoso S2
fibetsys 13 godzin temu
This song probably bring me to Paris already. I’m feel so LAUV so Romantic💙 2:23 I’m fall in LAUV
Arleth Núñez
Arleth Núñez 17 godzin temu
G H 18 godzin temu
Neng Putri
Neng Putri 19 godzin temu
I came here because kim jaehwan and i love this song 💕
Wolfie 19 godzin temu
Anyone here from Soro’s Island in ROBLOX?
Anne J
Anne J 20 godzin temu
병인가보다. . 딱 재환이 취향. . . 재환이 목소리가 들리는거 같은 이 느낌적 느낌은. .
하이원 18 godzin temu
인정이요ㅠㅠㅠ째니 ㅅㄹㅎ
박Lucky 21 godzinę temu
What a sooong!👍
재환아사랑해 Dzień temu
🎵째니의추전자장가곡🎵 잘들을께~~
PorsLife Dzień temu
I came here becuz JAEHWAN recommended it! So good
sheila maria anggraini
Dave Baloaloa
Dave Baloaloa Dzień temu
first,, it sounds like the beginning of Ariana's Moonlight on the first 3 sec
박하연 Dzień temu
노래 너무 좋아요! 김재환 역시 음악의아들이야❤
Jiminie Pabo
Jiminie Pabo Dzień temu
Why are there Koreans here in the comments secfion?
김몬모 Dzień temu
ㅜㅜ 너의 자장가 추천곡♥ 아.. 감동적이야.. 부드럽고 달달해요 감사합니다♥ 꿀잠잘듯.해 ㅜㅜ
Siam The Awkward
Siam The Awkward Dzień temu
Semi S
Semi S Dzień temu
재환이가 들어보라고 추천해준 노래 ㅜ 좋네
Alif Suci Miranti
Alif Suci Miranti Dzień temu
Thanks to wanna one's jaehwan for recommending this song
2 dni temu
짼니야ㅠㅠ 고마워 노래 짱 좋다 ....
luis clark
luis clark 2 dni temu
저녁노을 2 dni temu
He is talented. His songs are move person
짱맨짱 2 dni temu
재환아 좋은 노래 추천해줘서 고마워 잘 들을게
짱맨짱 21 godzinę temu
+레고 Deaser 유튜브채널에 가시면 재환이 인터뷰 한거 있어요!
Anne J
Anne J 21 godzinę temu
+레고 재환이 동영상 입니다.추천해준 노래^^💘
레고 21 godzinę temu
+짱맨짱 죄송한데 어디서 그말한지 알수있을까요 혹시 원본링크도 아시면 링크도 부탁드려요
짱맨짱 21 godzinę temu
+레고 넵
레고 22 godzin temu
워너원 김재환 말하시는건가요?
이정민 2 dni temu
재화낭.... 고마어....
ณัฐวุฒิ ยงพันธุ์
is like paris in the fire for now
Tam Huavantam
Tam Huavantam 2 dni temu
Paris in the rain. Paris in the rain. =))) I come from VietNam and I extremely love this song
Slow Show Skill
Slow Show Skill 2 dni temu
ตอนนี้ผมแมร่งโครตแย่เลยวะ เห้ออ
haibatulhanan_ 2 dni temu
Umbrella + paris in the rain hmm..ADRIENETTE SHIPPERS WHERE YOU AT
Bốg Kim
Bốg Kim 2 dni temu
yêu anh
Kogzx Tv
Kogzx Tv 3 dni temu
we gucci
we gucci 3 dni temu
his voice gives me so much life, i love it so much.
Naomy 3 dni temu
i Taavi
i Taavi 3 dni temu
i loved the song but bro why u acting so freaking awkward, lmao😂.
Panca Nurvian
Panca Nurvian 3 dni temu
김준영 3 dni temu
한국인 손🖐🖐
Mishi Razzie
Mishi Razzie 4 dni temu
I love youuuu lauv ❣
김건우 4 dni temu
이노래 듣는 한국 인싸들 손?
nam thang
nam thang 4 dni temu
miss you so much ,my mickey :(
This Weirdo
This Weirdo 5 dni temu
Everyone: The aesthetic/ I love this Me: Triangulum hot damngulum that 'PARIS' sign was on fleak, like damn
jiminie Pabo
jiminie Pabo 5 dni temu
damn isweartogod One day i'll fucking relate to this song
Akilah Conrad
Akilah Conrad 5 dni temu
paola choque
paola choque 5 dni temu
te quiero
*The air in your voice makes this song sound so cozy and personal*
Limpey 1
Limpey 1 5 dni temu
Amo a este hombre, like si hablas español
black ship
black ship 6 dni temu
내가 가장 좋아하는 곡이 된 노래
Lizbeth Ramírez
Lizbeth Ramírez 6 dni temu
Wow 😍✨
Sunny D
Sunny D 6 dni temu
This is so soothing, I fell in love with my imaginary boyfriend all over again 😫🥰 I feel so much love! 😫🥰
Aparna N
Aparna N 5 dni temu
Yaa me too
JENOJAM 6 dni temu
I hope i could feel this way someday it sounds awesome
fAshSon 6 dni temu
Love his music. Would have loved this video more if the director slow-mo his walk to fit the music, because his walk seems out of sync with the rhythm of the song which makes his walk seems awkward.
Ken- MGT
Ken- MGT 6 dni temu
this song is mega cool
philip koh
philip koh 7 dni temu
Natashi Natasha
Natashi Natasha 7 dni temu
เพลงเพราะดี ดีต่อใจ ^o^
nam võ nhật
nam võ nhật 7 dni temu
cool :)) ilove it from to vietnames
Ava Chang
Ava Chang 7 dni temu
its cute bc i can actually relate to this unlike last time i listened to this a month ago
Josefine Gillebo
Josefine Gillebo 7 dni temu
Amazing song👍
Shane Biram
Shane Biram 8 dni temu
I love this song ☺😊😁😗😙😘😚😍❤💋💞💓💖👍👌✌
Panadda Thongchan
Great song ! Make me felling in love Paris guys 😘
karime :v
karime :v 8 dni temu
Alguien viene de JECT?
Elly 8 dni temu
His voices sooooo sweet!!!
hicham aljnied
hicham aljnied 8 dni temu
Is it 💔❎🗯💭
Kittipong Innock
Kittipong Innock 8 dni temu
I wanna know him more , luv him : )
nayne' 8 dni temu
남현우 8 dni temu
what a chilling song
Meylan Sari
Meylan Sari 8 dni temu
Yang ksini gegara ingrid the voice indonesia ada ? ☝😂
Lavonda Jacobs
Lavonda Jacobs 9 dni temu
Aww he is in Paris Texas 😍
Syawal Fitri MR
Syawal Fitri MR 9 dni temu
Fernando Harp Ferra
Every time I hear this song my ex comes up to my mind, I wish he could hear it so bad because I'm still madly in love. Even though we both moved on I can happily say he was the love of my life and this song perfectly describes that feeling. *sighs*
24 นางสาวภัณฑิรา มณีโชติ
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MAYREE JIN TV 9 dni temu
Thailand 💓
Mimi Perkins
Mimi Perkins 9 dni temu
I’m freaking in love
Stanzin Wangyal
Stanzin Wangyal 10 dni temu
I just realised he pulls out an umbrella in the middle of song cuz it feels like Paris in the rain. . . What ? Am I the only to realise it late ?!?!
Anjas Blaze
Anjas Blaze 10 dni temu
7267289 6778778
7267289 6778778 10 dni temu
Ohh...all i do ...
7267289 6778778
7267289 6778778 10 dni temu
Where you looked stars...
7267289 6778778
7267289 6778778 10 dni temu
My heart is about you...
Alsifa Citra
Alsifa Citra 10 dni temu
One day, I'll play this song right under thr eiffel tower in the rain.
IRalitMoon 10 dni temu
This song describes me when im with my crush. He's my bestie but i dont think he likes me 😭😭😭
정현진 10 dni temu
태어나서 사는 형 보고 온 사람✋
Sakshi Sah
Sakshi Sah 10 dni temu
I'm never tired of this song
Isaac kim
Isaac kim 10 dni temu
The best music of my life😍
Adit Odik RadityaGodit
wow amazing and good
Atha 11 dni temu
"Or bottle we can't pronounce" love every lyrics you made 😄🍾
Megha 11 dni temu
man, when i was in paris it rained and iT WASNT COOL but ok
isablum wooz
isablum wooz 11 dni temu
Ai mds 😍💜🇧🇷
Teerachai Somkeit
Teerachai Somkeit 11 dni temu
Like song verygood like you
kim kai
kim kai 11 dni temu
ใครได้ยินว่า พาฉันไป พาฉันไปบ้าง5555555555
0wizard105 0wizard105
Viewers:why did thus only get 55 million? Me:Because its not about sex
SAM 1996
SAM 1996 11 dni temu
Tanaa Pankong
Tanaa Pankong 12 dni temu
DHRUV 98 TANWAR 12 dni temu
2:15 BRUHH
Sirawit Jaisaard
Sirawit Jaisaard 12 dni temu
ChiArra Keiz-Jahhe'
Imagine the travel video you could make with this!
NPF channel
NPF channel 12 dni temu
Yot Yot
Yot Yot 12 dni temu
เสียงเพราะมากเลยคะ ♥️ Lauv ♥️ ความหมายดีและดนตรีเพราะมาก. ทุกอย่างลงตัวสุดๆ. และที่สำคัญนักร้องหล่อ.
Lisjana Çelaj
Lisjana Çelaj 12 dni temu
He is art
Runway Airway
Runway Airway 12 dni temu
Ahmad Hanif
Ahmad Hanif 12 dni temu
Man this guy is very talented👏
Jakkaphong Phongsanam
ผมคนไทยครับ 5555
อย่า เสือก
ตามมาจาก the voice thailand
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