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Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

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1 sie 2014




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Komentarze 10 769
Geovane Coé
Geovane Coé 10 godzin temu
Cadê os Br? 2018
Felipe Oliveira
Felipe Oliveira 18 godzin temu
50 million views, my God, I love this video so much ❤
CloudyDaze007 Dzień temu
He hit me like an abusive man and it felt like a downward spiral towards deprression
GirlInterupted28 Dzień temu
Sometimes I am shocked people do not know who Jim is but then I remember Kanye fans were saying that he has a great ear for talent "This Paul McCartney guy will be huge" Then I remember, were dealing with millenials, not 80's children who grew up very differently, we certainly were not sheltered or cocooned, we had parents who lived through the 70's.
Miami Russomano
Miami Russomano Dzień temu
I think she is my favorite person
Jesus Gallardo
Jesus Gallardo 3 dni temu
Yo soy la princesa!
Ademin Elmaları
Ademin Elmaları 4 dni temu
LANA ♌♍♈♉♊♋♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎
nicolle 6 dni temu
i can hear sirens, sirens he hit me and it felt like a kiss i can hear violins, violins _well, fuck_
Lilly Ci
Lilly Ci 7 dni temu
the first song i learned on the piano. love everything about it!!! love you lana
say yes to heaven
all her music videos are so aesthetic
tareq 8 dni temu
this song makes me want to kill myself
Taha Ansari
Taha Ansari 8 dni temu
spam pls @laraibimrann
Ingrid Vieira
Ingrid Vieira 9 dni temu
markyliciously 10 dni temu
I adore this song. I adore pretty much everything by Lana. But this album. I play it loud in the car and I feel like I'm swimming through deep beauty, drowning almost. Damn, I love it.
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos 10 dni temu
Renato7 Gamer
Renato7 Gamer 11 dni temu
Essa música é um hino. Amém irmãos hauhaus
Kate Jones
Kate Jones 11 dni temu
Jim and Pam! ❤️
what color is your toothbrush
lana del reyasmr
some videos
some videos 12 dni temu
Her mind is like a diamond
Dizzy Cheeser
Dizzy Cheeser 12 dni temu
why isn´t this on spotify anymore?
Sandro Rios
Sandro Rios 13 dni temu
Lana del Rey (✪ω✪)
mytube 14 dni temu
oooooowwwwwwww art art . seems after theese days sounds perfect ..
Nazifa 15 dni temu
Why is this song not on Spotify anymore ? :///
Raúl Barbozza
Raúl Barbozza 16 dni temu
Oh god, how i wish i could suck her on those lips...
Johndriel Rodríguez
Creo que eres una droga auditiva.
Bradley Nicolson
Bradley Nicolson 17 dni temu
Little Lilith 😍
siriusisastar 17 dni temu
Those lips...
Marcelo Mota
Marcelo Mota 17 dni temu
Pesado, mas amo tanto
Luis David Cueva Ríos
UNO, DOS... esperen...
lissy udk
lissy udk 18 dni temu
lovvee it sm
Елена Николаева
нежная музыка жаль что сегодня у таких голосов есть хозяева ведь крепостное право отменили ранее не поиню в каком году но где это же написанно
Lucas de Oliveira Rodrigues
Best song, best vídeo ever ♥️
sempre comentando
sempre comentando 23 dni temu
2 0 1 8 Bbs
god fist
god fist 24 dni temu
cleiton reis
cleiton reis 24 dni temu
Instrumental orgasm
Airis Kairys
Airis Kairys 24 dni temu
For some God forsaken reason I keep hearing "enchiladas"
jakubpodesva 24 dni temu
That gently wah wah guitar in background of refrains is absolutely accurate, love it!
meow 24 dni temu
Why is it not on spotify anymore
Tan Keepeng
Tan Keepeng 24 dni temu
this is demonic
psiloveme 25 dni temu
My favorite Lana album ♥️
Jonas Paulo
Jonas Paulo 25 dni temu
Que cantora gênial!! Sua música e tipo pink Floyd..
Trinidad Torterola
Trinidad Torterola 25 dni temu
Observemos a Lana beboteando la mandarina en el minuto 3:00. Contame, te gusta la mandarina?
Layila Faon
Layila Faon 26 dni temu
best performance of Lana
Christopher Baldeon
Her Spanish is so sexy
peachy 26 dni temu
“He hit me and it felt like a kiss.”
peachy 26 dni temu
Suleide Lima
Suleide Lima 27 dni temu
this song talks about jim morrison and pamela
Misael Misael
Misael Misael 27 dni temu
Ben Whazoo
Ben Whazoo 27 dni temu
Any guitarist here could tell me what's the exact name of the effect which is played in between on the electric guitar in this song?
Paul Montilla
Paul Montilla 27 dni temu
Te amo mi princesa
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez 28 dni temu
Sinai Rubio
Sinai Rubio 28 dni temu
If you see this song in other perspective is about bdsm🤷🏼‍♀️
Sakura Animesッ
Sakura Animesッ 28 dni temu
yo soy la princesa
John Buisson
John Buisson 29 dni temu
:O Woaw *_*
John Buisson
John Buisson 29 dni temu
I Think... 2000%She as a hyperemotivity .... Its so verry verry verry horrible and hard to live with a Heart like this ... But is so verry verry verry beautiful too ....
Reginaldo Conceição
Conceitual define a Lana ❤
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie 29 dni temu
at like 3:39 does anyone else hear the lyrics "lay me down tonight, in my linen and curls" from the song fucked my way up to the top? I've listened to this song a million times but I've never heard that before.
Abdaljouad Alrifady
+Bruna Eberhardt no i've noticed the line in the song before i watched the video it's there too
Bruna Eberhardt
Bruna Eberhardt 5 dni temu
I think this is heard only on the video
Bruna Eberhardt
Bruna Eberhardt 5 dni temu
I heard it
Simone Bieber
Simone Bieber 17 dni temu
Lavie Fantasia
Lavie Fantasia 29 dni temu
she is submissive!?
Claudio Serrano
Claudio Serrano Miesiąc temu
Hey Blanca
Hey Blanca Miesiąc temu
I can't stop thinking I'm the one who is holding the camera ;)
NguyÔn Ngọc Ngân BGD
Love this song!
Lamia Roza
Lamia Roza Miesiąc temu
This woman is a gem
dominic toretto
dominic toretto Miesiąc temu
An Other ( another ) artwork by our queen LANA 😘
Zachary Rangel
Zachary Rangel Miesiąc temu
Back here after I just finished listening to Venice Bitch.
Ice Miesiąc temu
Sure sure
Esteban S
Esteban S Miesiąc temu
6'121 feminist girls don't like this, and they have reason but it still be a perfect song
Michelle Campos
Michelle Campos Miesiąc temu
same car clip over and over.....
chosytin Miesiąc temu
this is so beautiful, i can't
Most Live
Most Live Miesiąc temu
Ух ты ланочка
Hélder Vaz da Silva
Hélder Vaz da Silva Miesiąc temu
Love this song so much!
Arpitaaa.x Miesiąc temu
She's so fucking beautiful
Kianne Garcia
Kianne Garcia Miesiąc temu
2018 anyone
Keisha Cantik
Keisha Cantik Miesiąc temu
September 2018 Still Here??
Mih gaymepleis
Mih gaymepleis Miesiąc temu
1002anna Miesiąc temu
Lana came into my life just weeks ago, like a heavenly revelation. I've never been devoted so fast before, it was like six hours and then she was one of the greatest of all time.
emi 29 dni temu
Marcela Rodrigues
Marcela Rodrigues Miesiąc temu
I love music ❤❤❤
Diego Molina Araya
Diego Molina Araya Miesiąc temu
Steven Miesiąc temu
Im your jazz singer and you're my cult leader.
Sean Bouthiette
Sean Bouthiette Miesiąc temu
You hit me and it felt like a kiss.....
Pooja Mahesha
Pooja Mahesha Miesiąc temu
The Lana genre :) .. Just wow :)
Sarah S
Sarah S Miesiąc temu
She is one of the LUCKIEST Women in the Entertainment world because of her ability to be random but no one cares because of her voice & looks.
Norair Terterian
Norair Terterian Miesiąc temu
How people can dislike this, this is masterpiece, Lana made dream ❤ my life saver
saule aseviciute
saule aseviciute Miesiąc temu
1:51 before "call me by your name" was invented
I 💚 U the 1st TIME I 💚 U the last TIME 💔
Lesley Lima
Lesley Lima Miesiąc temu
This song pretty much sums up the 3 years I spent with an abusive ex a few years ago.
I wish I was dead
I wish I was dead Miesiąc temu
Ice Miesiąc temu
I came back to this song after listening to Mariners Apartment Complex, 🌺🌻🌼
Haydar Boubou
Haydar Boubou 3 godzin temu
Me too 💕💞💕💞💕💞
Chiquita Pas
Chiquita Pas 20 dni temu
That's what I just did lol 💕🎶 she's amazing
Moondra3 25 dni temu
Everyone else is saying "same" I'll just stick to a good ole' Yup! *cant wait for the new one*
Ismael 27 dni temu
Same 0_0
Jenifer Munmun
Jenifer Munmun 28 dni temu
sameee.. :/
Haydar Boubou
Haydar Boubou Miesiąc temu
Where they don't know who we are 🔥
Haydar Boubou
Haydar Boubou Miesiąc temu
Never forget that song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Maria Eduarda Stopassoli
Nowaki Miesiąc temu
perfect to broken hearts
João Pedro
João Pedro Miesiąc temu
We could go back to New York Loving him was really hard We could go back to Woodstock Where they don't know who we are
emily h
emily h Miesiąc temu
he hit me and it felt like a kiss
esposa do vlad
esposa do vlad Miesiąc temu
Te amo demais Lana
angel Miesiąc temu
were u really an edgy teenager if u never listened to this song while smoking a cig in doc martens while it rains in the middle of a forest?
A Friend
A Friend Miesiąc temu
If you ever said to me "I will marry you, but.." Whatever comes after would be very hard to make it unacceptable. I have not yet heard all of your songs, and for reasons. I love discovering them in the right moment. Discovered this one today, as well as the new one. Heavenly
Diana A. Hernandez Crisanto
Shafayet Alam
Shafayet Alam Miesiąc temu
AVICII Miesiąc temu
best voice of all time no doubt ❤🇺🇲❤
agus setiawan
agus setiawan Miesiąc temu
your'e beauty woman
wid wid
wid wid Miesiąc temu
- Are you waiting for someone? - it's fine...
Cennick Axyu
Cennick Axyu Miesiąc temu
lana i hope u see my comments..
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