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Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence

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1 sie 2014




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Komentarze 10 528
Irish 88
Irish 88 7 godzin temu
Old school beautiful
emi 11 godzin temu
I like the end where he says if there’s someone
ben ya ben ben
ben ya ben ben Dzień temu
*2* *0* *1* *8* *?*
Jennifer Knipe
Jennifer Knipe Dzień temu
She looks so beautiful and amazing song
Isabelle Aleixo
Isabelle Aleixo Dzień temu
Tolga Çakır
Tolga Çakır Dzień temu
asgari ücrete çekerim bu klibi
Jillian Elise
Jillian Elise Dzień temu
The best album of Lana
Asya Kray
Asya Kray Dzień temu
Asya Kray
Asya Kray Dzień temu
Magnificent 😍
Beatriz Cavalcante
Beatriz Cavalcante Dzień temu
O único problema dessa música é que ela acaba
j morales gomez
j morales gomez Dzień temu
This is song is my life... 2018?
Nathalie Silva
Nathalie Silva 2 dni temu
danillo gomes
danillo gomes 2 dni temu
Amooo tanto essa música 💸💖
The New Zeitgeist
I can't understand one word.
Dahlia 2 dni temu
"Yo soy la princesa" ♡
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 3 dni temu
15/8/2018 19:44PM
weirdo doll
weirdo doll 5 dni temu
3:41 "lay me down tonight". never noticed that.
guesswho8244 5 dni temu
i wanna be those fingers lol
Mercia Mel
Mercia Mel 5 dni temu
Eu escrevia minhas melancolias escutando essa música, entre outras desse albúm😗😗
Taliyah Mb
Taliyah Mb 6 dni temu
i’ve been listening to Lana since i was 14 i don’t even remember i think i found her from summertime sadness i used to get CDS from best and i got this one off the random and it kept me through my teen years were such s struggle i’m 19 now it’s like i made i through but i know life got a lot for me. when lana was a teen her parents sent her to boarding school and all my teen years i was in and out of placementessong with the wrong ppl and drugs going through a lot i really feel Clearer now jr every time i listen to lana’s music or any music i listened to then it brings me back the smells and everything and i just cry but it’s beautiful i love her music and i always will
Taliyah Mb
Taliyah Mb 6 dni temu
writing her lyrics in a journal getting my staff to print them out helped me through rehab i had all her songs on my mp3 before i slept
mood_ak366 6 dni temu
ТОЛЬКО МНЕ КАЖЕТСЯ ЧТО НА 1.58 она смеется и говорит "КАК БЛЯДЬ"?) ахпапахх соре я наверно конченый) хотя почему наверно!)
dddddangel 7 dni temu
a beautiful love story about Stockholm syndrome
Mila D.
Mila D. 7 dni temu
Maria da Penha nesse Jim 😡
X Y 7 dni temu
This song makes me feel better about the fact that I physically and emotionally abuse my girlfriend.
Maria Ungari
Maria Ungari 7 dni temu
Lana Del Rey ❤❤
ric david
ric david 8 dni temu
look at the mans hands. when the lip injections stop working and they always do and all the other medical interventions break down then you will see this trans creature for what it really is.
Ultraviolence 8 dni temu
_This song is my life_
Ultraviolence 8 dni temu
_Peel me an orange_
Ultraviolence 8 dni temu
_I suddenly love oranges_
Vladimir Lex
Vladimir Lex 8 dni temu
..cOme MY LAdee,come come my Lady..
Sergey Savin
Sergey Savin 8 dni temu
Jim beats, love kills
Danna Albañez
Danna Albañez 9 dni temu
Te amo 😙😙😙😍😍😍❤💋💋💋💋💋💋
alex alcazar
alex alcazar 9 dni temu
This is so weird but I love it 😍
Xian-George Reid
Xian-George Reid 9 dni temu
Don't understand why people listen depressing music when they are depressed.hell! It makes it worse lol depressing music gets me depressed even when am not
Daddy’s Girl
Daddy’s Girl 9 dni temu
He hurt me, but it felt like true love
Vladimir Lex
Vladimir Lex 10 dni temu
santiago paixao
santiago paixao 10 dni temu
Remember me Elfen Lied
Said Paz
Said Paz 10 dni temu
Vin Tan
Vin Tan 10 dni temu
“ He used to call me D.N That stood for Deez Nuts”
Zitian Xu
Zitian Xu 11 dni temu
Zitian Xu
Zitian Xu 11 dni temu
the most expensive thing in MV is that orange hahaha
KYZEN9SSR 11 dni temu
French Montana Brought me here
ESKEREEE 11 dni temu
I was searching for a metal band, not this shit
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf 11 dni temu
My N 😍😍💖💔
Deniz Arslan
Deniz Arslan 12 dni temu
She’s like a poetry.🌑❤️
Pac Man
Pac Man 12 dni temu
I used to smoke Tina and listen to Lana.
Laura Fernández
Laura Fernández 12 dni temu
GameLaKiss y
GameLaKiss y 12 dni temu
I see all these comments talking about how when they started plating this song everything seemed magical or they were talking about mixed emotions. I guess people really are hungry for feelings but still.....hide 'em. Ughh can someone help bc i can't explain myself (as always) goddamit 😅
GameLaKiss y
GameLaKiss y 12 dni temu
Wow holy crap it's 3am, and i don't make sense more then usual - GREAT JOB (to self 👏👏)
Michell Castillo
Michell Castillo 12 dni temu
4 años de este video 🖤....
Patrick Callahan
Patrick Callahan 13 dni temu
açelya bayar
açelya bayar 13 dni temu
This video filmed with Lana's iphone.
PlanetGiga 13 dni temu
If you don’t peel your orange like Lana did don’t even talk to me
Paulo DiTasso
Paulo DiTasso 13 dni temu
Você me bateu e me machucou, você esqueceu, mas eu ainda sinto a dor!! 🎶🎶
Nelly Mestre
Nelly Mestre 14 dni temu
queen 👑
the other day i wanted to desse White but i didnt
jackie g
jackie g 14 dni temu
What an iconic video What an iconic artist
Gurjyot Singh
Gurjyot Singh 14 dni temu
Aug 2018 anyone?
Perla Garduño
Perla Garduño 14 dni temu
Me encanta como dice: "Yo soy la princesa" 7u7
RED plus
RED plus 15 dni temu
Me encanta cuando le chupa el dedo...:v 😶
pau hernandez
pau hernandez 15 dni temu
he hit me and it felt like a kiss....
diego 15 dni temu
im so weak it feels like a kiss even if when somebody touches me and it hurts
Evi Ferreira
Evi Ferreira 16 dni temu
he hit me and it felt like a kiss
Pikachu 17 dni temu
Rainha do vintage!
Pushing up daisies
Pushing up daisies 17 dni temu
Happy birthday ultraviolence music vídeo 💕
monica waigwa
monica waigwa 17 dni temu
this song is my soul
Sleep and dreams
Sleep and dreams 17 dni temu
Amo demaiis❤❤❤
Jarrod Sybil
Jarrod Sybil 18 dni temu
Would have gone great on Silent Hills
Carmen 18 dni temu
Happy Birthday Ultraviolence 💐❤
Erick Matheus
Erick Matheus 18 dni temu
01/08/2018 BR❤
tiago grant
tiago grant 18 dni temu
01/ 08/ 2018 ❤
mathsisdeadtomenow 18 dni temu
its so lovely why does his name have to be reminiscent of a dirty Jim sock.
L' Buzz
L' Buzz 18 dni temu
the best
Ember Rose
Ember Rose 19 dni temu
This video will turn 4 years old tomorrow...
Ember Rose
Ember Rose 18 dni temu
wellwouldyoulook at that. Too fast
wellwouldyoulook at that.
Ember Rose wow time went by fast tbh
Silas Pereira
Silas Pereira 19 dni temu
1 agosto
Animax 19 dni temu
Dear Loki
Dear Loki 19 dni temu
Bella Canzone! *she's Cry*
InCrit FF
InCrit FF 20 dni temu
Lana, e sua beleza deslumbrante.
Lanna Madalena
Lanna Madalena 20 dni temu
Esta canção toca em meu coração e em M'alma.
paulina 21 dzień temu
yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines
Cinthya Corona
Cinthya Corona 21 dzień temu
Am I crazy or I hear “Lay me down tonight, riviera girls” which is a quote from Lana’s song “Fucked My Way Up To The Top” at 3:40
Alexis Gregory
Alexis Gregory 22 dni temu
The first 30 seconds sound exactly like another song but I can’t think of it. It’s driving me crazy! Can anyone help me out?
CAUM 22 dni temu
Caroline Mitchell
Caroline Mitchell 22 dni temu
I can never ever ever ever stop watching this It reminds me of my last relationship soooooo much
MA'AT FORDE 22 dni temu
We can go back to New York Loving you was really hard We can go back 'til it's dark Where they don't know who we are Heaven is on earth I will do anything for you, babe Blessed is this union Crying tears of gold, like lemonade ...i felt that
Alicia Melo
Alicia Melo 23 dni temu
Lana Del Rey , És minha religião !😍
Mr GFY 24 dni temu
i love this song
Paloma Souza
Paloma Souza 24 dni temu
god is a woman
my LOVE tv
my LOVE tv 25 dni temu
1:56 она сказала на русском "хватит"?
Isabel Kolpaschnikov
Loving you was really hard.. Hit me like a truck..
Diego Ricardo
Diego Ricardo 25 dni temu
2020 anyone?
Roger Santos
Roger Santos 26 dni temu
Alya Firdausyi
Alya Firdausyi 27 dni temu
can someone play this in my wedding ceremony?
Lana Del Rey se faz de cú doce...
Ro Reyes
Ro Reyes 27 dni temu
He hurt me but it felt like true love Jim taught me that Loving him was never enough This is ultraviolence... I can hear sirens, sirens He hit me and it felt like a kiss I can hear violins, violins Give me all of that ultraviolence 🔥
Katherine Dotchin
Katherine Dotchin 28 dni temu
straight girl now in love with lana. MUAH
Katherine Dotchin
Katherine Dotchin 28 dni temu
why is she so good
Daniel Mateusz
Daniel Mateusz 28 dni temu
rola jk
rola jk 29 dni temu
2019 anyone
Ovidi Galera
Ovidi Galera 29 dni temu
Siempre he pensado que este vídeo está grabado en el mediterraneo , en Grecia Italia o las Islas Baleares... siempre me quedaré con la duda
Lorde - Team
4 lat temu